At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 283

Neo slapped his head violently, yes, what had happened to him, Zhou Yun had not even been found, he had even done something rude to Zhang Ya just now!

Thinking of this, Neo was ashamed and sad at the same time.

Zhou Yun, Zhou Yun, where are you?

At this time, speaking of Cao Qian, she had already returned home.

To be honest, her heart was quite happy at this time.

When Xiong Hui asked her to go to the concert just now, her heart was still very unhappy, she certainly knew what kind of place the concert was, there were many students gathered there.

As soon as she went there, she was bound to be with Xiong Hui. In this way, others would definitely know about her and Xiong Hui’s affairs.

When she thought of this, Cao Qian’s heart was quite upset.

Although she knew that she would not be able to escape this marriage between her father and the Xiong family, Cao Qian did not want to have any contact with Xiong Hui until that day came.

But fortunately, she was just about to walk to the concert when Xiong Hui surprisingly told her not to go.

This was just what Cao Qian wanted.

When she returned home, she was seeing Cao Hong sitting alone in her room, sulking.

“Sister, you’re back, huh?” Only when she saw Cao Qian did Cao Hong’s face look a little relieved.

“Sister, you don’t seem to be very happy.” For a while, Cao Qian had been with Cao Hong, so of course she knew Cao Hong better.

“No, no I guess.” Cao Hong’s face was flustered for a moment, and then she said, “It’s just thinking about the past, still can’t remember.”

“Not true.” Cao Qian said, “I’ve seen you when you were thinking about the past, sister, it’s not like this. You must be because of something else.”

Cao Hong was, at once, even more flustered and hurriedly changed the subject, saying, “By the way, sister, when you went to see Xiong Hui at the concert today, did you see his brother?”

Cao Qian was still stunned at first, not understanding why her sister was asking this.

But suddenly, she realised something.

Xiong Hui’s brother, Xiong Yao, wasn’t he the one who, that day, had hit on his sister at the East Lake!

“So you were thinking of that Xiong Yao, sister!” At once, Cao Qian understood, she still remembered what happened that day at the East Lake.

If she hadn’t come in time, that Xiong Yao would have taken sister away!

“Sister, didn’t I tell you, that Xiong Yao, similar to Xiong Hui, are not good people, both of their brothers are playboys, women are just playthings in their eyes, this kind of person, why can’t you forget?” Cao Qian was immediately anxious, it was also true that Xiong Yao’s kind of dirty person was not worthy of his sister at all.

Now Cao Qian was almost certain that Xiong Yao, that guy, just happened to see his sister by the lake and was impressed by her beauty, so he went up to her and hooked up with her.


Cao Hong looked a little bit unspeakably anxious, “But, I always feel as if I’ve seen him somewhere before, that feeling, it seems familiar!”

“Ugh.” Cao Qian sighed, “Sister, that guy is a master at picking up girls, what he used on you was just some tricks, that kind of person, is just a playboy, he is like that with any woman, you really should not be fooled by him.”

Despite having said this, Cao Qian took one look at Cao Hong’s expression and knew that she had not yet convinced her.

This made Cao Qian’s heart even more anxious.

That guy, Xiong Yao, had a lot of tact and was a veteran in love affairs, while her sister Cao Hong, although a little older than herself, Cao Qian knew that Cao Hong seemed to be more innocent, not to mention that all had forgotten a lot of things from the past, which made Cao Hong even more innocent.

How could she be a match for Xiong Yao!

Yes, sister had to be saved!

“Sister, you come with me!” Cao Qian made up her mind and led Cao Qian to her BMW again.

“Where to?” Cao Hong asked curiously.

“To a place that exposes Xiong Yao’s true nature.” Cao Qian said and started the car.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a bar.

This bar, with gorgeous coloured lights at the entrance, upscale decoration and a collection of luxury cars, could see that it was a high-end bar with not low spending.

Cao Qian took Cao Hong with her, entered the bar and specifically found a corner seat and sat down.

“Sister, what are we doing here?” Cao Hong was still a bit confused.

“Shhh. Sister, look who that person is?” Cao Qian lowered her voice and pointed in the direction of the bar entrance.

Cao Hong looked through the layers of people, then couldn’t help but show a few moments of surprise in her gaze, “It’s him! Let’s go over there!”

A young man at the entrance of the bar, wearing designer casual clothes, was none other than Xiong Yao.

Seeing the surprise on Cao Hong’s face, Cao Qian’s heart sighed again, but she added, “But sister, don’t be in a hurry, you can wait and see.”

Just as she finished her words, another hot beauty came in at the door, the beauty was wearing a black plunging leather jacket and her surging topline was eye-catching.

As soon as she came in, she quickly wrapped herself around Xiong Yao.

Xiong Yao’s gaze, too, was lecherously measuring the beauty, and with one arm around the beauty’s slender waist, the two sat down on one of the best card seats in the bar as if no one was watching.

“Did you see that, sister, Xiong Yao is that kind of person, you can’t be fooled by him.” Cao Qian said.

There was no reply.

At this moment, the surprise on Cao Hong’s face just now had long since disappeared.

She looked in a daze at Xiong Yao and the leather-clad beauty on the distant card seat, who, at this moment, were making out with each other on the card seat.

The two had their heads buried together.

And at the same time, Xiong Yao’s hands, too, were restlessly roaming over the leather-clad beauty’s body.

With a cheeky smile, she picked up the smoothie on the table, scooped it up with a spoon and fed it to Xiong Yao, so that Xiong Yao’s mouth was covered with strawberry jam from the smoothie.

Then, the pretty girl picked up the tissue on the table again and helped Xiong Yao wipe off all the strawberry jam from the corners of his mouth.

“A pair of dogs and men!”

Cao Qian saw this and couldn’t help but curse.

It was also true that she was already uncomfortable with the character of both Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao, not to mention that now she had to be forced to marry Xiong Hui by her father and that Xiong Yao was hooking up with her sister.

This irritated her even more.

“How about it, sister, now you understand.” Said Cao Qian, glancing back at Cao Hong.

However, with this look, at once Cao Qian almost froze.

“Sister, you, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing?” Cao Qian looked at Cao Hong in shock, and for a moment, she was at a loss for words.

Only to see that at this moment, Cao Hong was looking blankly in the direction of Xiong Yao’s card table.

And on her face, two lines of tears, were gurgling, silent and silent tears flowing.

This really took Cao Qian by surprise, yes, what was going on with her sister, why was she reacting so violently!

Cao Qian was not just shocked, her heart was even more panicked ah.

How could my sister be like this?

This is not what I thought it would be.

Sister shouldn’t be like this ah.

Even if she had a little bit of a crush on Xiong Yao before, and now that she recognized Xiong Yao’s character clearly, she didn’t need to be so excited, so why was she in tears?

Even if Xiong Yao is good at picking up girls, she shouldn’t have fallen so deep.

Thinking about this, Cao Qian’s heart was really heartbroken and angry.

She was heartbroken that her sister was like this, but she was also angry that Xiong Yao had let her fall so deep.

“Sister, are you alright? Let’s not cry, it’s good that you know he is this kind of person, just ignore him in the future.” Cao Qian said comfortingly.


Cao Hong looked in Xiong Yao’s direction, but her tears flowed more violently, but although her face was streaming with tears, the gaze in her eyes gradually brightened up, as if it was finally no longer the same confusion as before, but carried a connotation, “Sister, I, I remembered what happened before.”

“Ah, sister, really?!” Cao Qian was instantly overjoyed, “Great! Sister, I must tell me all about your former days! I must know what has happened to you all these years!”

“No, no sister, what I remembered is not everything, just some of it.” Cao Hong said, “And, this part is also very vague ……”

Cao Hong said here, tears seemed to flow faster, her face, already had a kind of uncontrollable emotion, “but what I remember is, yes, once I also wiped the corner of his mouth like this, I wiped him …… and later, some other girl wiped the corner of his mouth …… that’s when I knew that he already liked someone else …… and now, someone else is wiping the corners of his mouth again ……”

Cao Hong continued to shed tears as she spoke.

It looked very sad.

“Sister, how is this possible, you and Xiong Yao didn’t even know each other before ……” Cao Qian said and suddenly slapped her head, “Sister, I get it!”

“What?” Cao Hong couldn’t help but look at her.

“It must be Xiong Yao who put you under hypnosis, I heard that some fops will learn a kind of hypnosis in order to pick up girls, so that even if a girl meets him for the first time, she will think that she has known him for a long time and will also have a memory of having spent time with him out of thin air, I guess, those things you said about wiping the corners of his mouth are all hypnosis put on you by Xiong Yao, in fact. those things don’t exist, ah sister, you’d better stay away from him, he’s really too bad and dangerous!” Cao Qian said.

“No, sister, you don’t understand, those are all true, it’s not what you said.” Cao Hong said hurriedly, but was momentarily at a loss as to how to explain to Cao Qian.

After all, she couldn’t fully recall it either, she could only recall some vague fragments as if it was a dream.

“But you’re right sister, let’s just go.” Cao Hong said again.

Saying that, Cao Hong stood up.

“Well, go!” Cao Qian stood up happily, she was certainly happy in her heart that her sister had lost her way and couldn’t wait to leave with Cao Hong right now.

Leaving at this time must be the time when her sister also recognised Xiong Yao’s true face.

Just as the two of them were walking to the entrance of the bar.

At this time, a voice suddenly came from behind them, “Hong Hong?”

Immediately afterwards, a youth snatched ahead of them in a flash.

It was no other person.

It was none other than Xiong Yao.

“Hong Hong, you’re here for me? Great!” Xiong Yao had a smile on his face as he looked at Cao Hong.

“Xiong Yao, will you go away, don’t bother my sister in the future.” Cao Qian frowned, she really didn’t expect this guy to stick up like a dog’s skin at this juncture, seeing that she was about to leave the bar, “We saw everything you just did, so please stop pretending, now my sister already knows what kind of person you are. Please leave!”

Xiong Yao was stunned.

Then he hurriedly grabbed Cao Hong’s hand and said, “Hong Hong, please listen to me, this is all a misunderstanding, I have nothing at all …… with that woman.”

As she was saying that, the leather clad woman just now came up again unknowingly and looked a bit sourly at Cao Hong, “Xiong Shao, who is this, the figure is not as good as mine ……”

“You get lost!” Xiong Yao directly kicked the woman out of the way, not even looking at the woman, continued to say to Cao Hong, “Hong Hong, as you can see, I do not like that woman at all, just her teacher to annoy me, I like you ah, when I saw you at the lake, I like you, do not you remember, when we ate ice cream together at the lake ……”

Xiong Yao is also an expert in picking up girls, at the lake, at that time, he noticed the kind of expression on Cao Hong’s face when she was eating ice cream, it was a heartfelt expression.

Xiong Yao, of course, secretly remembered that moment.

After all, when chasing a woman, you have to start with the details and remember the moments that move her so that you can continue to replicate them in the future.

As expected, this sentence, at once, caused Cao Hong’s face to soften.

How could Cao Qian not see that her sister was getting soft again.

Without saying a word, she made an instant decision and pulled Cao Hong’s hand, “Sister, ignore him, let’s go!”

With that, she dragged Cao Hong out of the bar.

However, how could Xiong Yao let them go?

Naturally, he hurriedly followed closely out as well.

“Hong Hong, Hong Hong ……” Xiong Yao chased after them, surprisingly, he directly grabbed Cao Hong’s arm again, and just wouldn’t let go!

“Xiong Yao, you let go! How dare you get violent!” Cao Qian was instantly furious, this Xiong Yao, was too bold.

“No, I just won’t let go!” Xiong Yao certainly had the capital, the Xiong family was now the number one family in Wujiang, who else was he afraid of?

Not to mention, the Cao family was now begging for help from his own family.

“Hong Hong, let’s go, I’ll take you to a place, let’s, let’s go eat Haagen-Dazs!” Xiong Yao was pulling and tugging.

Seeing that Cao Hong was also hesitant at this point, Cao Qian’s heart was getting more and more impatient.

If the stalemate continued, the situation would only become more and more favourable to Xiong Yao.

The bar was mostly filled with Xiong Yao’s men, and it was unlikely that anyone would come to their aid.

“Come on, Hong Hong.” Xiong Yao also took the opportunity and pulled Cao Hong even harder.

Cao Hong had refused at first, but at this point she was hit with a soft spot again, and although she still hesitated, she was still pulled towards Xiong Yao’s car.

Just when Cao Qian was at her wit’s end and anxious.

A burgundy Ferrari sped up from a distance and instantly arrived at the entrance of the bar, and with a beautiful drift, daintily stopped in the most glittering position at the front entrance of the bar.


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