At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 261

“Young master, I’ve got a job for you!” Zhu Ce filled in with gusto.

“What kind of job?”

“A job in the library at our school, organizing books, how about that? Three thousand yuan a month, five insurance and one gold!” Zhu Ce said, rubbing his hands excitedly.

At this time, it had already been more than a week since the trip to Dengtiantai.

After Neo returned, he slept for a day.

To be honest, it wasn’t a good sleep, after all, he really didn’t feel good knowing that he was a bad person in his past life, and he had a lot of nightmares.

Then a few days after he woke up, he started looking for Zhou Yun in the streets of Wujiang City.

After searching for a few days, of course there was no result.

But Neo found a problem.

There was no money.

Yes, no money for himself.

The properties in Jinling were all taken away by Murong Ruo Lan, and he himself was separated from the family, now Neo, was really penniless.

Although Zhang Jiu Lan Huang Zhu Ce, will certainly serve Neo unconditionally.

But naturally, Neo could not accept their gifts again and again.

Therefore, Neo felt that he needed to find a job.

While working, he could earn money in order to continue his search for Zhou Yun.

However, since he had not graduated yet and did not have a diploma from Jinling University, it was not an easy task to find a better job, and he searched and searched, but he could not find a suitable one.

So now, this news brought by Zhu Ce was undoubtedly a good news.

Neo now knows that Zhu Ce is now a teacher at Wujiang University, so he used his position to introduce this job to Neo.

A job inside the library was naturally a good errand.

“Let’s go, Young Master, let’s go there now!”


Half an hour later, the two were already standing at the entrance of Wujiang University.

Looking at the grand gates of Wujiang University and the young male and female students coming in and out of the entrance, Neo’s heart couldn’t help but feel a few emotions, as if he was at Jinling University again.

Yes, how long had it been since I had been back?

How are the good friends of the past, Zhang Hui and Song Chun, doing? What about Neo Ling and Zhang Ya, how are they doing?

Neo wanted to go back to Jinling one day, holding Zhou Yun’s hand, riding on the train, looking out of the window, his mood soaring.

If that day did come, he or she should be the happiest person in the world.

“Young master …… no, young Lu, watch out!”

Suddenly, Zhu Ce’s voice interrupted Neo’s thoughts, while Neo felt his body being yanked to the side by Zhu Ce, and he had just stood firm when an exaggeratedly shaped sports car whizzed past Neo.

Originally, Zhu Ce had been addressing Neo as Young Master, but Neo felt that in the future he and he would work in the same school and would inevitably run into each other, so it would be too strange to call him Young Master.

So he asked Zhu Ce to call him by his first name, but Zhu Ce couldn’t call Neo by his first name, so in the end he simply called him Lu Shao.

Looking at the sports car that sped away, Neo could not help but frown, damn oh, it seems that arrogant students in which the university have ah, here is the school road, but also drive so fast.

“Hey, just past the sports car is so handsome ah, is our school who drives ah?”

“Then this nymphomaniac is really not qualified ah, you actually don’t even know, that is our school’s top rich young Xiong Hui Xiong’s Ferrari sports car ah!”

“What a handsome Ferrari, tsk, if only Mr. Xiong could give me a ride.”

“You’re delusional, there are plenty of rich girls in our school who are eager to get into young Xiong’s car, just like us, we’re not even qualified to eat the exhaust fumes of other people’s sports cars.”

Two girls, who also happened to pass by Neo’s side, looked at the distant Ferrari with adoring, straightforward eyes.

“Ferrari sports cars are very expensive, right?” One girl said again.

“Just kidding, of course it’s expensive, the top sports car brand. Moreover, this Ferrari of Xiong Shao’s was heard to be custom-made at Ferrari, there is no identical model in the world, it is said to be the world’s number one expensive sports car!” Another girl said.

“Wow, my God, how much does that cost.”

“It must be at least a hundred million.”

“Wow, a hundred million for a car, that’s so dirt cheap! Alas, the world of these tycoons is not something we Cinderellas can approach.”

The two girls walked away.

“Is everything alright, Young Lu?” Zhu Ce asked with concern.

“Um, fine.”

“This Xiong Hui, the grandson of the Xiong family, the number one family in Wujiang City, is usually arrogant in the school, just this sports car, it has crashed into several students.” Zhu Ce frowned, “He almost hit you just now, it’s time to teach this kid a lesson.”

“Forget it, let’s go to the library.”

Neo waved his hand, he had just arrived at the school, he was too lazy to invite any trouble, besides, he just wanted to find Zhou Yun, these arrogant rich kids, he had seen a lot of them at Jinling University, he didn’t bother with them at all.

When I arrived at the library, I went through the induction procedure, which was actually quite simple. Neo’s job was to organize and sort out the books on a regular basis, and he didn’t have to do it all, he was in charge of a section.

Occasionally, the patrol patrol, there are loud talking to stop a little, eat snacks to remind a little, sitting on the library shelves also said a word or so.

Just as Neo was finishing up the formalities in the library.

A pink Mercedes-Benz car, too, slowly entered the campus of Wujiang University.

“Sister, this is the place where you study, huh?” Inside the car, two young girls.

One of them was wearing a black jacket and the other was wearing a denim jacket.

“Yes, it must be the first time sister has seen a university.” The teenage girl in the denim jacket said.


The young girl in black, curiously looked out of the car window at Wujiang University, looking with a fresh feeling in her gaze.

“Sister, come to the university too, you will meet a lot of people.” The denim jacket teenage girl said, “Last time, didn’t Master Kurenai tell sister that there will be someone who loves sister very much, if you stay at home all the time, how can you meet someone you like, if you come to university too, you might meet them, but no matter what, since Master Kurenai said so, no matter what you do, sister, you will definitely meet that person in the future. ”

Speaking of this, an indescribable melancholy appeared on the cowgirl’s face, “But that wouldn’t be the case for me.”

“How so?”

The young girl in black withdrew her gaze and looked steadily at her sister in front of her, “You’re bound to meet one too.”

“It can’t be. There’s no way I could have met him. If I could have met him, Master Kurenai would have said so long ago, but he didn’t. He only said not as you wish, but both as you wish, words I can’t understand, but though I can’t understand them, it should be a very sad sentence. Besides, I’m already going to marry Xiong Hui, and yesterday dad even received the bride price, the matter is already settled.” The denim-jacketed girl shook her head and said the last with a watery look on her face.

But perhaps feeling out of place, she smiled lightly, only behind that smile, how much heartache was there.

“Then let’s go to Jinling and find him.”

The young girl in black said, “We’ll go together, I’ll accompany you!”

“It’s no use, dad is watching me very closely now and won’t give me another go, besides, he’s most likely not in that flat now.”

The denim-clad girl’s face suddenly showed a few more moments of depressed sadness as she said this, “Besides, I told him who I was when I left then, so if he really wanted to see me, he would have come to Wujiang City to look for me long ago.”

Speaking of this, the denim-clad maiden smiled to herself, “Yes, the Second Miss of the Cao Family, as long as he but got to remember me, but got to want to come and look for me, just find a random person to inquire about the Second Miss of the Cao Family, he would have found me, but up to now, he hasn’t even appeared, so it can be seen that he has simply forgotten about me.”

The girl in black didn’t know what to say for a moment and froze there.

Trying to console her sister, I guess, but not knowing how to do so.

“Hey, it’s my fault for bringing up this kind of thing again and making my sister sad with me, now we’re at the library, I’m going to borrow some books, so let’s go there together too, sister.” The denim-clad girl said.

“Ah ……”

The young girl in black was just about to speak when suddenly her gaze twitched and she pointed out the window, “Sister, there’s a lake there!”

Sure enough, outside the car window, not far away, on the campus of Wujiang University, a lake with reeds stirring in the wind, the lake water calm as a mirror, occasionally rippling.

It looked very haunting.

“Yes, sister, that’s our school’s East Lake.”

“I’d like to go over and have a seat, I’ll just wait for you by the lake.” The young girl in black had a longing expression on her face as she looked at that East Lake without blinking.

“All right then, I’ll go up. After I borrow the book later, I’ll come find you ah.”


The two young girls got out of the car.

One went up to the library and the other went to the East Lake.

At this moment, inside the library.

Neo just went round and round making his rounds.

In his heart, to be honest, he was still very emotional.

Yes, for the library, of course Neo is very familiar with, in the Jinling University, he often went to the library, only then he was a student, and now, he has become a staff member.

This feeling, to be honest, was not very comfortable, and even a bit uncomfortable.

At this moment, Neo suddenly smelt a smell of smoke.

In a place like the library, the smell of smoke was still very sensitive to people.

Neo frowned, smoking was absolutely forbidden in the library.

Damn, which kid is so unqualified?

As he thought, Neo couldn’t help but look over at the smell of smoke, and then he suddenly just stared.

A woman.

A very beautiful woman.

Black high-heeled shoes, oily, high heels of fifteen centimeters, taut calves straight, as if the stem of a lotus leaf, the feeling of pavilion.

The short black tube skirt and the flesh-coloured stockings set off a workplace air.

The woman’s figure is indeed very good, the tube skirt outlines the rounded curve of her crotch, and then it is as if it has been closed by an artist with a pen, an elegant arc highlighting the thin waist of the surplus.

The white shirt is neatly ironed.

A short black suit covers the outside, rippling in front of the fierce.

Short, ear-length hair, very elegantly exposing the ears, and huge earrings that shimmered with a charming glow.

Beautiful looking too, with small, quite delicate features and white, smooth skin, as if it would slip off if her hands were placed on it.

Only the beauty of it was that she was holding a thin lady’s cigarette between her index and middle fingers.

The smell of smoke, precisely from the cigarette in her hand, emanated.

It looked like this beautiful woman was also quite elegant, but how could she do such an unqualified thing.

“Sorry, classmate, smoking is not allowed in the library, please also cooperate.” Neo walked forward and said politely.

“What did you say?!” The woman seemed to have not expected Neo to talk to her, and was stunned, and then, looked at Neo coldly.

Neo had no choice but to repeat what he had just said again.

“Get lost!”

The woman’s face instantly chilled and she said coldly.

Neo was speechless at once, this woman was wild.

“I’m really sorry, student, please put out your cigarette, according to the library’s rules, all teachers and students who come here, are not allowed to smoke, it will affect others.” Neo was helpless and said.

Since he had come to work, of course he couldn’t just perfunctorily do it ah.


The words had just finished.

On Neo’s face, he had already received a hard slap.

“For your information, I am neither a teacher nor a student!” The woman withdrew her hand, exhaled a mouthful of smoke, on Neo’s face, and said coldly, “Therefore, your rules, are not valid for me!”


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