At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 274

The site of the Pearly Garden Concert is the Pearly Garden at Wujiang University.

This is actually an open-air activity centre for university students, a large semi-circular venue. In front of the venue, there is a musical fountain square a few dozen metres wide, and up the steps at the side of the square is the semi-open music restaurant.

It is now mid-afternoon and a stage has been set up early in the centre of the pearly gardens square.

A band, playing guitars and singing a very literary and popular song, were gathered underneath the stage with a lot of boys and girls who had dreams of backpacking.

But apparently, the concert hadn’t officially started yet and the band was just clearing the air for a test run.

The square was also very noisy, with skateboarders, skaters, street dancers and parkourers all over the place.

There was a lot of young, young, young boys and girls coming and going.

It was an atmosphere that made you want to dance and express your passion.

Such a concert is the perfect place for pretty girls to show off their beautiful bodies, and the square was full of girls with all kinds of beautiful bodies.

The long legs were like lotus stems, the long hair of the waterfall was dancing and flying, the thin waist and buttocks were seductive, the light smiles and pear swirls were emerging, the cute and adorable ones couldn’t bear to commit crimes, the geeks were itching to see them, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

I hate that I am not a rich boy!

Of course, on the other hand, this is a rich boy’s paradise!


A BMW 525, with billowing dust, pulled up in the car park next to the concert square.

“Here we are, here we are!”

Zheng Xuan pushed open the car door and excitedly jumped the small car, bouncing and jumping, with a slutty look.

In particular, some of the girls passing by next to her showed envious expressions when they saw that she had come in a BMW.

After all, it was already not bad to be able to drive a car in college, let alone still drive a BMW.

Seeing the envious gazes of the people around her, the vanity in Zheng Xuan’s heart, in particular, swelled up.

However, her vanity did not last long when another roaring Lamborghini sports car drove past her and parked on the other side of the car park.

“Wow, a sports car!”

At once, so many girls gathered around.

One by one, they all held their hands and looked at the Lamborghini with excitement.

Although these girls didn’t know what brand of sports car it was, the exaggerated, extremely hormone-stimulating appearance of the sports car naturally caused the girls to kneel down and lick it.

That’s a must, in college, the most fashionable thing is of course the sports car.

Everywhere you go, there are bound to be lustful noises.

Zheng Xuan was also looking at the sports car with envy, “Honey, what kind of sports car is that.”

“Lamborghini xr,” Zhao Kun Kun pointed to a row over the car park, “that one is a Ferrari Independence Day, that one is a Mitsubishi sports car, that one is an Onceleric, that one is a Pagani ss, these are all driven by the top rich kids in our school, it’s awesome!”

“So when are you going to buy a sports car too?” Zheng Xuan said as she held Zhao Kun Kun’s hand.

“I don’t have that kind of money, a sports car would cost a million or more.”

“What’s the point, your BMW is sold, your family will give you some money to buy a sports car, you said your father’s company has more than ten million profit this year, give you some money what’s wrong.” Zheng Xuan waved her hands on Zhao Kun Kun’s arm and said in a petulant manner.

“That’s true, I’ll think about it.” Zhao Kun Kun was obviously, also moved by the talk.

“Hey, hey, when you buy a sports car, I can ride in it!” Zheng Xuan had a longing look on her face, and was also smug.

“Then cousin, I’m going over there with Neo to play ah.” Zhang Ya said.

Originally, Zhang Ya still planned to take Neo to hang out with her cousin and the others.

However, now, seeing this very gold worshipping performance of her cousin, as well as all the contempt for Neo just now, Zhang Ya really didn’t want to subject Neo to such contempt again, so she was ready to separate from Zheng Xuan and the others.

“Which way to go?” Zheng Xuan said, “You guys should still follow me and Kun Kun, Kun Kun has a vip card in his hand, we can go to the best seats here, so we don’t have to mix with those hangers-on, how meaningless. Besides, you came to Wujiang to play with me, of course I have to take good care of you, don’t forget that Auntie has entrusted me to take care of you, well, let’s go.”

Zhang Ya had no choice but to follow Zheng Xuan anyway.

The four of them arrived at the best located music restaurant at the top of the stairs.

As expected, this music restaurant was very upscale and required a vip card to enter.

This vip card, too, was naturally not something that anyone could get.

Zhao Kunkun also drove a BMW and belonged to the upper middle class students in the school, so he naturally had a VIP card.

Compared to the other music restaurants, this place has the best location and the most open view, with a complete view of everything above the entire music square.

Moreover, compared to other music restaurants that are packed to the brim like a food market, this place is less crowded and seems very comfortable.

After all, it was a vip level music restaurant.

“Order something to eat and drink.”

The waiter brought the menu.

It was all snacks and drinks and such.

“You can also order, how to say it is also my cousin’s classmates, what you want to eat what you usually can not afford to eat, drink what you usually can not afford to drink, now you can order, anyway, we pay, you do not need to be polite.” Zheng Xuan said to Neo.

There was a strong sense of superiority in his tone.

Yes, of course Zheng Xuan looked down on Neo.

Not only did she despise it, she also felt that being with someone like Neo was really degrading to her image.

If it wasn’t for her cousin’s relationship, Zheng Xuan wouldn’t have bothered with Neo at all, after all, her boyfriend was Zhao Kun Kun, a guy who drove a BMW.

In Zheng Xuan’s mind, Neo is a hanger-on.

She, on the other hand, is what the hangers-on call a goddess.

A goddess does not care to share a table with a hangman.

Neo didn’t say anything either.

The reason he came over was purely because of Zhang Ya, after all, he hadn’t seen her for many days and wanted to have a chat.

So, if Zheng Xuan looked down on it, so be it.

“Alright cousin.” Zhang Ya was a little displeased.

But after all, it was her own cousin, so she didn’t say anything more.

A few people just ordered some snacks and beer drinks or something, they were all casual snacks anyway, so they ate and played while watching some of the performances below.

“Honey, call that friend of yours over.” After a while, Zheng Xuan said.

“Ah, right.” Zhao Kun Kun slapped his head with a look of almost forgetting and made a call out.

It didn’t take long for another boy to come.

This boy, with his recently popular fluffy parted hair up, wearing a pair of spindle check trousers, and a rich young man’s look, came in with a greeting.

A few introductions were made.

Soon, Neo knew that this boy was called Li Yi, a friend of Zhao Kun Kun who played well with him.

“Li Yi, this is my cousin Zhang Ya, you two should get to know each other.” Zheng Xuan smiled and said, “My cousin is a senior student of Jinling University.”

“Hello.” Li Yi then sat down next to Zhang Ya and extended his hand very familiarly.

Zhang Ya also shook his hand out of courtesy.

But after that, she didn’t pay much attention to him.

After all, it was not easy to meet Neo, so Zhang Ya mainly chatted with him.

When Li Yi approached him a few times, Zhang Ya only replied in a copious manner, and then continued chatting with Neo.

On this side, Li Yi’s face became a bit ugly.

And all this was naturally seen by Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan became upset in her heart, and became even more annoyed with Neo.

“Cousin, Young Li is sitting right next to you, so what the hell, you should talk to him a bit more too.” Zheng Xuan said, “Li Shao’s family is not worse than Kun Kun’s, his father is in the health care business, and if he does well, he makes tens of millions of dollars a year, you see that Mercedes over there, that’s Li Shao’s car.”

“Yes, okay, I know.” Zhang Ya nodded and said, but still continued to chat with Neo.

This time, Zheng Xuan was completely upset.

To be honest, this time, she had brought Zhang Ya out with her, just to introduce Zhang Ya to Li Yi, and had originally all agreed with Li Yi.

Once Li Yi heard that she was from Jinling University, he was very interested.

After all, he had played with many gold-digging girls from Wujiang University, so wouldn’t it be a blessing to change his taste once in a while and play with a girl from Jinling University?

What’s more, after meeting Zhang Ya, he felt that although Zhang Ya was not beautiful, she was gentle and had a unique taste.

I thought that I would be able to get her.

As a result, he had a soft spot.

Seeing that Zhang Ya only cared about chatting with that hanger-on dressed as Neo, completely ignoring himself, Li Yi was naturally furious in his heart.

And of course Zheng Xuan was also bubbling with anger.

After all, she was the introducer.

Yes, she too had thought it would be a simple matter, introducing her cousin to Li Yi.

However, how could she not have expected that she would run into her cousin, a classmate, when she was halfway there?

“Cousin, can you not be silly? What kind of goods is this Neo that you don’t know in your heart? He’s just a hanger-on, and his current job is just a library handyman. What kind of help can such a person give you?”

Zheng Xuan was already unhappy with Neo, so at this point, she also revealed the words, also, just reveal it, she was not afraid of Neo.

This kind of hangman, what’s wrong with scolding him a few times?

“Li Shao is much better than him, no matter the status wealth and taste, they all far surpass him, you give up the beautiful jade to seek the stubborn stone, can you not be so stupid!”

“Cousin, don’t you think you’re going too far? Neo is my good friend, I’ve known him for almost four years, and for you to talk about my good friend like that in front of me, I think you’re a bit too impolite.” Zhang Ya said as she held back her discomfort in her heart.

After all, Zheng Xuan was her cousin, so Zhang Ya couldn’t be too harsh in her tone.

“I’m all for your own good, you, you’re still talking about me?!” Zheng Xuan was instantly anxious.

She was really angry and anxious, and was just about to continue.

At this time, shouts of alarm were suddenly heard from all around, and many people got up all at once and stood at the railing of the restaurant, while at the same time, the square was even more noisy.

Many people were running and shouting.

It was as if something had happened.

“Young Xiong is here!”

“Young Xiong is here, driving his Ferrari, the world’s most expensive sports car!” Someone shouted.

“Quick, let’s go and have a look!”

“A unique Ferrari sports car!”

“Let’s go!”

Zheng Xuan was too late to get angry, and the crowd all left the table and went to the railing of the music restaurant, looking down from above.

At this moment, one could see an exaggeratedly shaped bright yellow Ferrari sports car in the square below, speeding a bit, drifting continuously, and driving into the square.


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