At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 266

“Hmm.” Neo nodded his head.

To be honest, seeing Zhu Ce look so surprised, Neo’s heart really had a sour feeling.

Yes, I guess Zhu Ce himself wanted to always desire to be able to use his abilities, yet because of a dying admonition from his previous life, he had been holding back and preferred to live an ordinary life.

The more loyal he was, the more Neo’s heart felt guilty.

Speaking of his previous life, over the past few days, Neo had also learnt something from Zhang Jiu Zhu Ce and the others.

In his previous life, he was wild and arrogant, killing like a sack of blood at the drop of a hat.

In his previous life, he was so arrogant that he would kill people like a river of blood, and as Zhang Jiu Zhu Ce Lan Huo had been following him, he could not avoid killing many of his men.

So, before he died, not only did he abandon the path of dormancy and choose the path of reincarnation because of a sense of remorse and repentance within himself, but he also strictly ordered Zhang Jiu and his men to never use their powers again, in order to prevent them from carrying the sin of killing again.

After all, killing for a moment is good ……

But to be honest, the memories of his previous life, Neo could not recall a single thing, he was actually a person who went on a killing spree in his previous life? This was simply hard to believe.

“Young Lu, don’t worry, I will only use my abilities for legitimate things, never for killing people to do bad things!” Zhu Ce said excitedly.

It seemed that even though Neo had tacitly allowed him to use his abilities, he still had not forgotten Neo’s original intention of forbidding him to use his abilities.

“Zhu Ce, I told you to pass the towel, why haven’t you heard it yet?” That female teacher was upset when she saw herself being left out.

Of course she was upset.

After all, Zhu Ce could now be said to be the most despised teacher in the office, who could bully anyone for a kick.

Usually, he did whatever he was told to do.

However, what was going on today was that there was no response after being told several times.

The female teacher also felt ashamed of herself.

After all, it was outdoors, in front of many people.

How could it be that a soft-headed person who was usually subservient to everyone was not responding today.

The female teacher, upset in her heart, also felt a bit humiliated on her face.

“Teacher Chen, what’s wrong?”

“What’s going on, Dengdian, did someone bully you?”

As soon as the others saw the look, they all gathered around too.

“He wouldn’t even pass me a towel when I asked him to, what’s wrong with this person? He would rather pour water for others than hand me a towel. Am I that unpopular? What, my words are no longer good enough?”

The woman pointed at Zhu Ce and said to the crowd in an aggrieved manner.

This woman had some good looks, so she had a bit of status among the crowd. The flower of the office was usually dainty and spoiled, so of course, she was a bit rude and pretentious.

As a matter of fact, once the others saw Chen Dian’s aggrieved look, their hearts burst out to protect the flower.

“This Zhu Ce, has he had too much to drink today? He’s gotten so bold that he doesn’t even listen to Teacher Chen anymore!”

“A softie who can even kneel down to his students, now he can play with his temper, ah, don’t be angry, Teacher Chen, I’ll teach him a lesson.” The man who spoke was a strong-looking man who taught a sparring class at the school called Zhang Feng.

With that, Zhang Feng flung his two sturdy arms and blocked Zhu Ce’s way.

“Well, don’t be depressed, Mr. Chen, Zhang Feng has gone over and will take it out on you now.”

“Yes, yes, just that skinny head of Zhu Ce, Zhang Feng can pick him up with one hand, teach that soft egg a good lesson, make sure he trembles when he sees you in the future, he won’t dare disobey anything you say in the future.”

The crowd watched Zhang Feng walk over and all looked at the two of them as if they were watching a good show.

Chen Dian was also glaring at Zhu Ce with hatred, thinking that it would be better if Zhang Feng gave Zhu Ce a good beating later on.

“Hey, Zhu Ce, do you have a problem with your ears or what? Teacher Chen asked you to pass her a towel, but you didn’t hear him.

With that, Zhang Feng slapped his big hand onto Zhu Ce’s shoulder!


This slap, of course, was secretly hard, he just wanted to give Zhu Ce a warning, this slap, although not so heavy that Zhu Ce would be injured, but at least make him bend his legs and kneel down because he couldn’t support the force.

“Huh, what is this place?”

However, what surprised Zhang Feng was that with this slap, it was as if Zhu Ce didn’t feel anything, not to mention kneeling down, his body didn’t even bend.

Not only that, but Zhu Ce was even smiling slightly, looking at him.

Zhang Feng was even more dumbfounded.

No way, this Zhu Ce, didn’t he usually have his eyes downcast when he saw anyone, how come he seemed to be a different person now, how dare he look at himself with such a calm smile.

“This is a tennis court.” Zhang Feng saw the change in Zhu Ce and was momentarily overwhelmed by the reaction, saying dumbly.

“What’s a tennis court for?” Zhu Ce continued with a smile.

“Of course it’s for playing tennis.” Zhang Feng said, still dumbfounded.

“Since the tennis court is for playing tennis, then why should I come to the tennis court and hand someone else a towel?” Zhu Ce laughed heatedly and his body suddenly shook.

With this one moment, Zhang Feng abruptly felt as if the palm of his hand that was placed on Zhu Ce’s shoulder was on fire, and his entire arm also seemed to be electrocuted, involuntarily being bounced away at once.

Holy shit! What the hell?

By the time he reacted, Zhu Ce had already walked away.

“What’s going on, Zhang Feng, how did you let Zhu Ce go!”

The crowd gathered around again, of course they couldn’t see exactly what had just happened, they only saw Zhang Feng stopping Zhu Ce, yet Zhu Ce had actually walked away.

Chen Dian grumbled in annoyance.

“That’s right, Teacher Zhang, you just said you’d help Teacher Chen out, and here you’ve let the man go.”

The others, too, all said in a gaggle.

“I ……”

Zhang Feng was speechless and wanted to explain, but who would believe him?

Moreover, he himself just now did not believe what had happened.

This, what the hell is going on?

Zhu Ce seemed to have changed?

“Zhu Ce, come back here, don’t you go!” Chen Dian stopped paying attention to Zhang Feng and pointed at Zhu Ce, angrily saying.

“Leave? Why should I leave?”

Zhu Ce said, coming to the middle of the tennis court, picking up a tennis racket with a toe flick, then catching it in his hand in passing.

The moment he received the tennis racket, the moment Zhu Ce gripped it.

To be honest, he felt a kind of electric current cross his body.

A kind of electricity that had been missing for a long time.

The tennis racket felt like holding the hilt of a sword when he gripped it.

Oh, back then, he was as white as snow, one man and one sword, fearless of the world, how many people did he kill back?

It was as if Zhu Ce, the former number one swordsman of the Daoist Sword Sect, who was the number one sword school in the world, had returned.

Although today I promise with the young master that I will no longer kill and do bad things, I cannot let people bully me freely anymore!

I will make those who have trampled on me look up to me from today onwards!

As he thought, Zhu Ce suddenly looked at Chen Dian and the others and smiled heatedly, “Since I’m here at the tennis court, of course I’m going to play tennis.”


Zhang Feng, Chen Dian and the others were all frozen.

Immediately afterwards, everyone burst out laughing.

This guy was crazy today or something.

Playing tennis?

Just him?

Everyone knew that although Zhu Ce often came to the tennis court, he was only called by the crowd to pick up the balls.

As for playing tennis, this Zhu Ce had never even touched a racket, so how could he play tennis?

“Zhang Feng, you have the best skills, go and play with him and let him be properly disgraced for once!” Chen Dian was annoyed with Zhu Ce for disobeying him, so he pushed Zhang Feng and said.

Zhang Feng had been impatient for a long time.

This guy had good skills and strength, and he had been a substitute for the provincial tennis team, and no one in the whole tennis court was his opponent, let alone cleaning up this Zhu Ce.

When he was complained by Chen Dian just now, Zhang Feng simply took his racket and rushed to the tennis court, “Come on, Zhu Ce, since you want to lose face, come on!”

At this moment, the crowd gathered around.

Too, it was a rare scene on the tennis court.

The best skill on the tennis court against someone who had never even touched a racket, it was not very suspenseful, but it was quite funny and dramatic, so naturally many people gathered around to watch.

“Come on.”

Zhu Ce held the racket and stood steadily.

Zhang Feng didn’t reply either, and served the ball directly, at a tricky angle.

It was thought that Zhu Ce would definitely catch it empty, however, Zhu Ce was extremely fast and bang!

A draw back.

Zhang Feng was taken aback, but he didn’t have time to think too much about it. He watched the ball coming over and hurried to catch it.


However, just as he swung his racket out, there was a sudden sharp pain in his face, and he was unexpectedly smashed squarely by the tennis ball.

It turned out that the tennis ball was so fast that what he thought he could catch, the catch still missed through.

“Damn it!”

Zhang Feng cursed in annoyance, saying to himself that this kid was just lucky.

Enduring the pain in his face, he picked up the ball again and served it.


Unexpectedly, just as he sent it over, Zhu Ce drew it back, and this time, Zhang Feng still didn’t connect, bang! Another sharp pain to the face!

Bang, bang, bang!


In a short while, Zhang Feng’s face had been smacked a dozen times by the tennis ball.

At this point, Zhang Feng was already in a mess, as if he was drunk, running back and forth on the tennis court in vain.

However, he failed to catch even one of Zhu Ce’s balls.

Either it was simply too late to get there, or he just happened to get there, and not only did he not catch it, but he was also smacked in the face by the tennis ball.

On the other hand, in the eyes of the crowd, Zhu Ce didn’t move much at all.

It was as if he was a most excellent lizard, the tennis balls were like flying mosquitoes, and no tennis ball could miss through Zhu Ce’s hands under his control.

Yes, back then, the number one swordsman of the number one sword school in the world, with speed like lightning and precision like falling leaves, playing with a tennis ball or something, it was still a handful?


Zhang Feng was hit hard with another tennis ball to his face.

This was the last straw that broke his back.

This guy, almost in tears, threw the tennis racket away and lay down on the ground in dismay, tired and in pain, he couldn’t support himself anymore.

On the spot, there was silence.

The crowd watched the scene in amazement.

Looking at Zhu Ce.

“Holy shit, this, Teacher Zhu is too awesome.”

“This level, this force, it kills everything Wimbledon French Open in seconds!”

“Damn pussy, it’s so handsome! From now on, Mr. Zhu is my idol!”

“From now on, don’t take the students to kneel down and blacken them, they were just drunk at the time, just this level of tennis, beat all of you, what qualification do you have to blacken them!”

“That’s right, Mr. Zhu is awesome!”

“Teacher Zhu, teach me how to play tennis!”

A crowd of students, rushed onto the tennis court and surrounded Zhu Ce in the middle, swarming around him.

Even the teachers around Chen Dian, also surrounded him, and it was only at this time that they realised that among the team, there was a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.

Neo stood in the crowd and looked at Zhu Ce, who was surrounded by the crowd, and he was relieved.

After delaying you for more than 30,000 years, today you can finally impress the crowd. I hope that you will always be well in the future, with Zhang Jiu Lan Huang and the others.

Thinking, Neo quietly left.

Just left the tennis court.

The phone rang.

“Neo, what are you doing …… now there are things to do again, there are not enough people, you hurry over, off duty …… what off duty, if you still want to do this job, then immediately give me come to the school auditorium! ”

The phone call, it was the library director Lu Zhi who called.


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