At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 277

At this moment, all the people looked at Neo.

But Neo’s heart was in a difficult position.

He knew very well that as soon as he said those few words, he would immediately start the sports car.

Then, it would inevitably give affect Neo Tiangang’s pretence.

Of course, this was not to say that Neo did not want this car, just not at this time and on this occasion to reveal himself as the real owner of this car.

“Shout! Dumb?” Zheng Xuan began to get impatient, “What’s going on, don’t you know I’m shooting a video, on purpose, or are you really so hung over that you don’t even dare to say the name of the luxury car?”

In the end, Neo really didn’t say it.

Zheng Xuan snapped, put the selfie stick back, contemptuously grunted: “What the hell, really dog meat on the stage, we were just out to play, not cool at all, let you shout a Ferrari start what’s wrong, several people asked you to shout you did not shout, is not too hangers-on, think others let you shout a Ferrari, hurt your self-esteem ah? Poor dogs are all like this, others are actually just trying to have fun, to his heart is all kinds of ironic metaphors, really bad luck!”

“That’s right, it’s too hung up, this kind of person is too eccentric in temper.” Li Yi also hurriedly said, he has long been dissatisfied with Neo, “So, when people are poor everything comes out, according to me, we rich second generation play with rich second generation, hangers-on play with hangers-on is the best, now mixed together, it’s really all kinds of things.”

Although it was Neo who was talking, Zhang Ya listened with a very bad taste in his heart.

She just wanted to argue for Neo, but it was really hard to do so.

After all, in her opinion, Neo was a bit strange just now, that is, ah, shouted, shouted, in fact, it is not much.

But although she didn’t know what Neo was thinking, but since he didn’t shout, he naturally had his own considerations.

Zhang Ya thinks that Neo must have been ridiculed by his cousin in the restaurant and was not in a good mood, so he did not cooperate.

Besides, when he came down just now, Neo looked a bit reluctant.

Thinking of this, Zhang Ya’s heart felt a little bit guilty again.

After all, that was her own cousin, and it was she who had dragged Neo here to play.

“Forget it, you guys don’t say anything either.” Zhang Yao said to Zheng Xuan and the others, “Cousin, I’ll say sorry to you guys for Neo, I won’t disturb your fun anymore, let’s go first.”

With that, Zhang Ya pulled Neo to leave.

This time, Li Yi’s face became really ugly.

Yes, originally, this time when Li Yi heard that he was going to be introduced to a girl from Jinling University, he was still happy in his heart, thinking that he would be able to change his taste again.

And when he arrived, he was quite satisfied, at least Zhang Ya looked okay, right?

At first, Li Yi felt that taking Zhang Ya was not the same as playing?

He had played with a lot of girls who were prettier than Zhang Ya, not to mention Zhang Ya.

However, he was left out by Zhang Ya, who seemed to be completely uninterested in him, but instead, he was laughing and joking with Neo, a hanger-on.

Now, she was even saying good things for Neo, and what was even more outrageous was that she was ready to leave with Neo.

This made the fire that Li Yi had been holding in his heart for a long time, all of a sudden, tentatively, burn up.

“I said your name is Zhang Ya, right! You think you’re pretty, what do you have to be arrogant about!”

Li Yi’s face instantly changed, pointing at Zhang Ya, and his tone became frightening all of a sudden.

Zhang Ya was stunned, not even reacting for a moment, not knowing how Li Yi had suddenly turned into this way.

“Laozi, I said that women like you, really give shame, I f*cking if not for the face of Zhao Kun Kun and Zheng Xuan, I would not bother to care about you, I did not expect you to be brainwashed, ignoring Laozi, but with that hangman next to you eye-to-eye, it is only a blind trash woman like you, can look at that kind of hangman! ”

Li Yi was furious.

Zhang Ya was dumbfounded to hear this.

And both Zheng Xuan and Zhao Kun Kun’s faces also became not so good.

However, they did not feel that Li Yi had gone too far, but they felt that Zhang Ya was introduced to Li Yi by themselves, and now that Zhang Ya had made Li Yi angry, their own faces did not look good either.

After all, Li Yi was also a rich second generation, and when all was said and done, was worth more than both Neo and Zhang Ya combined.

Zhao Kun Kun, in particular, was not happy either.

This guy and Li Yi had a good relationship, a drinking friend, and now when he saw that Li Yi was upset, he couldn’t help himself, he didn’t speak directly to Zhang Yao and Neo, but instead yelled at Zheng Xuan in discontent, “Look at you, what’s going on here!”

This yell, Zheng Xuan, on the other hand, is panicked.

This woman could not easily hook up with Zhao Kun Kun, a rich young man who drove a BMW, and her heart was always full of joy.

When the two of them were together, she had been thinking all day long about how to please Zhao Kun Kun and keep their relationship going.

So now, when she saw Zhao Kun Kun get angry, of course she panicked.

Moreover, it was her idea to introduce Zhang Ya to Li Yi.

Of course, Zheng Xuan’s intention was good, to introduce her cousin to her boyfriend’s best friend, wouldn’t that be a kiss on top of a kiss?

However, how could she have ever imagined that it would come to this?

Seeing that both Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi were not happy, Zheng Xuan’s heart was also instantly dissatisfied with Zhang Ya.

Due to the cousin relationship here, she was too embarrassed to tear her face off directly.

But her face was gloomy as she glared at Zhang Ya: “I say, cousin, are you a b*tch? You don’t want a handsome man like Li Yi, but you’re having an affair with a hanger-on, can you have some vision and a little bit of talent!”

Zhang Ya was just a girl.

Suddenly she was surrounded by three people, you and I were all saying such unkind and harsh things, she simply did not know how to deal with it.

She froze in place, her face flushed, her head bowed, her hands and feet at a loss, which was really, heartbreaking.

However, what could she do?

Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi were both rich, and their cousin had always been strong, and this was still Wujiang University, so if she dared to say one more word, she might piss them off, and the consequences would be even worse.

“Damn, just now I was kind enough to let you guys sit in my BMW, what a bunch of f*cking wolves, my BMW is at least a few hundred thousand dollars, it’s not just for anyone who wants to sit in it!” The more Zhao Kun Kun said, the more he got angry and simply tore his face off.

Yes, Zhang Ya and Neo are nothing, but his good brother Li Yi’s father has a certain status in Wujiang, so he must not offend Li Yi!

The people like to follow the trend and take advantage of it.

He saw that Zhao Kunkun had lost his temper and Zheng Xuan was helping him.

Li Yi became even more reckless.

The anger he had been holding back before had once again all exploded.

Yeah, damn it, I’ve been holding it in for almost an hour, so why don’t I catch you guys and screw you to death?

“What kind of noble b*tch are you pretending to be? Do you really think that I like you?

Li Yi finished pointing at Zhang Ya and scolded him, then with a wave of his hand, a tall girl came in from the crowd.

This girl was flirtatious and beautiful, showing her long legs, thin waist and plump hips, walking with a breeze.

Although she was pretty, she had a vulgar air.

It seems to be the kind of girl who has an average family, but is pretty and degenerate.

This girl, obediently came to Li Yi’s side, automatically leaned on Li Yi’s body, “What’s wrong, Li Shao, what’s the temper, the concert, is the happy place, why don’t we find a place, Lei Lei I will give you to take off the fire?”

“Don’t rush.” Li Yi’s hand also instantly wandered over the girls, he pointed at Zhang Ya, for the girl, “What do you think of her?”

“Ah, her ah?”

The girl frowned and looked Zhang Ya up and down with the eyes of a cattle market, and then said in a light and scornful tone, “Really not good, no boobs, no ass, dressed in a rustic way, this kind of girl is only liked by hangers-on, right? And who’s that hanger-on next to her? She’s a good match for her.”

This girl was worthy of being in the circle, and she was very good at reading people’s opinions. She had seen the relationship at this moment and knew that Li Yi was not happy with Zhang Ya.

At this moment, what she said naturally made Li Yi hit the mark.

What’s more, this girl wanted to flatter Li Yi, and would naturally belittle Zhang Ya and Neo.

“Hahahaha!” Li Yi laughed at this, “That’s right! Hear that, Zhang Ya, don’t be embarrassed here, hurry up and take that hanger-on of yours and get out!”

Zhang Yao was so angry at this moment that her body was trembling, but such words also made her ashamed of herself, after all, although she was not bad looking, she was indeed not considered a big beauty, and on this occasion, being said by that long-legged and slender-waisted beauty, she was certainly ashamed of herself.

“Let’s go, Neo.”

Zhang Ya lowered her head, not even bothering to look at Neo, her voice as low as a mosquito, “I’m sorry, I’m sure I’ve made you unhappy today.”

She was ashamed and angry, but she had to go.

There was no way she could stand up to Li Yi and the others, staying would only continue to be humiliated.

However, a hand gently grabbed her, grasping her palm with an indefinable and gentle strength.

She subconsciously looked up and it was Neo.

Neo was looking at her.

Looking at her quietly, calmly, but with a light in his eyes.

“Neo, you ……” Zhang Ya felt something different about Neo, but she couldn’t tell.

“Zhang Ya, do you still remember, once in class, when Li Mengyao humiliated me, you bravely stood up and stood up for me?” Neo said slowly, his voice not too loud, very steady.

“Ah, this ……”

Zhang Ya suddenly froze, this thing she certainly remembered, that time Neo was late, carrying rubbish bags to class, after class Du Liang came to pick up Li Mengyao, Neo somehow stood up, and as a result was ridiculed and humiliated by Li Mengyao, stood up himself and angrily rebuked Li Mengyao.

However, I don’t know why Neo mentioned this, at this time, why mention those irrelevant things.

This time, to hurry up and leave ah, after all, stay one more second, will be humiliated one more second ah.

“Hey, you two, why don’t you get lost, what are you talking about? Is it because you don’t have money to take the bus?” A mocking smile appeared at the corner of Li Yi’s mouth.

“Once, you stood up for me.” Neo didn’t even bother with Li Yi, he looked at Zhang Ya quietly and tilted his head, a kind of expression mixed with sadness and emotion, “Today, I stand up for you.”

“Ah ……” Zhang Ya hadn’t reacted for a moment, and a crowd scream had already sounded around her.

The scream was accompanied by a sound.

Neo kicked Li Yi in the chest.


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