At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 262

Neo’s heart was a bit upset, this woman was so wild.

However, since he works here, he can’t just let this happen, he has to do something if he is paid.

He just wanted to continue to persuade.

Just at that moment.

“What are you doing, you really don’t know the rules, do you know who this beautiful woman is?”

A woman unceremoniously pushed Neo to the side.

The woman was in her thirties, with long, mid-parted hair, and Neo recognised her as well, the librarian Lu Zhi, whom he had met earlier when he was checking in.

Lu Zhi was obviously annoyed, and she must have been clear about what had happened.

Frowning, she glared at Neo and pointed at the pretty girl and said, “Be smart in future, don’t act like a rash person, do you know that this pretty girl is ……”

“Well, Lv curator, there is no need to introduce me, my identity, there is no need to let this hanger-on know.” The beautiful woman waved her hand, indicating to Lu Zhi not to say anything further.

Lu Zhi was obviously obedient to this beautiful woman, and immediately stopped talking as well.

Neo’s heart was curious about this short-haired beauty.

He knew that the director of a university library, although he did not have any real power, was still a very important position.

He was so respectful to this beauty.

The key was that this beauty, the quality was not very high either, what kind of person could this kind of woman be?

“This guy is new, I haven’t had time to train him yet, he doesn’t quite know the rules, and he doesn’t know you, so ……” Lu Zhi thought for a moment, and then hurriedly said to the beautiful woman.

She said this, of course, is also worried that the beautiful woman will be angry with her.

So, by saying so, it means that this kid is new, I haven’t had time to educate and offend you, it’s all this kid’s problem, not my pot.

“No wonder.” The pretty girl gave Neo a cold look, “But this kind of stupid egg, how could your library accept it, this kind of person to my family as a maid chopping wood I am disgusted.”

“Well.” Lu Zhi thought for a moment and said, “He has a backstage to get in.”

“Oh?” The pretty girl was stunned and said disdainfully, “He has a background? Who’s his backstage?”

“Zhu Ce.” Lu Zhi said.


The beautiful woman froze.

Then it dawned on her and she burst out laughing, “Zhu Ce, it’s actually Zhu Ce, the middle-aged psycho who kneels down to his students and calls his students Young Master? Hahahaha, laughing my ass off, I thought this hanger-on could have some kind of backstage, scared me, I thought I had offended some great person, but it turned out to be the neurotic one.”

“That’s right, it’s the neurotic.” Lu Zhi also covered his mouth, a mocking smile on his face.

When Neo heard this, he couldn’t help but stare in his heart.

Looking at these two, they simply did not have the slightest respect for Zhu Ce as well.

Moreover, the tone was contemptuous and despicable. Yes, this beautiful woman had just said that Zhu Ce had kneeled down to his student and called his student Young Master.

That’s what they should be thinking of Zhu Ce as a psychopath because of this.

It was because of this that they looked down on Zhu Ce and mocked him, right?

Neo also remembered, yes, when he talked to Zhang Jiu and the others that week after he returned from the Heavenly Ascension Platform, they talked about some of the things that they used to do when they treated others as themselves.

One of the funniest things was when Zhang Jiu was telling the fortune of a young man, who turned around and left as soon as he saw Zhang Jiu take out his playing cards.

At that time it made Zhang Jiu so happy that he thought he had found the young master.

So immediately, he took that youth to Wujiang University and found Zhu Ce, and by the way, he called Lan Huang as well.

Then, once the matter was told, the next thing was to kneel down and worship that youth just as they had done to Neo at that time.

Zhu Ce was then dumbfounded, because, that youth was a student in his class!

But since Zhang Jiu said that it was definitely so, then of course Zhu Ce willingly kneeled down and worshipped ah.

Only later, when he was brought to the Heavenly Platform for a test, it was a fake.

But Zhu Ce was furious.

This is why when Zhang Jiu said that Neo was the young master, Zhu Ce and Lan Huo both looked cautious, yes, after all, they were afraid of Zhang Jiu.

However, from then on, word spread about Zhu Ce.

This is a rare thing, a university teacher, but respectfully kneeling in front of his own students, as if they were as pious as on TV, and called his own students young master.

This is not madness is what.

Thinking of this, Neo felt a little sad in his heart.

Zhu Ce was his own man, and he had knelt down without hesitation precisely because he was thinking in his heart that the student was himself.

As a result, it was ridiculed by the whole school.

This, was all because of himself.

To let his men be disgraced because of himself.

This, was something that Neo definitely did not want to see.

Once upon a time, when he was a son of the Lu family, no matter which of Jiangnan Institute’s men he treated, he would never treat them poorly and was not at all standoffish.

He had always been such a person.

When his status was that of the Third Young Master, he was such a person.

Then when his status was that of young master, he would still be such a person.

“Alright, you stop here and hurry up and go around somewhere else, be smart next time!” Lu Zhi ordered Neo in his capacity as the head librarian.

Neo had something on his mind about Zhu Ce, not to mention that he didn’t want to stay here either.

He was just about to leave.

“Hold on.”

Who expected that the beautiful woman even called out to him.

Neo was stunned, not knowing what this beauty wanted.

She should be happy that he had left, right?

Why did she stop herself again.

“You, help me light my cigarette.”

The lady’s cigarette in her hand had already been smoked, so she lightly and skillfully took out another blue lady’s cigarette and put it in her mouth, slipping the delicate red zippo lighter in her hand to Neo.

Then she gestured with her finger, indicating Neo to say.

And her gaze revealed a kind of mockery and smugness.

It was as if she was saying, “Look, didn’t you just tell me not to smoke, and now I want you to light my cigarette here!

Neo understood that this was still a taunt.

One could even say that it was an insult now.

“Didn’t you hear me? I’m telling you to light a cigarette, hurry up!” When Neo didn’t move, his tone took on a commanding tone.

Neo thought in his heart, this is his first day in the job, if something goes wrong it is not good.

Let’s just put up with it.

Besides, this job is not bad, plenty of time, stable, I have to earn some money to find Zhou Yun on this!

So he also took the lighter and gave the beauty a light.

Neo said to himself, “This time you can go now.

“Get down.”

But the beauty lit the cigarette and then said to Neo.

What for?

Neo was stunned again.

“I want to find a book on the top floor, so squat down and don’t move!” The beautiful woman barked.

Neo sort of understood, this woman, to step on his shoulder, to go to the top to find a book?

“I’ll get you the folding ladder.” Neo knew that there were books in the library that were on a higher position, which were usually out of reach and needed to be taken by standing up with a folding ladder.

“I’m not used to folding ladders, besides, I need to get it now, so you squat down honestly and quickly! What’s the matter, aren’t you a library person? Aren’t you supposed to serve the readers? Aren’t the needs of the readers your needs? Why are you dawdling?”

“Didn’t you hear me, Neo, this is your job!” When Lu Zhi saw that the beautiful woman was about to get angry, she was also anxious in her heart.

Besides, she was not stupid, and she could see at this point that the beauty was just upset with Neo, or she was just getting back at him.

Neo was really helpless.

He also understood that the other party was doing it on purpose.

He still said, “Let’s put up with it!

Anyway, in the future, if you meet this woman again, you can just avoid her.

Thinking of this, Neo also squatted down.

The beautiful woman unceremoniously stepped on Neo’s shoulder.

“Stand up!” The beautiful woman said.

Neo only had to do as he was told.

I thought the woman would quickly get the book and come down, however, Neo waited for a while with his head down, but the woman did not have the slightest intention to come down.

Neo also understood that this woman just wanted to step on herself for a while, since it was revenge, she would definitely not come down immediately after going up.

So, I’ll just put up with it for a while longer.

Suddenly, Neo felt a shake on his shoulder.

You have to look up at me, and if I move my body that way, you have to move it that way, and if I fall down, you’ll be finished!

Helpless, have come to this point, Neo had to look up at her.

“Okay, all right ……,” said Neo after a few more minutes, frowning.

“I’m not even in a hurry, what’s your hurry, wait a little longer!”

Just like that, the beautiful woman stepped on Neo’s shoulder for ten minutes before she came down.

However, she also did not take a single book in her hand.

Obviously, she was deliberately trying to step on Neo.

“Alright, you can get lost!” The pretty girl clapped her hands and her face looked a lot more pleasant, yeah, after all, she had just stepped on Neo’s shoulder for so long.

What the heck, got revenge too.

“Well, Librarian Lu, I should go too, it’s really bad luck today, I was just here to have a look around, but I met such a brainless guy.” The beautiful woman waved her hand and walked towards the entrance of the library.

Just as she reached the entrance, she came across a young girl wearing a denim uniform.

The pretty girl smiled at once, “Why are you alone?”

“Ah, sis? Why are you here?”

The denim-clad teenage girl was also stunned when she saw the beautiful girl.


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