At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 259

“This is the Heaven Ascension Platform?!”

Neo looked at the sight in front of him and was shocked speechless.

“Yes, Young Lord, this is the Heaven Ascension Platform.” Zhang Jiu also looked at the sight in front of him and showed a few moments of emotion on his face.

“Why are there so many people?” Neo said, still shocked.

Yes, originally Neo had thought that the Heaven Ascension Platform must be a pale and ancient place, with a feeling of heaven and earth being mysterious and ancient.

But, but, with the scene in front of him, Neo felt that he must have arrived at some netflix attraction.

It was simply packed with people.

Guides waving little tour group flags were shouting through the crowd with megaphones.

There were also all sorts of people with handheld heads shooting shaky videos and live streaming, in short, the place was literally all over the place, with people crowding in and out.

“Sigh, that’s how many people have suddenly become in these ten years.”

Zhang Jiu sighed and said, “I’ve been coming here once a year for the past 35,000 years, it used to be very empty, when I came, I couldn’t even touch a single person, it was so desolate. But since 2000, there’s been some kind of tourism development here, so the local district government took aim at it.”

“They found this piece of Dengtiantai and built these pavilions and courtyards around it, attracting a lot of people to visit, and in the past two years, because of the popularity of short videos, Dengtiantai has become hot again all of a sudden, so now there’s simply too much foot traffic, resulting in so many people.”

Er, Neo was a little speechless.

“Young master, look, there is the Heaven Ascension Platform, this other courtyard and pavilion have nothing to do with the Heaven Ascension Platform, it was built by the local government to attract tourism.”

Zhang Jiu pointed to the high place and said.

Neo followed his gesture and saw that at the top of the mountain, there were several huge boulders, towering towards the sky.

The boulders were huge, the very tall kind, and even from a distance, they could be seen very clearly.

“Hurry up, hurry up, there’s the Stonehenge ahead, let’s hurry over and take a picture and send it to our friends.” Two university student-looking girls hurriedly passed by Neo and the others.

“I’ve only heard of Stonehenge on Easter Island before, but I never thought we’d have it in our country, it’s great, it’s spectacular!” Another group of people passed by Neo excitedly.

“Hurry up, this is the last tourist attraction, and the hottest one.

A tour group also passed in front of Neo and the others, and the guide with the flag was saying to the crowd.

“Stonehenge?” Neo looked at Zhang Jiu curiously, “Didn’t you say this was a platform for ascending to heaven?”

“Hey, it’s all a name given by the people from the district government to attract tourism.” Zhang Jiu scratched his head and said, “Besides, they didn’t know that this was the Ascension Platform, they just saw that there were these huge stones and thought of that Stonehenge on Resurrection Island, so they simply came up with such a gimmicky name.”

Neo nodded, that was true.

After all, if what Zhang Jiu said was true, then such a saying as the Ascension Platform must also be a saying from over thirty thousand years ago, and modern people certainly didn’t know about it.

“Then, let’s go over and have a look.” Neo said.

“No, wait a minute, Young Master.” Zhang Jiu hurriedly pulled Neo back and said awkwardly, “We still need tickets to go in, let’s wait a bit longer.”

“Dang, do you even have the money for the tickets, I’ll pay for it!” Blue Phoenix said.

“No, no, no, we’ll go over there at night, it’s not convenient to take Young Master there during the day when it’s full of people.” Zhang Jiu had long since made up his mind.

At that moment, a few people stayed nearby, it just so happened that food was also sold here.

Only naturally, it was much more expensive than down the mountain.

But fortunately, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce both brought money with them, and the crowd ate and drank until the scenic spot was closed for the night.

Only then did they start moving.

With the help of the sword spirit girl and Zhang Jiu and the others, it was natural to enter the scenic spot with ease.

Finally, Neo arrived at the top of the mountain.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Neo’s heart was still very shocked.

It was true to describe this place as a giant stone formation.

In front of him, there were nine boulders, all standing in a large circle.

Each of these boulders was close to thirty metres tall!

That’s almost ten storeys!

Each boulder is a rectangular shape, thirty metres high and five metres wide on each of the remaining sides.

They looked like huge wooden stakes that had been erected.

These nine boulders, standing like this in the moonlight, on the flat spot at the top of the hill, the boulders dark and silent, look truly shocking.

Anyone who saw them would have felt small as a human being, I’m afraid.

These nine boulders, as if they were giants, support heaven and earth!

“Why is this called the Platform of Ascending to Heaven? Is it because you can ascend to heaven from here?” Neo was also shocked in his heart as he looked at the huge stones in front of him.

These boulders, being too old, all appeared to be somewhat weathered.

But obviously, these boulders could never have been born.

After all, they were all regular rectangular shapes.

And, again, arranged in a circle towering over them.

But if they were not born, then they could only have been man-made.

But how could such huge rocks have been erected in ancient times?

Not to mention ancient times, even in modern times, this huge rock, thirty metres high, was beyond the reach of any machinery.

“That’s not true, Young Master, this is called the Ascending Platform, just because you could go to the Valley Continent from here in the past.” Zhang Jiu said, “All around us now, in ancient times, it was called the Continent of Origin, and it wasn’t very easy to go to the Continent of Valley from the Continent of Origin, but of course, it wasn’t as if there were no more passages, and the Platform of Ascension, was one of the passages.”

“The Continent of the Valley? The Original Continent?” Neo frowned slightly.

“This, Young Lord, you haven’t awakened yet, you don’t know about these places yet.” Zhang Jiu said, “The place where we are now, in terms of modern geographic knowledge, is the seven continents and five oceans including the South Pole and the North Pole, all belong to the Continent of Origin, and the Continent of the Valley, which also belongs to the Earth, exists side by side with the Continent of Origin, only, it belongs to another dimension, this may be a little hard to imagine and feel unreal to say, but, the Continent of the Valley is also real, for the inhabitants of the Valley Continent, the concept of the Original Continent is also not very well understood, after all, many of the people of the Valley Continent, even now, do not know that the Original Continent exists.”

Neo shook his head, his heart filled with an indefinable curiosity and shock, “Is this true? There’s another dimension that actually belongs to Earth as well? This is too incredible.”

“Eh, Young Master.” Zhang Jiu heatedly smiled, “In fact, in the past, you often had nothing to do but go around the three continents, at that time, you might have breakfast in the morning in the Original Continent, at noon, you would go to the Valley Continent to catch a dinosaur for fun, and at night, you would go to the Wind Continent to pick up girls, after all, at that time, you were extremely powerful and had endless energy, it was a breeze to go to any continent you wanted. ”

“Wait, there’s the Continent of Wind?” Neo was getting speechless, this nonsense, so complicated?

“Yes, the earth has a total of three continents, respectively is the original continent, the continent of the valley, and the continent of the wind, these three places, in fact, there is no high and low, all have their own characteristics, just like Asia Europe and America, each place has something that other places do not have, but some connection.”

Speaking here, Zhang Jiu pointed to the boulders and continued, “And these nine boulders at the Ascension Platform correspond to the nine star markets in the sky, and once they are connected to the star markets, they will generate huge waves of energy. If you want to go to the Valley Continent, you need to stand on the platform in the middle of the boulder and use your own power to manipulate the nine boulders to rotate in order to correspond to the star markets in the sky, after all, the starry sky is changing every moment, and the star markets are also constantly displaced.”

“Then you mean that now if someone can manipulate these nine boulders, as long as they connect to the Star Market in the sky, they can go to that whatever Valley Continent?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“Not necessarily, young master.”

Zhang Jiu said, “Thirty-five thousand years have passed in the world, the starry sky will be changing somehow every year, the stars have changed a lot now, I’m afraid the giant stones here can no longer correspond to the star markets, if you want to go to the Continent of the Valley, I’m afraid you need to find a new place and re-erect new giant stones, this will be able to connect the nine star markets. ”

Neo nodded, to be honest, after hearing these words from Zhang Jiu, Neo still half believed and half doubted in his heart.

Yes, who could believe in such things?

However, listening to these narratives of Zhang Jiu, Neo felt that it was quite good to treat it as listening to a story, this kind of legendary story, it was still very attractive.

After all, Neo was a very rational person, and had received nine years of compulsory education, and had relatively good grades.

“Young master, here!”

It was at this time that Zhang Jiu came next to a huge rock and beckoned to Neo.

“Young master, go over there.”

Lan Huo and Zhu Ce also said.

It seemed that they knew what Zhang Jiu was up to.

Neo went under the boulder, and really, at this moment, standing under this boulder, Neo felt even smaller, after all, this boulder reached a width of five metres and a height of thirty metres.

“Look here, young master.”

Zhang Jiu pointed to the top of the boulder.

Neo was unsure, but looked over anyway.

In the moonlight, one could see on top of the rock, blurred, there were two handprints, very deep and deep.

A large handprint, and a small one.

The five fingers of the large handprint were upwards, and half of the small handprint overlapped with the large one, but the five fingers were to the side.

“What is this?” Neo couldn’t help but be curious.

Yes, there was a handprint on this kind of boulder?!

And looking at this handprint, it was as if it was fused with the boulder, and it was so deep.

“Young master, try putting your hand on here.” Zhang Jiu pointed at the large handprint and said.

Neo’s heart twitched, could ……

Thinking of this, his heart also had a few excitement, slowly stretched out his hand and approached that handprint on the boulder.

And Zhang Jiu Lan Huang and Zhu Ce and others, attention was all at once focused on Neo’s hand.

Their expressions were full of anticipation and a kind of breathless excitement.

Neo also held his breath and continued, slowly, to approach the handprint.

Somehow, the closer his hand was to the handprint, the more Neo felt as if his brain was slightly confused, as if he was disturbed by something.

Some images kept appearing.

However, one could not see those images at all.

That feeling was like a TV with no signal, and every now and then some blurred signal suddenly flashed rapidly.

And at the same time, Neo also felt a suction force coming from his palm. A kind of suction from the boulder.

Finally, when his palm was closer to the palm print on the boulder, finally, involuntarily, Neo’s hand, pressed against that palm print.

A perfect fit!

The moment Neo pressed it up, he suddenly felt a lot of information flooding into his mind all at once.

A kind of rage and a kind of pleasure came to his body at the same time.

And after that, there was a kind of sadness, a kind of pain.

Neo was startled and hurriedly drew his hand back.

At once, he felt that what he had just thought and felt, disappeared.

And his head cleared.

“What’s going on? I can’t believe I fit the palm mark perfectly.” Neo muttered.

“Young master! I wasn’t wrong, you really are the Young Master!” At this moment, Zhang Jiu finally became excited and suddenly worshipped and kneeled down in front of Neo.

And this time, Lan Huo and Zhu Ce no longer hesitated and also knelt down in front of Neo.

“Young master, because, this palm mark is yours!” Zhang Jiu said.


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