At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 284

“Holy shit, this car is awesome!”


At once, the gazes of the people outside the bar were all focused on the Ferrari at once.

These people who could come to this bar were all people who had seen a lot of things, and each of them had seen a few luxury cars, but this burgundy Ferrari still blinded everyone’s eyes.

Even Xiong Yao could not help but freeze for a moment, his eyes glancing at the Ferrari for a few moments.

His heart couldn’t help but be greatly amazed.

Damn, why does this Ferrari look so dope! Even more so than my brother’s Ferrari!

What kind of person could be in such a dangling car?

Could it be the capital’s youngest from the capital?

The car door opened.

A man stepped out of the car as the crowd watched.

Then, he saw Xiong Yao, Cao Qian Cao Hong and a few of them, pulling and tugging, and his gaze immediately twitched.

“What are you doing!”

The man walked towards Xiong Yao and shouted in a stern voice.

Xiong Yao immediately froze again and cursed the man in his heart for being nosy, but he wasn’t stupid either, people came in Ferraris, and they were such awesome Ferraris.

Although he didn’t know what the man’s identity was yet, he definitely couldn’t be offended!

“No, nothing, this is my girlfriend.” Xiong Yao stammered and pointed at Cao Hong.

Yes, in front of the powerful Ferrari halo, Xiong Yao didn’t dare to be reckless ah.

“Brother, no, we don’t know him well, he forced my sister, please save us!” Cao Qian was at this moment as if she was a child in the water and saw the straw, she hurriedly grabbed it.

“Well, don’t worry, little sister, I’m not stupid, I can see what’s going on.” The man said, looking at Xiong Yao coldly, “Let go of that girl!”

Although Cao Hong was being grabbed by Xiong Yao, she didn’t struggle very fiercely either.

But there was still some reluctant expression on her face.

The man could naturally see it.

“That, it’s best for you to stay out of this matter!” Xiong Yao was not someone who just gave in, after all, he was the young master of the Xiong family and usually walked around in Wujiang City!

“Hehe, this matter is something that I, Neo Tiangang, will definitely manage!” The man snorted coldly, “Brother, you’ve gone too far, it’s not a bad thing for men to be philandering, but you’re really despicable to rob them openly. I’ll f*cking ask you, will you let go now!”

With that, Neo Tiangang’s gaze turned cold and his hands clenched into fists.

When Xiong Yao took a look at Neo Tiangang like this, he immediately became a bit scared in his heart first.

Although he was cross, he was not stupid.

The man in front of him, who was in his thirties, also looked like a prodigal gentry type, and he was also driving such a bullish sports car with a more imposing aura.

Let’s not say for a moment that one’s own Xiong family could compete with others.

Neo Tiangang’s body alone, with a head of a few meters and a clean figure, and then in contrast to himself, with a medium build and a body emptied of alcohol and s*x.

Even if the two of them fought, he would not be a match for them.

Although this bar was his own territory, there were quite a few people he could call on.

But Xiong Yao also knew that in this situation, even if he ordered, those people would not dare to go on, after all, this Ferrari alone scared a group of people to death, who the hell would dare to just hit a person driving such a dangling Ferrari ah.

“Okay, just let go.” Xiong Yao really wimped out.

He let go of Cao Hong and resentfully went back into the bar.

“Thank you, big brother!” Cao Qian hurriedly pulled Cao Hong and came over to Neo Tiangang and thanked him repeatedly.

“It’s alright.” Neo Tiangang laughed, “I despise those men who use coercion to treat girls the most, I really wanted to beat that guy up just now!”

With one word, it made even Cao Qian feel much more relaxed.

“Seriously, within the rich youngsters, there are not many good guys like big brother.” Cao Qian said with emotion, of course she could see that Neo Tiangang was a rich young man.

And there was nothing wrong for Cao Qian to say this.

After all, she was also a rich white girl, and she had usually seen all sorts of rich youngsters, and she had seen many of the flighty ones like Xiong Yao, so she was really disgusted with these people in her heart.

“Hehe.” Neo Tiangang laughed, “What you said is true, but it’s not quite true, I think, in general, those who are domineering are mostly some small rich people, but the real rich people look no different from ordinary people.”

“Really?” Cao Qian skimmed her lips, a face of disbelief, “are rich second generation, how can it be the same as ordinary people?”

“It’s true, I know a top rich second generation, you can’t even tell he’s a rich second generation, he’s just like those ordinary people around you who can’t be ordinary anymore.” Neo Tiangang said here, and couldn’t help but have a few moments of emotion in his tone.

“Why don’t I believe that.” Cao Qian still had a face of disbelief, “That’s just what he pretends to be, right? Anyway, there’s not a single rich kid I’ve met who isn’t a womanizer.”

Speaking of this, Cao Qian smiled again, “Including you, Brother Neo, you see, although you’re also a nice guy, you don’t come to bars to have fun either?”

“No, you’re wrong.” Neo Tiangang said, again with a few moments of emotion on his face, “The top rich kid I know is different from all the rich kids I’ve seen, he’s, really special, little sister, if you know him, you’ll know that he’s different from others.”

“How is it different?” It was obvious that Cao Qian was piqued.

“He is not a philanderer at all, on the contrary, he is also very infatuated, his girlfriend left him, in order to find her, he has travelled a lot and searched for a long time, and he still hasn’t found her, he told me that for the rest of his life, he will keep searching until he finds his girlfriend.” Neo Tiangang said here, again very emotional, “He is still looking for that girl, to be honest, he is the most admirable person I have ever met, because according to his condition, as long as he wants, there will be countless big top beauty waiting to go to his bed, but, he did not do so, he only loves that girlfriend of his, other people he can not look at, of course, he is not He just, he wouldn’t like any other girl ……”

“Ah ……”

Hearing Neo Tiangang say this, Cao Qian and Cao Hong both, were dumbfounded.

In the world, there were actually such boys?

“This, this is true? It’s not like he said that on purpose, right?” Cao Qian still couldn’t help but say.

“This is also what I saw with my own eyes, a niece of mine, a big beauty, white rich beauty, a lot of suitors, chasing after that top rich second generation I just said, but, he did not accept, not only did not accept, nor did he pretend to accept and then go to sleep with that niece of mine, just straightforwardly and that niece of mine, you tell me, what kind of character is this? ” Neo Tiangang said.

Yes, of course, Neo Tiangang knew about those things between Neo Ling and Neo.

After all, Neo had been gone for so long, and Neo Ling had spoken to her own uncle about it later.

“Ah, what about your friend? In the car?” Cao Qian continued curiously.

“He ah, of course he’s not here, I’ve told you, he’s only in love with his girlfriend, so of course he wouldn’t come to a place like this, by the way, this car is also his, lent to me to drive, hehe.” Neo Tiangang said, pointing to the bar and smiling slightly, “I’m going in to have fun, look at you two, you look like students, you’d better go back early.”

“Hm! Thanks big brother Neo! You be careful too, watch out for Xiong Yao, that’s the guy just now, maybe he’ll take revenge on you!” Cao Qian reminded.

“Hehehe, it’s fine.”

“Big brother Neo thank you so much, bye.” Cao Hong also said.

“Hehehe, bye.”

After watching Cao Qian Cao Hong get into the BMW and leave, Neo Tiangang returned to the Ferrari and stroked it, “Tsk, Lu Shao is really nothing to say, definitely enough of a friend, not only did he not blame me for secretly hiding the car from Ling Ling to pretend, but also let me continue to drive and pretend, alas, having a friend like Lu Shao is really a winner in life. It’s a pity that Ling Ling doesn’t have this good fortune, I just hope that Lu Shao will find his girlfriend soon.”

Thinking, Neo Tiangang couldn’t help but take out his mobile phone again and dial a number out.

“Lu Shao …… have you returned to your place of residence yet …… ah, not yet …… alas, I am really guilty ah, you gave me the car to drive, and you ended up walking back, I’m ashamed ah …… okay, well said …… I’ll say hello to Ling Ling ……” and Neo chatted for a while, Neo Tiangang then hung up the the phone.

And at this time, the night had already gone on.

on a road full of life.

The two sides of this road are some old-fashioned neighborhoods and private houses, this is a city village type, close to Wujiang University, usually living are some figure cheap working people, and some students who rent a house to study for the exam.

Neo belongs to the first type of people, yes, cheap working people.

I really didn’t expect that the former top young master would be in this position now.

Neo was walking along the road, which was lit by yellow streetlights.

But it was not desolate, because on both sides of the road, there were some selling various supplies, clothes, snacks and night markets.

After all, this is the time of the year when the city village is at its liveliest.

Walking on this road, although the two sides are very lively, but at this time Neo’s heart, very sad.

Earlier, when he and Zhang Ya were at the riverside, he almost kissed Zhang Ya, and was later educated by Zhang Ya. Neo could not help but think of Zhou Yun again, and when he thought that he had not found Zhou Yun after so long, he was sad and hated himself for being useless.

Then, he received a call from Neo Tiangang.

Yes, Neo Tiangang had asked for Neo’s mobile number through Neo Ling. It turned out that he was at the concert and when the car started, Neo Tiangang had already seen Neo.

But he didn’t show up.

It was only later when the crowd had dispersed that he called Neo.

Neo had driven Zhang Ya to Zheng Xuan’s home in his Ferrari. After all, Zheng Xuan’s parents were Zhang Ya’s aunts and uncles, and out of courtesy, Zhang Ya must now be staying at their home as well.

Zheng Xuan had long since returned home, and when he saw Neo driving Zhang Ya in his Ferrari, his face was modest and envious, and Zheng Xuan’s parents were even more surprised that their jaws had dropped.

Yes, after all, as relatives, they knew all about Zhang Ya’s family conditions and knew that Zhang Ya was just an ordinary citizen’s family.

Now that she had been delivered with such an awesome sports car, they couldn’t stop praising it.

This caused Zheng Xuan to envy her cousin even more.

After saying goodbye to Zhang Ya, Neo drove the car to meet up with Neo Tiangang, and continued to give the car to Neo Tiangang to drive, as there was no need for him to drive now anyway.

After parting ways, he returned alone and in silence.

At this moment, the person who was most missed was Zhou Yun.

“Young man, buying fruit?” By the roadside, an old man shouted.

“Fruits ……” Neo looked at the fruit stall, a very simple fruit stall.

“Young man, come two catties? This side is good, three dollars a catty, this side is a bit rotten, one dollar and a half a catty, which kind of fruit do you want?”

“Rotten fruit ……” Neo looked at the pile of rotten fruit and a flash of memory welled up in his gaze, remembering again how once, Zhou Yun had brought himself a box of fruit.

At that time, Zhou Yun could not afford to buy good fruit, so he could only buy rotten ones. After buying the rotten ones, he himself washed them over and over in the dormitory, finally cut them up, put them in a plastic box and brought them to the lake just for himself.

He even got beaten up by Ai Jing and the other women for cutting the fruit.

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart was touched with a pang.

“I want the rotten fruit.” Neo said.


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