At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 282

Neo looked steadily at the letter in his hand.

Could it be that the secret was in this letter?

For sure, Li Mengyao must have written all the secrets in this letter and then told herself about them!

In Neo’s heart, an indescribable tension and excitement suddenly emerged.

What a surprise.

I thought that I was the only one hiding my identity, but I never thought that Li Mengyao was also hiding her own family history!

Thinking of this, Neo could only lol.

If others knew about this, what would they think of themselves and Li Mengyao at that time.

They were obviously in a relationship, but it turned out that both of them were hiding it from each other, which was too funny.

“Is this the letter Li Mengyao wrote to you?” Zhang Ya said.

“Yes, I think she must have thought that it was time to tell me. Then, I should open it today and take a look.” With that, Neo was ready to tear open the envelope.

However, just at this moment.

Suddenly, Zhang Ya, who was next to him, extended her hand and snatched the letter away.

Before Neo could understand, Zhang Ya, with three strokes, unexpectedly clicked and tore the letter, together with the envelope and the letterhead, all into pieces.

Then, Zhang Ya gave a violent lift!

The shredded pieces of paper, catering to the river wind, were like pieces of paper butterflies, floating and falling into the vast Yangtze River, disappearing into the river in an instant.

This really stunned Neo.

“Zhang Ya, you, what are you doing!”

Neo couldn’t believe it, as he stared dumbly at the river, the last remaining fragment, also swept away by a wave of the river, without a trace.

This also meant that Li Mengyao’s secret had completely disappeared into the river.

Neo slumped at the edge of the river for a long day, not slowing down.

“Zhang Ya, why?” Neo was depressed.

“I’m sorry, Neo.” Zhang Ya also looked terrified and embarrassed, and even her hands, which were still trembling, were as if, she herself hadn’t realized that she had dared to do so.

She herself couldn’t believe that she had dared to do such a thing.

“I’m doing it for your own good.” Zhang Ya raised her head bravely again and looked at Neo, “Neo, you really can’t read that letter!”

“Why! It’s just a letter!”

“But inside that letter, just like you said, must be Li Mengyao’s family secret, you wouldn’t want to see it!” Zhang Ya seemed to suddenly gain a bit more courage when she said this, “Because after you see it, you might feel guilty again and fall in love with her all over again!”

“No, that’s impossible.” Neo muttered.

“It’s true, Neo, you really can’t know. And, I think, inside the letter, it’s not just Li Mengyao’s family background, there might be something she said to you, and as you know, Li Mengyao is a very good heart attacker, since she said her own family background, plus those words of hers, it will definitely hit you straight in the heart, and by then, you won’t be able to control yourself! Believe me, Neo, you don’t know how powerful Li Mengyao is, she was able to control you to the point of falling in love with her uncontrollably before, and she still can now!”

Zhang Ya looked fixedly at Neo and said, “I really don’t want you to continue to be confused by her anymore. Besides, as you can see, although Li Mengyao’s character and personality, a lot of them are not good, but I still always treat her as a friend, this is why do you know, it’s because I know she has a very poor family background, she is a very poor woman. That’s why I sympathised with her, that’s why I didn’t completely cut off my friendships with her.”

“And you, Neo, since you liked her before, if you knew the truth, you would have been moved again too, and would have continued to have feelings for her out of pity! That’s why I made sure to tear up that letter!” Zhang Ya looked at Neo and said loudly and forcefully.

“This ……”

Neo looked at Zhang Ya, his heart also understood Zhang Ya’s meaning, at once, his heart couldn’t help but be moved a few more times.

“Zhang Ya, you, why are you so nice to me?”

Neo murmured, and remembered, when he first met Zhang Ya and Zheng Xuan, Zheng Xuan said those words, Zheng Xuan said Zhang Ya very like himself.

Always liked silently.

She was carrying Li Mengyao on her back and walking in front of her, and she was following behind her, always distressed.

Yes, she liked herself.

She had always liked herself, but never said it out loud.

Neo looked at Zhang Ya, who did not look like a girl who could be described as a beauty, but with a slightly baby-fat face and bright eyes, she looked like a girl who was very gentle but had a few flavours.

Her features cannot be described as exquisite, but together, they look, and are, very recognisable, especially the curved eye moons, which make the whole face look a little more vivid.

In short, she is not like Li Mengyao’s kind of girl who is a big beauty at first glance.

Unlike Zhou Yun, who is too noble and not too worldly in her beauty.

She is also not like Neo Ling, who is a confident and beautiful white beauty in one.

She was the sister next door, a girl who would give you tenderness.

“You, what are you doing? Your gaze, it’s so scary.”

Zhang Ya suddenly had a few nervous, looking at Neo fixedly looking at her, she blushed and looked terrified, still thinking that Neo blamed her because she had torn the envelope, “I’m really sorry, Neo, I torn the envelope, it’s really for your own good ……”

Her words had not yet finished.

Suddenly, a body with a man’s special scent, came close to her, before she could react, she saw that Neo had wrapped her in his arms.

“Ah ……” Zhang Ya froze at once.

Her face turned even redder and her heart beat faster.

But she was like a wounded and powerless bird at this moment, in Neo’s arms, her hands slightly raised, her body motionless.

Neo did not say anything.

Somehow, at this time, his mood jumped and he felt that Zhang Ya was really quite beautiful, then, he lowered his head and moved towards Zhang Ya’s face ……

Towards the lips ……


However, just a moment before it was about to come into contact, Zhang Ya suddenly burst out with a great strength and directly surprisingly pushed away Neo.

Ruthlessly, she pushed away Neo.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

Neo looked at Zhang Ya in a daze, “Don’t you like me?”


Zhang Ya’s face was still red, but at this point, it was no longer clear whether it was shyness or annoyance, she stomped her foot, “That’s right, Neo, I do like you, but I like you …… and you have nothing to do with it!”

“Ah, what does that mean?” Neo didn’t quite understand for a moment.

“I like you, just like you!” Zhang ya also do not know how to explain, face more red, yes, let a girl to explain such things, how not too good, “But, does not mean that I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Ah, you don’t want to be my girlfriend?”

“No, it’s not ……” Zhang Ya became even more anxious and stammered, as if she didn’t know what to say, “Neo, of course I want to be your girlfriend, but, I know, I’m not good enough for you! I know that you like girls with long legs, big breasts and big asses, or extremely good-looking girls. you like other girls, I will only be happy and will give you my blessing. Although ……”

Speaking of this, Zhang Ya’s face, suddenly revealed indefinable sadness, “Although, I will also be really sad, really sad …… but, I hope to see you well, see you have someone you like, see the person you like accompanying you, not me, do you understand? ”


Neo froze even more, not expecting that Zhang Ya would have such great love.

“Moreover, you also said just now that when you were in the six sections of the Qinfang, Li Mengyao wanted to get back together with you, but you ended up refusing. You also said that the reason you rejected her was because you had a girl you liked.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Ya suddenly had a few quite poignant feelings on her face and smiled, just a rather forced smile, “Of course, I know that that girl is definitely not me! So, since you have a girl you like, you have to be loyal for her! How can you go behind her back and kiss another girl!”

This one sentence from Zhang Ya was like a thunderclap!


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