At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 270

Neo was stunned.

Looking at the row of people on the podium at that moment, they all included Zheng Jie and Jiang Chunnan Zhu Dayou, their investors. They stood in a horizontal row, lined up on the wide podium, facing the crowd below.

At the bottom were a number of journalists and assistants and the like, holding cameras and camcorders, clicking pictures.

It was all just a publicity stunt, nothing to be accused of.

At the same time, the boys and girls on the stage were lined up in a long column, the men were all tall and handsome, the girls were all long-legged and tall and beautiful, each holding a long red satin scarf in their hands, which they were going to hang around the necks of the investors later.

This is not much to say, after all, they have invested in such a big project, as the school, engage in some formalism, bring a symbol of respect red scarf, is also an expression of gratitude.

It is similar to some events where primary school students put on red scarves for some leaders.

“Lv curator, find someone else.” Neo was certainly not happy to be on stage ah.

Meeting with Jiang Chunnan and the others again at this time would serve no purpose other than to make them feel sad.

What’s more, Neo didn’t want to meet up with Lu Nan either.

After all, the relationship between the two was already average, and now that he had even broken away from the clan, he would only be left hanging when he met Lu Nan.

“Find someone else? Now where do you want me to find someone again, look, it’s time to go to the podium, is there still time? Hurry up and get up there, these investors are the benefactors of our school, absolutely cannot be neglected!” As soon as he heard Neo say that he didn’t want to go up, Lu Zhi was immediately furious.

On the one hand, he didn’t expect Neo to talk back.

On the other hand, of course, he was also pressed for time, seeing that the students were all on stage with their red scarves, so there was no time to delay.

“If I didn’t think you were taller, not too ugly and had a good image, I wouldn’t have let you go up there. You know what kind of person you are, understand your own position, picking and choosing is something only the rich generation is qualified to do, like you, you are from a lowly background, it is better to do what you want, lest you can’t even drink the northwest wind in the future!” With that, Lu Zhi pushed Neo one step forward.

When she said this, Neo’s heart was struck by a sudden blow.

Yes, these words touched his heart.

Yes, what was he now? He was an ordinary person, just an ordinary person with no family and no one to depend on, just doing whatever others told him to do, how could he be qualified to follow his own nature?

Thinking, Neo had no choice but to follow behind the others and came to the podium.

When Neo came up, the others naturally didn’t feel anything and didn’t care.

But Lu Nan, who was next to him, suddenly focused his gaze on Neo’s body, with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

Yes, how was this possible?

Wasn’t Neo dead?

Lu Nan clearly remembered that Murong Ruo Lan had sent two of her men to hunt down and kill Neo.

With the strength of Murong Ruo Lan’s men, it would be easy to chase and kill someone like Neo who had no martial arts skills, even if he was a special soldier or a soldier king.

However, the Neo in front of him, did appear alive in front of him.

Lu Nan’s heart was incredulous, but, he couldn’t show anything!

Because, he had to abide by the rules too.

He could not have any contact with Neo.

After all, he and Neo were cousins.

“Young Lu, look, can we start?” Wu Da Guo said cautiously.

“Oh, well, it’s okay to start.” Lu Nan was stunned for a moment, and although he was shocked in his heart, his face did not show any difference, looking as if nothing was wrong.

“Good, now please let us express our highest respects!” As soon as Wu Da Guo took a look at Lu Nan and said it was okay, he immediately gave an order.

At this moment, the crowd of boys and girls, came to the row of investors, exactly, each student corresponding to each investor.

As soon as the headmaster’s words fell.

At once, the crowd of students, hung the red scarves in their hands around the necks of the investors.

All the investors’ heads were held high.

After all, they were the investors, the upper class.

And standing in front of them were the students who offered them the scarves, and on the stage, a crowd of admirers.

So, they had reason to, and should, hold their heads high and show their status.

Yet, there was one man who kept his head down.

He even bent over slightly.

This person, was Jiang Chunnan.

At this moment, he was extremely uncomfortable inside, but there was nothing he could do about it.

He wanted to slap himself twice, how could he allow the former Third Young Master to personally hang the scarf on himself.

Yes, it was Neo who was standing in front of Jiang Chunnan.

There was no way out, the students held their red scarves and went up to the stage in turn, and Neo was allocated right in front of Jiang Chunnan.

When he put the scarf on Jiang Chunnan, Neo didn’t feel anything.

Except when he was facing Jiang Chunnan, he appeared to have an indescribable sadness because it was not the same as it used to be.

However, in Jiang Chunnan’s view, how did he think he could bear it?

However, there was nothing he could do at this point.

Because, at this time, he rightly treated Neo as an ordinary person, and, moreover, Lu Nan was also here.

Therefore, he could only slightly bow his head, and with this slight gesture, he could still express an inner respect.

“Good, good, now, all students, half kneel down, yes, yes, kneel down, hold the hem of the scarf and kneel down!”

At this point, the photographers at the bottom of the podium shouted in command.

As they gestured, they began to focus.

“Kneel down, quickly, half-kneel and hold the scarf!” There, too, Lv Zhi rushed over and ordered.

The students standing in front of the investor were then seen to kneel half on one knee in front of the investor, and then hold the scarf with both hands and smiles on their faces.

These were students who had been trained in this way for a long time.

Yes, the school, in order to further highlight the status of the investors and to show respect, had the students all kneel down, hold their scarves and then take promotional photos.

Neo was pulled up temporarily, so of course he was unaware of the situation, and at that moment, looking at the situation, he was stunned.


There, as soon as Lu Zhi saw that Neo was still unwilling to kneel down, he became anxious, shouting and gesturing, signalling Neo to hurry up and kneel down.

Neo was also helpless at this moment.

But in this situation, in full view of everyone, and with all the students in front and behind him kneeling, how could he be different.

Everyone’s eyes were on him.

Neo simply bowed his head and half-kneeled down.

Then he held the scarf that Jiang Chunnan had draped down.

“Good, that’s good, hold this pose, attention all!”

The photographer was excited, gesticulating, about to start taking pictures.

Just at this moment.

Suddenly, there was a sound of alarm from the crowd.

Neo had his head down, and before he could understand what was going on, he saw a movement in front of him, and he couldn’t help but look up to find that Jiang Chunnan had actually knelt down too!

Moreover, Jiang Chunnan was not kneeling on one knee, but on both legs.

At this moment, it was not only Neo who was surprised.

This was also why the whole crowd had just gasped in surprise.

“What’s going on, Mr Jiang?” As soon as Wu Da Guo saw Jiang Chun Nan like this, he was shocked, Jiang Chun Nan was a big shot, he hurriedly shouted at Lu Zhi, “Quick, get the school doctor here!”

Lv Zhi was also in a frenzy and was just about to run to get the school nurse.

“No, there’s no need.” Jiang Chunnan waved his hand and put on a tired smile, “I’m just a little anemic, I can’t stand for long, I’m a little dizzy just now, I’ll be fine after kneeling for a while, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Although Jiang Chunnan’s mouth said so.

However, an indefinable sadness welled up in his heart.

Because, only he knew why he had knelt down.

Yes, how could he possibly let the Third Young Master kneel in front of him and then take a photo for a souvenir, no matter if he was still the Third Young Master or not, he would never let him kneel in front of him!

However, in this situation, there was no way for Jiang Chunnan to walk away, let alone help Neo up.

He couldn’t do a single thing that would make others feel weird!

After all, he still had to abide by everything in the number one document, he was still a member of the Lu family, and was not to have any old feelings with someone who had broken away from the family!

So, his heart and soul moved.

Why don’t I just get down on my knees too!

Of course, he knew very well that even if he knelt down, he must not let anyone see the horse’s foot.

Therefore, he could only pretend that he was anaemic and could not support himself and knelt down.

Third Young Master, although I can no longer utter this title.

However, as long as I can still do so, I will try my best to uphold your dignity!

Remember, when the captain wanted to fire me and send me to my old age, it was you who retained me regardless of my just far from being timely.

You helped me when I was leaving the family.

However, I could not do anything when you left the family.

Next to them stood Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, both of them were still standing but there was also a kind of pathos and pain on their faces.

Yes, they had spent the whole day with Jiang Chunnan, how could they not know Jiang Chunnan’s physical condition.

Jiang Chunnan did not have any anaemia at all.

They understood very well why Jiang Chunnan had fallen to his knees.

And they also knew that if Neo had stood in front of them just now, they would have fallen to their knees too!

And Neo, how could he not understand this?

He understood Jiang Chunnan’s heart, and his heart could not help but be moved beyond words.

At this moment, the entire auditorium.

Only Neo, Jiang Chunnan, Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan understood the true meaning of Jiang Chunnan’s gesture, this kind of heart, this kind of unspeakable tacit understanding.

None of the others could see through the deep meaning behind this little kneeling gesture!

No, there was perhaps one exception.

Lu Nan, Lu Nan stared at Jiang Chunnan with a deadly gaze, and in that moment, his gaze revealed a depression, a hatred, a jealousy!

Yes, he was also Young Master Nan, but the few guys from this Jiangnan Institute were far less loyal to him than they were to Neo!

Even now, Neo had fallen and been expelled from his family.

This Jiang Chun Nan, how dare he pay tribute to Neo in such a way, under his own nose!

How could Lu Nan not be jealous?

This Neo, what on earth did he have that could make the people of Jiangnan Institute so loyal to him?

Good, Neo, you’re still alive, aren’t you?

Good, then I’ll let the people who want you dead know that you’re still alive!

As he thought, Lu Nan took out his mobile phone and dialed a number out.


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