At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 290

The voice at the door had just fallen.


With a heavy kick, the shop door was kicked in all directions and two extremely tough men rushed in, dressed as martial arts practitioners, with belts tied around their waists.

Immediately afterwards, two more young men came in, no other than Xiong Yao and Tan He.

“Damn old man, do you still recognise me!” Tan He pointed at Zhang Jiu and cursed.

“I do.” Zhang Jiu hemmed and hawed, his face steady, as if he had expected Tan He to return.

Tan He was stunned, he had thought that Zhang Jiu would be dead set on not admitting it, after all, if you sold fake medicine, you would be able to screw one person over, who would be so generous as to admit that you sold fake medicine?

Besides, he was obviously here to look for trouble.

Xiong Yao had also brought along two of the martial arts school’s bully fighters.

Such a line of people rushed in aggressively.

The old man didn’t even look scared, he even admitted it so bluntly, looking at his calm look, if others saw it, they might have thought that the old man was just waiting here for his door.

Originally, Tan He thought that Zhang Jiu would not admit it, so on the way here, he had prepared a series of follow-up remarks in his mind.

However, he never expected people to admit it directly, and at once, Tan He was still rendered speechless, not knowing what to say.

“Then, then did you sell me fake medicine?” Tan He thought for a moment and said.

“That’s right.” Zhang Jiu said again in a slow manner.

This time, Tan He even froze in place, holy shit, what is this, this old man just admitted it all so cleanly, things went so smoothly?

But then he thought about it again, most of the time this old man saw that he had come back with so many people and was scared, so he wasn’t going to hide it anymore.

Thinking like this, Tan He’s anger steeped up.

“How dare you f*cking admit it, so what do you say?” Tan He said.

“What should I do? You gave me the money, I gave you the medicine, honest dealings are not deceitful, what else do you want.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Your mother’s ……”

Tan He was instantly so angry that his face turned red, his mouth was open and he couldn’t say anything.

Damn, I thought this old man had given in, but after half a day, this old man was playing with himself.

“What are you talking about with this old man? Let’s smash up the shop first!”

Xiong Yao pushed Tan He away and pointed at Zhang Jiu and the other two fighters in the martial arts school, “You two, watch these people, if anyone dares to move, you’ll be beaten to death! Damn, today you are unlucky that you have bullied the emperor!”

With that, he swung the stick in his hand and smashed it on the medicine rack next to him.


The pill shelf could not withstand this kind of smashing, it directly split into pieces, the bottles and jars on top of the pill shelf, fell all over the ground, shattered, and the air was suddenly filled with a thick smell of Chinese medicine.

The air was filled with a strong smell of Chinese medicine. Tan He took a look at Xiong Shao’s hands, he still dared to stay idle.

Picked up a stick and flung it at a glass cabinet.

These two, in the shop great power, stick swinging whistling wind, wood chips glass pieces of various herbal debris flying in the sky, everywhere is thumping when clattering sound.

When Xiong Yao and Tan He stopped, all the herbs in the shop had been smashed to pieces and there was a mess everywhere, as if a typhoon had passed through.

Xiong Yao stared at Zhang Jiu and the others who were being guarded by those two martial arts school beaters and had remained motionless since the beginning, and smiled smugly, “Oh, you guys are quite sensible.”

With that, he waved at the two martial arts school thugs, “Go!”

“That’s it?” Behind him, Zhang Jiu finally spoke up, “It’s not over yet.”

“What’s the matter, old man, you still think you haven’t smashed enough?” Xiong Yao didn’t expect this old man to have the courage to speak, this was really something.

“No, you said I didn’t offend you either, you smashed all my things here, it’s only right to pay for it, right?” Zhang Jiu still had that same unsavoury tone.

“I’m not deaf, am I, you’re asking me to pay you back?” Xiong Yao really laughed, was this old man stupid?

He had just smashed up the place, not to mention coming up to stop them, they didn’t even dare to move, but anyone with a bit of intelligence could see that he was by no means an ordinary person, not to mention that he had two fighters from the martial arts school with him.

And now this old man is asking him to pay for it?

Are you confused?

Not afraid of pissing himself off again?

“Fine, you tell me, how much should I pay you back?” Xiong Yao really didn’t believe that this old man was asking himself to pay for the damages, I guess it was just that.

“Don’t rush.”

Zhang Jiu said, taking out an abacus from under the table and crackling it up, with words recited from his mouth.

The beads on the abacus, in his hands, were simply turbo-charged and could only be seen as a shadow.

Of course, it was not clear whether he was really using the abacus to calculate, or whether he was playing blindly to pretend to be a fool.


“Well, an operation is as fierce as a tiger, you have to compensate me for 55,000 and a half after the calculation.” Zhang Jiu said seriously, “You also have to add my moral damage fee, you have to compensate me a total of 100,000 yuan.”

Xiong Yao and Tan He over there both looked dumbfounded, this old man wasn’t crazy.

“Old man, you still want me to pay you back? Do you know who I am?” Xiong Yao said.

“That’s right, old man, you should know that in this world, there are some people that you can’t afford to mess with, maybe you won’t even have a place to bury when you die, after living such a long life, you don’t have any eyesight at all, it’s really a waste of life.” Tan He was also happy, this old man, this is strength to death.

“Oh, little brother, you’d better hurry up and pay the money, lest you regret it later.” Zhu Ce said.

“Which f*cking onion are you?” Xiong Yao glared at Zhu Ce, suddenly his gaze twitched and he sized up Zhu Ce seriously, “I recognize you! You’re a teacher from our school, that what’s-his-name, I don’t remember, but you seem to be one of the most rubbish teachers in our school.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s him, the softest one, and he’s said to have kneeled down to the students in his class, isn’t he the one!” Tan He also recognised Zhu Ce.

“The one who often fetches balls for other teachers on the tennis court and gets called around like a dog, that’s you too, I’ve seen you many times.” Xiong Yao laughed heatedly, “Since you are this old man’s friend, it seems that this old man is also a rubbish pussy, just like you, still pretending with me?”

“Wait, you guys are ……” Zhu Ce took a look at them and surprisingly knew them, he couldn’t help but take a closer look and tapped his head, “I recognise you guys too! You guys are from Wujiang University! You’re that rich kid Xiong Yao, right, and you, you’re the follower at his side, right, I’ve seen you guys a few times in school.”

Zhu Ce did know them, after all, Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao, were both restless elements in Wujiang University, coupled with their prosperous family backgrounds, in the school, both students and teachers knew something about them.

It was just that at first, Zhu Ce didn’t pay attention to them either.

It was only after this careful look that he recognised them.

“Tsk, I know, your family is very rich, it’s considered the number one family in Wujiang City, usually driving a sports car, it’s very scenic.” Zhu Ce looked at Xiong Yao and said.

“Haha, you rubbish pussy, you recognize old me, you tell that old thing, I’ll see if he still dares to ask old me to pay for it!” Xiong Yao said.

Zhu Ce also ignored him and returned to Zhang Jiu’s side, “Blind man, these two are not simple, that one is called Xiong Yao, the fourth son of the Xiong family in Wujiang City, his family has tens of billions of dollars in assets, and is a top family in Wujiang City, so we still can’t ask for this 100,000 yuan.”

“You rubbish pussy is quite sensible.” Xiong Yao’s face showed a smug look when he heard Zhu Ce say that.

Oh, the name of the Xiong family’s son was just good.

“Don’t want the hundred thousand?” Zhang Jiu smiled and looked at Zhu Ce.

“Nonsense, of course, such a rich master, how can you just ask for 100,000, you’d better ask for 200,000 as usual.” Zhu Ce said.


Xiong Yao and Tan He immediately froze.

What the hell is going on here, don’t they know each other, they know they are from the Xiong family, and they still dare to ask for money? And even ask for more?

So, wasn’t this Zhu Ce, just now, deliberately playing a trick on himself?

“Damn it, you two, give me a go! Kill these two bastards!” Xiong Yao’s heart was furious at the thought that he had been continuously fooled.

The martial arts school’s fighters, of course, would go without saying a word!

After all, that’s what they were here to do.

“Who’s on?”

Zhang Jiu looked at Zhu Ce, “The young master has allowed us to unblock our abilities now anyway.”

“I’ll do it, it’s been a long time since I’ve done it, last time I only used it to play tennis, I haven’t had enough, let me have some more fun.” As Zhu Ce spoke, the man had already rushed up.

Bang! Bang!

His stance was extremely fast, and the two martial arts school fighters flew straight out before they could even react.

The two men fell inside a pile of rubble, unable to get up for half a day.

Zhu Ce was immediately depressed and slapped his head, “Oops, I forgot that I hadn’t done it for years, I didn’t strike lightly and ended the fight in one go, I didn’t even feel anything, sigh, next time if I come across this opportunity again, I’ll definitely have to tighten up the fight.”

And over there, Zhang Jiu, at this time, had long since arrived behind Xiong Yao and Tan He.

When these two saw Zhu Ce instantly fight off two top martial school experts, they had already frozen in place, staring dumbly at the scene in front of them.

It was only when Zhang Jiu tapped them on the shoulder that they woke up like a dream.

This, this was really the softest teacher in the school?

“How about it, isn’t it time to pay for it now?” Zhang Jiu said with a smirk.

Already like this, how could Xiong Yao dare to say anything else, obediently transferred 200,000 to Zhang Jiu and numbly left.

“Blind man, you just let them smash it on purpose, right?”

When Xiong Yao and the others left, Lan Huang looked at Zhang Jiu who was counting his money beautifully and couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course.” Zhang Jiu looked at the banknotes in front of him with a happy face, “Only when I let them smash it up, I can justify making them pay for it, I’m a person who is most reasonable in doing things.”


Lan Huang rolled her eyes, “Just you are still reasonable? If you want to be reasonable, why would you sell fake medicine, you say you’re a person, it’s not like you don’t know how to heal, why would you sell fake medicine?”

“Do you think I am all fake medicine, let me tell you, only that kind of ecstasy, is fake.” Zhang Jiu said, “After I opened this divine doctor’s shop, I was not going to sell that kind of medicine, but then I found out that there were always some thieves coming over to buy that kind of medicine from me, and then I thought, “Well, why don’t I just say that I have it next time they come to buy it, and then sell it to them, but the one they buy is fake, so that when they buy it back, at least they will not be able to do anything bad, and at worst I’ll tell them if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, haha.”

“That’s a bit moral.” Lan Huo laughed and looked back at Zhu Ce, “Hey, scholar, what are you doing, why have you been standing there mumbling and looking at your hands ever since you knocked those two martial arts school guys off their feet?”

“I was thinking that it felt so good after being able to use my abilities.” Zhu Ce said emotionally, “It’s just too much to live with the ability that I’ve been suppressing before.”

“When you talk about that, I think of the young master, we can still use our abilities, and the young master, the young master doesn’t even have any abilities now, and his personality is much milder now than before, I don’t think he’s having a good time now, I would love for him to be like he was before.” Blue Phoenix said.

“No, I think the young master is living a pretty good life even now, this kind of blandness is the life he originally wanted.” Zhang Jiu said, “The once reigning figure is now quietly staying in the library as a handyman, although this is a big difference, as long as the young master feels at ease, then it’s for the best.”

“Really, why do I feel that the young master is having a pretty miserable time, after all, he has to work overtime in the library, Zhu Ce, you just said that the young master is still working overtime in the library, right.”


“Are you sure?”

“Sure.” Zhu Ce nodded, of course he was sure, he had even seen Neo’s when he came.

Pacific Ocean, island.

Secret room.

“Is it done?”

There were only two people in the secret room.

One of them, dressed in a long robe and with a solemn face, spoke up at this moment and asked.

The man on the other side of the table, with a stout figure and a white beard, looked formidable, and said respectfully, “Grand Master, the job is done. .”


The long-robed old man, nodded, with a few moments of emotion in his gaze, he thought for a moment and said, “That death row inmate volunteered, right?”

“Yes, Grand Master.” The stout old man nodded and said, “We told him in detail what happened, he volunteered and signed a voluntary agreement with us, and at the same time, we have secretly given his family a huge amount of pension, enough for the condemned man’s entire family to live a lifetime without worries. And the TV station covering the crash in Jinling City is also owned by our family, everything is in the plan, Grand Master, don’t worry!”

“Good, very good.” The robed old man nodded again, seemingly only slightly relieved at this time, “But the most important step, the most important one, is to let Murong Ruo Lan see this news, so that she knows that Neo’er has died in the car accident. This will dispel her mind to hold a grudge against Neo’er and put him to death.”

“Don’t worry, Eldest Master, I will have the most professional people used in Jiangnan to do this, to ensure that Murong Ruo Lan learns of the news of the Third Young Master’s car accident with the least amount of intention and suspicion.”

“That’s good. I really didn’t expect Murong Ruo Lan to really lay his hands on him, except that Neo’er is worthy of being a son of my Lu family, he survived the attack, if Jiang Chun Nan hadn’t told me that he met Neo’er in Wujiang City, I would have thought that he had died in Murong Ruo Lan’s assassination.” As the robed old man spoke, there was again an indescribable pride and elation in his gaze.

But then, there was a darkening for a few moments, “By the way, that helicopter pilot called Dayue, his family’s pension has also been paid out, right?”

“Well, someone has been sent to distribute them.” The sturdy old man nodded and said, “It’s just that it’s a bit of work, because Danyue’s family doesn’t know what Danyue does, so we can’t give it out in the family’s name, so it’s going to take a bit of trouble not to arouse the suspicion of Danyue’s family, but don’t worry, the pension will be in place.”

“That’s good.” The robed old man nodded, “In short, those who sacrificed their lives on behalf of our Lu family must not let their blood be shed in vain.”

“What the Grand Master said is true.” The stout old man said.

“By the way, there is one more thing.” The long-robed old man looked at the stout old man, “A very important matter.”

“Grand Master, just say it.”

“You still have to make a trip to Wujiang City.” The robed old man said.

At once, the stout old man’s body shook, as if he had been electrocuted.

“Siguang, hearing the word Wujiang, I think your heart has been touched.” The long-robed old man said with emotion, “This time, go back, you haven’t been back to Wujiang City for how many years, thirty years, forty years?”

“Back to the Grand Master, it is thirty-six years and one hundred and seventy-eight days.” The stout old man said.

“Hmm.” The long robed old man nodded, from within the words of the stout old man, he had felt that kind of mood of the stout old man, “You should go to Wujiang tomorrow, you have to find Neo’er, tell him our plan, let him hide for a while, or ……”

Speaking here, the robed old man let out a long sigh, “Let him hide for the rest of his life, lest he be discovered by Murong Ruo Lan’s people again, and now Murong Ruo Lan thinks he died in a car accident, so I’m sure he won’t send anyone to look for him, in that case, it’s still not too difficult to hide.”

“Good, I’ll go to Wujiang tomorrow and think of a way to approach the Third Young Master and tell him about it.”

“Well, then you should rest early, first thing tomorrow morning, there will be a helicopter to take you out of Sky Island.”

“Yes, Grand Master.”

At this time, the Continent of Origin, Wujiang City, China.

Inside the Divine Doctor’s shop.

“Anyway, I don’t want Young Master to be an ordinary person for the rest of his life, that would simply be too bad for all his abilities.” Said Lan Huang, looking at Zhang Jiu again, “By the way, blind man you just said that in order for the young master to awaken, he must strike a heartstring within, so what would be the thing that would strike?”

“Well, this, it’s all heaven’s will, and there is no certainty, I can’t really say, but I think it should be something that will bring a kind of complete despair to the young master’s heart, make the young master grieve, grieve to the extreme, grieve to the border of the world, after all, happiness is superficial, the greatest human emotion, is grief, and only grief, can truly inspire a person! ” Chapter 9 thought about it and said.

“But, if that’s what it is, then it’s too difficult.” Lan Huang frowned, “Besides, we wouldn’t want to see the young master like this.”

“Well, in that case, there’s one more thing.” Zhang Jiu thought for a moment and added.

“What kind of thing?” Lan Huo said hurriedly.

“Do you still remember when Young Lord fought against the clans at the Immortal Point Terrace, originally Young Lord had the advantage, but in the end, a very strong mysterious expert suddenly came out from the other side’s formation, Young Lord was caught unprepared and was seriously injured, the three of us ended up carrying him and escaped secretly, you still remember this incident, right?” Zhang Jiu, however, did not directly answer Lan Huang’s words.

“Of course I remember, at that time the young master was so badly injured, he vomited blood on the spot, and when we carried him, it was as if he was already dead.” Lan Huo said.

“Yes, later we took the young master and escaped to the cave, he was no longer breathing, it was no different from death, I used countless methods, but nothing worked.” Zhang Jiu said, “At that time, we had almost given up and discussed where to bury the young master, you still remember, right?”

“Mm, but the young master later, however, came back to life.” Blue Phoenix said.

“Yes, don’t you wonder? How did the Young Lord come to life, and have you considered the reason why?” Zhang Jiu said.

“How should I know.” Lan Huo thought about it, “Maybe the young master was born with this ability to repair and heal himself.”

“Right, the young master’s physique is special, otherwise he wouldn’t have become a Heavenly Xuan.” Zhu Ce had been listening to the conversation between Zhang Jiu and Lan Huang from the side, and at this moment, he couldn’t help but interject and say.

“No, what you guys said is not right, if Heavenly Xuan has this kind of ability, if the young master is not the first Heavenly Xuan of the Demon Race, why don’t the other Heavenly Xuan have this kind of ability?” Zhang Jiu’s eyes flashed as he looked at Lan Huang and Zhu Ce and said.

“Alright, blind man, don’t sell yourself short, what exactly is it that you are willing to do, just say it.” Lan Huo said, “Besides, does this have anything to do with what you just said about the young master now awakening?”

“You hear me out.”

Zhang Jiu said, “The young master was able to wake up back then not just because of his natural physique, but because a woman committed suicide for him.”

“Ah, what does that mean?”

Blue Phoenix and Zhu Ce were both stunned at once, looking at Zhang Jiu in confusion.

“Back then, when Young Lord was severely injured at the Immortal Pointing Platform, the whole world thought he was dead, even we thought he was dead, so, at that time, the whole world rumoured that the Demon Race Tian Xuan was dead! The whole world celebrated! Numerous sects and gongs were beaten and drummed to celebrate, yet, ironically, it was among these sects that some women, in their sects, quietly committed suicide that night.”

Chapter 9 continued, “Because these women, most of them are and the young master had a side, and even some contact longer, these people are in love with the young master, they are already because and the young master two power hostile relationship, and depressed, and after getting the news of the young master’s death, grief, so for love, for love off, have committed suicide. ”


When Lan Huang and Zhu Ce heard this, they both felt very shocked.

After all, this was something that neither of them knew much about yet.

“But, how do you know? We haven’t heard of this matter at all.” Blue Phoenix couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course you guys don’t know, this kind of thing, the sect would naturally conceal it, but I used all my efforts to quietly ask around and eventually counted that on that night, there were a total of one hundred and thirty-three women from the three continents who committed suicide because they thought that the young master was dead.” Zhang Jiu said.

Hearing this, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce, both looked very shocked, yes, one hundred and thirty-three, committed suicide for the young master!

“You mean, the young master was able to wake up and live because they committed suicide?” Blue Phoenix looked back and couldn’t help but ask.

“I can’t say that it was all because of them, but because all these women were deeply in love with the Young Master, and I know that any woman who loves the Young Master deeply, who commits suicide because of the Young Master’s death, will cause a strong feeling in the Young Master’s heart, and when one hundred and thirty-three people committed suicide that night, that feeling converged, so vast and enormous that it must have caused the Young Master to come out of the deepest depths with a stirring, thus stirring him to awaken.” Chapter Nine said.

“So, are you saying that if the Young Lord is allowed to awaken now, he would also need a woman who loves him deeply to commit suicide in order for him to awaken?” Blue Phoenix couldn’t help but ask.

“Probably.” Zhang Jiu nodded, “But I am not very clear, but I only know that if any girl who loved the young master deeply committed suicide because she thought the young master was dead, no matter if the young master knew it or not, a strong touch would be created in his heart, a touch that would inevitably stimulate him, thus causing a change in him, as to whether he could awaken or not, how much he would awaken Everything is unknown.”

At this moment, Wujiang Hospital.

The entrance to the intensive care department.

A middle-aged man paces anxiously in the doorway.

A young girl leaned helplessly against the wall, sitting in the aisle, the miserable white aisle light shining on her beautiful face, there was just an equal amount of anxiety and grief.

“Dad, Dad ……”

Another woman hurried in, walking fast despite her high heels.

Her face was also very anxious as she hurried to the middle-aged man’s side, “Dad, what’s wrong with her Cao Qian ……”

She hadn’t finished her words.

The door of the emergency department opened.

A female doctor came out.

At once, the middle-aged man, the young girl, and the new woman, all gathered around.

“Doctor, how is it, how is Qianqian she?” The middle-aged man was so anxious that he was stamping his feet.

“Mr. Cao.” The female doctor looked at Cao Yunfeng, her attitude was still respectful, after all, Cao Yunfeng’s status was here, but her expression looked very heavy, “Mr. Cao, the situation is not very optimistic, Ling Neo was found too late, not only that, judging from the wound on her wrist, Ling Neo’s desire to die was quite genuine, because the wound on her wrist was very deep and very long, so it could be seen that she was holding the determination to die This caused her to lose blood at a rate of at least 50 percent faster than a normal slash, and now her organs have already failed and stopped working due to the prolonged blood loss ……”

Hearing this.

Cao Yunfeng’s body swayed and almost fell over, he hurriedly grabbed the doctor’s hand, “Please, doctor, please you must save her!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cao, the main doctor is still in there resuscitating, we will do our best to save her!” The female doctor said with certainty.

But after she finished, there was also an indescribable guilt and heaviness in the depths of her gaze.

It was clear that these words were nothing more than comfort, and that the real situation, perhaps, she already knew!

The female doctor finished speaking and went back inside.

Cao Hong listened dumbly, turned around, crouched against the wall and slowly slid down, whimpering.

Cao Feng also looked dumbfounded, “How, how did this happen ……”

At this time, Wujiang University, the library.

Neo was tired and sweaty, he had just moved so many books that his arms were tired and sore.

Now, he was mopping the floor again.

This was all Lu Zhi’s arrangement, and Neo felt that she did it on purpose.

But Neo didn’t complain too much, just do it, it didn’t matter, he was here to do the work.

Neo kept his head down and pushed the mop.

As he pushed, a pair of feet appeared in his sight.

Feet in high heels, black high heels, with diamonds, looking very shiny and high class.

This pair of feet, blocked the way of Neo’s mop.

Neo exclaimed in his heart that it was a close call and hurriedly turned the mop in a different direction.

Who knew that the feet, surprisingly, also moved a little, still blocking the mop’s front.

Neo froze and stopped, slowly looking up.

He first saw a pair of straight calves, a light grey skirt of wool, and then, he saw a face with delicate make-up.

“Zheng Jie?”


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