At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 269

The family’s last headline document, naturally, also came down to the Jiangnan Institute.

Everyone knew about that incident.

“Are you stupid, hurry up and apologise, do you hear me!” Lu Zhiyi saw Neo’s head lowered and didn’t say anything, and slapped it over.

Of course she was anxious in her heart, these three people were the ones who must never be offended.

This slap, to Jiang Chunnan, looked as if it was hitting them on the head.

Zhu Dayou’s face changed and his palms immediately clenched into fists.

But at this time, a hand secretly reached over and grabbed his wrist.

Of course it was Jiang Chunnan’s hand.

Jiang Chunnan was, after all, the boss of Jiangnan Institute, and naturally knew the character of the people under him like the back of his hand.

Shen Wan Guan was harmonious and tolerant, so he couldn’t do business or anything better.

And although Zhu Dayou can also be patient, his temperament is still explosive enough, and his heart is also on the ruthless side, so he is in charge of opening up the various power circles in Jinling City.

So now, as soon as he saw Zhu Dayou clench his fist, Jiang Chunnan knew what he was up to.

If he hadn’t held Zhu Dayou’s wrist in time, it was estimated that this woman, I’m afraid, would have been knocked over by Zhu Dayou’s fist.

Of course, it was nothing for Zhu Dayou to knock over a clerk from a venue of Wujiang University, but the key was that such a strange move would draw attention to himself.

If word spread and eventually reached the ears of the family or the Murong family, then it would be difficult to investigate.

When the time comes, if the Murong family learns that one of the employees of the Lu family’s Jiangnan office beat someone up just to take it out on Neo, then there will definitely be a ruckus.

Zhu Dayou was so caught by Jiang Chunnan that he also calmed down a lot, and let go of his fist with a long sigh in his heart.

“It’s alright, this flower frame itself is unstable, what’s the point of apologizing, it’s alright, it’s alright.” Jiang Chunnan waved his hand, and did not dare to look at Neo more, afraid that he might let others see the difference, and hurriedly took Zhu Dayou Shen Wan Guan inside the venue.

“Count yourself lucky, or else people would have pursued you just now and you would have been finished, you are also useless enough, when you see the VIPs, you are too scared to even say anything, and you don’t dare to raise your head.”

Seeing Jiang Chunnan and the others leaving, Lu Zhi was relieved in her heart, but in order to maintain her dignity, she naturally still scolded Neo.

Neo, on the other hand, did not listen to Lu Zhi’s words at all.

He just stared blankly at the ground, and it was only after seeing Jiang Chunnan and the others that he realised that he was no longer a member of the Lu family.

A burst of applause from the audience interrupted Neo’s thoughts.

He looked up and saw that the venue was already full of people, sitting in the VIP section in the middle area were entrepreneurs like Zheng Jie, and Jiang Chunnan and the others were also sitting in the middle.

On the other hand, the two sides were filled with people from the school and the community.

At the front of the auditorium, an old man in a suit with glasses, got on the podium.

Neo recognised, having seen the old man’s picture in the library, that it was none other than Wujiang University’s president, Wu Da Guo.

“Distinguished guests, friends of the community, teachers and students, thank you all for attending this appreciation meeting in the midst of your busy schedules!” Wu Da Guo was at the podium with an impassioned look on his face.

“With everyone’s enthusiastic attention and help, our Quantum and Space Exploration Research Building at Wujiang University, has been officially completed!”

As soon as Wu Da Guo finished these words.

At once, thunderous applause came from the stage.

Many people even stood up and applauded.

There were also some people on the stage with white hair, who looked to be at the level of professors, who were also full of hot tears at this time, as if they were very excited.

Wu Da Guo waited patiently for the applause of the crowd to die down.

“Everyone should know how difficult the birth of this research building was, after all, this field is among the newest, and many entrepreneurs refused to invest in its establishment, but in the end, we still overcame all the difficulties to make this research building successfully established, not only the building was established, all kinds of high precision research equipment, also in place one by one, so, here, I would like to thank All the friends who have invested, and in particular, the following people who have invested the most ……”

Speaking here, Wu Da Guo paused and began to read out the names of some people.

“Will these valued people, please come to the podium and accept the gratitude of our whole school!”

Amidst enthusiastic applause, one saw Jiang Chunnan Zhu Dayou Shen Wan Guan and the three of them stand up and walk to the podium. As soon as Wu Da Guo saw Jiang Chunnan and the three of them, he immediately went forward personally, took the initiative to extend his hands and shook hands with the three of them with enthusiasm.

Judging from his attitude, he was as grateful as he was to the three of them.

When Neo saw this, he finally understood why Jiang Chunnan and the others had come here, it turned out that they had donated money to Wujiang University to build a research centre.

Next, some more successful people in suits went up on stage, all of whom were donors.

Zheng Jie also went up, she also donated money, after all, donations can show her face, for her, it is also a good opportunity to make a splash.

On the stage, there was thunderous applause.

On the stage, the crowd stood in a row, with Jiang Chunnan and the three of them standing in the middle, after all, they were the ones who donated the most.

The crowd on stage received the cheers and applause, each one full of smiles.

But Jiang Chunnan and the others were the only ones who didn’t look too happy, as if they were preoccupied.

At this moment, the door was suddenly thrown open with a bang.

A dozen people barged in, neat and tidy, even their clothes were the same, and after barging in, they quickly stood on both sides of the aisle, as if they were guards.

Immediately afterwards, another woman came in.

Once they saw the woman, someone who recognised her could not help but whisper, it was her.

“This seems to be General Manager Shen Neo Shen.” Someone whispered.

“Well, it’s true, Chief Shen is here too, and it’s no wonder, she’s right here in Wujiang City, she should have contributed too.”

That’s right, the woman who came in was none other than Shen Neo.

After Shen Neo came in, but she did not continue to go inside, but stood at the entrance as well.

Just when the crowd was feeling strange.

Another youth came in at the door.

This youth, with a medium head, round face and a kind of pride on his face.

Neo was in the crowd at the moment, and as soon as he saw him, his heart froze again, Lu Nan?

Honestly, when he saw Lu Nan, Neo did not feel happy.

After all, Lu Nan was always bullying Lu Tianzhi, and then Neo would tease him.

When he grew up, although he understood things and didn’t fight like a child on the surface, he didn’t have much affection in his heart, and hatred was buried.

Neo did not have much hatred for him, he just treated Lu Nan with respect.

But Lu Nan was not so polite to him. That time on Tiandao, when Neo left the family, he could see Lu Nan’s face and heart.

“Young Master Nan, this is the thank you meeting, please.”

Shen Neo bowed slightly, naturally respectful to Lu Nan, after all, this was the young master of the family.

None of the people originally knew Lu Nan.

This was because the Lu family, as the number one family on Earth, was actually still very low-profile, one of those families that controlled the globe but you didn’t feel that such a family existed.

And most of the family’s sons and daughters, except for Neo and Lu Tianzhi, who were still at home, were abroad for training and development.

So everyone knows about the Huang family, the richest family in China, the four families in the capital, the Jin family in Shanghai, the Tang family in Sichuan and other powerful families in China, but they don’t know about the existence of the Lu family.

Of course, although Neo is also in the country, but after all, Neo is simply more low-key than the Lu family, so naturally there are no waves.

Well, Lu Tianzhi is half an exception, this guy is still well-known in the domestic rich generation circle, is a legendary figure.

However, he is also a bit mysterious, many people only know that there is a Lu Shao, and they don’t know where he comes from, so they even think that Lu Tianzhi is being hyped up.

So, it was no surprise that none of the people in this venue knew Lu Nan.

However, when they saw Shen Neo all bowing respectfully to Lu Nan.

They were all surprised, which was a bit impressive.

What was this gongzi’s origin, that he had made Chief Shen bow to him?

Over there, on the podium, Jiang Chunnan Zhu Dayou and Shen Wan Guan, the three suddenly saw Shen Neo come in, they were also stunned, after all, they were acquaintances, Jiangnan Institute and Jiangxia Institute certainly knew each other as well.

And then, when they saw Lu Nan come in, they were even more shocked.

“Young Master Nan!”

The three of them were actually not familiar with Lu Nan.

But naturally, they knew of this young master of the family.

Now that they had seen the family’s young master, they naturally had to rush forward to greet him, after all, this was a family ritual.

At this moment, the eyes of the crowd at the venue were even wider.

Because, they saw that Jiang Chunnan, the three of them, had also hurriedly descended from the podium and arrived in front of Lu Nan, with a very respectful attitude!

One must know that just now, Wu Da Guo thanked from the podium that Jiang Chun Nan and his group were the ones who had invested the most, adding up to 70% of the entire research building, and all the other entrepreneurs had not invested as much as they had.

Add to that the respectful manner in which Wu Daguo treated Jiang Chunnan.

Even those who did not know what Jiang Chunnan was could see that Jiang Chunnan’s status and background was deep and terrifying.

However, now both Shen Neo and Jiang Chunnan were treating this strange youth with such respect.

Then one could imagine how terrifying this youth’s origins were!

“Alright, move aside.”

Lu Nan waved his hand and told Jiang Chunnan and the others to step back to the side, then, he too took himself to the podium.

“Hello everyone, you must not know who I am, let me introduce myself to you, my name is Lu Nan, that, there seems to be a person called Lu Tianci who is quite famous ah, some of you must have heard of him ……”

When Lu Nan said this, there was a buzz of voices from the stage.

“Lu Tianzhi, that name is a bit familiar.”

“Isn’t that the young Lu from the Haitian feast, he even hung Ye Wushuang, I’ve seen the video of it all.”

“He said his name is Lu Nan, could it be that he is related to that Lu Shao?”

“No wonder he’s so powerful, Shen Neo and the others are all saluting, so he’s a relative of Lu Tianzhi.”

The crowd was chattering.

“That Lu Tianzhi, is my cousin.” Lu Nan said with a hint of disdain at the corner of his mouth, “Oh, just an untalented fellow!”

When the crowd heard this, they felt even more like Lu Nan was a bully.

After all, that Lu Tianzhi was powerful enough and was still looked down upon by him, this Lu Nan was naturally even more powerful.

“Today, I’ve come to Wujiang City to invest, and to tell you the truth, the investor behind the research building of Wujiang University is my family! From today onwards, I will not only invest in the research building, I will also invest in all walks of life in Wujiang City, I want to show you that our Lu family is the most powerful family!” Lu Nan looked at the stage with a face full of pride.

Lu Nan was rambling on the podium.

Neo listened from off-stage and frowned.

What was going on, why was Lu Nan suddenly so high-profile now, with the family investing in all kinds of industries? Is it because the strategy has changed and it’s going to be high profile?

Why would grandpa do this?

After thinking about it, Neo sighed again, alas, this has nothing to do with himself either, right?

“Good, great, thank you Lu Shao, next, please also proceed to our next session, to offer our school’s gratitude to all the investors!”

With a smile on his face, Wu Daguo again had Jiang Chunnan and the others from earlier get up on the podium and stand in a row.

At the same time, a group of boys and girls on the stage, each holding something like a long red scarf in their hands.

“Neo, there is a student who can’t come at the moment, so why don’t you take his place on the stage and put this scarf around those investors!” At some point, Lu Zhi came to Neo’s side and handed over a red scarf.


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