At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 278

The force of this kick should definitely not be underestimated.

Neo was, at any rate, a stronger fighter than ordinary people, and this Li Yi had been emptied of his body by nightlife and drinking.

Besides, his body was already skinny and weak, so he couldn’t withstand Neo’s kick.


Li Yi flew straight up and was kicked more than half a metre away!

Even the long-legged woman who was stuck with him was taken out with him, revealing all her glory and wailing.

Li Yi fell to the ground and did not get up for half a day.

On the one hand, he had been kicked so badly that his heart felt uncomfortable.

On the other hand, he was completely dumbfounded and had no idea what was going on. After all, how could he have thought that a hanger-on would dare to kick him in the face?

And all around, there was an uproar all around.

The students, too, were in an uproar.

“What’s going on? What’s happening over there?” In one of the best seats above the music restaurant, an unattractive boy, who had been staring at the burgundy Ferrari on the music square below, kept silent but with an expression on his face that looked so gloomy that it made it seem as if he was holding his breath.

And at that moment, seeing the sudden crowd commotion in the square, the boy opened his mouth and asked.

“Well.” He was followed by a few people who looked at him respectfully, and at this moment, as soon as they heard him open his mouth to ask, they all put their hands on the pergola and looked towards the music square.

“Eh, Xiong Shao, it seems that someone fought over the vantage point to take pictures in front of that burgundy Ferrari, huh, this group of hangers-on, haven’t they ever seen a bullish sports car?” One of them said.

“It seems to be true, just now so many people were taking pictures and videos in front of that car, most likely there was a scuffle, damn, this group of hangers-on, that Ferrari sports car is bullish what, haven’t seen the world, Xiong Shao’s Ferrari is the bullish ……” said another person.

But he said half of it, and then he didn’t say any more.

Because he suddenly found that Xiong Hui’s face was even more gloomy and frightening than just now, it was as if he was harboring a deep hatred face, so he was scared that he did not dare to say anything further.

However, it was too late.

Pop, pop!

Xiong Hui suddenly raised his hand and gave a slap to each of the two men who had just opened their mouths.

The two men were holding their faces, so pale with fear that one side of their faces was red from the slap, and they were trembling and shrinking, but they did not dare to move, let alone open their mouths.

In their hearts, they were both sighing in disbelief.

It was also obvious to everyone that the burgundy Ferrari had killed Xiong Hui’s yellow Ferrari.

The two men had been following Xiong Hui’s left and right, and had actually noticed the anomaly long ago.

At first, Xiong Hui was still springing into action, but when the burgundy Ferrari appeared, Xiong Hui’s face began to change.

And later, when the owner of the burgundy Ferrari got down, a series of performances began, especially the voice control, which directly lit up the room.

At that point, Xiong Hui’s face, utterly dishevelled, looked doubly devastated.

And again, as more and more people, came up to watch the burgundy Ferrari, even those who were originally taking photos next to the yellow Ferrari, also passed by, resulting in the yellow Ferrari surprisingly having almost no one next to it, while the burgundy Ferrari was surrounded by people.

At this time, the expression on Xiong Hui’s face was frightening to the extreme.

And just now, his own mouth was cheap.

He said in front of Xiong Shao that “those people fought over the advantageous position of taking photos in front of the burgundy Ferrari”.

He was slapped in the face and deserved it, but it was bad luck to follow him.

It’s just that he was beaten for telling the truth, so who can he reason with?

And Xiong Hui, who had finished smacking his two men, still had a bad expression on his face.

Yes, how can one be in a good mood.

You know, every concert, you are the focus of the crowd, your own Ferrari, is the object of worship, not to mention, your Ferrari the world’s first, this is known to everyone in the school, but today came such a more awesome Ferrari, simply make your own become a joke.

Xiong Hui was desperately gasping for air.

Just then, the phone in Xiong Hui’s hand suddenly rang.

“Hey, where are you, I’m here.” On the phone, a young girl’s voice, very cold, had a business-like feel to it, it was none other than Cao Qian.

Staring at the phone, Xiong Hui didn’t utter a word for a long time.

“Where are you?” The young girl asked again coldly.

“Forget it, you don’t have to come!” Finally, Xiong Hui spoke up.

Yes, Xiong Hui was not going to let Cao Qian come. Yes, originally, well, he still wanted to take this opportunity to show off properly, to show Cao Qian how awesome he was, however, how else could he show off now?

After hanging up the phone, Xiong Hui continued to breathe heavily and stayed for a while.

Then he stood up and walked towards the back, not even wanting his Ferrari, and left the concert through the back door.

And at that moment, on a bridge fifty metres away from the concert, a young girl with loose hair and unkempt make-up looked as if she had just crawled out from under the covers.

This young girl was standing on the bridge with her mobile phone in her hand.

Looking not far away at the gilded Music Square, the fountain above it rushed skyward and was clearly visible.

The music square was teeming with people and visitors.

However, the young girl didn’t go any further.

“Many thanks!” The young girl said into the phone, then surprisingly showed a few pleasant colours and turned around to go back.

And at that moment in the music square.

“Are you hanging crazy?!” Zheng Xuan stared at Neo, unable to believe it.

“How dare you hangman make a move, f*ck, you’re not going to leave today.” Zhao Kun Kun started to take out his mobile phone to call someone.

And at this moment, some people who knew Li Yi also surrounded Neo.

“Don’t give this kid a run for his money!”

“Get rid of him!”

After all, Li Yi was considered a little rich kid, and there were many people who curried favour with him.

At this moment, Neo’s way was all blocked.

All of this was clear to Zhang Ya, and it was at this time that she understood why Neo did not leave just now, and it was at this time that she understood why Neo had brought up what had happened in the classroom just now.

He was doing it for his own sake!

She was touched in her heart, but what she was more worried about, at this moment, was Neo’s safety.

Her mind was fiercely calculating, thinking, what to do at this moment, she could do anything at this moment, as long as she could get Neo out of danger safely.

Li Yi had already gotten up from the ground by this time, although it was quite hard to stand up.

“Kid, f*ck you, if you make it out of Wujiang University alive today, I’ll walk backwards!” Li Yi growled, glaring at Neo with a fierce and vicious glare.

“Cousin, please, I’m sorry, talk for us.”

Zhang Ya suddenly grabbed Zheng Xuan’s hand and begged.

Li Yi’s threat just now had completely made Zhang Ya anxious and panicked.

“It’s too late, it’s useless!” Zheng Xuan shook off her cousin’s hand in a flash, “This is all your own doing!”

With that, Zheng Xuan also left Zhang Ya.

Yes, how could Zheng Xuan offend Li Yi for Zhang Ya, what’s more, Li Yi was like this, Zheng Xuan didn’t dare to say anything, after all, she Zheng Xuan is nothing, Li Yi is a rich second generation.

Zhang Ya was now at a loss for words again.

When people are in a hurry, they will throw themselves at the doctor, and she was about to open her mouth to plead with Li Yi.

At this moment, another hand pulled her back.

It was still Neo.

“Don’t be afraid.” Neo still had a calm face as he gently held Zhang Ya’s hand.

Then, Neo looked at Li Yi calmly, “Oh, do you know why Zhang Ya can’t look at you?”

“How dare you f*cking talk to Lao Zi?! It’s useless for you to kneel down and kowtow to Lao Zi now!” Li Yi looked at Neo with disdain, “You hanged man, you’re dead today! Bring this kid over to me!”

At this moment, Li Yi’s gang of lapdogs also arrived at the news and pounced on Neo like a wolf.

“Zhang Ya can’t look at you because you’re the hangman! I’m the rich second generation!”

In Neo’s pupils, the shadows of the fierce lapdogs were reflected in his eyes, getting closer and closer.

But he was still as steady as a mountain.

Finally, he looked up slightly at the sky, and the white clouds in the distance looked like wisps of silk.

He let out a soft breath, “Ferrari, start.”


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