At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 287

“Good.” Cao Hong nodded and took the box of sliced fruit, holding it carefully as if it was the most precious thing in the world, then followed Xiong Yao, left the lake and got into the Lamborghini.

Just as the Lamborghini left, in the library, a boy rushed out with a hurried face and headed straight for the lake.

“Dang, I left in such a hurry that I forgot to take the fruit!”

When he came to the lake, he went back and forth several times, but Neo didn’t find anything, “What’s wrong, it was here just a moment ago, and then it’s gone, eh.”

He mumbled to himself, and went back to the library.

At this moment, the Cao Mansion.

“Hurry up, hurry up and get in the car, let Ah Mu take you there, don’t delay any longer, Master Xiong is a man who cares a lot about his sense of time, he dislikes being late.”

In the room, a middle-aged man, was urging Cao Qian.

Cao Qian had an extremely reluctant face, but it was her father’s order and she could not disobey.

“Dad, do you really want me to go over there? Why are you forcing me to marry Xiong Hui? Don’t you even have your daughter’s happiness at heart? Are you only doing it for that gold mine of yours? That gold mine, it’s already made you enough money, right, so why isn’t it enough? In order to be able to get the Xiong family to invest, you even disregard my feelings?” Cao Qian was really depressed.

Early this morning, my father had received a notice from the Xiong family.

It said that Master Xiong was free today and wanted to meet his future grandson-in-law, so he asked Cao Qian to go to the Xiong family and give Master Xiong a look.

And although it was said to be a look around.

But actually it was also a courtesy.

Some time ago, Xiong Hui’s bride price or something had already been placed, and now, having Cao Qian go to the Xiong family to show the parents of the Xiong family is actually a kind of etiquette.

This has been seen, I am afraid the next is to set a date for the wedding.

Although Cao Qian has already resigned herself a bit in her heart, whenever these ceremonies are carried out, her heart, can’t help but get annoyed.

“Stop it, hurry up and go over, Ah Mu, take care of Second Miss!” Cao Yunfeng’s face was not too pretty either, he didn’t answer his daughter’s words, he turned around and left.

Cao Qian’s tears flowed down all of a sudden.

This attitude of her father had really chilled her heart.

“Let’s go, Ah Mu!” Getting into the car, Cao Qian leaned against the window, her tears still gurgling.

Ah Mu was the family’s driver, and at this moment his face also looked a bit sympathetic and helpless.

But still, he drove the car honestly and took Cao Qian to the Xiong family.

After a briefing, Cao Qian was taken by the Xiong family, and brought inside.

The Xiong family was very big, and inside the courtyard alone were several sets, layer upon layer.

Finally, one of the innermost courtyards was reached.

Once inside, Cao Qian’s heart still jumped with fear.

There were many people in the courtyard, most of them middle-aged, and at a glance, it was clear that they were Xiong Hui’s various uncles and aunts and so on. In the middle of the courtyard sat an old man, who was dressed in a black satin robe with gold silk trim and a large peony embroidered in gold thread on his chest, playing with an iron walnut in his hand.

He was sitting on a tai shi chair.

As soon as Cao Qian entered, the eyes of the crowd were focused on her, which made Cao Qian feel extremely uncomfortable at once.

As soon as the old man saw Cao Qian, he did not say anything, but only waved to Cao Qian, in a gesture that revealed a feeling of dominance, a feeling of not being angry.

Cao Qian knew that Xiong Hui had a grandfather, seemingly called Xiong Xuesen, although he rarely showed his face, but the upper echelons of Wujiang City, all knew that this old man of the Xiong family was very hawkish and had a very iron hand, and was also the master of the Xiong family.

In short, if Wujiang City looks to the Xiong family as the head, then the head of the Xiong family is the old man Xiong.

“Hasn’t Cao Yunfeng taught you to curtsy when you see your elders?” Xiong Xuesen’s gaze was placed on Cao Qian’s body, and his gaze made Cao Qian feel terrifying.

Really terrifying, Cao Qian felt that the Elder Xiong in front of her was more terrifying than any upper class person she had ever met, it was an experience she had never had before.

“Huh?” Cao Qian froze, and then hurriedly bowed, “Good day, Grandpa Xiong.”

“Humph.” Xiong Xuesen said coldly, “It’s true that men alone can’t teach children who know how to behave, Cao Yunfeng is also unlucky enough to have been married twice, his first wife left home and the second died early of illness. A child without a mother just doesn’t know how to understand manners.”

When Cao Qian heard him talk about her mother, her heart trembled and her eyes brushed red.

Yes, as far as she could remember, she had only met her mother when she was very young, and then, she had died of illness.

Time could indeed dilute sorrow, but whenever she was sad, Cao Qian missed her mother immensely.

And now, it is the time when she is most upset because she is being forced by her father to marry Xiong Hui.

Not a single person has stood up for her or has the ability to help her.

No one really cares about what’s really in her heart either. Dad doesn’t care, big sister doesn’t care, and no one in the Xiong family cares.

Only the new sister cared, but she was not able to help her either.

If her mother was still alive, she would never have let herself suffer this kind of aggression.

Thinking of this, Cao Qian couldn’t help but weep.

“What’s wrong? It’s very unlucky for a daughter-in-law who has not yet passed away to cry in our Xiong family.” In Xiong Xuesen’s tone, there was a bit of unhappiness.

Cao Qian was so frightened that she instantly hurriedly wiped away her tears.

At this moment, her heart was really quite scared, the feeling of being alone and helpless here by herself.

“Well, I’ll be honest with you, our family’s Hui Hui you know, right, he grew up spoiled and spoiled, can’t tolerate half aggression, so you marry him in the future, to recognize your status, you are his daughter-in-law, to follow the husband as wife code of conduct know.” Xiong Xuesen said with a grim face, “Our Xiong family, is a big family with a very long history, it has been passed down from the King of Chu thousands of years ago to this day, and has never broken its bloodline, in our Xiong family’s body, all flow with honourable blood, so we have also been following the ancient customs and codes, as a woman, you married into the Xiong family, is to serve your husband well! ”

When Cao Qian heard this, there was just a buzz in her head.

She was already reluctant to marry Xiong Hui, but she didn’t expect the Xiong family to be such a family, she had to serve Xiong Hui, and her husband was her wife?

However, at this moment, Cao Qian felt unusually scared in front of so many Xiong family members, especially in front of Xiong Xuesen, so she did not dare to say anything more.

“Alright, take it to a body check.” Xiong Xuesen waved his hand and said.

Immediately, there were two women, who came up and took Cao Qian, into the back room.

“A body check?” Cao Qian didn’t understand what was going on for a moment.

“Oh, you’re going to marry the Third Young Master, of course you need a body check to see if you’re qualified.” Saying that, the two women gestured for Cao Qian to take off her clothes, and then carefully examined Cao Qian’s body again, inside and out.

While inspecting, the two women chatted with each other.

“Well, not bad, nice big ass for breeding!”

“The body is in good condition, after marrying our Third Young Master, she should soon give birth to a big fat boy!”

Cao Qian was beside her, listening to their conversation.

There was even a sad feeling in her heart, what had she become?

The old self, a titled rich girl, the age of a flower, the world and life like a flower.

However, now, married to Xiong Hui, the words of Elder Xiong just now, and the words of these two women, even more so, Cao Qian fell into the ice cave.

To be honest, Cao Qian didn’t know how she had come back from the Xiong family.

“You’re back?”

In the living room, Cao Yunfeng was surprisingly waiting for her.

Sitting on the sofa, under Cao Yunfeng’s feet, there were surprisingly a dozen cigarette butts, and his face had a heavy look on it.

Cao Qian froze for a moment, then realised that after she had gone to the Xiong family, her father should have been sitting right here, smoking a cigarette, waiting for her to return?

Why was he doing that?

Why was he smoking one cigarette after another?

“You know!” Cao Qian suddenly understood, she stared at Cao Yunfeng, “You know what it means to marry Xiong Hui, you know what kind of family the Xiong family is, you know what kind of end I will have if you marry me to the Xiong family!”

“Yes, of course I know.” Cao Yunfeng’s gaze was also heavy with pain.

“But you still let me marry Xiong Hui just to expand that crappy gold mine of yours! You’ve already made enough money, just how much do you have to make before it’s enough!” For a moment, Cao Qian was overcome with grief in her heart.

In her father’s eyes, she was not as good as that gold mine?

To push his daughter into the fire for the sake of a gold mine?

“You really think that gold mine made money?” Cao Yunfeng said in a moment, as if he had aged a few degrees, disheveled.


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