At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 260

“My handprint?”

Neo was stunned.

“Yes, Young Master, this handprint was not chiseled, but rather it was your handprint on it more than thirty thousand years ago.” When Zhang Jiu said this, he could not help but feel the utmost emotion, “This handprint, just like this, has remained on the boulder for 35,000 years, being exposed to daylight every day and wet by dew every night. During these 30,000 years of my search for you, whenever I met some people who might be you, I would bring them here. Let them touch this palm print, but none of them fit so perfectly; none of them were you, after all. And today, this handprint has finally waited for its owner!”

Although Neo could not really believe all this yet.

But at this moment, as he heard Zhang Jiu’s words and then saw this palm print, an indefinable feeling of affection rose in Neo’s heart.

If this was really his own handprint ……

In his mind, Neo couldn’t help but imagine that one day, 35,000 years ago, a young man, just like himself, stood right here, on the boulder, and pressed his handprint.

This pale sense of history gave him an indescribable pathos in his heart.

Neo carefully surveyed the handprints on the boulder.

Finally, his gaze rested on the small palm mark that was partly overlapping next to the palm mark.

The small palm print was smaller than Neo’s own, and the palm partly coincided with Neo’s, but the five slender fingerprints pointed in another direction.

The fingers were long and slender, and looked beautiful.

Moreover, it was clearly a woman’s hand.

Seeing this, Neo’s heart twitched.

This small palm print was so close to himself, could it be that ……

“This palm print, whose is it?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“This ……” Zhang Jiu hesitated for a moment.

And next to him, Lan Huang’s face was also red and she lowered her head.

“What’s wrong, whose is it anyway?” Seeing them like this, Neo of course became even more curious, and in his heart, he vaguely guessed an answer, which made him even more eager.

“This handprint, it belongs to the princess of the God Clan.” Zhang Jiu finally, spoke up.

The princess of the God Clan?

Neo was stunned, he had heard about the war between the God Clan and the Demon Clan from Wang Renhua’s mouth, the God Clan’s princess, wouldn’t that be a noble woman?

The divine princess’ palm mark was so close to his own palm mark, could it be that the two were once a couple?

At once, Neo had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

In his previous life, he had a lover.

And in this life, he had Zhou Yun.

Although it was a past life and a present life, it was after all two women.

Thinking about this, Neo’s heart was a bit self-condemned, yes, how could I like two women, so that I was sorry for both the divine princess in my previous life and Zhou Yun today.

If it was possible, I would rather like only one person no matter how many past lives and how many present lives.

As he thought about it, Neo couldn’t help but walk forward and gently caress the handprint of the divine princess on the stone wall of the boulder, moving so gently as if he was really caressing a girl’s hand.

For a moment, Neo felt that what he was imagining in his mind was actually Zhou Yun’s hand.

For, these two handprints were so close, overlapping each other, heart to heart.

It made Neo’s heart couldn’t help but gush out a kind of tenderness.

“That divine princess, isn’t she very good to me? Are we very much in love?” Neo couldn’t help but ask because, in his mind, he always imagined this handprint to be Zhou Yun’s handprint.

Again, his heart wanted more than anything, one day, he could be with Zhou Yun, the palm of their hands imprinted on this kind of stone wall, so that the symbol of their relationship would remain in this world forever.

“This ……” Zhang Jiu’s face was embarrassed for another moment, but finally said, “Young master, you raped that divine princess here.”


Neo was instantly shaken and almost didn’t fall over.

He looked at Zhang Jiu with disbelief, “This, this is true? What the hell is going on here?”

“Yes. But Young Master at that time you were completely enraged and your mind was in turmoil.” They tricked you into coming to the Heavenly Platform, saying that they could bring the woman you liked to marry you, but they lied to you, they put the woman you liked under house arrest at the 10 million mile wide Piaomiao Spiritual Peak, so that you would never see her again. When you learned the truth, your eyes turned red and your mind changed, and in just one round trip, you captured the divine princess, who was protected by millions of troops of the divine race, and then you raped her in full view of everyone.”

“Because the divine princess resisted, you pressed her palm against the boulder, thus leaving such a handprint.”

When Zhang Jiu finished speaking, Neo was all completely dumbfounded.

“I… I was actually this kind of thug before?” Neo couldn’t help but kneel down, deep inside there was an indescribable pain and sadness, himself, how could he be so violent?

How could he, how could he rape an innocent girl in full view of the public?

Thinking of this, Neo felt a pain in his heart!

Was he still a human being?

When Zhang Jiu Lan Huang and the others saw Neo like this, they looked at each other, and there was great worry in their gazes.

“Young master, don’t be like this, you are originally the strongest Heavenly Xuan of the demon race, the world rules have no restrictions on you.” Zhang Jiu hurriedly said comfortingly, “When the day you awaken, you won’t be this upset.”

“No! I don’t want to awaken!”

Neo’s heart twitched and he couldn’t help but say angrily, “Yes, he used to be such an unforgivable person, so what’s the point of awakening?!

Neo said, Neo’s heart, suddenly to this ascending platform, to these huge stones, from the heart, a deep disgust, yes, he was actually here back then, to an innocent girl ……

He was such a person, Neo felt really sorry for Zhou Yun, and also for that divine princess!

Thinking that, he drew back and left, never stopping again.

Behind him, Zhang Jiu and the others, they all froze as well.

They looked at each other.

“Young Master has really changed, he would never have been like this before.” Lan Huang looked at Neo’s back and said.

“Yes, Young Lord has really become what he wants to be.” When Zhang Jiu said this, he actually dropped a few tears from his gaze, as if he was kind of moved.

“Blind man, you’re right.” Lan Huo also seemed to be infected and had a few moist eyes as well.

“Back then, the young master was defeated in battle due to dipping his blood spirit sword, and was badly injured. On his deathbed, he actually had two paths he could take, one was to seal himself off to sleep in the underground mountains and rivers, so that he would wait for the right opportunity to awaken, and his memories and abilities would not be lost. The other path is the path of reincarnation, so that he can keep reincarnating, but the memories of the demon race, and the most important powerful abilities will also be lost. The young master chose the second path of reincarnation, just to forget the past and start afresh!” Zhu Ce said.

“I think, young master, at that time, probably felt that he had done too much evil in his previous life, so he wanted to start over and live a simple life! Be a simple and ordinary person!” Blue Phoenix said.

“Yes, I still remember that when the young master was dying, he held my hand and told me that he had done too much wrong in his life and brought too much harm to the world, so he only wanted to be a good person in his next life.” Zhang Jiu choked back a sob and said, “Young master, your dream, has finally come true!”

“But if the young master really becomes like this, is he still the young master? Would he still be the famous First Day Xuan of the past? Whenever I think of that Young Lord, my heart, it would still be shaken!” Zhu Ce’s eyes were slightly moist as he murmured.

“No matter what kind of person the Young Lord has become, his position in my Lan Huo’s heart will never change, he will always be the one Young Lord in my heart!” Blue Phoenix said, “Even if he turns into an ordinary person, since I found him, I will always follow him.”

“Me too.” Zhang Jiu said, “No matter what the young master does, I will always be loyal!”

“If it wasn’t for Young Master, back then, even though the world was vast and the continent was far away, there would have been no place for me, Zhu Ce. If Young Master hadn’t taken me in, the so-called traitor of the former first sect of swordsmen, I would have been a dead soul under the sword long ago… I will never forget the kindness of Young Master! Count me in for pouring foot-washing water for Young Master!”

The three men looked at each other, nodded and followed Neo’s direction, heading down the mountain.


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