At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 281

“What do you have to apologize to her for, obviously she is the one who has apologized to you.” Zhang Ya said.

“No, maybe I should have spilled my true identity to her the day I established a relationship with her, didn’t I say that between a man and a woman, they shouldn’t hide anything, so to speak, I am sorry to her.” Neo sighed and said.

Although he and Li Mengyao had nothing to do with each other now, and he didn’t have any feelings for her anymore, Neo always felt a bit guilty whenever he thought back to the past.

Yes, even though Li Mengyao’s character and personality were questionable, he did wrong her on this point.

“No, you didn’t.” Zhang Ya said, “Seriously, I’ve long been very clear about Li Mengyao’s character, and I’ve always felt that she doesn’t deserve you because she’s too snobbish. I wanted to warn you long ago, but whenever I saw how happy you were with her, I couldn’t bear to tell you. Because since she makes you happy, I can’t bear to spoil it.”

“Eh.” In Neo’s heart, there was suddenly an indescribable feeling of emotion.

“But of course, although Li Mengyao has a questionable character, she did, at that time, love you.” Zhang Ya added.

Yes, although admitting that Li Mengyao’s character was questionable, Zhang Ya also had to tell the truth.


Neo was stunned.

To be honest, when Li Mengyao dumped herself and later got together with Du Liang and said those things to herself, Neo was really heartbroken.

And what broke his heart the most at that time was still the fact that he thought Li Mengyao had not loved himself.

He thought that Li Mengyao was with him just to use him.

And last time, when Yin Yi said those words to himself, saying that Li Mengyao used to love him very much, honestly, at that time, Neo still didn’t really believe it, thinking that it was just that Yin Yi was deceiving himself in order to get him to go with her to that whatever anchor celebration.

But now that Zhang Ya had said so, Neo naturally couldn’t disbelieve it.

“Only, now that she’s gone, no one knows where she’s gone.” Neo said, “Although I don’t like her now, I hope she will be all right.”

“Right, Neo, Li Mengyao left because of you, you just said that she later learned your true identity, according to reason, according to her usual character, she should continue to chase you ah, how come she left?” Zhang Ya asked curiously, “What exactly happened between you two afterwards?”

“This ……”

Neo thought about it, and then told her about the things that happened between herself and Li Mengyao afterwards, including how Li Mengyao knew that she was a rich second generation, and how she found out that she was the owner of the shop when she returned the clothes, and how she ended up in desperation and went to the clothing shop to ask for money after she was discovered by herself, and knelt down with herself to beg to get back together only to be rejected by herself.

All these things were not clear to Zhang Ya, but Neo told her everything.

After listening, Zhang Ya could not speak for a while.

“At that time, she slammed the money in her hand, all over me, and then grabbed the door, and I didn’t go after her.” Neo said, “I thought she would recognise the reality and accept it, however, later on, I learnt from Yin Yi that she had actually left and cut all ties, I guess it must be because of me.”

Speaking of this, Neo sighed.

“Li Mengyao, as snobbish as she is, also has a pitiful background, which has created her extreme character of low self-esteem and self-respect.” Zhang Ya said.

Although Zhang Ya was very displeased with Li Mengyao because of what happened when Li Mengyao hurt Neo.

Although Zhang Ya also disliked Li Mengyao’s snobbish character.

However, after all, Zhang Ya and Li Mengyao were also friends, and moreover, Zhang Ya was also a very objective person, so, at this time, he told the truth.

“Ah? She has a pitiful life?” Neo couldn’t help but stare.

How was this possible?

Neo still remembered that Li Mengyao had once told herself that her family was okay, belonging to the ordinary citizens of the city, although it was a small county, but at least she grew up in a well-off family with no worries about food and clothing.

How could it be very poor.

“She must not have told you about it.” Seeing Neo’s look, Zhang Ya also guessed, “In fact, she hasn’t mentioned it to anyone, it’s also her pride at work, she’s the kind of girl who won’t let people see through her completely. The reason I know is also coincidental ……”

Speaking of this, Zhang Ya looked at Neo again, “It was that time when she had a high fever and you carried her to the hospital, later when she arrived at the hospital, she had a hangnail and felt cold, you gave her your jacket to wear, and to keep warm, you went outside to run in the courtyard to keep warm, and at that time it was just me sitting next to her, keeping her company.”

“Hmm.” Neo nodded, this was something that he certainly remembered.

“Maybe it was because her brain wasn’t clear from the fever, maybe it was because the sadness of being sick made her lower her defenses, I was with her at that time, talking to her, and she talked about her family.” Zhang Ya said, “When she said it, I was shocked, because like you before, I had heard her say that her family was well-off or something like that, so I was really shocked at that time to hear her talk about those real family situations that were different from the ones before.”

“Then we went back and by the next day, I was in the dormitory reading a book when suddenly Li Mengyao came in, and by that time, she was much better, and as soon as she came in, she pulled me out and asked me if I had said anything really strange when I was in the hospital last night.”

“At that time, she looked very eager, and I could see that she looked like she was going crazy with anxiety.” Zhang Ya continued, “Seeing her like this, and at the same time not being able to bear to deceive her, I nodded and told her that she had indeed said a lot of strange things last night.”

“At that time, her face was instantly just white and white, and then she eagerly told me that she was talking nonsense last night, and told me never to believe any of the things she said either. But then, perhaps thinking that the more she did, the more suspicious I might become, she finally told me, with a vengeance, that it was all true! She also told me that I was the first person in the university, who knew her real life.”

When Neo heard this, he froze in his heart.

What kind of life did Li Mengyao have that she would hide it so much.

“Ah, so, what kind of family is she, exactly?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

Zhang Ya looked at Neo, shook her head and said, “Neo, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you because at that time, after Li Mengyao told me that it was all true, she then instructed me a thousand times to tell me not to talk about it to a second person, and especially you, she also added a tone of voice and emphasized once more that she couldn’t tell you about it!”


Neo was depressed for a moment, seriously, although he had no relationship with Li Mengyao now, but hearing Zhang Ya talking about this just now, Neo really wanted to know how Li Mengyao’s family situation really was.

In fact, if Li Mengyao came from a wealthy family or any other family situation, it didn’t matter to Neo.

The most crucial issue was that Zhang Ya had just said that Li Mengyao’s family situation was very poor.

When Neo heard that Li Mengyao was pitiful, he became really curious in his heart.

However, now that Zhang Ya had promised Li Mengyao, she really could not talk to herself, and Neo was helpless.

Especially, when Li Mengyao asked Zhang Ya to keep it a secret at that time, she also listed herself as one, which even made Neo’s heart have a feeling that he could not say.

Yes, why did Li Mengyao have to conceal her birth, and why did she especially emphasize that she could not tell me?

Why did she leave Jinling University and why did she cut off everyone’s contact?

Why ……

Why did you leave a letter for yourself?

Thinking of this, Neo suddenly slapped his head.

Yes, that letter!

Only then did Neo remember the letter that Li Mengyao had written to himself when he left, which Yin Yi had forwarded to him.

At that time, he was in a hurry to go to Xuanwu Island to meet Wang Renhua, but he had completely forgotten about that letter.

Thinking of this, Neo hurriedly took out the letter from his pocket.

It was a simple letter with three big words “Neo” written on it, but nothing else.

“What is this, Neo?”

Seeing the letter that Neo took out, Zhang Ya asked curiously.

Neo did not hide it and told Zhang Ya.


Zhang Ya was stunned, “This, this is the letter that Li Mengyao asked Yin Yi to give to you when she was leaving?”

“Yes, Yin Yi also said, the night Li Mengyao left, she even cried for a long time, later, everyone fell asleep, and when they woke up the next morning, Li Mengyao had already left, Li Mengyao left completely from that time, disconnected all contact information, and on the table, at that time, this letter was left.”


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