At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 288

When Cao Qian heard this, she couldn’t help but stare.

To be honest, she didn’t know very much about her father’s business, after all, she was just a girl, still in school, so how could she understand this.

She only knew that her family was still very prominent in Wujiang City and could say that they had everything they wanted, she only knew that her father was in business and had a very large company.

A year ago, her father came home excitedly and told her that he was ready to invest in gold mining.

Although Cao Qian didn’t know much about business, she knew what the concept of having a mine in the family was, not to mention that there was a gold mine in the family.

So of course she was very happy too.

From her father’s mouth, she gradually learnt that the gold mine was in the Nine Immortals Mountain in Wujiang City.

Cao Qian naturally knew a lot about the Nine Immortals Mountain, after all, she was a native of Wujiang.

The Nine Immortals Mountain was very big, much bigger than the other Green Snake Mountain in Wujiang City.

But the reputation of Nine Immortals Mountain is not as big as that of Green Snake Mountain.

The mountain is famous throughout the country because it has a Pu Xin Temple and many other famous attractions, and was developed earlier by tourism.

However, the Nine Immortals Mountain has also become famous in recent years.

The name of the Nine Immortals Mountain is said to come from the nine boulders on the mountain, which are said to have been formed by nine immortals, and that is one of the few things that attracts visitors to the mountain.

Cao Qian also visited the site once, and when she saw the boulders at the top of the mountain, which were tens of metres high and towering towards the sky, she felt an extremely shocking feeling.

But the place where the gold mine was found this time was not the mountain where the boulder formation was located, but the back mountain of the Nine Immortals Mountain in Wujiang City. During a search by a national prospecting team, it was suddenly discovered that there was a huge quantity of gold buried under the back mountain of the Nine Immortals Mountain!

According to the instrumentation, the amount of gold in this gold mine is extremely large, and the amount of gold in the deposit can be ranked among the four largest gold mines in the country.

The discovery was made.

But how to mine it, Wujiang City conducted a tender.

This naturally attracted the attention and interest of many consortia. Yes, after all, this is a gold mine, and it is also in Wujiang, the thoroughfare of nine provinces.

Naturally, Cao Yunfeng was also moved.

With his financial power, the only one who could compete with him for this gold mine was the Xiong family.

However, the Xiong family did not bid for it, and in the end, the gold mine naturally fell into Cao Yunfeng’s lap.

Of course, having a gold mine did not mean that there was gold immediately.

A large amount of money still needed to be invested in preparing for the opening of the mine, purchasing various machines and hiring manpower.

Moreover, the location of the gold mine was at the back of the Nine Immortals Mountain, which was completely undeveloped, not to mention entering the machines, and it was usually difficult for even the medicine pickers to enter, so the initial investment for the whole mining project was incomparably huge.

However, Cao Yunfeng is one of the leading wind power companies in Wujiang City, so of course, there is no shortage of money.

What’s more, once this gold mine is mined, the benefits at a later stage will undoubtedly be even greater.

Therefore, Cao Yunfeng was willing to spend money on the initial investment, so to speak, and he also paid attention to the dynamics of the mine every moment, just hoping to get a return in a hurry.

However, in fact, the situation was much more complicated than he had imagined.

“No money is being made, how can that be?” Cao Qian didn’t understand this, but his father had started gold mining a year ago, and he had looked so excited at the beginning, as if gold was within his reach, “But even if it didn’t make money, it shouldn’t lose too much!”

Cao Yunfeng sat down and shook his head, “You don’t know, it’s all lost, not a single gram of gold has been mined since the beginning, all the money has been lost, I’m broke, not a penny, do you understand?”


Cao Qian was also struck by lightning all of a sudden, from the time of mining until now, not a single gram of gold has been mined out, how is this possible?

“Didn’t you say before that there were rich gold deposits there?” Cao Qian muttered.

“Yes, the instruments show that there are huge gold mines inside, but I don’t know what’s going on, it’s been over a year since I’ve been digging, yet I haven’t even seen any gold mines at all.” Cao Yunfeng scratched his hair in pain, “By now, I have no more money to invest going on, I have to seek investment from the Xiong family, otherwise, I’m going to go bankrupt, and then our family, all of us will be on the streets!”


Cao Qian was dumbfounded.

Bankruptcy, this kind of thing, seemed so far away from her, she had never thought about it before.

“So, you must help me, this gold mine is all I have now, if the gold mine is gone, I will have nothing, my life is gone, my dignity is gone, my reputation is gone, our Cao family has gone through several generations since your great grandfather started the mountain, and now it has been passed down to me, I must not let the family business be ruined!” Cao Yunfeng’s eyes were red and his emotions flared up.

Seeing his father in this state, Cao Qian’s heart could not help but feel a little more fearful.

“Is this why you forced me to marry Xiong Hui and then obtain the Xiong family’s investment?” Cao Qian was suddenly sad that she was like an object that had been sold to the Xiong family.

And thinking about the series of encounters she had just had in the Xiong family, Cao Qian’s heart felt even more like she was behind bars.

She understood very well that as soon as she married into the Xiong family, she might not be able to leave the Xiong family for the rest of her life, and the way she was treated, from Master Xiong to the Xiong family, was obviously treated as an appendage of Xiong Hui.

No wonder Xiong Hui’s first few wives all ended up so miserable.

“That’s right, that’s why. You don’t have a choice.” Cao Yunfeng’s tone was steeply cold and hard.

Although his expression appeared to have a few moments of sorrow as well, it was more of a coldness.

Seeing his father in this state, Cao Qian’s heart, too, went cold all of a sudden.

Even the man who usually took care of her the most, even her father didn’t care about her at this time, so who else could care about her?

It was at this time that Cao Qian felt really lonely and helpless.

As a woman, it is really not easy to live in this world, there must be a man who will take care of her wholeheartedly.

But even her father has become like this, is there any other man in this world who treats her like this?

There is!

That young man from Jinling.

Thinking of him, Cao Qian’s heart steeped in a little more warmth.

Yes, in Jinling, in the face of those few punk administrators, he and he didn’t know each other, yet he dared to rush up alone to protect himself and confront those punks.

If he had been with him, he would have taken care of himself and protected himself wholeheartedly.

But where was he?

She missed him so much, yet it had been so long since the time in Jinling that she and he had never met again.

Thinking of this, Cao Qian’s heart welled up again.

If she married him, she would be like the women in ancient times, once she entered the marquis’ house, she would never be free again, and she might even die in the Xiong family’s compound.

Then wouldn’t it be even more impossible for her to see him?

Thinking of this, Cao Qian felt her heart ache so hard, obviously wanting to meet someone, but never seeing them again.

It was hard to describe the feeling of not being able to see someone for the rest of one’s life.


Suddenly, Cao Qian spoke up and looked at Cao Yunfeng.

This time, although her face was still streaked with tears, her eyes also looked determined, as if she had made a great determination in her heart.

Cao Yunfeng did not say anything, he also seemed to be surprised by his daughter’s appearance.

“Dad, I can marry Xiong Hui, but you must promise me one thing!” Cao Qian stared at Cao Yunfeng, and surprisingly, there was no longer the slightest fear in her gaze. Perhaps, once a person figured out a certain thing, courage would return to their body.

“What is it, you say.”

“You promise me first.” Cao Qian seemed to show no weakness, “If you don’t promise me, I’d rather kill myself than marry Xiong Hui!”

Cao Yunfeng was stunned and looked at his daughter incredulously.

He did not expect his daughter, who had always been soft, to be able to say such hard-hearted words.

“Okay, I promise you. Go ahead.”

“You let me go back to Jinling once more.” Cao Qian’s voice returned to calm, as if she was talking about something that didn’t belong to her, “Last time I left home and went to Jinling City, I met someone there, you and I will go to Jinling and find him, I will see him once, just once, then I will come back, from then on I will marry Xiong Hui without any worries, never any resistance, you will also get the Xiong family’s investment now, save your gold mine now. ”

“You don’t want to run …… away,” Cao Yunfeng said, and then changed his tone and said, “Okay, I promise you, but I’m going to send someone with you.”

“Fine.” Cao Qian still said calmly, “Of course I won’t run, after all, last time you actually sent someone to follow me all the time, even if I wanted to run, I wouldn’t be able to escape your control.”

“Fine, I promise you!”

Cao Yunfeng didn’t ask who that person was, although she didn’t ask, Cao Yunfeng naturally guessed that that person, must be her daughter’s sweetheart.

But she wasn’t worried either, because her daughter had said that it was just a meeting, not to mention that she had sent someone along with her.

Cao Qian didn’t say anything else either.

She turned around and went back to her room.

When she returned to her room, she first lay down on her bed and cried for a while.

Only after a long time did she slowly sit up.

Wiping her tears, she said to herself, “Why am I crying, I’m going to Jinling City tonight, I might be able to see him tomorrow, I should be happy, why am I crying, it’s not good to cry ugly, how else can I see him?”

Saying that, Cao Qian looked at the mirror again and made a smile, then turned on the TV by hand and tuned to the TV station in Jinling City.

That’s how people are, when they like someone, they like the city they are in.

Then then proceeded to pack up her things, ready to leave this evening.

Cao Qian first took out her favourite piece of clothing from her wardrobe, and compared it in front of the mirror, thinking that she was going to see that person tomorrow.

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but show a hint of happiness.

It seemed that she had forgotten about the matter of marrying Xiong Hui in the future.

Just at this time.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now playing a news, this morning at eleven o’clock, in our city’s Zhongshan Road and the intersection of the lake road occurred a serious traffic accident, a black Mercedes-Benz car and a large truck carrying collision, the Mercedes-Benz car owner died on the spot …… ”

A voice came from the television set behind her.

Cao Qian turned her head and glanced curiously towards the TV.

It was this glance that she saw on the TV, the image of several paramedics carrying the body of the Mercedes-Benz owner.

The moment she saw the owner of the car, Cao Qian felt her head explode with a buzz, and the blood in her body and veins all froze up at once.


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