At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 272

Outside the main auditorium.

Jiang Chunnan, the three of them, came to Lu Nan’s side.

“Young Master Nan, we will go back first, if you need anything in the future, please feel free to give us orders.” Jiang Chunnan said respectfully.

Yes, Jiang Chunnan had invested in Wujiang University, and this matter was precisely what Lu Nan had authorized.

Otherwise, Jiang Chunnan was from Jiangnan Institute, how could he come to Wujiang University to make a donation.

The company’s main business is to invest in Wujiang, and that’s Shen Neo’s business, so of course Jiang Chunnan won’t cross the line.

However, since Lu Nan had asked him to invest in the research building of Wujiang University, Jiang Chunnan had no reason to refuse the family’s young master’s order, even though he was not too willing to do so.

At this moment, the event was over, and Jiang Chunnan naturally had to return to Jinling.

Saying that, Jiang Chunnan pulled open the door of the car next to him and was about to get in.

“Oh, Jiang Chunnan, you’re really getting unruly.” Who expected, Lu Nan’s cold words caused Jiang Chunnan to freeze in place.

For Jiang Chunnan, he didn’t want to have too much contact with Lu Nan, so once the meeting was over, he just greeted Lu Nan with courtesy and then prepared to leave.

He thought that Lu Nan would just nod his head, also as a courtesy, and let himself go.

However, with these words, Lu Nan had something to say.

Jiang Chunnan naturally had to stop.

“I haven’t even gotten in the car yet, and you’re getting in, are you trying to be more urgent than me? Don’t you know the order of master and servant?!” Lu Nan continued coldly.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Nan.” Jiang Chunnan only had to say.


However, Lu Nan raised his hand and gave him another slap.

This slap instantly caused the people around, to cast their eyes.

But, naturally, no one dared to step forward.

Not only did they not dare psychologically, but they also knew that they were not qualified to go forward.

After all, just now at the venue, everyone understood Lu Nan’s status, not to mention Lu Nan, even Jiang Chunnan was in the upper echelon.

“I haven’t asked you to say sorry yet, get out of the way, you’re blocking my car door.” Lu Nan also stopped paying attention to Jiang Chunnan, got himself into the Rolls Royce and slowly drove away.

Jiang Chunnan didn’t say anything either, and waited until Lu Nan had left before he silently got into the car and drove away as well.

“Young Master Nan is a bit too much.”

In the car, Zhu Dayou said with a frown.

“It’s just going first, it’s not like we’re disrespecting him, after all, we have to rush back to Jinling City, Young Master Nan, this is a bit too petty, even if the Grand Master was here, he would allow us to go first.” Shen Wan Guan also said.

“You’re all wrong.” Jiang Chunnan had a deep knot in his brow and said, “You don’t really think that Young Master Nan was angry because I wanted to get on the bus first just now, do you? That was just an excuse for him. He hit me because he could see that I didn’t kneel down for the Third Young Master just now because I was anemic.”


Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan froze, of course they knew that Jiang Chunnan had knelt down to Neo because he couldn’t afford to do so, so at that time Jiang Chunnan could only have knelt down as well.

They knew this because they knew Jiang Chunnan, knew that Jiang Chunnan was not anaemic, and knew that Jiang Chunnan had always treated the Third Young Master with respect.

They knew this because they understood that if Neo had stood in front of them just now and offered himself a scarf, they would have found a reason to kneel down too!

However, they did not expect that Lu Nan would have seen it too.

“Young Master Nan is not stupid, he is a very intelligent person, and he also knows that the Third Young Master had a lot of contact with us when he was in Jinling City, so, of course, he saw the true intention of that act of kneeling down by me, and he knew that I still had old favours in mind. So this act of me kneeling down to the Third Young Master angered him.” Jiang Chunnan said, “His heart was not happy, so he found a reason to give me a hard time, partly to warn me and partly to vent his anger.”

Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan heard this.

They were silent, while their faces showed an expression of indescribable astonishment.

Yes, it was a bit frightening.

To be precise, it was Lu Nan who was a bit terrifying.

“But, Young Master Nan is the Third Young Master’s cousin, so he shouldn’t be angry if we do this, he should even feel happy, right?” After thinking about it, Shen Wanguan said.

“You guys don’t understand.” Jiang Chunnan’s face was heavy, “Young Master Nan and the Third Young Master don’t have a good relationship.”

He continued, “Of course, as a small chief, it is impossible for me to know this. However, you should know that Eldest Master and I used to be comrades in arms, Eldest Master used to be my captain, so Eldest Master also talked to me about some rather secret topics. Eldest Master told me that Young Master Nan and Third Young Master had not been on good terms since they were young, and even less of a brotherly love. To be precise, it is the young master Nan is more mean and ungrateful, and the third young master three different views, but no matter what, young master Nan and the third young master are the grandson of the Grand Master, so this is also a very headache for the Grand Master, after all, as elders, of course, all want peace and harmony in the family, but ……”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chunnan exhaled, “Today’s situation, you have also seen, I believe you also know how unhappy Young Master Nan is with the Third Young Master.”

After Jiang Chunnan finished his words, the carriage was silent.

“If that’s true, then wouldn’t it be dangerous for the Third Young Master to be in this situation now?” Zhu Dayou said.

“Yes.” Shen Wan Guan also sighed, “What the hell is going on, a harmless and low-profile and humble person like the Third Young Master would withdraw from the clan, I can’t figure out this matter! What exactly did the Third Young Master do to make him accept this punishment?”

“I actually know a little bit about the exact reason.” Jiang Chunnan thought for a moment and said, “From the moment I received that number one document from the clan regarding the Third Young Master’s withdrawal from the clan, I have always had doubts in my heart and my mind was hard to calm down, so I went to the clan headquarters and approached the Grand Master once. Because of my relationship with the Grand Master, the Grand Master met me.”

Jiang Chunnan continued, “Do you know that the Third Young Master was not punished and expelled from the family, but he had to quit on his own.”


Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan were instantly shocked, “Why?!”

“Because a young lady from a family, who had taken a fancy to the Third Young Master, wanted to recruit him as her son-in-law, and asked for him by name. The Third Young Master was chaste and virtuous, and vowed not to comply, so he was forced to withdraw from the clan to avoid the marriage.” Jiang Chunnan said.


Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, both of them, froze for a while again.

“Why? To withdraw from the clan in order not to agree to the marriage, Third Young Master, why would you do that?” Zhu Dayou was again puzzled and sad, yes, sad for Neo.

It’s just a marriage, even if you don’t like it, it shouldn’t be at such a great cost of retreating from the clan.

“Because, the third young master, has a girl he likes.” Jiang Chunnan said here, looked at Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, as if to remind, “Have you forgotten, that third young master beside the girl, the beautiful looking one, thin, not too tall, not too short, very thick hair, looks quiet like white jade …… ”

“Ah, I know!” Zhu Dayou first froze, then snapped his head, “It’s that missing girl, when she first disappeared, the Third Young Master was in the Plum Grove Small House, and didn’t close his eyes for three days in search of her!”

“I remembered that too!” Shen Wan Guan was also stunned, then said, “I even set up a special banquet at the Pine and Crane Tower to receive the third young master and that girl, in order to make the third young master please that girl, I also designed to make the third young master win the lottery, and won a string of ruby necklaces for that girl to wear …… ”

Speaking of this, Shen Wan Guan suddenly had a few aunt-like honeyed touches in his gaze as well, “I still remember now, when the third young master was on stage, putting on the ruby necklace for that girl, the tenderness in that gaze, his gaze did not leave that girl’s face for a moment, I also remember now, the shyness and joy on that girl’s face, I also remember now, when the third young master said to that girl ……”

“Yes, it was that girl, that must have been the girl the Third Young Master loved the most!” Shen Wan Guan said.

“That’s right.” Jiang Chunnan said, “It was that girl, when the Third Young Master had just returned to Jinling from the Healing Island with her, so you gave them a reception. You know, once, the Third Young Master called the base’s helicopter for her, ah.”

“C-level support!”

Shen Wan Guan and Zhu Da You shouted at the same time.

“That’s right. The Third Young Master called for c-level support just for that girl.” Jiang Chunnan nodded, pursing his lips with a sense of emotion in his gaze, “Do you guys know that this is also the first and only time since the family named the support levels with the svabcde Latin letters that a family son called for c-level support for a girl he hadn’t welcomed yet. And, that girl, who the Third Master had just met at the time, and who, moreover, came from a humble background! This kind of situation has never, never before, never before has a family son, called for such a high level of support to protect his girlfriend!”

“Moreover, at that time, the young master used the threat of retreating from the clan to threaten the clan’s ah!” Jiang Chunnan was already infinitely emotional as he spoke.

Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan were also deeply shocked.

Just how much did one love someone that one would sacrifice so much?

And when they thought that Neo had retreated from the clan because of this reason, they could not help but feel a sense of heroic lament.

In the carriage, for a long time, no one spoke.

“I do wish I had a master like that.”

“Me too, I like such a master.”

The voices of both Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, very calm, seemed a little abrupt in the quiet carriage.

“These words, don’t say them in the future.” It was only after a long time that Jiang Chunnan seemed to pick up the words, and his voice, which had always been steady, even trembled a little.

What a difficult and sad sentence to say.

Yes, there were some words that might never be said again.

“Sit tight, fasten your seat belt, there are traffic police ahead.” Jiang Chunnan’s voice came again.

However, both Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan knew that he was just digressing to hide his inner emotions.

The entrance to the auditorium of Wujiang University.

The entrance to the auditorium, which had been bustling just a moment ago, had long since been deserted by cars and horses.

Neo stood dumbfounded under the pillar at the entrance, an indescribable sourness spreading throughout his body.

Just now, when Lu Nan slapped Jiang Chunnan, Neo stood in the crowd at a distance and saw it clearly.

The real meaning of Lu Nan’s slap, he understood very well.

That slap was like a slap on Neo’s own face.

He understood that it was a slap that Jiang Chunnan had taken for himself.

And, Neo also knew.

This slap was just the beginning.

Jiang Chunnan had received a slap for himself today.

Perhaps there would be more slaps from Lu Nan in the future.

Of course Neo understood what kind of person Lu Nan was.

This cousin was definitely a person with a ruthless heart and a strong heart, with a great variety of methods.

Neo watched steadily until Jiang Chunnan drove away.

Until, everyone here had left and he was the only one left.

A feeling of sadness and helplessness enveloped him.

He suddenly wanted so much to have someone to lean on, to fall into a warm embrace and cry, to hug that warm body and cry his eyes out, and then to stand up and be stronger in order to guard her.

How he would like to have that familiar voice suddenly ring out one day, without warning, “Neo, you are here!

“Neo, you’re here!”

At that moment, a surprised voice behind him interrupted Neo’s thoughts.


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