At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 289

The face of that Mercedes owner, although there was no close-up, Cao Qian still recognised it at a glance.

After all, that was the person she had been longing for!

That was the very person she was going to see for the last time in Jinling!

That, the very same young man she had met in the Liang Shan flat, who had confronted the gangster administrators to protect her!

How, how could it be him?

Cao Qian sat on the floor, staring at the television in a daze.

At this moment, the TV screen was paused by her. In the screen, the owner of the Mercedes-Benz was just sleeping quietly on the stretcher, his eyes closed, as if he was asleep ……

Cao Qian watched carefully several times, that look, completely that person ah!

Why did it have to be like this?

I was going to meet you in Jinling today, why did you have to go today ……

Why does God have to be so cruel?

Cao Qian sat disheveled on the floor, leaning against the foot of the bed, staring blankly at the screen, that familiar face.

I never imagined that the once-again farewell to Jinling would be an eternal goodbye!

She gently closed her eyes, the best-looking dress in her hand, slipping quietly, falling to her feet as if it had lost its life, while the tears had silently begun to spread.

Cao House, in the drawing room.

“Later on, the Second Miss is going to Jinling, you guys work hard and accompany her on the trip, take that Maybach business car, she’s going to meet someone, you guys let her meet, but remember, don’t let her out of your sight, after you meet her, bring her back, got it?” Cao Yunfeng, looking at the two men in front of him, said.

“Yes, Chief Cao.” The two men said in unison.

“By the way, have you guys seen Miss Rainbow?” Cao Yunfeng thought for a moment and asked again.

Miss Rainbow was Cao Hong.

Because of the special nature of Cao Hong’s identity, meaning although it was also said that Cao Hong was Cao Yunfeng’s daughter, but Cao Hong and Cao Feng Cao Qian had different identities after all, so usually people in the Cao mansion addressed her as Miss Rainbow, and did not call her something like First Miss or Second Miss.

First Miss was still Cao Feng and Second Miss was still Cao Qian.

Cao Yunfeng frowned, he remembered that since he had brought Cao Hong back to the Cao house, usually Cao Hong and Cao Qian were surprisingly together, but today he didn’t seem to see Cao Hong and Cao Qian together, and he hadn’t seen her anymore.

“Ah, Miss Hong, didn’t notice ah, it seems, went out for a while early in the morning ……” The two men weren’t too sure.

Just as they were talking.

“I’m back.”

At the door, came a voice, and Cao Hong walked in with light steps.

Cao Yunfeng looked at her with a little surprise.

Today’s Cao Hong did not seem to be the same as before.

Cao Yunfeng remembered that after taking Cao Hong home, Cao Hong had forgotten what had happened before, and perhaps it was because of this that Cao Hong had always seemed depressed, always as if she had something on her mind.

Even if she smiled slightly sometimes, behind that smile, there was still sadness hidden.

Today, however, Cao Hong seems to be walking lightly and seems to be in a very happy and cheerful mood.

Cao Yunfeng was a man of the past, and when he saw Cao Hong like this, he knew that she must be in a happy mood, because this was the first time that Cao Yunfeng had seen Cao Hong like this. In a way, the previous Cao Hong must have had a knot in her heart, but now, this knot had been removed.

“Where have you been?” Cao Yunfeng said.

“Just went out to meet a friend.” Cao Hong said with a nice smile, “By the way, where is my sister?”

“She’s in her room.” Cao Yunfeng said.

Cao Hong hurriedly went towards Cao Qian’s room, as if she had a bellyful of things to say to Cao Qian.

“Sister, sister!”

Cao Hong arrived at Cao Qian’s room and knocked urgently on the door, “I want to tell you a good news, when you hear it, you must not scold me or reprimand me anymore, I, I know what I am doing, I am going to be with Xiong Yao, sister, open the door, I will tell you what happened today, you must listen to me properly.”

However, the door did not open.

“Sister, open the door quickly.” When Cao Hong saw that Cao Qian did not open the door, a few moments of impatience appeared on her face, “I know you are against me being with him, but, open the door, can I talk to you properly?”

She knocked on the door again, but Cao Qian still didn’t open the door.

Cao Hong knew in her heart that Cao Qian had always had a problem with Xiong Yao, and was even more against her being with him, so now that she didn’t open the door in this way, she was naturally angry with herself.

“Good sister, don’t be angry yet, you will understand when you hear me out.” Cao Hong tapped on the door again and said, “Can you open the door first, I beg you, please listen to my explanation.”

However, the door still didn’t open.

Only then did Cao Hong feel that something was wrong.

She pressed her ear to the door and listened for a while, but there was no movement inside.

“Sister, sister!”

Cao Hong became anxious and rapped vigorously on the door, shouting.

Outside, Cao Yunfeng, who had also been alarmed by now, hurriedly brought his men over as well.

He didn’t even need to open his mouth to ask, just seeing Cao Hong banging on the door outside, he knew in his heart what was going on.

“Quick! Pry the door open!” Cao Yunfeng ordered the men behind him.



With several consecutive heavy kicks, finally, the door was broken open.


“Qian Qian!”

Cao Hong and Cao Yunfeng pounced over at the same time.

At the head of the room’s bed, a young girl lay crooked beneath the edge of the bed, one arm hanging helplessly by her side, under her hand, crimson, blood almost wetting half of her body.

The clearly visible wound on her wrist was still dripping blood.

“Fuckin’ pussy! I’ll f*ck you up!”

In the booth, a boy, kicked a guy wearing aj shoes across the room in the stomach.

The aj guy, bent over in pain, his face pale, but he didn’t dare to dodge away.

The face was aggrieved and fearful.

“Xiong Shao, you listen to my explanation ……”

“I’ll explain your mother’s big Sprite!” Xiong Yao picked up the glass with beer on the table and slammed it directly on aj man’s head, “Damn pussy, you punked dad.”

“No, young Xiong, calm down ……” Tan He covered his head while approaching Xiong Yao again, “Think about it, young Xiong, the fact that you didn’t get it today is actually even better than if you did! Didn’t you see that Cao Hong had a happy face when she left? Although you didn’t get her person today, you’ve got her heart, ah.”

“Damn, but, I still want to f*ck her!”

However, hearing Tan He say that, Xiong Yao’s face relaxed a lot, only when he thought of Tan He’s bottle of medicine, the anger and hatred inside him came up again, “Damn you, you say you kid, can you still do anything proper? I asked you to buy a medicine, but you can even buy fake goods, damn it! I waited for more than half an hour, but I didn’t see a single change in Cao Hong, do you know how angry I was holding in my heart!”

“This ……” Tan He was also helpless.

“You f*cking still say you bought the elixir from the old man downstairs from you, and it cost you hundreds of dollars, my ass, it’s totally fake, you f*cking idiot, give an old man a hoodwink.”

“Damn, this old bastard, I thought he was a miracle doctor, who knew he was a f*cking charlatan, I definitely won’t spare this old thing!” Tan He was also angry at the thought of this.

“If you can’t spare him, I can’t spare him either. Come on, take me there, I’ll smash up his shop!” Xiong Yao was also angry.

He had been preparing to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of Cao Hong today.

Who knew that the so-called ancient medicine that Tan He had mysteriously gotten through all the trouble was a fake, and Cao Hong had not changed at all after taking the ice cream.

So, although Xiong Yao had tricked Cao Hong into taking the car, he did not dare to do it the hard way as Cao Hong had not changed and everything was normal. So in the end, he could only take Cao Hong for a real ride and come back to this private room and sing.

Fortunately, the waiter ended up bringing up another plate of sliced fruit, and Cao Hong ended up feeling quite happy to go back.

As he spoke, Xiong Yao picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number, “Director Li, tell your two strongest men to wait for me in front of Golden ktv, that’s right, I just want them to chop someone up!”

After saying that, Xiong Yao snapped and hung up the phone, picking up his coat, “Let’s go, f*ck that old thing to death!”

“Holy shit, Young Xiong, Director Li, could it be Li Yang of the Sanhe Martial Arts School? His strongest henchman, isn’t that the strongest person in the martial arts school? Two of the strongest people, wouldn’t they still beat that old man to death?” Tan He said.

“That’s right, just beat that old man to death.” Xiong Yao laughed heatedly, “What are you afraid of, in Wujiang City, I beat a person to death and nothing will happen, let alone that old man selling fake medicine, let’s use that as a reason to beat him to death, plus my family’s power turnaround, to ensure that there is even no responsibility.”

“Awesome, young Xiong!”

Tan He gave a thumbs up, “That old man, probably never dreamed that he, this time, got into big trouble, offended, he should not offend the most to mess with!”

“Heh, that old man must have not looked at the yellow calendar when he sold you the medicine.” Xiong Yao mouth huh, but the face is a cold, led Tan He out of the ktv.

At this time, the row of shops at the entrance of the Mingyuan district were nothing more than some supermarkets, dental clinics, urban beauty clothing, cake shops, fast food snacks and other shops.

There was also a plaque for “Ancient Medicine” interspersed among them.

At this moment, the shop was surrounded by a table with three people, two men and one woman.

On the table, there were some cooked food and a few fried dishes, several cans of beer and so on.

“Tsk, I say, blind man, why have you changed your profession to treating people, aren’t you the one who loves to tell fortunes the most, you’ve been doing it for tens of thousands of years, this sudden change to cutting people’s pulse and treating them as a divine doctor, I’m still a bit uncomfortable, haha.” On the left, a middle-aged man, who looked more refined in temperament, as if he was an ancient literati.

“Also, blind man, do you have a license to practice medicine, this society is not like the old days, you need this now.” On the right was a woman, in her thirties, very pretty looking, with a high nose, large eyes and slightly blue pupils, looking very sharp, as if with beautiful pupils.

“Cut, I really don’t have that whatchamacallit you’re talking about Blue Phoenix, I don’t need it either, the old blind man has been qualified for tens of thousands of years, it’s not a handful to see a doctor for these people.” In the middle, rushing towards the door, was an old man in his sixties, thin, but looking very shrewd and hale.

“I know how to tell fortunes, read illnesses, smelt iron, make medicine, pick flowers and plant grasses, and know all kinds of geography. You are the first female imperial beast, when it comes to imperial beast, hey, I also know a little, so say, do not look down on the Jianghu wanderers, with the current words, I am an encyclopedia and Master Bay practical, not only all kinds of understanding, and all can do. Otherwise, why would the young master, back then, have taken me in to stay with him.” The old man said.

Yes, these three people, it was none other than Zhang Jiu Zhu Ce and Lan Huang and the three of them.

This Ancient Medicine Divine Medicine was also none other than Zhang Jiu’s newly opened one.

Now it was just after work hours, and the three were gathered together again.

“But, I really didn’t expect that you would have opened the divine Medicine Pavilion now, for a moment, I really didn’t quite fit in.” Zhu Ce spoke with a bit of emotion in his tone, “After all, you’ve been a fortune-teller for over 30,000 years, it’s been so long that I, always feel like you’re still a fortune-teller.”

“Yes, but, you must know that I have been a fortune-teller just to find the young master, and now that the young master has been found, it’s time for me to do something different, and, didn’t you say last time that the young master has said that we can be allowed to use our abilities, so I’m going to use all my abilities too! Haha!”

Speaking of which, Zhang Jiu couldn’t help but add, “It feels so good to have found the young master.”

“Yeah.” Zhu Ce and Lan Huo also nodded, “It’s like life has found its focus again, no matter what I do, I have a central figure, unlike before, when I always felt muddled.”

“By the way, speaking of the young master, Shu Sheng, how come you didn’t call the young master along when you were off duty.” Zhang Jiu said.

“I went.” Zhu Ce said, “I went to the library, I wanted to ask the young master to come over for dinner with me, but the young master said he had to work overtime and had to sort out the books, so he let me come back first.”

Speaking of this, Zhu Ce had a few moments of irritation in his tone, “That library director, Lu Zhi, is a snob, thinking that Young Master has no power, calling him names and picking on him to taunt him. Now that the young master has allowed me to use my abilities, it seems I have to find a chance to teach her a lesson.”

“I’m just afraid that the young master won’t allow you to do that.” Zhang Jiu said, “Can’t you see that the young master is now being generous.”

“Ugh, that’s true, I think the young master is just an ordinary boy now.” Lan Huo said as he picked up a chicken claw and nibbled on it, “In today’s words, he’s just a hanger-on.”

“Che, the young master is not a hangman, he just looks like a hangman, but his potential, his heart, his soul, are all unique in the world.” Chapter 9 said.

“Although the current young master is quite cute, but I still like the old overbearing young master.” Lan Huo’s gaze suddenly showed a few sparkles, “That young master who could fall from the sky, who could take the head of a million enemies, who could scare off a thousand armies with one look back, I loved the days when he took us wandering, when he took me back to the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa in order to get back the necklace I liked, naming my father and asking him to take it out to me, that was rough-tempered and drove me away from the house expelled, threatened to kill my father if I dared to step back home ah, but in front of the young master, my father did not even dare to say a word more, obediently took out my necklace, my father and the twelve beast chiefs of the Ten Thousand Beast Villa, watched me and him leave, did not dare to move a cent ……”

“Well, well, you are afraid that you like the young master, of course, I mean, the former young master ……,” said Zhang Jiu with a smile.

Blue Phoenix did not blush and said, “Then you say, the former young master, will come back?”

“This, is not impossible, but there is a condition.”

“What condition.”

“There has to be something that will completely touch a chord in the young lord’s deepest heart.”

“Ah, so, what is that thing?” Lan Huo asked curiously.

Zhang Jiu was about to speak.

Suddenly, an explosive shout came from the doorway, “Damn old man who sells fake medicine, get the f*ck out!”


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