At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 263

Yes, this young girl in a denim outfit is Cao Qian.

As for this beautiful girl, she was Cao Qian’s own sister, Cao Feng.

“Aren’t you getting bored with that wild girl every day? Why are you alone now?” Cao Feng had a few mocking sneers on her face as she looked at her sister.

“Sister, don’t say that about second sister, okay, she’s your sister too.” Cao Qian frowned, clearly unhappy to hear Cao Feng say that.

“I don’t want to recognize this wild girl who came out of nowhere as my sister, who the hell knows who she really is, maybe she’s the wild child of some prostitute Dad had a fling with when he was young? Maybe she’s not related to us at all? Why should I, the Miss Cao family’s eldest sister, be on an equal footing with such a wild child?”

Cao Feng said with a sneer, “You’re quite nice to her, you call her sister by name, and you even spend all day together, eating and sleeping together, and you even secretly went to the Green Snake Mountain to worship the gods together, don’t think I don’t know. She and you have only known each other for a few months, but you and I have known each other for more than twenty years, and you treat her even more intimately than you treat me.”

“Sister, why are you like this.” Cao Qian was displeased.

“Come on, I won’t talk to you anymore, you’re going to get married out soon anyway, I really didn’t expect that you would get married out before me, huh.” Cao Feng’s tone, clearly revealing an indescribable resentment, stopped paying attention to her sister and left the library on her own.

Looking at her sister’s back, Cao Qian sighed, “Sister must be thinking about men again, but who made you so discerning that you can’t look at other men. If you can look at Xiong Hui, you can marry him, I don’t want to marry him at all.”

Besides, Cao Feng went out of the library and went to her BMW car.

She was just about to leave.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye, a pair of unopened Vimy ladies’ underwear.

At once, Cao Feng’s face turned pale.

Hurriedly, she reached under her skirt.

Then, her face, brushed with a blush, turned scarlet.

“This bastard hangman, just now he, he actually!” Cao Feng was depressed, “I can’t believe he didn’t tell me that I wasn’t wearing any underwear!”

“Just now I asked him to look up, he looked at me for several minutes, and he didn’t even tell me about it! This bastard pervert, he must have feasted his eyes hard!”

Cao Feng gave a fierce whack, “Good, let’s wait and see!”

The BMW drove off.

Right after that, another sky blue Lamborghini sports car, drove over and stopped.

“That BMW just now, it looks a bit familiar, young Xiong.”

Inside the Lamborghini, two boys.

The one driving, dressed handsomely, with a white shirt with gold trim, trendy pot head, a pair of sun-changing glasses and blue crystal beads on his wrist.

The boy next to him, wearing a big Nike hook and aj black and red on his feet.

“Oh, that’s Cao Feng’s BMW, I recognize the license plate, after all, my brother is about to marry her sister, I’ve been to their house once, hehehe.”

The boy driving the car said.

“Tsk, Cao Qian looks pretty too, but Cao Feng doesn’t look bad either, her body is even better than Cao Qian, Xiong Shao, since your brother is going to marry Cao Qian, I think you might as well pick up Cao Feng, when the time comes, you two brothers will get married together and marry a pair of Cao family sisters, tsk, by then, I’m afraid the whole Wujiang City will be a sensation.” The boy next to him said.

“Cao Feng does look attractive, especially that figure.” I’m afraid that she’s another woman who wants to marry into one of the four families in the capital. So, I definitely can’t manage it, well, get off!”

“Ah, young Xiong, get off here, this is a library, this is not a place for us playboys to come, didn’t we say pick up girls, let’s go to a bar.”

“Stop bb, I want to change my taste these days, pick up innocent girls, I’m not interested in those black silk long legs anymore, in the library, isn’t that the kind of girls that are plentiful.”

“Hey, as long as you do it, no matter how innocent she is, she will still fall for you? Hey, hey, hey.”

With that, Xiong Shao and his partner both got out of the car.

Xiong Shao was just about to walk towards the library.

Suddenly, he was dragged by aj man.

“Xiong Shao, Xiong Shao, look!”


“On the lakeside of East Lake, see? That girl in black!” As if he had discovered a new continent, the aj man excitedly pulled Xiong Shao’s arm and pointed his finger in the direction of the lake.

“Holy shit, it looks a bit nice at the back.”

“Absolutely nice ah, look at that body, thin but very defined, long hair is also the innocent type you like, I think, absolutely a beautiful woman!”

“And sitting alone by the lake, tsk, is she pining for s*x?” Xiong Shao narrowed his eyes and stared at the back of the girl in black, and couldn’t help but lick his tongue.

“Xiong Shao, good opportunity, don’t miss it!”

The aj man, as soon as he saw that he was Xiong Shao’s sidekick plus lapdog, at this moment, when he saw that Xiong Shao was moved, he was naturally also extremely flirting.

“Okay, I’m going over there.”

Xiong Shao straightened out his clothes, but as soon as he took a step, he stopped again and said to aj man, “Damn, it’s not good to just go over there, you go to the ice cream shop next to it, hurry up and buy me the most expensive Haagen-Dazs Queen ice cream!”


The aj man, then ran like hell to the ice cream shop, bought one and handed it to Xiong Shao.

The ice cream was a big hit with Xiong Shao, “Hey, no girl would resist ice cream, let alone Haagen Dazs, I say Tan He, learn from me, see how I pick up girls.”

“Hey hey, Xiong Shao’s kung fu in picking up girls is unbeatable in the world!” The aj man echoed and said.

However, just as he finished speaking.

This guy felt a pain in his brain and hurriedly looked up.

He saw that Xiong Shao was raising his hand and slapping himself on the top of the head again.

“What the f*ck, what’s wrong with you!” Xiong Shao raised his hand and gave the aj man another slap on the head, pointing to the ice cream queen Haagen-Dazs in his hand, “You f*cking say you can’t do anything proper? I told you to buy an ice cream, but you don’t even hold a f*cking spoon, how do you expect me to eat it? Handful of rice?”

“This, I’m sorry young Xiong, I, I forgot about it just now, I’ll go back and get it again!” The aj man also turned pale with fear and hurriedly drew himself up to go back for the spoon.

“Don’t go, idiot.” Xiong Shao said, “By the time you come back, maybe that girl will be gone, I can’t wait that long, next time you commit idiocy, don’t blame me for shipping it!”

“Yes, yes.” The aj man hurriedly nodded his head frequently.

Xiong Shao didn’t pay him any mind either.

Holding the Queen of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, he walked towards the girl in black.

At this moment, by the lakeside of the East Lake.

The girl in black, sitting on the grass, looking at the wide lake in front of her, the East Lake is quite big, sitting here, the opposite side is also shadowed to see clearly.

The reeds and water birds, it was as if it was a mountain ink painting.

“This place is so beautiful.”

The girl in black said dumbly to herself, “Why, do I actually feel as if I’ve been here before? It’s as if I’ve seen this place before.”

“But, it’s obviously the first time I’ve been in my sister’s college.”

“And, if I recall carefully, I can’t remember anything.”

The side of the young girl in black’s face was beautiful, as if it was a finely carved line that outlined the nicest of curves.

“Somehow, it feels like I can sit in this place all afternoon and not get bored.”

“It feels so peaceful to sit in this place.” The young girl murmured again, then she gently stroked the grass next to her again, “Why does it suddenly feel as if there is someone here.”

She was mumbling to herself.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from behind her.

“Sister ……”

The young girl in black turned around.

Then, she froze.

Behind her, it was not her sister, but a youth.

The youth was wearing a white blouse and was carrying a large bucket of ice cream in his hand.

As soon as the youth saw the young girl in black’s proper face.

He exclaimed in his heart, “Holy shit, what a f*cking hottie!

What a beauty, the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen is not as beautiful as this one, I’m going to be rich, there is such a pearl in the sea in Wujiang University?

The first time I saw this beauty, I decided to f*ck her!

That’s right, this youth is Xiong Shao.

“Beauty, you also like the East Lake, so do I. I, ah, like this place the most.” Xiong Shao said and sat down on the grass directly next to the young girl in black.

“How about it, what a nice view, such a nice day, have some ice cream.”

With that, Xiong Shao handed the Queen of Haagen-Dazs, which was in his hand, to the young girl in black in front of him.

The young girl in black couldn’t help but feel stunned in her heart, this feeling seemed, like it was familiar!

She wanted to refuse.

Because of course she knew that this youth she didn’t know and she shouldn’t just accept things from other people and eat them.

And yet.

When she was at the lake.

A boy sat down beside himself and handed himself an ice cream Haagen-Dazs.

Somehow, the young girl in black just couldn’t refuse, even though she knew rationally that she had to do so.

Suddenly a very familiar feeling welled up in her heart.

It was a feeling that made her very happy.

It put her in a mood that had a warmth that she couldn’t describe.

“I ……”

The girl in black didn’t know what to do for a moment.

Reason and feeling mingled and conflicted.

And when the bear young man saw the young girl like this, his heart was suddenly overjoyed ah.

Yes, this beautiful girl and himself did not know each other.

According to the normal normal reaction, if she didn’t like herself, she would definitely have walked away, but now, not only did she not leave, but she was looking at her ice cream.

What does this mean?

It meant that she had feelings for herself too!

“Come on, eat it.”

Said Xiong Shao, uncovering the lid.

“There’s no spoon hey.” The girl in black said subconsciously.

In his heart, Xiong Shao cursed the aj man again, but this guy was quite quick to react, suddenly seeing a bush growing next to him, he reached out and broke a branch.

“I think, how about using this as a spoon?” Xiong Shao said with a heated smile.

Only, a little depressed in his heart, damn oh, Laozi is a rich second generation of Wujiang gentry, bought a serving of ice cream, but even use a branch as a spoon, I wonder if this beauty will look down on himself and walk away oh.

Xiong Shao was worried about it.

But he looked up at the young girl. He was immediately overjoyed.

He saw that the girl seemed a bit excited and was looking at the twig in his own hand with a bit of unexplained delight on her face!


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