At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 292

Zheng Jie stood up violently as if his tail had been stepped on.


Zheng Jie was practically gnashing her teeth, hating Neo as much as she wanted to kill him.

She glared at Neo.

Looking at the tea stain on the white jacket, it was so obvious.

Not only that, the boiling hot tea water had also burned her skin.

Lu Zhi also stood up in panic.

“Neo, why don’t you hurry up and apologise to Mr Zheng!”

Yeah, this is still going to happen.

This Neo, so clumsy, is there something wrong with his brain, he can’t even serve a tea properly, and it just spilled on Zheng Jie’s jacket.

However, Neo was standing there dumbfounded, not to mention apologising, and he didn’t even react at all.

What happened?

What had happened to him?

Neo only felt a great sadness enveloping him.

Where this sadness came from, he did not know.

Only, that sadness suddenly made him feel that many things in the world were meaningless.

A kind of vague imagery appeared in his mind.

An agitation, a flourishing, a restlessness, appeared in the heart.

“Neo, you punk, how dare you retaliate against me?!” Zheng Jie saw Neo standing dumb as if nothing was wrong, not saying a word, thinking that Neo was doing it on purpose.

Directly, he slapped again.


It was this time.

She suddenly felt a tightening of her wrist, and then it was as if she was being held by an iron hoop.

This time, Zheng Jie immediately became even angrier in her heart.

“Neo, you dare to fight back!”

That’s right, this hanger-on still dared to fight back, what a revolt.

Just now, she had hit him several times, and he didn’t even dare to fight back.

However, soon, Zheng Jie suddenly stopped talking.

She saw that Neo was glaring at her, and that gaze was surprisingly a bit strange, a bit indescribably cold.

It was a coldness that went down to the bone.

Surprisingly, it caused Zheng Jie to shiver.

“Get out of the way, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do later.” Neo shook off Zheng Jie’s hand and said coldly.

Zheng Jie was instantly stunned and

Involuntarily, she actually did move out of the way.

Neo went straight and left the library.

At this moment, in the Wujiang Hospital.

The first aid room was filled with cries.

“What, how could this happen?” Cao Yunfeng grabbed the attending doctor, sad and incredulous, “Doctor, how could this happen, just now, wasn’t Qianqian she about to get better, how could this happen!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cao.” The attending doctor was equally saddened, “Actually, according to my estimation just now, the second young lady should actually be able to revive, not to mention the encouragement from you guys on the side just now, yet ……”

“What was that all about!” Cao Yunfeng roared, “How could this happen!”

“Mr. Cao, in fact, in fact, just now, it should be the reason for the second young lady’s will to live, Mr. Cao, you have to understand that the booster only plays an auxiliary role, the most important thing is the patient’s own will to live, just now I called you all here, to the emergency room, the purpose is to let the second young lady be encouraged and increase her sense of survival!”

“My daughter may be soft on the outside, but she’s actually a very strong person, her sense of survival must be strong too… It must be your medical malpractice! I, I will sue you!” Cao Yunfeng was really anxious and roared.

“No, Mr. Cao, calm down.” The attending doctor was terrified again and looked sad at the same time, “Mr. Cao, you’re wrong, not only is the second young lady’s sense of survival not strong, it’s very weak!”

He said, pointing to another monitor in front of him, “When the booster was working just now, I was monitoring the second young lady’s whole body state, I believe for that moment, the second young lady also felt our efforts, but the second young lady’s survival consciousness was really too weak, so, so we failed.”

“How is that possible, how could Qian Qian be like that?” Cao Yunfeng, still a little unbelieving, murmured.

“It’s true.” The attending doctor sighed, “To tell you the truth, Mr. Cao, the second young miss is not weak in her sense of survival, but, rather, she simply has no sense of survival, or even, she has voluntarily given up trying to survive!”


This time, Cao Yunfeng seemed to be struck by a painful blow, simply could not believe it ah, dumbfounded, froze.

“Second Miss committed suicide, what exactly has happened to her?” The doctor also lamented at this point, “Her slit wrist wound, it was very deep, so it shows the determination to commit suicide, and just now, all of us tried hard to save her, but she actually gave up on her own initiative to survive when she sensed it. What exactly had she gone through? To make her determination to die, so strong? She must truly not want to live anymore!”

Cao Yunfeng clutched his head in pain and sat on the ground, not saying a word.

And next to them, Cao Hong and Cao Feng, kneeling beside Cao Qian’s remains, drooped in tears.

The next day.

Today’s Cao Mansion could be described as shrouded in sorrow.

The second young lady had passed away, and grief was everywhere.

“This is Qian Qian’s last letter, it was found in her room’s, it also mentions you guys, take a look.” Cao Yunfeng handed a letter in his hand, to Cao Hong and Cao Feng.

Turning around, he looked at Cao Qian’s body in the ice coffin again and wept secretly.

Cao Qian was lying in the ice coffin as if she was just asleep, with long eyelashes and a handsome face, looking very cute.

Yet, it was such a lovely and pretty girl who had left!

And over there, Cao Feng and Cao Hong, the two of them had long been in pearly tears, from yesterday’s return from the hospital, until now, the two of them had not slept much, sitting dumbly in this hearth, guarding the remains of their sisters.

The two opened the letter.

“Father, I’m sorry, please forgive my daughter for being unfilial and taking a step ahead. Please don’t be sad and don’t blame yourself, I didn’t kill myself because you forced me to marry Xiong Hui, of course, in fact, there is a little bit of that aspect, but, more, it’s still me, my own reason ……”

“…… I really didn’t expect that I would commit suicide one day, I always thought that suicide was only for the tragic characters in, I didn’t expect that I would become one of those tragic characters, huh, maybe, that’s the irony. In fact, I don’t want to kill myself, I really don’t, I want to live well, I love this world, I want to live so much, to live happily, I don’t want to kill myself, I haven’t been in love, I haven’t really loved a boy ……”

“…… But, again, I had to kill myself because I’ve lost my motivation to live, for reasons I won’t say, and there’s no need to say ……”

“…… Dad, I’m not very sure what kind of person second sister is to you, but second sister is very poor, she must have had a miserable life before, because she had to pick up and eat all the fruit I threw in the trash, and she lost her memory, after I leave, please make sure you take care of second sister, I love her, I want her to live a good life, you don’t force her to get married, this is my last request to you ……”

“…… Second sister, by the time you read this letter, I will have already left you, I am sorry that my sister can’t play with you anymore, but I will always remember the short happy time we had together, remember you accompanying me to go shopping together, going shopping together, eating delicious food, we also went together to Puxin Temple for divination, I also suddenly had a touching feeling when I saw you eating Haagen-Dazs and crying, haha, I am leaving, second sister, you have to live well oh, I will watch you from heaven and bless you ……”

“…… Cao Feng, haha, we always hated each other, and I would often call you that, and you never called me sister, haha, but now I suddenly want to call you sister so badly, sister, sister actually always liked you as a sister, and I am grateful to heaven for letting you be my sister. I’ve never had the chance to say it to you, but now I’ve finally said it, sister, I love you, you should also be like your second sister, live well, sister you are too discerning, you’d better find a boyfriend early, no matter what family background he is ah, do not be afraid ah, brave ah, sister, as long as you like the boy, I will always support you, unconditional support you ……”

“…… Thank you for reading this suicide note of mine, I feel a lot better for writing this, and I suddenly don’t want to die, but if I live, I will, for sure, live a very painful life, because, my favorite has been lost… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I made you all sad, it’s all my fault, after I die, I hope my ashes, half buried next to my mother’s grave, the other half, please take it to Jinling, sprinkled in the Yangtze River in Jinling, okay, Qian Qian begs you, please, don’t ask why …… Qian Qian also Do not want to say, Qianqian only want to cry at this time ……”

“…… Qianqian, the absolute pen.”


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