At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 275

The concert square was full of people.

However, the Ferrari was hanging on for dear life, not losing speed at all and continuing to drift into the square.

Students who were too close scattered.

The crowd in the safety zone, on the other hand, had long since stretched their necks and taken out their mobile phones.

Finally, the Ferrari sports car, drove into the middle of the square.

In the middle of the square, there was a circular platform.

There was just enough space for one car to park, and the yellow Ferrari, without missing a beat, entered the platform with a dashing tail.

It was as if the platform was its own unique place to park.

Of course, it was also true that, except for Xiong Hui, no one dared to park in this place.

“Holy shit, it’s too handsome, this sports car!” Zheng Xuan looked at the Ferrari and jumped on it in excitement.

“Young Xiong is worthy of being the most bullish rich kid.” Zhao Kun Kun was also in a knee-jerk stance, “This Ferrari sports car of his is said to have been specially privately customized and cost over ninety million, almost a hundred million RMB! That BMW of mine, hehe, it’s not even enough for someone’s steering wheel!”

“Tsk, Xiong Shao is too top-notch, an existence to look up to.” Li Yi next to him also tsked, “Especially that Ferrari, every man’s dream! It’s simply handsome, a 100 million dollar sports car, claimed to be the most expensive sports car in history!”

“Number one in the world!” Zheng Xuan continued to dance like a nymphomaniac, “The owner of the number one sports car in the world, at our school! Wow woo, cool!”

“Young Xiong is getting off.”

Someone said.

Sure enough, the door of the Ferrari opened.

A medium-sized, unattractive looking boy got out of the car, followed closely by a girl.

The girl, who was a head taller than him, was wearing black silk stockings and looked very seductive.

Xiong Hui put his arm around that girl and went up the steps.

Then, the students around, all at once, swarmed around the yellow Ferrari sports car, took out their mobile phones and started taking photos from close range.

There were also some girls who hurriedly stood on the side and next to the Ferrari, asking their companions to help them take photos.

All in all, the mad adulation of these people was awe-inspiring.

However, no matter how crazy these people were, however, none of them dared to touch it or even come within a metre of it.

After all, that was Xiong Shao’s world’s most expensive Ferrari sports car, which Xiong Shao loved and cherished.

Last time a kid went to touch it, and then his hand bone was broken.

Besides, Xiong Hui, with his arm around the black silk woman, came up the steps, leisurely, enjoying the worship and greetings of the crowd along the way.

Then he pulled out his mobile phone.

“What’s going on? I told you to come to the concert, why haven’t you moved yet. I was going to give you a ride in my Ferrari and get off together! And it turns out you haven’t arrived yet.” Xiong Hui said irritably into his phone, “To be our Xiong family’s daughter-in-law, you have to be aware, understand, this kind of personality of yours will be very disliked by my grandfather, you better pray that you don’t upset my grandfather in the future, otherwise, hehe.”

“That, I’ll be right there.” On the phone, Cao Qian said in a depressed voice, “It’s going to take me time to get dressed isn’t it?”

“Oh, you hurry up then!” Xiong Hui snapped and hung up the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Cao Qian looked at the phone in a depressed manner.

In fact, the reason she was deliberately late was that she didn’t want to take Xiong Hui’s sports car, because she knew that as soon as she took Xiong Hui’s sports car, she would get off in full view of everyone and let everyone know that she and Xiong Hui were together.

The thought of this made her heart very sad.

Because, to be honest, she didn’t want to have anything to do with Xiong Hui, any involvement.

The thought of, walking together with Xiong Hui made her heart sick.

Moreover, she could still think of when she got off the bus with Xiong Hui.

What would those onlookers say.

They would definitely exclaim, saying something like “Wow, isn’t that Young Xiong and Second Miss Cao, they are actually together!” “What a perfect match!” “A story of a prince and a princess, bless them!”

The thought of those onlooking students saying these things really made Cao Qian unable to bear it.

So, even though she was actually ready to leave a long time ago, she deliberately delayed her departure.

Because, she just wanted to wait until Xiong Hui had reached the concert first, and then she herself would quietly go over.

It was best not to alert many people.

“Young Xiong has already come up, should we go over and say hello?” Zheng Xuan said with a bit of excitement.

After all, Xiong Hui was a top figure at Wujiang University, and to be able to get to know Xiong Hui could all be said to be a supreme glory.

“Saying hello, it’s not really possible.” Zhao Kun Kun pondered for a moment and said, “However, we can go over there for a bit and get next to Young Xiong, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to mingle or something.”

“Alright then, let’s go, go over there!”

They were just about to go over.

“Forget it, we won’t go over there, you guys go and have fun.” Zhang Yao frowned and said.

She listened to her cousin and the others talking about what sports cars ah rich young man ah, and knew that Neo must not feel good in her heart when she heard this.

After all, they were not from this circle.

Going to meet that what’s-his-name Xiong Shao again would definitely make Neo even more uncomfortable.

“Why? We can all go together, you’re still in a clique, it’s not good.” Zheng Xuan just wanted to set up Zhang Ya and Li Yi, so naturally she wouldn’t agree.

Zhang Yao sighed in her heart, she couldn’t help it.

After all, this was her cousin, and she was still living in her cousin’s house.

The crowd was just about to go over.

Just at this time.

Suddenly, on the music square, there was another commotion.

Although it was not as big a commotion as the commotion when Xiong Hui came in his sports car just now, it was still no small commotion.

Moreover, it was interspersed with sounds of surprise.

At the same time, there was also a faint roar of engine engines, coming from afar.


Finally, the sound of the engine was getting closer and closer.

Some people around couldn’t help but shout out, “This sports car, it’s so racy too!”



As the sound got closer and closer, the shouting people’s voices got louder and louder.

“What kind of sports car is this? It’s a Ferrari too?!”

“Holy shit, it’s too handsome, why do I feel, like it’s even more handsome than Young Xiong’s Ferrari!”

“How is it possible, young Xiong’s Ferrari is the unique and most expensive …… ah, wait, my grass, really, enough pulling ah, my day, this, this ……”

Listening to the shouts and comments of the people around.

Zheng Xuan and the others couldn’t help themselves and looked down.

Sure enough, a burgundy-red Ferrari sports car, similarly flinging its drift, arrived in the middle of the venue.

The shape of this Ferrari looked even more racy than Xiong Hui’s Ferrari, appearing even more technologically advanced, the entire body, all in one, surprisingly looked as if it was a huge piece of steel, carved out!

That complete fit was something that could only be found in a sci-fi film.

“Holy shit, this is too handsome!”

“Who’s this?”

“It’s not from our school, right, I’ve never seen it before!” Zheng Xuan Zhao Kun Kun and the three of them said one after another.

Lu originally didn’t bother to look at these things.

He wasn’t interested in these.

After all, he had owned all these things once.

But when he heard them say that, Neo couldn’t help but take a curious look down.

When he did, Neo froze.

I don’t think so.

Isn’t this my Ferrari sr Phantom?

Yes, this is exactly Neo’s sports car.

Only, how come at this moment, it was actually here?

According to reason, this car was still in the underground garage of the Teng Wang Ge villa in Jinling, thousands of miles away, so how could it appear in Wujiang University?

But suddenly.

Neo’s heart was horrified!

It was her!

Murong Ruo Lan!

That’s right, that woman, Murong Ruo Lan, had annexed all her properties in Jinling City, and needless to say, this car, must now be under her banner too.

She, how did she come here?

As for why she had come to Wujiang University, Neo couldn’t figure it out.

Just that, in his heart, Neo knew that he had better not see her, better not meet up with her.

After all, he had a problem with this woman.

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart thumped up, and he was ready to leave the place.

He was just about to speak to Zhang Ya.

Just at this time, the door of the Ferrari opened.

A man jumped out.

At once, Neo froze.

What, was it him?

The person who came down, thirty-five or sixty years old, but dressed very young, Martin boots, jeans, leather jacket, long hair blocking his eyes and also wearing sunglasses, a look of an old handsome man.

It was none other than Neo Ling’s uncle, Neo Tiangang.

Seeing him, Neo suddenly came to a sudden realization.

Yes, when he was leaving, he had given this car to Neo Ling’s, telling her that she could drive it, or give it to her, her little uncle, to drive.

Because at Neo Ling’s family gathering, Neo had met Neo Tiangang once and thought that Neo Tiangang was not bad and did not look down on himself like the others. He didn’t look down on himself like the others, and was quite nice to Neo Ling.

He was also a heartless person and liked cars.

And Neo was trying to give Neo Ling face at that time, so the Ferrari recording started at that time, and also let Neo Tiangang record a copy.

It seems that Neo Tiangang is now driving this car.

Well, it’s no wonder, this man was already a sports car lover, since he said he could watch it, he naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity ah.

Besides, Neo Tiangang, a man who is also considered a playboy, is not young, but not married either, and is an old-fashioned rich kid.

Now since there are so many beautiful women in the concert, so it’s not surprising that he came.

At this moment, Neo Tiangang also seemed to have done it on purpose and parked this Ferrari, right next to Xiong Hui’s Ferrari.

Of course, the parking position was not as good as Xiong Hui’s, because the circular platform could only accommodate one car.

However, Neo’s Ferrari was naturally much more stylish than Xiong Hui’s!

Xiong Hui’s Ferrari, when taken out, would definitely beat any sports car, and would also trigger the worship of the crowd, and many people would think that it was a top-class sports car.

But as the saying goes, there is a fear of comparing goods to goods.

Now two cars, put together a look.

Who is better and who is worse is even more evident at a glance.

The burgundy Ferrari, the shape is not as exaggerated as the yellow, but the restraint has more of a tension and temperament.

The body is full of technological materials, as if it is all natural, as if it has fallen from the sky, and is again hanging on to the yellow Ferrari.

The yellow Ferrari, parked in this good spot on the round platform.

Yet it was no match for the more awesome, burgundy Ferrari parked under the roundabout.

It looked even more awkward.

The feeling was like the ugly girl was standing on the stage while the beautiful girl, however, was standing low in the corner.

It made people feel that the ugly girl was uglier and the beautiful girl was more beautiful.


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