At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 295

In the room, Cao Qian held up the knife in her hand, her hands were trembling.

Honestly, don’t look at Cao Qian’s heart of certain death, but when such a long knife, aimed at the heart, her heart also has a few chills.

She had the courage to slit her wrists, but slitting her wrists was just a cut on her wrists.

But stabbing a knife into the heart, that’s not something anyone can do.

Cao Qian’s body was trembling and her hands were trembling.

Cold sweat even broke out all over her body.

“Oh, one is really useless, what do you have to fear, the person you love the most is already dead, do you even have the courage to accompany him, ah Cao Qian, what are you hesitating for!”

Cao Qian said to herself.

With a clench of her teeth, Cao Qian no longer hesitated and clasped her hands around the hilt of the knife, then her head also tilted back violently, as if she was looking up at the heavens.

Both hands thrust backwards!

The knife went straight into the heart!

At this moment, outside.

Neo followed behind Zhang Jiu, wondering in his heart, who was the girl that Zhang Jiu was taking himself to see?

Of course, although it was strange, Neo was still more eager, he was eager to see who this girl really was, could it be Zhou Yun?

Yet just at this moment.

Neo suddenly felt another tingling in his heart and a dizziness in his brain, everything, it was as if that feeling from the library from before had come back!

And, even this time, it was a hundred times more intense than inside the library!

“Zhang Jiu, wait a minute!”

Neo panicked in his heart and hurriedly shouted.

Just as the words were shouted, the man had already collapsed.

“Young master!”

Zhang Jiu turned around and took a look at Neo’s appearance, his heart suddenly moved, he had seen a lot and once he saw such an expression and state of Neo, he knew what had happened.

At once, he shouted, “Young master is no good! That girl has killed herself again because of you! Come with me quickly!”

When Neo heard this, his face turned pale!

Could it really be Zhou Yun?!

As soon as he thought of this, he almost forced himself to stand up against the extreme discomfort in his heart and brain, and stumbled after Zhang Jiu as he barged into the inner room.

Once he reached the inner room, that tremendous shock instantly made him almost much more awake.

It was her?!

At this moment, Cao Qian was lying diagonally on the bed, and a knife was halfway into her chest, which looked shocking to the eyes.

Cao Qian, on the other hand, had long since gone limp and seemed to have died out.

“It’s over!”

Zhang Jiu sat on his buttocks, he could already tell from Neo’s expression that the young master must have known this Cao Qian as well.

And now, Cao Qian had actually committed suicide by stabbing the knife into her heart, now he was completely helpless.

Not only was there no way to give an explanation to Cao Yunfeng.

And the young master would definitely be heartbroken too!

After all, since the girl loved the young master so much and the young master knew her, then at least the young master must have had a fondness for Cao Qian too.

Now that Cao Qian had killed herself because of the young master, the young master would naturally not feel well, and would even feel guilty.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jiu was all panicked and lost in his six minds.


Neo’s eyes were all red, and at this moment, he seemed to understand those words of Zhang Jiu just now, and why he had suddenly changed.

It turned out that Cao Qian had killed herself because of herself!

“I don’t want you to die!”

Neo hugged Cao Qian’s body, and the pain inside his heart could not be overstated.

He suddenly let out a loud cry, his eyes became even redder, and that grief and self-blame on his face, in an instant, all exploded out.

What followed was a cracking sound, and then the knife in Cao Qian’s chest, as if it was an invisible hand, was suddenly pulled out.

It flew backwards directly out of Cao Qian’s chest with an extremely strong force.

Even though it flew out of Cao Qian’s body, the force was still unrelenting, and finally, only a muffled sound was heard, and the knife actually plunged directly into the opposite wall!

And at the same time, blood shot out from Cao Qian’s chest like an arrow.

Neo’s eyes were red and his expression was a little bit crazy. He directly reached out and pressed his hand on Cao Qian’s chest wound.

At once, the blood stopped spraying.

And at the same time, the place in the palm of Neo’s hand seemed to be faintly glowing darkly.

On Neo’s face, he also looked in great pain.

But next to him, Zhang Jiu’s eyes twitched, filled with surprise as he watched what Neo had done with this scene.

Finally, Neo wearily withdrew his palm.

When he removed his palm, the wound on Cao Qian’s chest, surprisingly, had completely healed.

“Young master!”

Zhang Jiu hurriedly ran up and looked at Neo in disbelief, his face astonished and delighted, “Your powers, I saw them all just now! I didn’t expect that just having a girl die for you, you could return with such strong abilities!”

“You, what are you saying, what just happened, why can’t I understand it.” Neo really didn’t understand Zhang Jiu’s words, and to be honest, it was as if he was vague as to what had just happened.

“Yes, young master, you can’t remember, it’s normal, because you just awakened in a flash due to Cao Qian’s suicide, so you recovered part of your ability, and after recovering part of your ability, you saw that Cao Qian had already committed suicide again, so you used your ability to save her, yes, your ability is very strong, although you only recovered a little bit, but it’s enough to save an ordinary person from committing suicide, now Cao Qian has been saved, so young master your ability has disappeared again.”

Zhang Jiu said, “After all this tossing and turning, it’s normal for you to be confused for a while.”

“You mean that Cao Qian is alive again?”

Neo didn’t quite understand all the nonsense that Zhang Jiu was talking about, but at least he understood the last sentence of Zhang Jiu.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Zhang Jiu’s words, just finished, over there, Cao Qian really, slowly opened her eyes whole.

The first thing she saw, was Zhang Jiu in front of her.

At once, she couldn’t help but say in a depressed voice, “Why did you still save me, you lied to me, you said I couldn’t be saved if I stabbed my heart, you still saved me back, please don’t save me, just let me die, he’s dead, I really don’t want to live anymore ah!”

“Take it easy, girl, the man you are talking about, is he the one?” Zhang Jiu was instantly amused and pointed at Neo.

Only then did Cao Qian notice Neo next to her.

It wasn’t her fault, after all, Neo was too weak after what had just happened, so he was all sitting paralyzed next to him.


How could Cao Qian not expect the person beside her to be Neo, she couldn’t believe it, and excitedly hugged Neo, almost in tears, “Didn’t you pass away in a car accident! I’ve been waiting for you for so long! You know what! Why didn’t you come to me all this time! Woooooooo!”

Cao Qian hugged Neo so tightly that she seemed to never want to let go again.

Yes, a girl who has entered the ghost gate and back twice because of you, that kind of heartbreaking experience, I’m afraid, will never be forgotten.

In that situation, she grabs you, holds you, and never lets go.

Three days later ……

Cao Mansion.

“Cao Yunfeng, think clearly! Think about the consequences of this matter!” A man’s face was sullen to the point of anger as he stared at Cao Yunfeng and said angrily, “This marriage was nodded to by my family’s old man, and now you’re returning all the gift money and trying to break the contract, what’s going on? Where do you put the face of our Xiong family?”

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Xiong.” Cao Yunfeng looked apologetic and said, “It’s just that my daughter really doesn’t have any feelings for Mr Xiong Yao, and I would like to respect my daughter’s thoughts.”

This man was none other than Xiong Yao’s father, Xiong Dahai.

“Good, Cao Yunfeng, you will regret doing this!” Xiong Dahai became even angrier, “Don’t forget, without the support of our Xiong family, your gold mine will have no source of funding, let’s see how you will end up then!”

Xiong Dahai left in a huff.

Cao Yunfeng frowned and stood in the middle of the living room for a long time, lit a cigarette, took a few sharp puffs, then threw it down and stomped it out and shouted, “Pillar, come in.”

In response, a young man came in and said respectfully, “Mr. Cao.”

“Pillar, book an auditorium at the Huake Hotel right away, I want to banquet in it.” Cao Yunfeng said, “Then you give a post to all the worldly families and wealthy people in the whole Wujiang City, saying that I invite them to a party.”

“Okay, I’ll do it right away.” Pillar immediately nodded his head and said.

When Pillar had left, Cao Yunfeng secretly clenched his fist, “Success or failure, this is the moment, Qian Qian, don’t worry, father will never sell his daughter for money again!”


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