At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 257

Neo was awakened by a loud noise.

He opened his eyes and was astonished.

He was lying under a tree, surrounded by all rocks and trees, which was obviously inside a mountain.

And in front of him, four figures were tumbling around, fighting.

Three fighting one, to be precise.

A masked man, wrapped in a wrap, was fighting with Zhang Jiu and the three of them, fighting very fiercely.

The hooded figure was thin and weak, but looked very powerful and extremely strong. With two huffs and puffs, he directly pushed Lan Huang and Zhu Ce out of the way.

With a bang, the two fell heavily and flew out.

Then, the masked man was about to retreat towards Neo.

But at this time, Zhang Jiu rushed up again and sliced diagonally at the masked man with a palm.


Suddenly, the masked man’s hand flipped and a light flashed, hitting Zhang Jiu right under his ribs.

There was a loud sound, and Zhang Jiu’s clothes under his ribs instantly seemed to split open, and blood seeped out, as if he had been hit by a sword.

With this injury, Zhang Jiu’s movements stalled.

The masked man paid no more attention and came towards Neo’s side again.

“Protect the young master!”

Zhang Jiu let out a shout and suddenly jumped up again, hugging the masked man.

Neo’s heart was suddenly shocked, this masked man, was coming to kill himself?

In an instant, his mind couldn’t help but flood back to the scene when he left Sky Island, on the helicopter, being chased and killed.

Could it be that those people knew that he was not dead, so they came after him again?

Thinking of this, Neo panicked for a moment.


The masked man was suddenly hugged by Zhang Jiu, his heart must have been furious, and he struck Zhang Jiu’s back with a palm.


This slap was obviously not light in force, and Zhang Jiu directly spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

But despite this, Zhang Jiu still clung to the masked man and did not let go of his hand.

“You guys, quick, take the young master away first!”

These words of Zhang Jiu were almost spurted out with blood.

“Blind ……” Over there, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce, both of them lowered their heads and wiped a tear from their eyes.

Although they had never quite believed that Neo was the young master either, but seeing that at this moment, Zhang Jiu had actually laid down his life for Neo, they realized that Zhang Jiu really thought that Neo was the young master’s.

“Young master, go now!”

Two people can not fail Zhang Jiu’s entrustment, plus at this time also believe a few points, two people helped Neo, to leave.

However, at this moment, how could Neo leave on his own?

Although he didn’t believe Zhang Jiu and the others and felt ridiculous in his heart, but from yesterday to today, at least Zhang Jiu and the three of them didn’t have any malice towards him.

Even if they had knocked themselves out outside the small inn, they were only trying to take themselves to that what’s-his-name Heavenly Ascension Platform.

And obviously, this masked man, had come to hunt himself down.

Now, because Zhang Jiu and the few of them, had been treating themselves as some kind of young lord and young master, they had protected themselves.

If not, I am afraid that he would have been poisoned by the masked man by now.

Now, Zhang Jiu had sacrificed his life to hold the enemy in order to stall for time.

Under such circumstances, Neo would definitely not leave no matter what.

“Young master, go now! I beg you!” When Zhang Jiu saw that Neo was not leaving, his heart was moved for a moment, “Young master, go with Lan Huo and Zhu Ce quickly, I am satisfied to have found you, I have not wasted 35,000 years of waiting, young master, I am touched in my heart that you do not want to leave, I know that I did not follow the wrong person, back then the world thought that you had fallen into the abyss of the demonic path, but I I know that you are actually a man of great love and righteousness, I was right then and I am still right now! Young master, go now ……”

The word “go” was again mixed with blood.

The masked man struck Zhang Jiu’s back with a heavy palm.

In that instant, Zhang Jiu’s already thin and short body fell heavily downwards, as if he could no longer support himself.

But despite this, he surprisingly did not let go.

“Young master, go now, you can’t let the blind man die in vain! He will die in vain like this too! Young master, I’m sorry!”

Lan Huo wiped her tears and suddenly hugged Neo, pinning her to her ribs.

Don’t look at her as a woman, but her strength is really strong too!

Over there, the masked man saw that Neo was about to be carried away.

He was also really anxious.

Suddenly, he raised his palm and slapped Zhang Jiu on the head!

When Neo saw this scene, all of a sudden, there was an indescribable sadness and pain in his heart.

Could it be that another person was going to be injured, or even die, because of himself!

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart was extremely painful.


Neo bellowed, somehow Neo was completely unaware of fear at this point, for all he knew at this point was pain and anger!

Unexpectedly, this cry actually worked.

The masked man seemed to be stopped by the shout, and his hand stayed in mid-air, but he did not slap it down.

And the whole person, too, stood there in a daze.

It was as if he was dumb.

How could Zhang Jiu let go of such a good opportunity? With a flip of his hand, a dagger swung straight out!


The masked man was caught unawares, and this slash, directly entered his abdomen.

At once, blood flowed out.

Zhang Jiu also took the opportunity to roll over and blocked in front of Neo, “Young master, don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you!”

The masked man’s body swayed and covered his abdomen as he stumbled towards the grass.

With a snap, something fell and he didn’t realise it, and just like that, the masked man disappeared into the woods.

“Young master, are you all right!”

Zhang Jiu didn’t dare to go after him, after all, the other party was too strong, if he went after him, he might be killed in return, besides, he was also injured.

“All this, what’s going on?”

Neo frowned, the masked killer was gone, but Neo didn’t feel much joy in his heart either.

“Uh, Young Master, it’s like this.”

Zhu Ce said, “Earlier we wanted to take you to the Heavenly Platform, but you wouldn’t go, so we had no choice, so we knocked you out and then took a taxi to bring you here, who knows, we went up the mountain, only half way, and when we reached here, suddenly that masked man just now appeared, and when he appeared, he didn’t answer, he wanted to come up and rob you.”

“Of course we didn’t let him, so we fought with him. I really didn’t expect that the masked man, who looked thin and frail, was so strong.”

“I can’t figure out what this masked man’s origin is.” Zhang Jiu leaned against a tree, panting heavily, “How could someone lay hands on the young master?”

It was at this moment.

Lan Huang walked over with an object in her hand.

“This is what fell off that masked man just now.” Lan Huang hefted the object in her hand.

Once Neo saw the object in Lan Huang’s hand, he couldn’t help but tremble.

“Yao Guang?!”

Yes, this thing, it was none other than Yaoguang’s scabbard.

Neo suddenly froze in his heart when he saw the scabbard of Yaoguang.

This thing had fallen into the sea together with himself, and when he woke up in the Crab Town Inn, there was no longer a scabbard by his side.

At that time, I just thought it had fallen into the bottom of the sea.

Yet, now I saw it again!

Moreover, it had fallen from that masked man.

This thing, how, how could it be on his body?

“Can we, can we go and find that masked man from earlier? He’s wounded, he shouldn’t be able to get too far.” Neo gently stroked Yao Guang, and somehow, in his heart, there was an impulse.

So, the masked man, who was it?

“That masked man’s martial arts skills are too high, even if he is injured, I’m afraid ……” Zhu Ce said hesitantly.

“It’s okay, there’s the young master.” Zhang Jiu said, “Just now you all saw it, the young master let out a loud shout, that masked man was scared out of his mind, the young master is after all the young master, even if he has not yet awakened, he still has a deterrent!”

With that, the group chased after the masked man in the direction he had just disappeared.

It wasn’t difficult to chase after him.

After all, the masked man had been wounded and there were bloodstains all along the way.

They had walked for about half an hour or so.


Blue Phoenix, with sharp eyes, suddenly stopped and made a gesture of silence, then, quietly pointed in a direction ahead.

Neo followed it and looked over.

In front of them was a mountain stream, and the masked man was standing on a large boulder next to the pool, with his back facing Neo.

He was covering his abdomen, obviously, he had just been injured there.

“What should we do, Young Master, should we go over there, grab him and ask for an explanation?” Zhang Jiu asked in a low voice.

But Neo hadn’t had time to answer.

The masked man, with a sudden reach, yanked off his wrapped head.

Instantly, the hair, like a waterfall, fell down.

“Yes, it’s a female?”

The crowd froze.

Neo also froze, how could he not have thought that this masked person, was actually a woman!

It was also because Neo suddenly realized that this masked man was a woman.

Looking more closely at the masked man’s back, a figure flashed in Neo’s mind.

It was her?

Thinking that, Neo’s heart moved and rushed out.

As soon as Zhang Jiu and the three others saw that the young master had rushed over, they naturally didn’t hide either and all rushed over directly.

The woman heard a voice behind her and couldn’t help but turn around.

This time, Neo really saw what she looked like.

Sure enough, it was her.

The young girl killer in the villa.

When the young girl suddenly saw Neo, her expression was suddenly very flustered.

She turned around and was about to leave.

Neo hurriedly stepped forward to stop her.

“Wait a minute!”

Neo took out Yao Guang’s scabbard, “This fell off of you, where did you get this scabbard?”

“I ……”

When the young girl saw the scabbard, she subconsciously touched it on her own body and felt it empty, then she realized that she had dropped it.

“At the beach, did you save me?”

Neo asked afterwards.

This question had been on Neo’s mind.

Yes, at that moment when the helicopter crashed into the sea, Neo completely felt the raging seawater pouring in, the feeling of death was so strong.

The possibility of escape was absolutely zero.

What’s more, that Black Eagle helicopter was still watching over the sea at that time. Since they were after him, they must have waited until he had completely sunk and made sure he was dead before they left.

How could one survive then?

Although the owner of the inn in Crab Town, said that he had found himself on the beach and saved him.

But Neo found it hard to believe.

After all, at that time, although it was about to dock, it was still more than ten miles from the shoreline, and he was in a helicopter sinking into the sea, there was never any chance that he would be washed to shore by the waves.

“I ……”

The young girl’s eyes dodged and she did not speak.

She lowered her head, looked to the side, and for a long moment, finally nodded.

“It was really you who saved me.” Neo had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“So, that Crab Town’s innkeeper was also so kind to me because of you? And the owner of the Spring Wind Inn, was it also because of you?”

“It’s me.” The young girl’s head remained parted to the side and nodded.

Looking at her, it felt difficult, as if she was a child who had done something wrong and was forced to admit her mistake.

“You actually saved me and helped me silently, why?” Neo was a bit confused, this young girl, wasn’t she the one who wanted to assassinate herself before?

“Then why did you want to kill me again just now?” Neo couldn’t help but ask again.

“I didn’t!”

The young girl’s mind was originally tilted to one side, as if she was afraid of Neo, but now when she heard Neo say that, she suddenly shouted out loud, looking very aggrieved.

Then, she pointed next to Neo, Zhang Jiu and the three of them, “I, I thought they were the bad guys.”

“They’re bad people?”

“Yes, they knocked you out and took you away. Of course they are the bad guys.” The young girl said, “So I followed them all the way to the mountain and tried to save you and got into a fight with them.”

Ah, so that was it.

Neo understood at once.

Only, in his heart, he also became even more curious.

After all, in Neo’s opinion, this young girl used to want to kill herself, so how come she wanted to save herself now.

Moreover, it was good to save herself, so why, again, was she avoiding herself?

Yes, in the hostel, never showing her face, and now coming to her rescue, with her face covered.

Why this?

“You saved me, I am grateful to you, you helped me, I am also grateful to you, but why have you not shown yourself all this time?” Neo said.

“I …… I’m scared!” The young girl couldn’t help but say, looking as if she was even more aggrieved.

“Scared? What are you afraid of?”

“Afraid of you.”


Neo laughed, you were able to save me from the Pacific Ocean and just beat Zhang Jiu and the three of them by yourself, yet you are afraid of me?

That was too funny.

“Why are you afraid of me?”

“You, you didn’t like me, drove me away, sent so many people to drive me away, I was so scared, I didn’t know where to go ……” the young girl almost cried when she said this, “I just ate a little fruit from you, drank a little yogurt from you, and you didn’t like me anymore and sent so many people to catch me, I knew you didn’t like me, so I didn’t dare to appear in front of you, I didn’t dare to show my face, I was afraid you would kick me out again, so I could only follow you silently ……”

“Huh?” Neo froze.

Surprisingly, like this?

Neo had a touching feeling in his heart, at this moment, this young girl, not at all like a person with great martial arts skills, as if but just like a little sister.

A little girl who relied on herself, even if she drove her away, she would be afraid.

Neo also understood that she must be talking about that time, the time she had asked Jiang Chunnan to send a lot of B-rank combatants to ambush her at the villa.

But, that was also because you wanted to assassinate me!

Just what was going on in this young girl’s head, how could she think that she had sent someone to arrest her because she had drunk too much yogurt and eaten too much fruit?

“You’re the one who wants to kill me.” Neo said with a frown.

“I wouldn’t.” The young girl said immediately.

“But you stabbed Tian Chi.” Neo thought about it, but yes, it was true that the young girl had not stabbed herself, but she did stab Tian Chi after all, even though she did not succeed.

“Who is Tian Chi?” The young girl immediately said again.

“It was me, my former cousin, whose chest you stabbed with a dagger at your villa by Daming Lake.” Neo said.

“It was him?” When the young girl heard Neo say that, a kind of depression appeared on her face, “I didn’t mean to stab him, it was him who treated me badly, he wasn’t honest!”

Neo was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, he understood what the young girl meant, Neo also knew about Tian Chi’s person.

It was just more of a flirt.

When he first saw this young girl at the entrance of the villa, he thought that Tian Chi must have had his heart set on her, and that was why he brought her back.

Since he brought her back, Tianzhi must have wanted to hook up with her.

And judging from the way the maiden behaved when she lived with himself, it was inevitable that Tian Chi would misunderstand.

Because when this young girl lived with himself, she would often wear very cool clothes, and some of the young girl’s privacy would not be much avoided by himself.

But fortunately Neo was a gentleman, and sometimes when he saw it, he hastily avoided it.

But Tenchi certainly wasn’t anymore.

When he saw the young girl living with him, this kind of performance naturally made him want to get into trouble, and he would inevitably think that the young girl was also interested in him, so he made a move.

The moment he did, the girl got anxious and stabbed him?

If you think about it, it is really true.

“But why did you run to him if you didn’t like that?” Neo couldn’t help but ask again.

“I didn’t go looking for him.” The young girl thought for a moment and said, “I was going to look for you.”

“Looking for me?” Neo froze.

“After I ran away from home, I came out to look for you, but I didn’t know what you looked like or where you were, but I could smell the distinctive smell of your blood, so I went to the lake, and I smelled the smell of that heavenly blood, and I thought it was you, so that’s why I went to look for him.”

“This ……”

Neo was stunned again, no way, this was too metaphysical.

However, during this period of time, Neo had experienced so many things, many things were unbelievable, so he was not too surprised by the young girl’s words.

But after thinking about it, Neo had an explanation in his heart.

Yes, he and Tianzhi were cousins, and naturally both had the blood of the Lu family in their blood, so if his blood had a special flavour, Tianzhi’s blood naturally had a special flavour too.

It was no wonder that the young girl mistook Tian Chi for him at first.

“Later, when he made a move on me, I knew he wasn’t, but I just taught him a lesson and didn’t try to kill him because I knew that he must be related to you, so I just stabbed him and left.”

The young girl continued, “Then I started looking again, and finally came to Jinling before I found you. Then you took me home and I was so happy, you were always kind to me and never had bad intentions towards me like Tianzhi did, so I knew that I had found you, but then, you drove me away ……”

Speaking of this, the young girl also looked aggrieved, “I didn’t want to go, I really didn’t want to go, but you sent so many people to drive me away, which means you must have disliked me so much that I had to go. Although I left, but I didn’t want to leave you too far, so I just kept following you.”

When Neo heard this, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of emotion in his heart.

Yes, he had really misunderstood her.

“How did you save me?” Neo said.

“That day, I was waiting for you to come back from the beach, because I felt you were on the helicopter, and suddenly, I felt a calling, then, I saw the flash of an explosion over the ocean, so, I dived to the bottom of the sea and came to the location of the explosion, you were unconscious by then, I carried you, and went back to the beach from the bottom of the sea, I went to a nearby town and found a hostel owner, and asked him to go and carry you back and serve you, he was reluctant at first and asked for money, but after I lifted him up with one hand, he agreed to everything.”


When Neo heard this, he realized why that innkeeper, who was such a petty person, was so nice to himself!

“Actually, I wanted to take care of you myself, I was so sad to see you hurt, I wanted to cook chicken soup for you myself hey.”

The young girl added, “But, you drove me away, I knew that you didn’t want to see me, so I didn’t dare to appear in front of you, I could only watch you from afar and hide in the shadows to care for you.”

Neo was a little moved in his heart.

This young girl, who had no relatives or friends with himself, was still so kind to him.

“By the way, you said you ran away from home, where is your home? Aren’t your parents worried?” Neo was a little curious again.

Yes, this young girl didn’t look like an ordinary person either, with such high martial arts skills, her family must be very unusual.

“I don’t have parents.”

The young girl shook her head.

But Neo saw that when she said she didn’t have parents, the expression on her face didn’t seem too sad, as if she didn’t feel anything.

It was a bit strange in his heart.

Yeah, people, even if they didn’t have parents, would always be a bit sad when they talked about them.

“What about your family?” Neo also wondered, without parents, then who did this young girl live with.

“My home, it’s right here.” The young girl said, gesturing towards the scabbard in Neo’s hand.

“What?” Neo was stunned.

This, the scabbard?

What does this mean?

“Young master, I understand!” At this time, Zhang Jiu finally stepped forward and interjected, his face very excited as he looked at Neo, “Young master, you’ve finally succeeded! And this, once again, proves that you are the Young Master!”

“What, what are you talking about?” Neo was all confused.

“Young master, I remember, you told me before, when you stepped through the Penglai Immortal Island, you obtained two spirit swords, one Yao Guang and one Xuan Gui, you used your blood to immerse these two swords, in order to breed the sword spirit, because although the spirit sword has a spirit, its own energy cannot breed into shape, only your powerful bloodline can give the energy for breeding, this 35,000 years of immersion Now the sword spirit has finally been birthed!”

Said Zhang Jiu, pointing at the young girl, “That’s right, Young Master, she is the Spirit Sword Yao Guang!”


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