At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 271

Jinling City, Teng Wang Ge Villa.

A woman sat on the sofa in the living room, the woman was pretty looking, but her face looked extremely frightening at the moment.

There was even a feeling in the air that it could explode at any moment.

A smell of gunpowder, and the smell of death.

In front of the woman, there were two people kneeling.

Two people who were trembling.

If Neo was here too, he would definitely be able to recognise that these two people kneeling were the same two people he had seen coming after him that time in the helicopter.

“Master Zhuang, I, we ……”

The two men looked terrified to the core at this point and also looked puzzled, shaking and shrinking, and were seemingly arguing for something.

Yes, this woman was none other than Murong Ruolan.

“Shut up! You are dead today!”

Murong Ruolan let out a scolding and raised the palm of her hand.

No one saw how she moved, but there was a crisp ringing sound and blood instantly gushed out from the corners of these two people’s mouths.

At once, the two men didn’t dare to speak.

They only knelt there, kowtowing desperately.

It was at this time. Murong Ruolan’s mobile phone next to her suddenly rang.

She picked it up, frowned, and answered it anyway.

Then, the expression on her face, instantly became one of disbelief, “Really?!”

After another moment, she hung up the phone only then.

After hanging up the phone, for a while, Murong Ruo Lan looked a little dumbfounded, as if she still looked like she didn’t believe it.

And the two people kneeling were even more apprehensive in their hearts.

After all, they were kneeling on the ground with their heads bowed, so they could not see Murong Ruolan’s appearance, nor could they hear Murong Ruolan’s words.

This feeling was the most devastating of all.

It was like being blindfolded and waiting for the executioner’s beheading to come, that kind of waiting was the most unbearable.

What’s more, just now Murong Ruo Lan, even said that they were dead.

Honestly, they were really puzzled, really puzzled in their hearts.

They really couldn’t understand why Murong Ruo Lan was treating them like this.

It was obvious that they had done what she wanted perfectly.

“Alright, you guys go out, it’s alright!”

Just at this time, suddenly, Murong Ruo Lan spoke.

When the two people heard this, their hearts burst with joy.

They hurriedly kowtowed to Murong Ruolan a few more times, their mouths full of words of thanks to the villa master for not killing them, before they stood up and hurriedly left the living room.

Only then did they stand up and leave the living room.

Only then did the two of them come back to their senses.

“What’s going on? Why did Master Zhuang want to kill us just now?”

“I can’t figure it out either, according to reason, we obviously followed her instructions and killed that retreating clan boy from the Lu family, she should have rewarded us, ah, why did she want to kill us just now, as if it was as if we had killed the wrong person.”

“Ugh, yes, I was scared to death just now, but then what happened, how come the Village Master let us go again.”

“I can’t figure it out either. I think, though, it had something to do with that phone call earlier.”

The two talked like this, and their moods slowly calmed down before they left.

And in the living room, Murong Ruolan looked at the backs of the two men who walked out.

He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “Oh, you two, you should really thank this Lu Nan for calling, if he hadn’t called, I wouldn’t have known that Neo guy was still alive, and without knowing that he was alive, I would never have let you guys off, because, of course, I would have blamed you guys for killing him!”

Speaking here, Murong Ruo Lan again had an unbelievable expression on her face as she murmured, “What’s wrong with me, it was clearly me who told them to kill Neo, and they did as I instructed, why, I still blame them for killing Neo, instead I almost killed them just now?”

Speaking here, Murong Ruolan herself was a little confused beyond words.

Yes, the reason why she wanted to kill those two men just now was precisely because she had been very irritable inside for some time.

This irritation did not know when it had started.

But at least when she had just learned that Neo had fallen into the Pacific Ocean, she was still in a somewhat happy mood, the happy feeling of revengeful retaliation.

But this feeling of excitement actually lasted only a few days.

Next, Murong Ruo Lan somehow managed to lose the excitement that she had felt before.

In its place, there was an indescribable irritation.

A feeling of depression.

Especially, today she came to this Teng Wang Court villa.

The reason why Murong Ruolan had found Neo’s various properties in Jinling was precisely because of the kind of irritation and depression she felt inside, leaving her emotions unreleased.

She was suddenly desperate to know all kinds of information about Neo.

However, Neo was already dead, and the only way to learn more about him was through these estates of Neo.

That is why Murong Ruo Lan had gotten her hands on all of Neo’s properties in Jinling through means.

Especially this outer villa of Teng Wang Ge.

As soon as Murong Ruolan entered, she knew that this was exactly where Neo lived.

Somehow, the thought of Neo, who once lived here, was now dead.

She was instantly even more furious.

So, she immediately called the two men she had sent after Neo to come here.

At that time, Murong Ruo Lan was extremely upset and annoyed inside.

She had already forgotten the order she had given to kill Neo, and she blamed everything on the heads of those two poor henchmen, so she was about to kill them.

Those two men, who were really dumbfounded, couldn’t understand at all why Murong Ruo Lan wanted to kill themselves.

The two were really frightened.

They thought that Neo was not dead, and that the mission was not carried out properly.

Yeah, after all, how could they have ever imagined that the dealer wanted to kill them, not because they didn’t carry out their mission properly, but precisely because they carried out their mission well!

However, in a dog’s blood, Lu Nan called Murong Ruolan at exactly this time.

He reported that he had seen Neo in Wujiang.

Lu Nan’s intention was obvious, he was indirectly telling Murong Ruolan that Neo was not dead and wanted Murong Ruolan to continue to kill him.

Of course, Lu Nan was not stupid.

Naturally, he could not directly tell Murong Ruolan that Neo was not dead.

After all, if that were the case, wouldn’t it be revealing that he knew that Murong Ruolan wanted to kill Neo.

So, when he called Murong Ruolan, he just told Murong Ruolan in a light-hearted manner that he had seen Neo at Wujiang University, but he did not go up and make any contact with Neo.

It seemed as if Neo was telling Murong Ruo Lan that he had strictly followed the rules and was pleasing Murong Ruo Lan by not making contact with Neo.

In fact, of course, it was a way to let Murong Ruolan know from the side that Neo was not dead.

However, when Murong Ruolan now heard that Neo was not dead, she was not only not angry, but on the contrary, her heart was actually relieved all of a sudden.

It was hard to describe that feeling.

In short, in that instant, Murong Ruo Lan was not annoyed all of a sudden.

So, that was why she spared those two henchmen.

After all, she wanted to kill those two henchmen because they had killed Neo, and now, since Neo was surprisingly not dead, Murong Ruolan certainly spared her henchmen.

“Neo, you bastard, you really aren’t dead, very good, if you were dead, it would be boring.”

A smile emerged from the corner of Murong Ruo Lan’s mouth, there was cruelty, but also an indescribable genuine joy, “This world would have been boring, but with you not dead, this world would have been a little more fun.”

Back at the auditorium of Wujiang University.

Lu Nan put down the phone, and in his heart, he was very secretly proud of his wit just now.

Although he did not hear Murong Ruo Lan’s angry and furious tone on the phone, but since Murong Ruo Lan already knew that Neo was still alive, he would not let him go.

It was only a matter of time before Neo died.

However, when Lu Nan looked back at Neo and Jiang Chunnan, her gaze returned to the same resentment and jealousy as before.

At this moment, because Jiang Chunnan was kneeling on the ground, the photo session naturally could not continue.

After all, Jiang Chunnan was one of the most important investors, so it was impossible to take a picture of him on his knees.

So the session was haphazardly ended.

At this point, the meeting broke up.

“Neo, you are really a broomstick, putting up a flower stand, also fell down on Mr. Jiang, now you hang a scarf for Mr. Jiang, and make Mr. Jiang anemic attack, huh, you kind of person, really fate fatalities ah ……” over there, Lu Zhi came over, no good The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

Yes, she was very unhappy with Neo.

However, Neo could not listen to a single word she said at this time.

Neo looked at the back of Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, who were helping Jiang Chunnan to leave, in a daze.

Although from the beginning to the end, these three people did not say a word to Neo.

However, Neo had watched every move they made.

Especially, when the three of them brushed past Neo, the wordless wetness in their eyes made Neo’s heart feel touched and warm with the desire to cry.

It was really warm.

They still remembered themselves.

They still respected themselves.

Thinking about this, how could one not be moved.

Even though he had left the family, his shadow still lived in their hearts!

Even if in this lifetime, they will never meet without words.

But that kind of affection, that kind of respect, will always be there!


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