At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 280

“That’s awesome!” The crowd was dumbfounded, “That Ferrari sports car, it just knocked the BMW off the road!”

“The sports car sent the BMW flying a dozen meters away, and rolled several times in the air, but it didn’t even look like itself, the front end didn’t even have a puddle, it’s so f*cking hard, what kind of high-tech material is it made of.”

“To be honest, I’m more concerned about which unlucky bastard that BMW belongs to. How frustrated is that guy that he offended the owner of the sports car, what a f*cking disaster!”

“Yeah, which one of those idiots is really blind, even the owner of such an awesome sports car dares to mess with him, he’s really f*cking brain-dead.” “I think he’s f*cked, he’s a super rich kid, he’s obviously upset with him, he’s knocked his car off the road today, tomorrow he’ll probably lose a hand or a leg.”

These people who were talking were standing right next to Zhao Kun Kun Zheng Xuan and the others.

Their words clearly reached Zhao Kun Kun’s ears.

Zhao Kun Kun’s face was ugly, but he didn’t dare to get angry.

Because at this moment, what he had in his heart, more than anything else, was fear.

Li Yi was lying on the ground, bruised and battered, and it took him a while to get up and limp over to Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan was shocked.

Zheng Xuan was scared because, on the one hand, Li Yi’s clothes were in tatters and his skin was bruised and turned over, his flesh was bloody and red, which was really scary to see.

On the other hand, when Zheng Xuan saw that Li Yi was so miserable, she knew it was because she had offended Neo, and she couldn’t help but think of what she had just done.

When she thought of Neo’s revenge on Li Yi and Zhao Kun Kun, Zheng Xuan’s heart was chilled.

“What are you doing? Are you sick? Go away.” At this moment, Zheng Xuan had already changed to a different face to Li Yi.

“Zheng Xuan, please.”

With a thud, Li Yi knelt down, “You and Zhang Ya are cousins, and Lu Shao and Zhang Ya are so close, so please beg for Lu Shao for me.”

“Xuan Xuan, plead for me too, today’s incident is all our fault, you can ask Zhang Hua to persuade Lu Shao, let Lu Shao take the heat off, look, today my BMW car was smashed by Lu Shao, Lu Shao should also take the heat off.”

Zhao Kun Kun on the other side also looked at Zheng Xuan pleadingly at this time.

“I ……”

Zheng Xuan looked at Li Yi and Zhao Kun Kun at this time both looked at themselves with a pitiful and pleading look.

Her heart was also mixed with mixed feelings for a moment.

This kind of scenario, what had ever happened before?

You know, although she and Zhao Kun Kun were boyfriend and girlfriend, but she was the one who took the initiative to chase Zhao Kun Kun, and their status was not equal.

After all, Zheng Xuan is just an ordinary family, while Zhao Kunkun is also a small rich second generation.

Zheng Xuan herself felt like a luckygirl when she was able to chase Zhao Kunkun.

And since she got together with Zhao Kun Kun, she also felt that she had finally become the girlfriend of a rich second generation, the whole person also exudes a sense of superiority, not to mention the usual access and BMW car, but also make their own scenery.

However, in their relationship, her status is naturally lower.

It’s normal to be called on by Zhao Kunkun for all sorts of things.

Just like just now, Zhao Kun Kun even shouted at him with a look of anger.

And not only Zhao Kun Kun, it was Zhao Kun Kun’s friends like Li Yi who also looked down on Zheng Xuan.

After all, in the eyes of these rich kids, a girl like Zheng Xuan is nothing more than a plaything, and is not treated as an equal woman at all.

So don’t look at Zheng Xuan who is usually quite a good-looking girl, just now in front of her cousin Zhang Yao, she also seems to be acting like she is in love with Zhao Kun Kun.

But in fact, Zheng Xuan’s status was extremely low, and Zhao Kun Kun merely treated her as a tool for lust and use.

Zheng Xuan can naturally see this.

But a woman like her, with such a strong sense of vanity, can put up with it for the sake of vanity and to remain by Zhao Kun Kun’s side for other girls to envy.

This, in fact, is an attribute of girls, “b*tchy”.

That’s right, Zheng Xuan is such a b*tchy woman.

However, even if she is cheap, she is also aware of this, she is also very depressed in her heart and feels very depressed, but just does not show it.

But now, Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi actually used such a humble tone, and Li Yi even knelt in front of her.

This caused Zheng Xuan’s heart to have an indescribable feeling.

This was simply the sun rising from the east.

Honestly, for a moment, Zheng Xuan felt great, a great feeling of finally being valued and finally raising her eyebrows.

However, very soon, this feeling of exhilaration she felt, disappeared again.

Because Zheng Xuan realised that although she and Zhang Ya were cousins, what she had done today was also very excessive.

Not to mention her pleading with Neo, just because of her attitude today, Neo did not give herself a few slaps even if it was light, how could she still have the face to plead with others.

Thinking of this, Zheng Xuan’s heart wanted to die.

I’m sorry.

Yes, if she hadn’t looked down on others and said a few words for her cousin and Neo at that time, and hadn’t said those unpleasant words to her cousin.

So now, just because she is Zhang Ya’s cousin, Neo will definitely give herself some face.

If Neo is a super rich second generation, he will give himself some face, then from now on, he will definitely be able to eat in Wujiang University.

In the future, Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi will have to kneel down when they see themselves, right?

Thinking of this, Zheng Xuan’s heart was filled with hate, hate for herself.

What a great opportunity, a good deck of cards, was played by myself.

This time, he missed such a good opportunity, and I am afraid that he will never have it again.

Thinking of this, Zheng Xuan grabbed her hair, that frantic look, as if she could not wait to overcome gravity and grab herself up.

Only, there are no ifs ands and no pills of regret in the world.

At this moment, Neo drove his Ferrari around Wujiang University, causing a sensation everywhere he went.

After that, he took Zhang Ya again, and raced at over two hundred yards on Wujiang’s Lake Ring Avenue, and finally, at a road with wide terrain and few people, finally, stopped.

“Neo, you ……”

It was only until this moment that Zhang Ya began to say his first words.

Yes, since the time she got into the car, Zhang Ya was in shock, and after she got into the car, Neo’s series of operations, dragging Li Yi, crashing the BMW, plus the later racing.

Zhang Ya was so psychologically and physically stimulated by the series that she didn’t know what to say.

It is also true that she is just an ordinary citizen’s family, her dad is a small section chief, her mother is an ordinary working person, where has she seen such scenarios.

“I know what you’re going to say, but you don’t have to say it, I’ll tell you directly, yes, you guessed it all right, I’m the rich second generation, this car is also mine, I lent it to someone else to drive.”

By now, Neo had already gotten out of the car with Zhang Ya, and the two of them leaned against it, facing the wide Yangtze River.

Zhang Ya didn’t speak anymore, and the expression on her face was as if she was petrified.

She was truly shocked.

“Gosh, I’ve known you for four years, and I always thought I knew you well, but I didn’t expect you to be hiding such a big identity.” Zhang Ya muttered.

Neo smiled, only to have a bitterness in his heart.

Yes, in fact, he was only half right, the car was his own right, but he was no longer a second generation rich man now.

However, Neo did not tell this to Zhang Ya.

After all, this was too complicated to talk about, besides, let Zhang Ya think that she was a rich second generation, this could also boost her confidence.

“By the way, does Li Mengyao know?” Zhang Ya suddenly asked.

It was also normal for Zhang Ya to ask this, after all, the three of them had the best relationship back then.

And after Li Mengyao dumped Neo, Neo’s pain, Zhang Ya saw it all in her eyes.

What’s more, Zhang Ya also knew that the reason why Li Mengyao dumped Neo was because Neo had no money.

“She ……” Neo thought about it and didn’t know what to say, “At first, she didn’t know, just like you, but then …… ”

Neo remembered again when Li Mengyao was in the sixth part of the Qinfang, dropped the money on herself and left decisively, “but then she also knew about it, to say the least, I, I kind of feel sorry for her.”


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