At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 267

The auditorium of Wujiang University was magnificent and, now, extremely luxurious and beautiful.

The whole auditorium was decorated with flowers, balloons and ribbons, especially in the middle of the auditorium, a large flower basket of five metres in diameter was hanging overhead.

Inside the basket were flowers of all colours, red, purple, yellow and pink.

Every seat in the auditorium was covered with burgundy satin, and the entire auditorium was decorated with a very high end atmosphere.

Although Neo didn’t know what was going on, he could guess that there was going to be a big party here.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and put these flower stands at the entrance, the leaders will be here soon!” Lu Zhi said impatiently to Neo, pointing at the piles of flowers.

Neo could only sigh and put those flower racks, one by one, on both sides of the walkway.

It was not easy for Neo to set up all the flower stands.

On Lu Zhi’s orders, he followed the rest of the staff and set up the other areas as well.

At this time, people started to come in one by one outside.

At this very moment, a Maserati, drove over and parked at the entrance of the auditorium.

“Quickly, quickly, Neo, the greeter hasn’t arrived yet, so hurry up and open the door!” Lu Zhi said as he hurriedly pushed Neo.

Neo knew that the auditorium, right now, must be holding some kind of very big event.

The guests who came were all dignitaries.

Therefore, the school had also prepared greeters at the entrance, similar to those in hotels, who would take the initiative to open the door for the guests at the event when they saw a car coming, to show courtesy and respect.

But now the entrance had just begun and the greeters had not yet come.

So, in his haste, Lu Zhi pushed Neo over to act as a temporary greeter.

As far as Neo was concerned, he was just a hangdog, so he let him go wherever he needed to.

After all, he was working in a university to earn money, so he should do as he was told, otherwise, how could he earn money for Zhou Yun?

“Yo, isn’t this Neo?”

Neo had just opened the car door when the woman who got down inside spoke up.

Once he saw these two women, Neo was a bit depressed in his heart, it was none other than Zheng Jie and Lin Jie.

Since the last class reunion, he had never met them again.

Lu originally thought he would never run into them again, but who knew that he would run into them under such circumstances.

“What’s the matter, found a job? I was talking to Jiejie about you last time, you’re a student from Jinling University, you’ve got a decent job, tsk.”

When Lin Jie opened her mouth, her words were tinged with sarcasm.

Neo frowned and did not say anything.

When he met the two of them, Neo could only sigh to himself that he was unlucky.

Since the last class reunion, Neo already knew very well in his heart that Zheng Jie’s hatred towards himself had increased unabated.

“Neo, I just want to ask you, where is that old, undead fortune-telling blind man from last time?” Zheng Jie did not say anything to humiliate Neo, except that her gaze, naturally, had an undisguised contempt in it as well.

However, compared to Neo, Zheng Jie now hated that fortune-teller even more in her heart.

Yes, she had done everything she could to humiliate Neo, set up such a ploy, and gave the blind fortune teller several thousand dollars.

In the end, the blind man changed his mind, not only did he not humiliate Neo, but he even thanked him and took him away.

At that time, Zheng Jie’s heart went to the dogs.

The loss of a few thousand dollars was nothing to her.

But the fact that she hadn’t humiliated Neo made her feel indignant.

Moreover, she felt more than ever that she had been teased and humiliated.

Therefore, Zheng Jie could not wait to kill the blind fortune teller.

At this moment, when she saw Neo, Zheng Jie was naturally anxious to know where the old, undead blind man was.

Since that blind man helped Neo, the hanger-on, I’m sure Neo must also know where the blind man is.

“This …… I don’t know either.” Neo could also see that Zheng Jie wanted to find trouble with Zhang Jiu, so of course, he wouldn’t tell Zheng Jie’s.

This woman Zheng Jie is extremely vindictive and vengeful, although Zhang Jiu is certainly not afraid of Zheng Jie, but why should he add an enemy to Zhang Jiu.

“Oh, even if you knew, I’m afraid you wouldn’t say anything, but you don’t have to be complacent, one day I’ll find that old blind man and I’ll give him a taste of what it means to offend me, Zheng Jie! When the time comes, I’ll let you watch from the sidelines how I’ll fix that old blind man!” Saying that, Zheng Jie took out a few change bills from her bag and threw them back at Neo, “Right, hehe, here’s your tip!”

With that, she and Lin Jie, both of them, toed into the auditorium.

“Do you think you just made those two VIPs angry, otherwise, how come the tips you were given, were thrown at you!”

The first time Zheng Jie left, Lu Zhi came over and scolded Neo, “I’m telling you, this is a very high class event, those who can come to the meeting are not only the dignitaries of Wujiang, but even the people of national status. ”

“I’m afraid that if just one person here says something, you’ll be in the dark for the rest of your life, and you might even get involved with the soft-headed Zhu Ce who introduced you here. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re finished, I’m just afraid you’ll drag me down with you!”

Lu Zi was reprimanding.

Another black Maybach limousine, slowly drove over.

Neo was just about to go over and continue welcoming the guests.

“Okay, don’t go over there, this is a top of the line Maybach limousine, there must be some big shot inside, just your clumsy hands and feet, don’t offend them again, go to the back, don’t let anyone see you, it affects your image here!”

Of course Lu Zhi did not know about Neo and Zheng Jie’s relationship.

Just now, when she saw Zheng Jie looking at Neo with contempt, she also took out the change and threw it at him, thinking that Neo had offended Zheng Jie with his inconsiderate manners when he opened the door just now.

This time, of course, she did not dare to let Neo open the door for this Maybach.

After all, the price of this Maybach was several times more expensive than the Maserati.

The person inside was of course even more prestigious.

If he offended such a person, it would be the end.

Neo was happy to relax.

However, there was a bit of unspoken heartache in his heart.

It was a real heartache.

Alas, in the past, although he was also coldly looked at at the University of Jinling, also lived a seemingly hangdog, but at that time his actual identity is the third young master, with Xiong Lao’s care, with Jiangnan Institute Jiangnan Spring Zhu Dayou their respect.

Therefore, one did not care about the eyes of others.

Because at that time, one had more important things and causes.

However, what about now.

One has really become a hangman.

Thinking, Neo also obeyed Lu Zhi’s words and walked towards the inside of the auditorium where the staff stayed.

It was at this moment.

He then saw Zheng Jie, who had already entered the auditorium and sat down, taking Lin Jie with her, the two of them hurriedly walking outside, their eyes also looking outside, as if there was something attractive outside.

“What’s wrong, Jiejie, who are those people outside?” Lin Jie said curiously as she followed Zheng Jie closely.

“They are very important people from Jinling City, I met them once before at an off-campus reception, their status is extraordinary!” Zheng Jie said hurriedly, walking towards the door as she spoke.

“Then why are we going over there, it’s not like they know us.”

“What do you know.” Zheng Jie kind of looked down on Lin Jie’s tone, “While there are less people now, we can just go over and say hello to them and get acquainted, later on when there are more people, we won’t have the qualifications or the chance to approach them, these are big brother level people, hurry up!”

The two of them hurriedly passed by Neo.

As they passed by Neo, Zheng Jie even gave a hum of contempt, but obviously, Zheng Jie’s attention was focused on those bigwigs outside, and even if she ran into Neo, she had no time to pay attention to him.

Neo was not interested in any bigwigs, but heard that he was from Jinling.

He was curious and looked back.

Then he saw that the door of the Maybach was open and three people were standing in front of it, with Lu Zhi nodding and talking.

In contrast to Neo’s attitude, it was like a heavenly and an underground one.

But when he saw those three people, Neo’s heart shook.

They were Jiang Chunnan, Zhu Dayou and Shen Wanguan.


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