At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 293

“Let’s go, now it’s time to send Qianqian to be cremated, her ashes, half placed next to her mother’s and half scattered in the Yangtze River in Jinling, this is her last wish, I must do it.” Cao Yunfeng shot up and said to both Cao Hong and Cao Feng whose eyes were red with tears.

Cao Hong, all in plain white, nodded and stood up.

At that moment, the funeral parlour vehicle had already arrived in the courtyard, and the people joined forces and carried the ice coffin onto the funeral parlour vehicle, and the mourning music also sounded at the same time, and for a moment, that atmosphere of mourning became even stronger.

“Let’s go up too.”

Cao Yunfeng got into the funeral car, and Cao Hong went up too.

“No, I’m not going! I won’t go!”

Cao Feng was cupping Cao Qian’s suicide note in her hand, looking at her sister in the ice coffin, the thought that later her sister would be turned into ashes really had a feeling of acceptance in her heart, she shook her head desperately, turned around and ran out of the gate.

“Eldest Miss!”

The maids of the Cao Mansion hurriedly shouted after her.

“Forget it, just let her go, she, she shouldn’t be able to accept it!” Cao Yunfeng said as he held back his grief.

For Cao Qian Cao Feng, the two daughters, Cao Yunfeng, as a father, of course knew them better, and he had seen long ago that the two daughters did not get along as sisters.

Cao Feng was more arrogant, choosy and impatient, a typical Missy temper.

Cao Qian is softer, treats people gently and occasionally has some of the habits of a young lady, but for the most part she is just like an ordinary girl, except that she is sometimes very stubborn.

So Cao Feng often dislikes Cao Qian, and Cao Qian is sometimes annoyed with this sister.

But, after all, they are sisters and family, so they don’t get on each other’s nerves.

It was just a little friction.

But even though it is a small friction, but also friction, the two sisters, neither with other sisters like, together with shopping together to travel together to do something.

It was all about doing their own thing.

So, this time, Cao Qian suddenly committed suicide, Cao Feng received the biggest heart attack.

After all, how can there be no sisterly love? We grew up together since we were children.

Although they had always been at odds, they always felt in their hearts that they would reconcile one day, so no one was in a hurry.

However, when Cao Qian suddenly passed away, Cao Feng thought of the words in her sister’s suicide note and felt regret and sadness in her heart, which can be imagined.

How could Cao Feng’s heart feel better when she thought of how she had never once been gentle with her sister until her death.

How could she see her sister turn to ashes like that?

And then there was Neo.

When Neo came out of the library, he felt an indescribable urge in his chest.

He didn’t know where he was going.

But still, he hurriedly walked down the long steps of the library gate.

Just at that moment.


Someone suddenly shouted from across the street.

Neo looked up and couldn’t help but frown.

The person opposite him, he recognized, was the woman who had smoked in the library on the first day he came here.

Neo was a bit confused about this woman.

At first, this woman was very arrogant, and she even slapped herself, so she looked like a very arrogant woman.

But later, when she was at the lake, this woman bought a box of ice cream to apologise to her, which made Neo feel that she was quite nice, maybe she was just a bit hot-tempered.

But that box of ice cream, before he could eat it, the woman threw it away again.

This series of actions made Neo feel that this woman was quite strange.

All in all, if it was for the old Neo, when he saw this woman, Neo would have wanted to stay away from her.

However, today, I don’t know what happened, but when Neo saw this woman’s slender legs, perfect waist and hip figure, and pretty face, he couldn’t help but stop and look at her, “What for?”

“You, can you sit with me for a while?”

The woman today, compared to that day in the library, looked as if she was a lot softer, not that overbearing anymore, and with tear marks at the corners of her eyes, she looked as if she had cried.

Neo was stunned and looked at the woman’s slightly red teary eyes and disheveled appearance, he couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart, then he couldn’t help but say, “Okay.”

At this moment, in the Divine Doctor’s Pavilion.

All the wreckage from yesterday’s smashing was gone, and the Divine Doctor’s Hall had been refilled with a better batch of herb racks, better bottles and jars of herbs and medicinal materials.

It seemed that after being smashed by Xiong Yao and the others yesterday, Zhang Jiu had even made a big profit.

“Blind man, I want to ask you something.” Lan Huang said.

“What is it?”

“You said yesterday that the young master came back from the dead at that time and that one hundred and thirty-three women committed suicide for him, are you sure this is true?” Lan Huo frowned, “I know the Young Master was very affectionate back then, but how could he have been entangled with so many women? And that’s just the ones who committed suicide for him, there were over a hundred, so wouldn’t that be thousands of women who fell in love with him?” Blue Phoenix frowned and said.

“That’s normal, right?” Zhang Jiu said unconcernedly, “The young master was a young man who became famous back then, his fame was all over the world, he was suave, gentle and affectionate, plus his evil aura was wanton, he was simply a typical double killer of young girls and young women, and the young master was also quite lustful back then, it’s not surprising that he had entangled love affairs with so many women, right?”

“This ……”

Blue Phoenix frowned, “I also knew that the young master was too amorous, but I just didn’t expect to be so amorous.”

Speaking of this, Lan Huang thought for a moment and added, “And the current young master, seems to be very honest, I still remember him looking a bit embarrassed and innocent when he was with me, so do you think that if he awakens, will he be just as affectionate everywhere as he was before?”

“Why are you worrying about that, Blue Phoenix?” Zhang Jiu was rubbing his chin and staring at the herbs on the shelf, seemingly uninterested in the topic of Lan Huo.

It was also true, how could Zhang Jiu be interested in love or love or anything like that, “Besides, what’s wrong with being the same as before? The young master should behave like a young master, if there is a lack of women around, what kind of young master is it called? If the young lord really awakens and regains his old personality, then of course he will be merciful everywhere.”

“This ……” Lan Huo was speechless as she was stunned.

At this moment, by the Yangtze River.

This is a relatively remote part of the Yangtze River, the river is full of water plants, there are not many people nearby, only the usual occasional fishing people come here.

Neo and Cao Feng were sitting side by side, looking at the river.

On the ground, there were several empty beer bottles, falling to the east.

“You say, why is it so painful to be human?” Cao Feng took a sip of his beer, remembering his sister Cao Qian, and couldn’t help but shed tears again.

At this moment, I’m afraid that her sister had already been sent to the funeral parlour, and the cremation would start soon!

Once she was cremated, there would be no more sister in this world!

Cao Feng really couldn’t accept it, she still remembered that just the day before her sister committed suicide, she had a few words with her.

Thinking about it, Cao Feng wanted to slap herself a few times.

When she thought of how her sister had not even received her own sisterly warmth and care before she committed suicide, Cao Feng’s heart was overwhelmed with grief.

So, she really couldn’t, follow the car to the funeral parlour to see her sister cremated.

So, she ran out.

After she ran out, where did she go and who did she look for?

Although she had many good girlfriends, but at this time, Cao Feng did not want to find any of them, she only wanted to find someone, who could make her feel that she would like to sit beside him and tell him her heart, and keep her company in silence.

Only this would make her feel at peace.

Then, what came to her mind, surprisingly, was the handyman in the library.

Somehow, Cao Feng thought of Neo.

I don’t know why, but perhaps it was because, that time at the lake, when she gave him the laxative-spiked ice cream, she saw the look on his face as he tried to suppress his inner outburst of emotions, the glittering tears in his gaze.

I believe that anyone who saw that expression would feel that this boy’s heart must be extremely warm and soft.

That is an expression that no girl can resist.

I am afraid that any girl who sees a boy with such an expression will be touched and will be attracted for a moment.

Cao Feng was no exception.

That was why she snatched the laxative-spiked ice cream and threw it into the lake.

This is why at this time Cao Feng’s mind first thought of Neo.

After all, Cao Feng needed a kind of solace at this time.

At this moment, Neo looked at the vast river in front of him and the blurred images that flashed in his mind from time to time, and that foolish longing welled up inside him.

For a moment, Neo felt as if he had grown much older. At the same time, he was also much, much younger.

“Living is a painful ritual in itself.” Neo said.

When he said it, he himself was a little surprised.

How could he say such things?

This was not like his own style at all.

However, not only was this statement not like his own style.

What he was doing now was also not like his own style.

Honestly, Neo himself felt strange, how could he have come here with Cao Feng, according to reason, he shouldn’t, he wasn’t this kind of person.

But why did he come here?

Neo couldn’t say exactly.

Maybe he felt sympathy for Cao Feng’s teary-eyed sadness, or maybe he thought that Cao Feng’s slender waist and shapely buttocks looked good to the eyes.

But no matter what, Neo got into Cao Feng’s car and went to the Yangtze River.

The two of them didn’t really talk much.

After all, they didn’t know each other very well, and Cao Feng’s grief was too complicated to talk to Neo about.

Neo, on the other hand, had an inexplicable feeling in his heart that he had a thousand things on his mind.

“I’m in a lot of pain right now.” Cao Feng said.

“I can see that and I understand your pain.” Neo said.

“No, you don’t understand, my pain is so deep and profound that you can’t understand it.” Cao Feng said.

“No, I can understand it because I have also experienced very deep pain.” Neo looked at the vastness of the river and said.

“Oh, then you, have you ever experienced the feeling of losing someone you love?” Cao Feng did not believe that Neo could experience his own pain, after all, that pain was too great, more than just losing someone?

“I’ve experienced it, all the time.”

When he said this, Neo’s gaze also suddenly lowered.

Yes, he thought of Zhou Yun, wasn’t Zhou Yun, the love he had lost?

Cao Feng could not help but move, her gaze looking towards Neo.

She did not expect that Neo would have this experience too.

Only, then, Cao Feng shook her head again, no, although he also had the experience of losing someone, but it was still different from herself.

Because he had been at odds with his sister, always at odds with each other, a regret that could not be made up in this life!

This loss, the most desperate loss in the world!

“But although you have lost the one you love, you should have no regrets, you once loved her and treated her well, even if you lose, you will have no regrets, because she knows you loved her, and I ……”

Cao Feng suddenly burst into tears when she said this.

Yes, to her death, her sister did not know that she actually loved her too, only that she never showed it because she was in the way.

Now that I think about it, Cao Feng’s heart simply wanted to commit suicide!

How many people in the world can relate to this kind of mentality?

Even this man beside her was unable to appreciate it.

“No, you’re wrong!”

Listening to Cao Feng’s words, the pain that Neo felt from losing Zhou Yun was like a scabbed scar that had been torn open again in a bloody way.

How could one not have regrets?

He had clearly promised Zhou Yun that he would pick her up from the airport, but he didn’t go.

She waited for herself for so long at the airport, only to get into someone else’s car and have that tragic incident!

I’m afraid that until she disappeared, she thought that she had deliberately not gone to pick her up!

Moreover, Neo also read Zhou Yun’s diary. From Zhou Yun’s account, Neo knew that Zhou Yun had a deep and profound misunderstanding about herself.

She thought she didn’t love her anymore!

She disappeared with this thought in mind!

How could this be without regret?

“No one in the world has deeper regrets than me, you know, when she left, she thought I didn’t love her anymore, she left before I could tell her I loved her, you know? Can you understand that state of mind!”

Neo looked at Cao Feng and couldn’t help but tear up too.

Yes, how could one not explode with emotion?

This kind of emotion, he had been hiding it in his heart, buried in his heart.

It had been bottled up for a long, long time.

What if he didn’t hold it in, who would he tell?

Who would understand him?

People who have never experienced such things can never really understand.

Therefore, Neo had never told anyone about this kind of emotion.

However, today, he talked to Cao Feng.

Yes, only because, Cao Feng had spoken to his heart.

“I, I understand, I understand, I know your pain, I really do, believe me, I understand …… I understand, I know ……”

Cao Feng looked at Neo and suddenly a tenderness and sympathy welled up even more in his heart, fiercely hugging Neo.

Crouched on Neo’s shoulder and cried out.

Yes, how could she not understand?

She and her sister were just like that?

Neo then felt, a soft fragrant body, hugged himself, at once, his painful mood, as if also get a few nourished.

Yes, women are like water, there is nothing better than a woman’s embrace, better comfort.

Neo also involuntarily hugged Cao Feng, gradually exerting himself, as if the tighter the hug, the more the pain could be relieved.

“I know, I know you understand …… because you are also ……”

In this moment, the two shared an emotional experience that comforted two extremely wounded and crippled hearts, as well as each other.

Yes, what in the world could be easier to get closer to than someone who understands how you feel?

A soft river breeze blew in.

Cao Feng murmured and fell into Neo’s arms.

The two of them, tumbled in the grass by the river.


At this moment, inside the Divine Doctor’s Hall.

“If the young master really becomes the kind of person who can’t walk when he sees a woman, I suddenly don’t want him to awaken again.” Lan Huo said.

“Eh, don’t worry about that, Lan Huo, the young master is not unable to walk when he sees every woman, at least he can still walk when he sees you.” Zhang Jiu said as he organized the medicine rack.

“Go!” Lan Huo said angrily at once.

“Alright, I’m not going to talk to you about this, I’m going out for a while.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Go where?”

“Haven’t you noticed that you’ve been here with me for two days now, and in this Divine Doctor Pavilion of mine, there’s not even any business? This Divine Doctor Pavilion has just been established not long ago, so I’m going out to advertise.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Ah, where to go to advertise? I’ll go with you, make more money, buy a villa for the young master, and buy a sports car, don’t young people like that?” Blue Phoenix said.

“Then why don’t you make more money to buy it for the young master?” Zhang Jiu rolled his eyes, but still said, “You’re really coming with me? Okay, I’ll go to the funeral home to advertise, are you going?”

“Blind man, are you making fun of me?!”

“Do I look like I’m having fun with you? I’m really going to the funeral parlour to advertise.” The more bizarre, strange, vulgar and eccentric, the more eye-catching and attention-grabbing it is. Besides, this kind of private clinic is everywhere now, so if I were to advertise in the usual way, I’m sure no one would pay attention and it wouldn’t generate traction.”

“So I’m going to advertise at a funeral parlour, after all, no hospital has advertised to a funeral parlour yet, right? Hey, I’m the first one, it will definitely create a social sensation, when the time comes, it will be hard not to catch fire.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Eh.” Blue Phoenix said, “But what’s the use of you hitting there?”

“Hehehe, of course it’s useful, when I hit there, I’m bringing dead people back to life!” Zhang Jiu said proudly, “After all, I do have the ability to do that, of course, not all dead people I have the ability to save, but to be honest, some people are qualified as dead in modern medicine, but with my means and medical skills, there is still the possibility of coming back to life, so as long as I go to the funeral home and ask the relatives who are preparing to cremate the remains to let me try. As long as I can save one person, it will explode into a sensational effect! How about hurrying over there!”

“Thanks for thinking of that!” Blue Phoenix rolled her eyes, “Alright, I’ll go with you and help you out, but when you make a lot of money, buy me a lv bag, I’ve been looking at it for a long time.”

At this time, by the Yangtze River.

Half an hour later.

Only then did Neo and Cao Feng sit up from the grass.

Looking at the naked Cao Feng in front of him, Neo was dumbfounded.

I, what the f*ck have I done?

“I’m sorry ……,” Neo said dumbly.

“You don’t have to say sorry to me.” Cao Feng said while getting dressed, in front of Neo, at this point she didn’t feel shy anymore.

“But you have to be responsible for me in the future, because this is my first time.” Cao Feng said, leaning towards Neo’s side.


Neo’s head exploded.

This was her first time?

How could he do such a thing?

How could he face Zhou Yun?

“What’s wrong with you?” Cao Feng looked at Neo, “You seem to be a little different from earlier.”

Cao Feng looked seriously into Neo’s eyes.

Yes, at the beginning, there was an indescribable awe in Neo’s gaze, even though he was in tears, there was still a gut-wrenching gleam in that gaze.

But now, the old tameness seemed to have returned to Neo’s gaze.

Neo was also stunned.

Yes, he himself felt as if he was a little different from just now.

The stupid feeling in his heart was gone, and his mind was not filled with indefinable and vague images.

My heart wasn’t beating as fast as it had been.

It was like, everything was back to normal.

You were back to your old self?

What was this?

“You’ll be responsible for me.” Cao Feng said again, and at the same time, leaned towards Neo’s side.


Neo was so startled that he directly pushed Cao Feng away with both hands, jumped up, and ran away wildly.

Cao Feng looked at Neo’s fleeing back and thought of her sister, her heart sank and she couldn’t help but sit in the grass, crying alone.

At this moment, the Divine Doctor’s Hall.

“General Cao, right? You’d better go back first and wait for news.” Lan Huo looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, who had a nervous and expectant face, and even paced back and forth incessantly, and said, “Didn’t the divine doctor also say just now that this is not an ordinary treatment, it cannot be effective in a few minutes and hours, it may still take several days. We will definitely inform you in time.”

The middle-aged man looked blearily at the cloth curtain inside the Divine Doctor’s Hall, his daughter and Zhang Jiu were inside, but Zhang Jiu had ordered that no one was allowed to enter.

So, although he was desperate to have a look in his heart, he did not dare to enter.

“Please ask the female divine doctor, is it true, can you save my daughter? If it can really be saved, I’ll kowtow to you! I, Cao Yunfeng, will be grateful for the rest of my life!”

This middle-aged man was none other than Cao Yunfeng.

Yes, inside, it was also none other than Cao Qian.

Yes, it was also a coincidence that when Zhang Jiu took Lan Huang to the funeral parlour to advertise, he happened to come across Cao Yunfeng and his group who were taking Cao Qian to the cremation.

Once he heard Zhang Jiu say that he could save his daughter.

Whether it was true or not, of course Cao Yunfeng let Zhang Jiu give it a try!

“Hee hee, it doesn’t matter if you kowtow in gratitude or whatever, as long as the money is there.” Lan Huo smiled cheekily and looked at the extremely beautiful looking young girl in the corner who also had an expectant and nervous face, “Both of your daughters are very cute, don’t worry, since the divine doctor has said that they can be saved, then it’s 100%, they can be saved!”


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