At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 258

“What?” Neo froze, “You said she, she’s a spirit sword? A sword?”


Zhang Jiu nodded and said, “Of course, a spirit sword is not an ordinary sword, back then, young master, you conquered Penglai and obtained two objects of the island, namely Yao Guang and Xuan Gui, both of these swords are spirit objects with their own powerful consciousness and souls, they were just imprisoned within the swords and you always carried them with you, later you felt pity for the souls of the swords as they were inside the swords all their lives, so you dipped the spirit swords in blood in order to nourish them and allow them to seize energy in order to break the bondage.”

“However, because of this, you consumed a lot of blood and failed to recover in a short period of time, resulting in a great siege, which was difficult to support the enemy, so that you lost. You did not want the two spirit swords to return to the enemy and be imprisoned for life, so you urged your own energy and shot the spirit swords into the starry universe, where they roamed for three years, and finally fell into the endless continent of the Origin, and then after After more than 30,000 years, the War of Yan and Huang began to emerge in the Original Continent, and these two spiritual swords fell into the hands of who knows which power. But with your blood nourishing them, they have been growing all the time during these 35,000 years, and now it seems that they have been freed from the bondage of their swords and have finally become free! Becoming true sword spirits!”

“This ……”

Neo really felt more and more mysterious.

“This is also why she came to look for you as soon as she left the sword sheath, because they were surrounded by your blood from the day they were conceived, it was your blood that protected them and nourished them, they smelled you from the first day they started to truly have humanoid consciousness, your unique scent, has entered their dna, entered their genetic sequence, influencing They synthesise your proteins! If they are intelligent robots, then the information about you has been written into the lowest level of their motherboard’s commands!”

Speaking of this, Zhang Jiu’s face was also very excited as he looked at the young girl with a few moments of excitement on his face, “Am I right?”

“Can’t understand what you’re saying.”

The young girl glanced at Zhang Jiu indifferently and leaned towards Neo’s side.

“Eh.” Zhang Jiu made a scene of embarrassment, but then, he looked at Neo again and said excitedly, “So they will always protect you in the future, Young Master, I am also more relieved to have an expert of this level to protect you.”

“Protecting me?” Neo murmured.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel some emotions, yes

“Yes, not only is it protecting you, Young Master, the sword spirit also obeys your orders!” Zhang Jiu said and tapped his head, “No wonder she stopped when you shouted to stop during the fight just now, because those were your words, your orders, she would definitely obey them!”


Neo froze and also remembered what had just happened.

It was also true that just now, when Zhang Jiu hugged the young girl and she slapped her palm towards his head, he himself was in a hurry at that moment, so he shouted to stop.

The young girl really stopped too.

“When you told her to stop, she stopped, and even when I took out my dagger and stabbed her later, she still didn’t react ……,” Zhang Jiu continued.

When Neo heard this, his heart couldn’t help but shake.

Yes, from the fight just now, I’m afraid that even the three of Zhang Jiu are not a match for the young girl alone.

With Zhang Jiu’s skill, there was no way he could have stabbed the maiden.

But at that moment, the maiden seemed to stand there dumbfounded, allowing Zhang Jiu to stab her with a knife.

“Why didn’t you dodge then?” Neo asked.

“You were the one who told me to stop.” The young girl said sullenly, “You told me to stop, so I did.”

After a pause, the young girl added, “I did what you told me to do.”

Neo’s heart suddenly froze again, a kind of indescribable touch.

You tell me what to do, I will do it.

You told me to stop, so I stopped.

Even if the other party used a knife to stab me, I didn’t fight back.

That, just how much one has to listen to someone to do that!

“You, are you alright?”

“It’s fine, I’ve bandaged it up.” There was no pain on the young girl’s face, and she also looked like she didn’t care much, tilting her head up and looking at Neo, “Aren’t you going to kick me out?”

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood you, I won’t kick you out.”

Neo looked at the young girl’s handsome face, sixteen or seventeen years old, her blown-out skin, her innocent eyes without any distractions, her happiness, anger and sadness, all seemed to be shown on her face.

Although he still couldn’t bring himself to believe those arcane words of Zhang Jiu.

But somehow, when Neo looked at the young girl at this moment, there was an indescribable feeling of affection in his heart.

“Then let’s go eat, shall we, I’m hungry.” The young girl was instantly overjoyed and pulled at Neo’s coat and said.

“Ah, little girl, I have food here.”

When Zhang Jiu heard this, he busily lowered his head and pulled out a glass bottle in his arms, pleasingly handing it to the young girl, “You’ve worked hard to protect young master, you must pay attention to your nutrition, eat more good food.”

When the blue phoenix next to her took a look at the glass bottle, her eyes went round and she exclaimed, “Isn’t this the bottle of Old Goddess on the table where we had breakfast? At the time we finished the check, the boss was scratching his head and saying why the bottle was missing from the table, and you said you hadn’t seen it. So it was you, you stole it?”

I took a bottle of Lao Gan Ma to teach him a lesson not to cheat people in business, besides, I’m short of money these days, so I took a bottle of Lao Gan Ma just to make ends meet. You can think of the owner of that breakfast shop as being filial to the elderly, respecting the elderly and loving the young, a Chinese tradition ……”

Blue Phoenix skimmed her lips and didn’t say anything.

“Come on, little girl, this Lao Gan Ma is delicious, tsk, if there was something this delicious 35,000 years ago, maybe there would be no more wars, you are hungry, have some.” Saying that, Zhang Jiu sent it forward again.

However, the young girl didn’t even look at it, and pushed the old dried mother away in one go.

“What’s wrong little girl, you don’t like spicy food?” Zhang Jiu said.

“Why don’t you just have a taste, it’s actually quite delicious.” Neo Lao Gan Ma from Zhang Jiu’s hand, to be honest, Neo is still familiar with Lao Gan Ma, after all, when he used to have no money, but often eat this thing.

“You eat a little first, pad your stomach, here is the mountain, down the mountain to eat, it will take a long time.” Neo said again.


The young girl took Lao Gan Ma from Neo’s hand and ate it with taste.

Zhang Jiu froze and watched the scene.

Suddenly, he tapped his head again, “Tsk, I’m sure I’m right, this sword spirit only eats what its master gives it!”

“What do you mean?” Neo asked.

“Young master, because the sword spirit recognizes you as its master, she will only eat what you give her, if you don’t give her something to eat, she would rather pick up something to eat than ever eat something given by someone else!” Zhang Jiu said.

“So that’s how it is.”

Neo couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Yes, when he saw this young girl at the entrance of the Teng Wang Ge villa community before, it was when he saw her picking up things from the rubbish to eat, and at that time many kind-hearted people also gave her things, but she didn’t want them.

As a result, she just wanted her own.

So that’s what happened.

“Let’s finish eating, let’s go down the hill.” The young girl said as she threw the empty bottle into the water and took Neo’s hand.


Neo nodded and looked at Zhang Jiu and the others, “Let’s go, let’s go down too.”

“Wait a minute, Young Master!”

Zhang Jiu, however, hurriedly stopped Neo, “Young master, we had a hard time taking a taxi from the city to get here, and now the Ascension Platform is up there, so since we are here, we better go and take a look.”

“Well, Young Master, go and have a look!” Blue Phoenix and Zhu Ce also said.

At this moment, after such an incident, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce’s hearts were also more confirmed about Neo, only, of course, they wanted to further ascertain Neo’s identity even more.

Right now, the only way to determine Neo’s identity was to ascend to the Heavenly Platform.

“Then, let’s go over.”

To be honest, Neo’s heart also has a few curiosity, listening to Zhang Jiu and the others say that the Heaven Ascension Platform Ascension Platform, what exactly is it.

Since he was here, let’s go and have a look.

Besides, the young girl had also eaten a bottle of Lao Gan Ma, so she shouldn’t be hungry for the time being.


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