At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 276

“Who’s this guy?” Zheng Xuan’s eyes were all on Neo Tiangang again.

“Don’t know.” Both Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi shook their heads at the same time.

“However, to be able to afford to drive such a luxurious Ferrari sports car, is definitely not an ordinary rich second generation, this person, I’m afraid, is also from a super family.”

“Probably from out of town, but this sports car looks even more stylish than Xiong Shao’s sports car, it’s a bit strange, didn’t they say that Xiong Shao’s Ferrari is the most expensive in the world?” Zhao Kun Kun and Li Yi both, looking at the sports car and Neo Tiangang below again, lamented.

“Ah, could it be that this Ferrari is more expensive than Young Xiong’s Ferrari?” Zheng Xuan’s gaze twitched.

“Definitely, this car is much more handsome than the one of Xiong Shao.” Zhao Kun Kun said.

“Wow!” Zheng Xuan couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s too impressive, right, it’s even more expensive than Young Xiong’s Ferrari, so wouldn’t the owner of this sports car be even more extraordinary?”

A few people were talking while looking at the square below.

At this moment, Neo Tiangang got out of the car.

He was surrounded by people, and the crowd was scrambling to trample around, just so they could get a look at the owner of this Ferrari.

And with a dashing stride, Neo Tiangang walked proudly towards the steps.

Only when he had just taken a few steps, Neo Tiangang’s body suddenly lurched and his whole body fell down on the steps at once, looking as if he had broken his foot.

At once, the crowd let out a cry of surprise.

And Neo Tiangang sat on the ground with a painful look on his face.

Some girls around, wanted to go up and care but probably felt they were not qualified. For a moment, they wanted to go forward again but didn’t dare, looking extremely struggling.

Yes, who wouldn’t want to go up to him in such an impressive luxury car?

But then you think about it, if you drive such a powerful luxury car, do people look at you? Are you qualified to care for yourself?

Neo Tiangang, on the other hand, also looked a bit depressed.

He knelt on the ground and slowly moved towards the Ferrari.

Although he appeared to be in a bit of a mess at the moment, who would laugh at him?

After all, that was a man who had come down from a supercar. Even if he was crawling, he was still dashing in the minds of the crowd.

The crowd was just full of concern at this point, where would they laugh at it.

However, it was clear that Neo Tiangang had not broken his leg lightly this time, and after he had crawled a few times, he seemed unable to crawl any more.

Neo Tiangang slapped his head in chagrin.

At this point almost everyone was looking at him, wondering what Neo Tiangang was going to do now.

Of course, anyone could see that he was now trying to get back to the car.

But he was injured and couldn’t walk.

Even if he wanted to go back to the car, he couldn’t do so.

So what do we do now?

The crowd looked at Neo Tiangang with anticipation, wanting to see what his next move would be.

But all of a sudden, Neo Tiangang sat up and took out a cigarette and smoked it slowly, as if he was not in a hurry.

The crowd was all taken aback at once.

He had fallen to such a state that he couldn’t even move, and yet he was still smoking, looking unhurried?

That’s a great mindset, isn’t it?

But it’s no use, you can’t even walk after you’ve smoked.

Just when the crowd couldn’t understand.

Suddenly, Neo Tiangang suddenly flicked the cigarette he had just smoked a few times away and then shouted, “Ferrari, start!”

The crowd was instantly stunned.

Not knowing what he was up to.

There were some people who looked at him so strangely and showed a snicker, but before they could laugh, they covered their mouths, that’s not true, they didn’t dare to really laugh out loud, if they were found out, it would be a disaster.

However, just when everyone was wondering what Neo Tiangang was up to.

The Ferrari, which had been parked with the engine off, suddenly started up with a glowing white light, while the headlights also flashed, and the whole car began to emit a low, powerful sound.

This was a sudden and unexpected event.

It even startled the students who were standing near the Ferrari.

Then, under the shocked eyes of everyone.

I saw the Ferrari slowly start up!

Slowly turning its direction and driving itself towards Neo Tiangang’s direction!

Finally, right on cue, it came to a stop right next to Neo Tiangang.

At this moment, the whole music square, including the music restaurant above, everyone was stunned, the whole place was silent, even the band did not dare to play, or forgot to play.

Everyone, in amazement, watched as the Ferrari, just like that, drove itself, to Neo Tiangang’s side, and then, stopped.

Neo Tiangang smiled faintly.

Now that the car had arrived beside him, everything was fine.

He pulled open the door, then moved into the car, fumbled around for a while, fished out a Yunnan Baiyao safflower oil, and sprayed it twice on his ankle.

Only then did he stand up and continue to walk up the steps.

Only this time, the crowd was already looking at him with a little more admiration than they had earlier!

“It’s too dangling, isn’t it! This sports car, even with sound control?!”

“It’s so fantastic, it’s so handsome, a sports car with sound start and automatic navigation to find its owner, this black technology is so awesome!”

“The key problem is that this is still a Ferrari, and as far as I know, none of the Ferraris in the world have sound control, not even the car of Xiong Shao has such an amazing feature!”

“This is the most awesome Ferrari sports car in the world!”

I have to say, Neo Tiangang’s action was like cold water in hot oil, it exploded!

At this moment, there were more and more people surrounding the burgundy Ferrari to take photos, especially that sound-controlled operation that was almost like a science fiction movie just now, which gave this Ferrari an additional mysterious and unattainable colour.

“Ferrari, start!”

“Ferrari, start!”

Some of those who were filming jitterbug and live-streaming excitedly imitated Neo Tiangang’s shouting just now, and kept taking selfies beside the Ferrari.

Of course, no matter how these people shouted, the Ferrari sports car, at this moment, was like a sleeping cat, cursing stupid humans in its heart, not even raising its eyelids, not even bothering to pay attention to these people.

But despite this, the passionate people, the emotions were still high.

More people, all gathered around.

“Ferrari, start!”

“Ferrari, start! Haha!”

Anyway, these students, well, they all like to follow the trend, and everyone plays like that, just for fun.

“Come on, let’s go down and have a look too, that car is so cool!” Zheng Xuan excitedly wiggled Zhao Kun Kun’s arm and tugged it towards the bottom. “I won’t go, I’ll, I’ll go back.” It wasn’t that Neo didn’t want to go over, after all, that was his car, how could he not want to see it?

It’s just that, firstly, he didn’t want to hang out with Zheng Xuan and the others.

Secondly, Neo knew that this was Neo Tiangang’s car, and since Neo Tiangang wanted to play hard to get, it wouldn’t be good for him, the real owner, to show up.

“Ah, then I’ll go with you, we’ll talk about it.” Although Zhang Ya actually wanted to take a look at the sports car in her heart, after all, it was really stylish.

But as soon as she saw that Neo was leaving, she naturally wanted to go with Neo.

On the other hand, Li Yi’s face became even more upset.

Originally, today, he was ready to pick up Zhang Ya, but who knows, he was surprisingly hung up by Neo, this hangman, how could he bear it.

“Oh, why don’t you go back early and stay late, but only at this time? Is it because you think you can’t afford a car and you don’t know anything about cars, and when you go to see a sports car later, you won’t be able to tell the truth and you’re afraid of losing face?” Li Yi laughed contemptuously, “Oh, as a boy who doesn’t even know how to drive a car, it’s really enough of a waste.”

“That’s right, what are you afraid of, it’s not like we’re going to laugh at you.” Zheng Xuan also said to Neo in a tongue-in-cheek manner, “Besides, you’re going down with us, you don’t know anything, listen to us talk more, you’ll also gain some insight.”

He said and looked at Zhang Ya, “And cousin you, do you think it’s good for you to leave suddenly? We’re all out to have fun, can we not get into cliques? You two are leaving now, what do you mean? Is it because you have a problem with me?”

“No, cousin you ……” Zhang Ya was speechless at once.

Neo frowned, suddenly realizing in his heart that if he really wanted to leave, he was making things difficult for Zhang Ya.

The first thing you need to do is go!

The group descended the stairs.

It was hard to get through the clump of people and arrive at the Ferrari.

“It’s beautiful!” Zheng Xuan exclaimed.

Neo looked at the Ferrari in silence, a familiar feeling of an old friend welling up in his heart.

“Ferrari, start!” Next to it, person after person, still incessantly took videos.

“Come on, let’s take a group shot too!” Zheng Xuan was also infected by this emotion, excitedly pulling out her phone and placing it on the selfie stick to bring the crowd together.

“I’ll be the first to shout, ah, Ferrari, start!” After Zheng Xuan finished shouting, she poked Zhao Kun Kun next to her, “Kun Kun, you shouted!”

“Okay, Ferrari, start!” Zhao Kun Kun also shouted with a smile.

“Ferrari, start!” Li Yi, who was next to Zhao Kun Kun, also shouted.

“Ferrari, start!” Zhang Ya’s mood also rose, also ah, after all, young people, all fun, like fun, not to mention so many people are here to play.

“Okay, that, Neo, don’t look bitter, it’s your turn to shout!” Zheng Xuan shouted.

“Neo, shout, it’s quite fun!” Zhang Ya also excitedly poked Neo.

“Come on, shout, hangman, you don’t even know sports cars, you can’t not know how to pronounce the three words Ferrari, right, haha, come on, I’ll call you, Buddha afa- up ala- up a li, Ferrari, shout! Don’t delay!” Li Yi also shouted contemptuously.


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