At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 265

Neo’s heart twitched and he couldn’t help but pick up the box, turning it over in a daze and looking at it.

Then, his gaze instantly seemed to be fixed as he looked at the bottom of the box.

Heck, inside was a branch that was used as a spoon!

Instantly, Neo almost cried out.

In that instant, it was as if all the memories of the past came flooding back, so clear that it was as if it had happened yesterday!

Yes, Neo would always remember that moment when he and Zhou Yun first ate ice cream together by the lake.

Seeing this ice cream box, seeing this twig spoon.

It was as if we were back to that day again.

Zhou Yun, are you around?

Neo looked up and looked around, but where was there anyone nearby?

Besides, how could this have been left behind by Zhou Yun?

Neo lowered his head again, his gaze fixed on the box in his hand, his thoughts tumbling.


Just then, a cold laugh suddenly sounded in his ears, “For you, Haagen-Dazs is a bit more expensive, but taking an empty box to quench your thirst here is too ridiculous.”

Neo was stunned.

He couldn’t help but look back.

Uh, it was no other person, it was the woman who was smoking in the library just now.

Neo frowned, he didn’t have a good impression of this woman.

So, even if this woman misunderstood him, Neo didn’t bother to explain much.

Just ignore her.

“Oh, look at your craving, take this box and eat it, just now in the library, I shouldn’t have treated you like that, after all, I was also at fault.” Who would have expected that, but the woman handed over a box of ice cream.

Neo was stunned, not knowing what she was trying to do.

So, naturally, he wouldn’t take it either.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you still craving for it just now, but you don’t want it now? I’ve already said I was wrong before, this is an apology for you, hurry up and take it, it won’t taste good when it gets hot later!” The woman sent the ice cream in her hand forward again.

Neo was stunned, so she was apologizing to herself.

Thinking, Neo took the ice cream.

“Come on, eat it!” The woman said.

Neo nodded, broke off a section of the branch next to him, used it as a spoon and began to dig up and eat.

After just one bite, when the taste of the ice cream, the moment it reached his taste buds, the former things, clear as never before, those memories, clear as day, but as if things from a previous life, even if they were clearer, could not be traced, that kind of despair, heartbreaking.

He could not help but feel a sour mood and left tears behind.

This confused Cao Feng who was beside him.

“You, crying?”

Cao Feng was stunned and looked at Neo in disbelief, muttering to himself, “No way, you are too hung up, just giving you a Haagen-Dazs to eat and you are moved like this? Alas, you, this person, is really ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take the box of Häagen-Dazs from Neo’s hand, and then, with a flourish of the hand, throw the Häagen-Dazs into the lake!

“You, what are you doing?!”

Neo was stunned, this woman, crazy?

“Nothing, just not giving you any more!”

Cao Feng finished coldly, turned around and left without looking back, leaving Neo dumbfounded, this woman is really a bit too crazy!

But, alas, she had bought herself an ice cream and apologised, which was a nice gesture.

Besides, Cao Feng left the lake and returned to his car.

“Feng Feng, how was it? Did you get the kid just now? Hey hey, adding laxatives to ice cream, thanks for thinking of that.” Inside the car, there was another girl, who was also quite pretty, dressed up and everything in a fashionable way, all in all, she looked like a rich girl too.

The first time I saw Cao Feng come in, I hurriedly inquired, did not wait for Cao Feng to answer, then continued to say, “Speaking of which, that kid also deserved it, a part-time library worker with little background, how dare he offend you, give him some laxatives, considered to be cheap, otherwise, with your Miss Cao family status, just find someone, can make him unable to take care of himself. ”


Cao Feng didn’t look very happy on her face either, and said sullenly, “I threw away the ice cream.”

“Ah, why?” The girl was stunned.

“Nothing, it’s just that, somehow, suddenly I don’t want to fix him anymore.” Cao Feng said, raising her head again, looking at Neo who was still standing by the lake, and said to herself, “This guy, he’s really different from others, just giving him an ice cream, and he was even moved like that, alas, are there still such simple people in the world?”

“Hey, Feng Feng, what’s wrong with you, first time I’ve seen you like this hey?”

“Ah, nothing.” Cao Feng glanced at Neo’s direction again, and drove off if she had something on her mind.

Neo, after finishing the work in hand, was ready to leave work.

He was ready to go and find Zhu Ce.

To be honest, thinking about Zhu Ce, Neo’s heart is quite guilty, also ah, this morning listened to the woman and the curator’s conversation, from the tone of voice, are quite disrespectful Zhu Ce, but also because of himself, if not because of the student as himself, Zhu Ce would not be like this ah.

“Hey, Zhu Ce, where are you?” Thinking, Neo dialed a number for Zhu Ce to call over.

“Ah, Young Master, I, I’m at the tennis court.” Zhu Ce hesitated for a moment, but still said.

Neo froze, that’s right, hearing tennis, Neo recalled quite a few memories of his past.

But really, I didn’t expect that Zhu Ce would go to play tennis as well.

“Alright then, I’ll come find you.” Saying that, Neo hung up the phone and headed towards the tennis court.

From afar, Neo could see the tennis court.

To be honest, the tennis court was still very lively now, and there were many people playing tennis, after all, this sport was played by many girls, and it gave people a very high-end feeling.

There are eight or nine tennis courts in this row, side by side.

There were tennis players and onlookers, especially now that it was the end of class time and there were many teachers and students.

Then Neo saw Zhu Ce.

Zhu Ce was not playing tennis again, but was sitting on the side of the tennis court.

“Zhu Ce, go pick up the ball!”

“Zhu Ce, pass me a bottle of water!”

On the tennis court, several teachers in sports uniforms were playing tennis, having fun, and once they missed the ball, they all asked Zhu Ce to pick it up.

Some of the teachers were thirsty, so they called out to Zhu Ce, asking him to go and pass water and towels to them.

Many students were also gathered around to watch.

“My god, who is that teacher, how come he is being made to suffer so much, and he doesn’t have any temper at all, just like a servant.” Someone said.

“Hey, you don’t know, that teacher, surnamed Zhu, I forget what his name is, but he’s famous!”

“Blow it you, if he’s really famous, how can he pick up the ball for others, being made to look like a dog, I think!”

“Hey, I said he’s famous, I didn’t say he’s famous because he’s great, he’s famous because he’s cheap, he kneels down to his own students, he even calls his own students young master, you say, this kind of person, can’t he be famous?”

“Holy shit, no way! There’s this kind of teacher, this is so f*cking cheap, and young master? I’m afraid he’s not a psycho who’s been reading too much fantasy?”

“I told you, so the story spread, everyone knew about him, and of course the teachers spread the word, they all looked down on him, they thought he had a problem, and the teachers, they used this stunt to mock him all day long.”

“No wonder he was so used, alas, he blames himself too, who made him such a b*tch? If he really has a young master, I’m afraid his young master is just as much of a wimp as he is.”

At this very moment.

“Young master Lu, you’ve arrived, take a seat, I’ll pour you a glass of water.” Seeing Neo, Zhu Ce hurriedly walked up.

He was just about to pour the water.

“That, Zhu Ce, hurry up and bring me the towel!” Over there, another female teacher, said to Zhu Ce.

Zhu Ce frowned, and this time, he didn’t listen to that female teacher.

Instead, he still went to the side and poured a glass of water for Neo.

However, this one time, it angered that female teacher.

Yes, how dare this goon disobey today.

Not handing himself a towel and pouring water for that student look-alike?

“Hey, Zhu Ce, what’s wrong with you, I asked you to hand me a towel? Even if you don’t pass it, you’re pouring water for someone else, what, you’ve found your young master again?” The female teacher said.

With a single word, it caused the crowd to laugh.

Neo listened to it from the side, and in his heart, the more he listened, the more unpleasant it was.

The more he listened, the harder he felt.

Yes, when he was at Jinling University, he was being used by Bai Dye and the others, but he didn’t mind.

However, Zhu Ce was also treated in this way, Neo really felt guilty.

He was his own man, but how could he stand it if he was a coward and his own men were suffering because of him?

Yes, Neo himself can keep a low profile and be indifferent to the world.

However, Neo would never let his men suffer!

What’s more, Zhu Ce was so loyal and had been searching for over 30,000 years for himself!

“Zhu Ce, it’s my fault, otherwise, you wouldn’t …… have said,” Neo said.

“Young Lu, you must not say that, bending me over backwards!” Zhu Ce hurriedly said.

“However, you are also capable, why do you still have to take orders from them, even if they look down on you because you kneeled down to the students, you can still use your skills, so that they know something powerful and do not dare to underestimate you ah.” Neo said.

“No, young Lu.” Zhu Ce gave Neo a look, but still said, “Back then, when you were on your deathbed, you told both me and Zhang Jiu Lan Huang that we should not use our abilities.”

“Ah?” Neo was stunned, no wonder!

“Actually, you did it for our own good, because back then you always felt that killing was too heavy, so you didn’t let us use our abilities.” Zhu Ce said.

“This ……”

Neo had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

You know, Zhu Ce had even come from the First Sword School back then!

Such a prestigious status, with his ability, he could completely make millions of people submit, right, and now he was actually being ridiculed by these ordinary people.

Just because of the words he said on his deathbed!

He had obeyed it for over thirty thousand years!

He had already suffered enough suffocation.

How could one allow him to continue to suffer suffocation?

“Zhu Ce, from now on, you can use your powers.” Neo said.

“Ah, really, really?!” Zhu Ce’s eyes lit up as he said.


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