At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 273

“Zhang Ya?”

Neo looked at the girl in front of him in surprise.

How could he not have expected to see Zhang Ya here?

The Zhang Ya in front of her likewise did not expect to run into Neo here, right?

“I looked like you, I didn’t expect it to be true!”

Zhang Ya looked at Neo with surprise, then frowned slightly and said with concern, “You, why do you seem to be crying? What’s wrong with you?”

“No, nothing.”

Neo hurriedly wiped the corners of his eyes, and quickly recovered his mood again, putting aside the kind of thoughts he had just had, and said, “Why are you here?”

“Ah, my cousin is from Wujiang University, she’s graduating now, so I came to see her, and I’m going to browse around Wujiang City.” Zhang Ya said, “By the way, this is my cousin, Zheng Xuan.”

Only then did Neo notice that next to Zhang Ya, there was also a beautifully dressed girl standing next to her. A super short skirt, revealing long legs with flesh-coloured stockings, and a head of hair that spilled down like a waterfall, casually ruffled, could fly in the wind.


Neo said politely.


Zheng Xuan had actually sized up Neo early on.

While Zhang Ya and Neo were chatting, she had already sized him up and basically decided in her heart what kind of person he was.

So she was very indifferent to Neo.

“By the way, how about you, why are you here too? What a fate!” Zhang Ya said curiously.

“I ……” Neo was stunned, to be honest, some words really embarrassed to say, but now face is Zhang Ya, Neo to Zhang Ya, or do not intend to hide anything, after all, in Zhou Yun has not met, Zhang Ya should be the best girl to himself “I’m working in the library here.”

“Ah? You’ve got a job? The library of Wudao University? No, just a handyman.”

“No, just a handyman, I guess, doing everything.” Neo said honestly.

When he finished, the one next to him, Zheng Xuan, had an even colder face.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” Zhang Ya a little emotional said, “suddenly good sad feeling, before, me, you, and Li Mengyao, the three of us still often go for a walk together, go play together, I still vividly remember, however, now also often do not see you, Li Mengyao also do not know to where to go, disappeared for a long time …… ”

Speaking of this, Zhang Ya face and a trace of regret emerged, “I’m sorry, Neo, I should not mention her. She is really too sorry for you, I can’t forgive her even now, it’s just that, I, I really still miss the way the three of us used to be ……”

“It’s okay.” Neo said hurriedly.

In fact, to be honest, what Neo appreciated most was Zhang Ya’s character.

Zhang Ya was a person who remembered her feelings and valued her love, but of course, what Zhang Ya missed was the former Li Mengyao, and never the current Li Mengyao.

Speaking of Li Mengyao.

Neo was suddenly in a trance again.

Ah, how long had it been since he had thought of her again.

Back then, when Li Mengyao had dumped him, he had been thinking about her all day and night.

Even afterwards, when Li Mengyao hooked up with Du Liang and Liu Chaofeng, Neo still occasionally thought of Li Mengyao.

But now, when Neo heard Li Mengyao’s name once again, he realised that he hadn’t thought of her for a long time.

Yes, Li Mengyao had finally dissipated from his life.

He himself would never be swayed by her again either.

Even if he saw Li Mengyao again today, Neo knew that he could still face her with a smile.

But where the hell had Li Mengyao gone?

Neo remembered again what Yin Yi had said before, did Li Mengyao really just disappear like that?

“By the way, has Li Mengyao contacted you?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

Zhang Ya shook her head and sighed, “Li Mengyao has left, her mobile phone has long been down, QQ and WeChat are also always greyed out, I think she probably feels sorry for you and also feels that what she once did was too much ……”

“No, she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t feel sorry for me, she would only feel sorry for me.” Neo remembered the last time he saw Li Mengyao again.

He still remembered the last time, in the sixth section of the Qinfang, when Li Mengyao slammed the money in her hand on his face.

He also remembered the hatred and determination on Li Mengyao’s face.

Yes, Li Mengyao would not remember anyone’s goodness, nor would she remember how she treated others badly!

She would only remember how others had wronged her!

“I still remember you carrying her on your back, deep and shallow, in the cold winter night, stepping on the dim street light, rushing towards the hospital, and I was right behind you, and that night, Li Mengyao was lying on top of you as if you were a wombat. I even heard her murmur that she would marry you when she got well, yet when she got well, she dumped you, this person, it was too much, really doesn’t know how to cherish, doesn’t know what a good man is ……”

“Ah, ya ya, don’t tell me, you told me back then that the boy you liked, was the one who liked this guy!”

Just at this time, Zheng Xuan, who had been silent next to her and whose face was still a little impatient, suddenly spoke up.

These words instantly made Neo freeze.

Not knowing, what this Zheng Xuan wanted.

However, Zhang Ya, on the other hand, instantly blushed, “Cousin, what are you talking about!”

“Oh, what is there to be embarrassed about, I still remember you used to tell me that you had a best friend who played very well and a friend of the opposite s*x who played very well, you liked that friend of the opposite s*x very much, yet he liked that best friend of yours, the three of you still played together every day, but you could only hide your liking for that boy in your heart, seriously, just now I wasn’t But you also said that once your bestie was sick and that boy carried your bestie to the hospital in the middle of the night, while you were following behind, watching the cold winter night, but the beads of sweat on that boy’s head snapped down, your heart was heartbroken to the core at that time.”

Speaking of this, Zheng Xuan looked at Neo, “Oh, I really didn’t expect that, cousin, you actually liked this guy? Alas, I’m really disappointed, at that time, when I heard you say that, I thought the guy you liked was some kind of a handsome, gentle, considerate and golden male god, but it turns out to be such a guy who does chores in the library and is dressed in shabby clothes?”

“Alright, cousin, stop it.” Zhang Ya was depressed.

On the one hand, it was her cousin who had spoken her daughterly mind out, how shy that made her.

After all, although she and Neo had always been friends, she really had never expressed this heart ah.

She was afraid that if she did, she wouldn’t even be friends with Neo.

On the other hand, Zhang Ya was also not happy that her cousin was so critical of Neo.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say anything. Just to be honest, cousin you are not bad looking, dressing up and charming men, just like me, how good it is to catch a rich second generation, liking this kind of a no-good hanger-on, you are really pushing yourself into the fire.” When Zheng Xuan said this, she suddenly looked up, her face showing excitement, bouncing and waving her hand, “Hey, this way, this way!”

“My boyfriend is here!” Zheng Xuan was proud and excited, and proud of herself.

Sure enough, a BMW 7, brushed up to the crowd.

With it, down came a boy who looked like a little white boy, with nine-quarter trousers, black leather shoes, and exquisitely groomed hair.

As soon as this boy got out of the car, Zheng Xuan immediately flung her waist and pounced on him in a flirty manner.

“Let me introduce you guys.” Zheng Xuan’s almost entire body was pressed against the boy, her expression was sweet and smug, “This is my boyfriend, Zhao Kun Kun.”

“Kun Kun, this is my cousin I told you about, Zhang Ya.” Zheng Xuan said, glancing at Neo again, contemptuous and with a few teases, “As for this one, I won’t introduce him, after all, he doesn’t belong in your circle either, so why should I waste Kun Kun your precious energy to know his name.”

Zhang Ya frowned.

“Well, let’s go, the Pear Garden Concert is about to start, let’s hurry over there now, you know, this one is a grand concert, I heard, even Xiong Shao will be there, it must be fun, come on, let’s go.”

“Let’s go, cousin.”

Zheng Xuan also pulled Zhang Ya into the car.

“Neo, you come too, you sit with me in the back row and we’ll chat.” Zhang Ya said as she got into the car and looked at Neo.

Yes, it was so hard to meet Neo, Zhang Ya also wanted to talk to Neo for a while longer.


Neo also thought so and got into the car.

The BMW went away.

At this time, the Wujiang Cao Mansion.

“I don’t want to go.” A girl, speaking coldly into the phone in her hand, said.

“Oh, you have to come even if you don’t want to, don’t forget, you are now my Xiong Hui’s fiancée, and we are getting married soon, my family’s bride price has been placed. Hurry up, no more nonsense, you do not want to make me angry, you know, I am a person, angry words, the consequences are very serious, pear garden concert, I will not say it twice!” After saying that, the phone hung up.


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