At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 291

The woman standing in front of herself was none other than Zheng Jie.

A white stylish jacket with a light grey skirt, her temperament and looks were all there.

The current Zheng Jie seemed to be getting prettier and prettier, more and more radiant.

Zheng Jie was also looking at Neo.

Her eyes looked up and down at Neo, who was originally dressed plainly, and had just gotten dirty on his clothes from cleaning.

He was holding a mop in his hand, and his trouser legs were covered in mud and water, as if he had come from a construction site.

This is the boy from high school that I used to like?

This was the boy who had haunted me, who had made my life unbearable, and who had even changed the course of my life?

It’s unbelievable.

Look at him now, he’s such a hanger-on.

One is an ugly duckling and the other a white swan.

Even a random employee in my company would kill him, not to mention himself.

But when she thought that she had even liked this hanger-on before and was rejected by him in public, Zheng Jie’s heart began to ache again.

“Neo, seeing me like this, do you regret it?” Zheng Jie said.

“Regret?” Neo was stunned, not quite understanding Zheng Jie’s meaning for a moment.

“Look at the way you look now, what have you mixed up into? Look at me again, now our social status is so different, it’s like a world of difference, in high school, you were still qualified to be on the same stage as me, we were still on the same level, you would even let me take the initiative to pursue you, but now, you are just a hanger-on in the eyes of the public, while I am a high white rich beauty, no matter what is said now when you see us, you will never associate us together. ”

Zheng Jie said, gently straightened her clothes with her hand, and straightened her proud chest, “But, back in high school, you had every opportunity to say yes to my pursuit, to be a high school couple with me, to accompany me through those most innocent years, and to become the most irreplaceable one in my life, the white boy!”

Neo was stunned, speechless for a moment.

“And if you had accepted me then, even if we had broken up later, I would still never have forgotten you, and in that case, whenever you were down and out, I would have given you all I had to help you. If you had accepted me then, I would never have let you work as this lowly library handyman now, I would never have let you fall so low.”

Speaking here, Zheng Jie looked at Neo coldly and condescendingly, “So, Neo, I would like to ask, do you regret it now?”

Uh ……

Only when Neo heard this did he understand what Zheng Jie meant.

It turned out that Zheng Jie was here to show off her wealth, or rather, to stimulate herself.

To put it simply, what she meant was that if Neo had agreed to her pursuit at that time, then now Zheng Jie could give Neo a lot of money in return.

So, did one regret it?

Neo laughed in his heart.

If one followed what Zheng Jie said, the answer was obvious, one certainly had no regrets to speak of.

Seriously, if Zheng Jie knew that she was once the third young master of the world’s number one family, and that she had given up that title for true love, what kind of expression would she have on her face for what she had just said?

Of course, if Neo really regretted it, I’m afraid it was because he didn’t think that a rejection he thought was insignificant in high school would hurt Zheng Jie so deeply.

If he had known this, perhaps he would have said yes to her at that time.

However, history has no ifs.

Thinking of this.

Neo sighed in his heart and shook his head, “Zheng Jie, I ……”


Before Neo could finish his words, a piece of paper was flung at his face.

“Cut the crap, as long as you say you regret it, you can sign it!” Zheng Jie said.

The piece of paper, was a contract.

“Be my exclusive driver, the work is easy, the salary is five times your current job, the benefits and all, it’s all written on there, you can read it yourself.” Zheng Jie said, “My name has been signed, as long as you say you regret it now, you can sign as my exclusive driver right away!”

After saying that, Zheng Jie suddenly showed a kind of eagerness and excitement in her gaze, staring at Neo.

Neo was stunned, he really couldn’t figure out why Zheng Jie had to do this.

Why did she have to force herself to say she regretted it.

Even to make herself say she regretted it, she had gone so far as to put down this kind of money.

This job, however, might be attractive to the real hangers-on.

But Neo, that was someone who was once in heaven.

Besides, with Neo’s character, how could he give in to bullying.

He’s the kind of guy who seems soft and glutinous and seems like everyone can be bullied, but in fact, maybe there won’t be anyone in the world with a heart that’s tougher than his!

“I’m sorry, Zheng Jie, you really don’t have to be like this.” Neo sighed and gave that contract, back to Zheng Jie.

Yes, he really wouldn’t regret it, and he didn’t want to go and be any Zheng Jie’s driver.

So what if the salary was high? So what if the benefits are good?

Would my titled Third Young Master of the Lu Family care about this?


There was a crunching sound.

Zheng Jie slapped her face and smashed it hard on Neo’s face.

Neo froze.

Zheng Jie’s face, by now, had turned red from anger or from rage, or something else.

Yes, Zheng Jie had thought that Neo would definitely say yes, thought that Neo would definitely say he regretted it in front of his face.

That’s right, Zheng Jie knew that Neo was working as a handyman in the library, and this time, it was to find a sense of superiority, to see Neo on his knees hugging his thighs and crying bitterly, saying some regretful words like he had no eyes in the first place.

However, this guy unexpectedly acted as if he didn’t care at all.

Zheng Jie’s mind was about to collapse.

“Neo, are you being a b*tch, I’m helping you so much and you won’t even agree? You, you’d rather do this kind of tired and dirty work with little pay, rather than doing easy work with me for high pay?! Are you a fool?! Why don’t you say you regret it?!”

Neo sighed inwardly and didn’t say anything.

What was there to say?

“You’re such a waste! Neo, I know you actually regret it in your heart, but you just don’t want to bow your head and admit your mistake do you, you just don’t want to admit that you regret it do you? You just don’t want to admit that you regret it, do you? You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps, can you? I’m telling you Neo, you’re a loser, you’ve been a loser all your life, you don’t even look like a man, why don’t you say you regret not saying yes to me?


Another slap, fiercely smashed on Neo’s face.



A few consecutive slaps.

Zheng Jie was not showing any mercy at all.

It was like she was using all her strength.

And Neo didn’t dodge.

He just stood there, allowing Zheng Jie to slap his face one after another.

To be honest, although Neo did not like Zheng Jie’s behaviour, did not like her snobbishness, did not like her dislike of the poor and rich, did not like her kind of show-off and superiority.

However, Neo could also see that at this moment, Zheng Jie was really sad and really angry.

It seemed that what happened back then had really hurt her a lot.

If slapping herself would make her feel better, then whatever!

You go ahead and hit it!

Just feel better after the beating!

Although I, Neo, did it unintentionally back then, in the end, I did wrong you and brought you painful memories of your life. Although I don’t regret what happened back then, I understand how you feel now.

So, go ahead and hit me!

I’ll lose if I can dodge a bit!

Slap, slap, slap!

“You punk, you can’t even dodge! Punk, punk!”

Zheng Jie saw that Neo was just standing there silently giving himself a beating, not even making a move to dodge, which made Zheng Jie even angrier and made her even more desperate.

It also made her really understand that Neo was really not sorry.

Yes, this punk really had no regrets, if he had an ounce of regret, he would not have given himself a beating like this.

The fact that he was beating himself up like this meant that he was guilty, he was guilty because he wasn’t sorry!


“Neo, remember, you are trash!”

Slap, slap!

“Aiyaa, Neo, what are you doing, did you make Mr. Zheng angry, what’s wrong with you, why don’t you hurry up and apologize to Mr. Zheng, you’re really furtive.”

Just at this time, Lu Zhi just happened to see it.

She saw Zheng Jie slapping Neo, and thought that Neo had accidentally offended Zheng Jie.

She was terrified.

Of course Lu Zhi knew Zheng Jie, she had met her that day when the concert was held in the auditorium and knew that Zheng Jie was one of the people who had invested in the research building.

That was something that could not be offended.

“Mr. Zheng, don’t be angry, why are you here in our library, have a seat, please.” On Lu Zhi’s side, he hurriedly entertained Zheng Jie in a pleasing manner.

He looked back at Neo and said impatiently, “Neo, what are you doing here? Don’t try to be lazy. I’m telling you, hurry up and mop up the floor here and make it clean! I’ll talk to you later about what you’ve done to Mr Zheng! Get your ass to work!”

Neo wanted to do this, so he didn’t bother to say anything more and turned around and left.

After reprimanding Neo, Lv Zhizhi hurriedly asked someone to greet Zheng Jie, “Xiao Juan, quickly pour tea for Mr Zheng.”

“No, I want Neo to pour me tea!” Zheng Jie said as she stared coldly at Neo.

At this moment, Zheng Jie’s mood had slowly returned to normal, without the excitement and anger she had just felt, but when she calmed down, she became even more bitter towards Neo.

“Neo, do you hear me, hurry up and make some tea!” Lu Zhi was stunned, but of course she was listening to whatever Zheng Jie said at this point.

Lu originally thought that now she could get away from Zheng Jie, but who knew that this woman would not let herself go.

However, Lu Zhi had already said so, so there was nothing he could do.

He had no choice but to put down the mop and go to the water fountain next to him to scrub the cups and make tea.

“Mr. Zheng, how did this ungrateful boy offend you? Tell me, so I can punish him severely.” Lu Zhi said, sort of comforting Zheng Jie.

After all, she knew that Zheng Jie could not afford to be offended.

“Him? Oh ……” Zheng Jie stared at Neo and laughed coldly.

He told Lu Zhi about what happened in high school, instead.

Lu Zhi was stunned after hearing it.

No way, I didn’t expect Neo to be classmates with Zheng Jie? And there was this kind of story back then?

As the two were talking, Neo’s side, too, had made tea and brought it up.

“Alas, Mr. Zheng, why do you have to be common sense with this kind of hangers-on? Look, now you are the president of the company and are in the upper class, while Neo, oh, a library handyman, is just like you, this kind of person is not even worthy to carry your shoes now.” Lu Zhi also did not avoid Neo, and spoke directly to Zheng Jie.

This was also to please Zheng Jie.

“Oh, Neo, you heard that?” Zheng Jie stared at Neo, “Neo, do you know that with my current status, it’s easy to take revenge on you, and with my wealth and status, no one would even notice if I got someone to bury you you know? How can you be so tough with me? You refuse to be soft on me, don’t you? I’m only soft on you now because of my old friendship, do you believe I’ll be hard on you?

“Don’t think you’re not afraid just because it’s a society under the rule of law, I’m telling you, in front of the monstrous power, everything, can be rewritten! You, a hangman, can never imagine the means of those of us at the top of society!”

Zheng Jie said as she stared coldly at Neo.

When Lu Zhi, who was next to him, heard this, he was all scared and shivered.

Neo, on the other hand, didn’t say anything.

After all, what was there to say?

Just let Zheng Jie vent today.

Thinking, Neo silently put on the brewed tea and was ready to leave in silence.

“Wait a minute!”

Zheng Jie suddenly, let out another cold drink, in a commanding tone, “Take the tea, and bring it to me!”

Neo was stunned.

To be honest, this request was a bit too much.

It was fine for you to ask me to make tea, but what would it be like to bring the tea to you?

This was a bit too humiliating.

Moreover, at this moment, Lu Zhi and the other staff inside the library were all looking at themselves.

At this moment, everyone looked at this scene, all looked at Neo, as if they were watching a fun, a joke.

“What, didn’t you hear that!” Zheng Jie increased her tone and looked at Neo coldly, “Don’t forget who you and I are now! And don’t think I’m still the same ignorant young girl who likes you, I’m now General Manager Zheng, a powerful man whose status is countless times higher than yours! You bring the tea over to me!”

Neo felt a little humiliated in his heart.

It was also true that Zheng Jie was doing a bit too much now and was being aggressive.

However, what was there to say.

He himself was just a library handyman now.

Who was qualified to say no?

Thinking, Neo picked up his cup of tea and carefully handed it over to Zheng Jie.

At this moment, Wujiang Hospital.

Outside the first aid department.

Cao Yunfeng was sitting on a bench, holding his head in his hands.

Cao Qian sat on the floor, staring blankly at the glass door of the emergency department.

And Cao Feng was pacing back and forth, his face anxious, his mouth chattering, and he didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, the door of the emergency room opened again.

The female doctor from earlier, came out.

“Doctor, how is it!”

Almost at the same time, the three gathered around again.

The female doctor looked a little tired and had an expression on her face, not good and not bad, but still said, “Mr. Cao, you can come in and take a look.”

The three men had long been impatient and hurriedly went into the emergency room.

Inside the emergency room, it was snowy white.

There was a young girl lying on the bed, with a number of tubes and wires attached to her body, and a display on the instrument next to her, with a ticking sound.

The girl’s eyes are closed, as if she were asleep.

However, what was still a little different from being asleep was that no rise or fall could be seen in her chest, as if she was not breathing.

Seeing Cao Qian in this state, all three of them were heartbroken.

But they also knew that this was an emergency room, so they did not dare to make a loud noise or pounce on her.

“Doctor, what exactly is Qian Qian’s condition now?” Cao Yunfeng said as he looked at the attending doctor.

The attending doctor, a man in his forties, also had a grim face at this time.

“Mr. Cao, look here.”

The attending doctor, pointed to one of the displays attached to Cao Qian’s body, “This is a heart rate monitor, as you can see, the second young lady’s heartbeat is very slow, and the peaks and valleys are very small, which means that she has almost no heartbeat ……”

Sure enough, on that monitor, it showed the heart rate curve, but at this point it was without much of an ups and downs.

“But the good news is, we have a new internationally advanced booster in the hospital, and now we have the booster, attached to Miss Two’s body, this booster, has the potential to bring Miss Two back from the dead, but of course, our success or failure is at stake.” The attending doctor’s face also looked a little nervous as he said this, “That’s why we let you in the emergency room, the purpose is to let you stay by Miss Two’s side while the booster is working, because the booster only plays a supporting role, the most important thing is Miss Two’s own efforts, and you family members accompanying her can give her a kind of spiritual strength!”


Cao Yunfeng and the others, nodded their heads with tears in their eyes, and for a moment, a few moments of hope welled up in their hearts.

“Sister, you must get better!” Cao Hong knelt at the head of the bed and gently held one of Cao Qian’s hands.

“Cao …… sister, sister was not good to you before, it was all my fault, you, you must come back to life!” Cao Feng had always called Cao Qian, and this time, she finally called her sister too.

After these words, she couldn’t help but shed tears as well.

“Good, let’s get started!”

The attending doctor, also grasping the time, turned on the booster.

The emergency room was, at once, quiet.

In the air, there was tension.

No one spoke anymore, only the humming of the machine, and the sound of electricity.

Everyone was staring at the monitor.

Cao Yunfeng Cao Hong Cao Feng also watched, nervously, with a secret prayer in his heart, Jump up, jump up!

Drops …… drops ……

And it worked!

The curves got bigger, the ups and downs were obvious.

The crowd still didn’t say anything, but their faces showed excitement.

The attending doctor, too, stared at the other Cao Qian body detector next to him, a kind of excitement showing on his face as well, one of his hands clenched into a fist as if he was cheering.

Drip, drip ……

Everyone was clenching their fists and staring at the monitor, it was a breathless wait, an ordeal as if they were welcoming a newborn baby!

Drip, drip ……

Sister… Cao Qian silently chanted, and a few moments of hope steeply surged in her heart.

Suddenly, the sound steeply increased, and then, with a long drop – sound, the monitor, instantly, first a straight line! ———- —-


A straight line of death!

Wujiang University, the library!

Neo carried the tea and carefully handed it to Zheng Jie.

But it was at this moment.

He suddenly felt a jump in his heart, as if something had stung deep inside, and his brain buzzed, as if, as if something had been shoved into his brain.

He was unsteady on his feet and his body swayed.

The piping hot tea in his hand tumbled.


A woman’s miserable scream.


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