At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 294

“Whew ……”

A young girl let out a soft breath and sat up from the bed.

Her gaze was a little dull, as if she hadn’t adjusted to it for a while, as she surveyed the room.

The room was a bit dim, filled with an herbal smell, and the furnishings were odd, all old-fashioned objects, ancient swords and shields and the like.

“I-Is this where I am? Am I, am I dead?”

The young girl muttered.

Just then, the door suddenly pushed open and a strange old man walked in.

The young girl was startled, “You, who are you?”

“Oh, you’re awake.” The old man was calm, as if he had expected the young girl to wake up, he came over and handed her the soup and medicine, “Drink this, I say, little girl, why did you kill yourself if you had nothing to do, no, fortunately you ran into me and pulled you back from the ghost gate, seriously, if it wasn’t for me, you would be a pile of ashes now.”

“I… I didn’t die? Didn’t I slit my wrists?”

The young girl froze, subconsciously raised her hand to look at her wrist, the wound on her wrist had long since healed by now, and the marks were already very shallow, looking like they were about to grow back.

“Die, which is so easy, in my hands, as long as it is not stabbed into the heart, I can save all alive, besides why die, you are only how old, you are eager to die, but also suicide, the old man I have lived tens of thousands of years, are still too short to live ……”

This old man is of course Zhang Jiu, at this time at once did not pay attention, smoothly out, after realizing, he hurriedly stopped his mouth.

Puffing, the young girl, naturally also known as Cao Qian, heard Zhang Jiu’s words, could not help but laugh, “Old uncle you really know how to joke, still living tens of thousands of years.”

“Look, you smile so well, you look good too, such a nice girl, you have to seek death, well, let me guess, it must be because of love, love, isn’t it?” Zhang Jiu was very talkative, which was a must, after all, he was walking in the jungle himself.

Cao Qian nodded a little embarrassed, her face slightly red.

“Oh, you youngsters, you just take this kind of thing more seriously than the sky, in fact, this kind of thing, it’s really nothing, that eyeless brat, it’s not worth killing yourself for him like this, what is he, he doesn’t even cherish such a lovely and beautiful beauty, his eyes are blind! If I saw him, I would have slapped him in the face to wake him up, forget it, that blind bastard, don’t even think about it!” Zhang Jiu was really sophisticated, and he was able to coax a girl or something with an open mouth.

Seriously, bringing Cao Qian back to life, Zhang Jiu also had a great sense of achievement.

So he took great care of Cao Qian.

As expected, these words made Cao Qian snicker again.

But after only laughing a little, Cao Qian looked up again and glared at Zhang Jiu, saying, “You’re not allowed to talk about him like that, he’s not the kind of person you think he is.”

“Oh, it seems that you really like him, did that brat abandon you.” Zhang Jiu was also happy at once, this nee-san, all this and she was still speaking for that brat.

“No, no, he’s not my boyfriend.” Cao Qian remembered Neo in the car accident, remembered that image of Neo on the stretcher, and couldn’t help but sob sadly again.

Yes, sadness was her main emotion, the laugh just now was just a sudden tease, while sadness, was enveloping her whole body and mind.

“Then what is it because of?” Chapter Nine was curious instead.

“You don’t understand.” Cao Qian shook her head, “Saying it out loud, I’m afraid you’ll laugh at me.”

Yes, not to mention Zhang Jiu, even if anyone knew the reason for her suicide, I was afraid that she would laugh at herself.

Yes, killing oneself for a boy whom one had only met once, no one would believe it.

However, only Cao Qian herself knew she was serious.

“Then you should tell us.” Zhang Jiu was happy.

Seriously, what kind of person like him hadn’t seen anything before?

“Then, if I say it, you must not laugh at me.” At this moment, Cao Qian was in a sad mood, so naturally, she wanted to talk to someone.

Saying that, Cao Qian briefly told the story.

“How about it, do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I’m ridiculous? But only I myself understand, I really wanted to kill myself, you may not believe it, but it’s true.” Cao Qian said.

“Is that so?” Zhang Jiu smiled, “I understand it very well.”

Yes, how could Zhang Jiu not understand, knowing that he had investigated back then, there were one hundred and thirty-three women who had committed suicide because of the young master.

Most of those women had only had a one-sided encounter with the young master.

How similar was it to Cao Qian.

Thinking about this, Zhang Jiu couldn’t help but sigh, after so many years, it turned out that the relationship between men and women in the world, still hasn’t changed much!

“Well, girl, you take a good rest, stay with me, take care of yourself for a few days, get fat and white, I’ll send it back to your father, he still owes me a million, this is really a good start.” Zhang Jiu said and left the room.

Cao Qian was left sitting in the room alone.

But Cao Qian’s heart wasn’t happy at all that she had been saved.

She sat dully on the bed, her gaze gradually becoming hollow.

Then she walked off the bed and took down an ancient knife from the shelf.

It was a knife, much longer than a fruit knife, and it was the first time Cao Qian had held a real knife, the first time she had looked at a knife so closely.

To an ordinary city girl like her, a knife was something unfamiliar.

At this moment, holding this knife, her hands were trembling a little.

Stabbed into the heart, he would not be able to be saved, Cao Qian remembered Zhang Jiu’s words just now.

Cao Qian knew that she had committed suicide not because her father had forced her to marry Xiong Hui.

If Neo hadn’t died, if he was still alive and well and happy, she would have married Xiong Hui.

But with Neo dead, there would be no point in living.

With that in mind, Cao Qian raised the knife and slowly aimed it at her heart.

At this moment, outside.

Zhang Jiu was sitting outside beautifully thinking about Cao Yunfeng’s one million dollar reward.

Just at this moment, the door moved and a man came in.

“Young master!”

Seeing the person who came in, Zhang Jiu was instantly delighted and hurriedly greeted him.

The person who came was no other than Neo.

“Zhang Jiu.” On Neo’s face, there appeared to be a few moments of indefinable confusion, and he said straight away, “Something unusual has happened to me.”

Yes, Neo was talking about the time in the library when he suddenly felt a change in himself.

He did feel a change, especially that incident with Cao Feng at the riverside.

In the aftermath, Neo felt a growing sense of shock.

What was going through his own mind at that moment, how could he do that kind of thing with Cao Feng?

According to reason, he would never have a relationship with another woman.

But why did he feel no guilt when he did it with Cao Feng, it was as if it happened naturally.

And why, now, was the feeling of regret in his heart so strong?

Neo couldn’t figure it out, and it was all very odd, so he came to find Zhang Jiu.

Zhang Jiu, after all, must know something.

“Ah, really?!” After hearing Neo’s simple description, Zhang Jiu was immediately shocked as well, “Young master, this is a sign of your awakening! This is a good thing, Young Master, you’re going to awaken!”

“Awakening?” Neo was stunned.

“Yes, Young Lord, you’ve been stimulated by something inside recently, right?” Zhang Jiu said.

Neo shook his head.

“Then, does that mean?” Zhang Jiu was also stunned, “Could it be that someone committed suicide for you?”

“What do you mean?” Neo was instantly shocked.

“Young master, if a woman who loves you, commits suicide for you, then you will gain the power to awaken. According to what you just said, since you weren’t stimulated, then it must be someone who committed suicide for you, and it must be someone who loves you!” Zhang Jiu said.

“Zhou Yun!”

Neo couldn’t help but blurt out.

“But, you said that later you felt normal again, this is strange, according to reason you first appeared that kind of stimulation, the other person must have died, since the other person died, this kind of stimulation will continue, but, why did it get better later, did that person come back from the dead? ……”

Speaking of this, Zhang Jiu suddenly tapped his head and fiercely pulled up Neo’s arm, “Young master, you come with me!”

“Where to?”

“There is a girl that you must meet!” With that, Zhang Jiu pulled Neo and ran towards the back of the room.


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