At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 285

“Here you go, young man!” The old man put the fruit in a plastic box and handed it to Neo.

Carrying the fruit, Neo, however, did not return to his place of residence.

Instead, he went to Wujiang University again.

He came to the East Lake.

It was late at night and the lake was very quiet, with only the faint light of the street lamps on the road not far away.

Neo sat by the lake, carefully using a fruit knife to cut off the rotten and broken parts of the rotten apples, rotten bananas and rotten oranges, and then cut the other intact parts into small pieces and placed them in a plastic box.

Somehow, while doing these things, Neo’s heart became very peaceful.

It was as if time had stood still.

It was only because, when he was doing such things, Zhou Yun’s shadow was in his mind.

Finally, Neo’s wrists were sore from exhaustion, but finally he had a whole plastic box full of cut fruit, and it was as if he was seeing the way Zhou Yun had looked when he first brought him the fruit.

He picked up a piece of fruit, put it in his mouth and when he tasted the first bite, Neo had that familiar feeling, as if time had gone back in time.

It was as if he saw that time, by the lake of Mirror Lake, that good looking girl, taking out a box of fruit from her school bag.

“Zhou Yun ……”

Neo only said these two words, but could no longer continue.

Couldn’t help but want to cry.

Even the fruit in his mouth had become a little bitter.

“Zhou Yun, where are you?” Neo was lying on his back on the grass by the lake, his eyes were in a daze.

At this time, the Cao Mansion.

Cao Qian and Cao Hong had already returned.

“Sister, now you know the true nature of that Xiong Yao! If Brother Neo hadn’t saved us, what just happened would really have been unthinkable! That Xiong Yao is a playboy, paying you court while going to the bar with other women to have an affair, how can you like such a person?” Cao Qian said.

“Mm.” Cao Hong nodded back, although there was an indefinable mist and sadness in her gaze.

“Sister, to be honest, I am also quite strange, how could you like someone like Xiong Yao, although he is very good at picking up girls, but according to your person, you should be scornful of people like him, ah, how could you like him, sigh, it is really strange,” said Cao Qian, a relaxed and happy expression appeared on her face again, “Here. “At least I didn’t take you to the bar today for nothing, come on, let’s eat some fruit.”

At that, Cao Qian brought up the fruit she was carrying in her hand, which she had bought on the way back.

Casually picking up an apple, she was just about to bite into it.

“Oops, this one is bad, really!” Cao Qian looked at a big yellow spot on the apple and was furious, throwing the apple in her hand into the bin in one go, “The treacherous merchant nowadays, it’s really abominable, just now he said he picked good ones for us, seeing that he had an honest face I believed him, but I didn’t expect to pick rotten fruits for us! I didn’t expect him to give us rotten fruit! I felt sorry for him and gave him money to stop looking! What a shame! Hey, sister, why are you ……”

When Cao Qian was halfway through her sentence, she was surprised to see Cao Hong actually go to the bin and pick that apple out again.

“Sister, what are you doing, is it dirty ……” Cao Qian, as a rich second generation who has been well clothed since childhood, where has she ever seen such a scene.

“Look, this apple, it’s just a little bad here, remove this place, it’s still edible ah.” Saying that, Cao Hong skillfully picked up the fruit knife and plucked out the bad part of the apple, then brought it over and took a big nibble.

“Sister, you ……”

Cao Qian is a bit speechless, for her kind of rich second generation, not to mention rotten apples, even if they are good apples, thrown into the bin, will not pick out in eating ah.

But looking at Cao Hong’s skillful technique, and the big bite of the apple without any care at all, Cao Qian’s heart suddenly surged with an indescribable heartache.

Could it be that her sister had lived a life of misery in the past?

Otherwise, why was she so skilful in peeling the fruit to remove the bad parts ah.

“Sister, you’ve gone home now, I’ll definitely let you live a good life in the future.” Cao Qian suddenly hugged Cao Hong, “In the future, I will do everything I can to make you happy!”

Cao Qian probably wouldn’t have thought about how many sacrifices she had made for those words.

The two of them chatted for a while longer, before Cao Qian went back to her own room.

On this side of the room, only Cao Hong was left.

Cao Hong sat for a while, picked up the fruit on the table, carefully picked out all the rotten fruit, then used a fruit knife, carefully peeled off all the rotten fruit, the rotten areas, cut them into pieces and put them on a plate.

Somehow, she felt that when she did these things, she always had a very warm and reassuring feeling in her heart.

It was as if the world was full of beauty and sunshine.

It was as if there was someone in her heart.

Xiong Yao?

Cao Hong was not sure.

Because, that was just a shadow.

That shadow, accompanying her to eat Haagen-Dazs together by the lake.

That shadow, sitting opposite her, as she gently wiped away the rice grains from the corner of that shadow’s mouth.

She cut the fruit, it seemed, for that shadow too.

It must be Xiong Yao.

Cao Hong thought to herself, “Yes, Xiong Yao accompanied her to eat ice cream by the lake, and just now she saw him in the bar with strawberry jam all over the corner of his mouth, and that woman wiped it for him.

Who else could it be but him?

But why did one still think of him, unknowingly?

“Jingle Bells ……”

Just at this time, the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

Seeing the mobile phone number, Cao Hong’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little nervous all of a sudden, and she didn’t pick it up immediately.

She was hesitating.


The phone continued to ring.

Finally, Cao Hong picked up the phone, “Why are you calling me?”

“Hong Hong, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, you guys really misunderstood me today, I really don’t have any relationship with that woman, it’s just that woman has been pursuing me, I saw her pity, so I went to the bar with her, I’m really not that kind of person, don’t believe me, you ask her …… “The phone call was from none other than Xiong Yao.

Between words, Xiong Yao gave the phone to the person next to him.

“Sorry, Sister Hong, I am the b*tch who went to the bar with Xiong Shao today, I seduced Xiong Shao, I am shameless, I am shameless, I am sorry, Sister Hong, this matter really has nothing to do with Xiong Shao, please believe Xiong Shao, when I was with him, he also kept telling me that it was impossible for me and him, he kept telling me that he likes you ……” On the phone, there was another woman’s voice.

It looked to be the same woman from the bar.

“Ah ……” For a moment, Cao Hong froze in place, not knowing what to say.

“Hong Hong, say something, Hong Hong, have you forgiven me?” Xiong Yao said eagerly into the phone, “Hong Hong, don’t forget, what we once did on the East Lake, how wonderful it was then, are you so cruel as to forget me? Remember when I watched you eat ice cream, wow, it was really beautiful!”

Xiong Yao really did have a moment and started playing the emotion card again.

“I ……” Cao Hong was stunned, and for a moment, she didn’t know what to say. Being said by Xiong Yao, she also couldn’t help but remember the scene when she and Xiong Yao first met that day again.

It was a scene that Cao Hong remembered particularly fondly and that had touched her heart most deeply.

That scene made her feel, as if she had experienced it in a previous life, and it was the first time since she had come to the Cao family that she had experienced the most violent inner stirring.

“Then, Hong Hong, how about this, let’s meet again tomorrow, tomorrow by the East Lake, okay, if we meet tomorrow, and you tell me clearly in front of me to stop harassing you in the future, I will definitely turn around and leave without saying a word, and never call you again, do you think that’s okay?” Xiong Yao said.

“Why do you have to refuse to your face?” Cao Hong said softly.

“Because, because I love you, Hong Hong, I am not willing, Hong Hong, I want you to look me in the eye and reject me, then I will be willing!” Xiong Yao looked emotionally sincere, “If you don’t personally tell me to my face that we are impossible, I will be uneasy for the rest of my life, do you promise, Hong Hong, tomorrow we will meet by the East Lake, just like the first time we met, is that okay?”

“Yes, okay.” Cao Hong said softly.

Then, she gently put down her phone.

Looking at the box of cut fruit on the table, she stared in a daze.

On the other end of the phone, Xiong Yao, at this moment, also hung up the phone, with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Tan He, I heard that you know a lot of people from all three religions? Then get me a copy of that medicine tonight, you know the kind, I need it for tomorrow.” Xiong Yao said with a smile as he looked at the aj man across the table.


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