At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 256

“Blind man, what have you called us here again this early in the morning?”

At the entrance of the alley, three people were sitting at the breakfast stall.

It was no one else, it was none other than yesterday’s Zhang Jiu, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce.

“That youth from yesterday is definitely the young master!”

Zhang Jiu gulped down a large mouthful of thin rice and said in a certain tone, then, waving his hand, he shouted, “Another cage of buns! Of crab meat!”

“Is breakfast on you?” Lan Huang frowned, “Can’t you just ask for cabbage buns? Do you know that it’s hard to make money nowadays?”

“Hehe, the number one imperial beast queen of the continent in the past, but now you’re actually calculating over a cage of buns, it’s really going to be a laugh.” Zhang Jiu hemmed and hawed and laughed.

“So what are you going to do, blind man?” Zhu Ce saw that they were getting further and further away from the conversation, so he brought the topic back.

“I’m going to take the young master to the Ascent of Heaven today, and I’m going to show you all the ironclad proof!” Zhang Jiu wiped the corner of his mouth and said.

“Going to the Ascension Platform again? Do you know how expensive it is to take a taxi from here to the Ascension Terrace? Moreover, now that it’s been turned into a tourist attraction, there’s also an entrance fee, do you know how hard it is to make money now ……”


A stack of banknotes smashed on the table.

Zhang Jiu raised his hand, “Boss, settle the bill!”

Lan Huang was surprised to see this blind fortune teller who had never dabbled in food and drink, the first time he had seen him so generous.

“Today, I’m happy to have found the young master!” The blind man looked, his face was genuinely happy, “So, I’ve taken out all my hidden pension money, today’s breakfast is on me, and the fare to the Dengtian Terrace later, is also on me! Let’s go, let’s take the young master there!”

“Where’s the young master?”

“I followed the young master yesterday, he’s staying at the Spring Breeze Inn, let’s go there now!”

With that, Zhang Jiu led the way ahead.

Lan Huo and Zhu Ce didn’t say anything at this point, just go.

In fact, who didn’t want to find the young master?

It’s just that the two of them no longer had any hope.

However, now that they saw that Zhang Jiu was so enthusiastic and excited, the two of them were also a little bit excited in their hearts.

At this moment, in the small hotel of Spring Breeze.

Neo’s face was red and his head was big.

Across the room, the boss lady and the young girl, were looking at him coldly.

“Oh, the glass was broken and thrown into the trash, what’s going on here?” The young girl looked at Neo with contempt, “Don’t tell you that a titled university student doesn’t know the truth that you have to compensate for breaking things, huh?”

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to do it.” Neo really had nothing to say, he really didn’t have any money, that’s why he was like this.

“Oh, if I hadn’t caught you red-handed, would you have said that? Just now if I hadn’t gone up to look, you would have walked away, right, do you think that’s like that?”

The young lady continued to sneer, “Seriously, a glass cup, not worth a few dollars, if you had just honestly admitted it, I see you pity, maybe do not want the money, but you hide the truth, this is a deception, thanks to you are still a college student, this quality? No wonder you can’t find a job, with this kind of quality, which employer will take you on?”

Neo frowned, although he was at fault, but there is no need to criticize himself so much.

“I told you, these poor people are rats, they spend fifty yuan to stay in a hotel, they think it’s too expensive, if they don’t smash something, if they don’t steal something, they feel like they are losing money, daughter, search him again, see if he has stolen the batteries inside our TV remote control!” The boss’s wife crossed her arms and said.

Neo’s heart was secretly anxious, what the hell is this?

Moreover, what made Neo most anxious was that he was now alone, he couldn’t ask the family for help at any time like before, and now that he was here, he couldn’t find anyone to help at all!

“Anyway, first pay for this glass cup, it costs twenty dollars a piece!” The young girl looked at Neo with contempt and said.

Neo still didn’t know what to do.

Just at this time.

A man came in from outside.

In his hand was a steaming cage of buns.

This man came straight to Neo.

“You’re hungry, have some buns first.” Saying that, the man took the bun in his hand and handed it to Neo.

Neo froze.

The boss lady and the young girl next to him also froze.

“Dad, what are you doing! You, why are you buying buns for him to eat!” After the young girl froze, she couldn’t help but shout, she couldn’t believe it.

Yes, Dad had bought buns for this guy to eat?

How could that be possible?

This kid was poor, a poor guy who couldn’t even afford to pay the deposit.

Dad was a snob.

Why would he buy him something to eat?

“That’s right, this kid doesn’t have a penny on him, he even broke the glass in the room, why are you buying him buns, do you think you have too much money?” The boss’s wife came back to her senses and also said in annoyance.

“What the hell do you guys know!” The boss but his eyes glared and looked hard at his wife and daughter.

At once, the boss’s wife and the young girl, for a moment, did not dare to say anything.

Turning back to look at Neo, the boss was much more amiable again, “Young man, eat up, you’re all starving, come on, there’s still thin rice here.”

Saying that, the boss took the packed porridge again and handed it to Neo.

Neo was all frozen, not knowing what to say.

What’s going on here?

The boss last night was not like this.

Neo couldn’t believe that the kind and friendly boss who took the initiative to buy him breakfast was the same cold boss who charged a hundred dollars for a fifty dollar room last night and kicked him out if he didn’t stay.

But, seriously, the smell of the buns and rice, Neo really can’t help it.

He gobbled it up.

“Here, young man, take it.” The boss said, stabbing Neo with his elbow.

Neo looked down and saw that the boss was holding a wad of banknotes and shoved it over.

What kind of operation is this?

“This, I can’t take it.” Neo hurriedly pushed back.

If the boss had returned the extra fifty he received last night, Neo might have taken it, but this was too much.

But this was too much. Who would have thought that when he saw that Neo didn’t want it, the boss became anxious.

He knelt down in front of Neo with a thud, “Young man, just take it.”

Neo was stunned, these days, how can there be people who kneel down and give money to others?

“Young man, I was wrong yesterday, I shouldn’t have charged you fifty dollars more, then I thought about it all night, I think I am too greedy, I have sinned, I thought about it, the only way to make up for my sins is to pay you another thousand dollars, young man, please, just accept it, you accept it, as I make up for my sins, my heart can be at ease, if you don’t accept it, I am If you don’t take it, I’ll be sinning a lot.”

Neo had no other choice.

Not to mention that he didn’t have any money either, so he accepted it.

After receiving the money, the boss was quite happy.

Only the owner’s wife and the young girl looked at the scene in disbelief.

Neo left the hostel and went outside to count the money in his hand, no more, no less, exactly one thousand yuan.

He suddenly remembered that when he was in Crab Town, the innkeeper had also given him a thousand yuan for the journey when he was leaving.

Was it a coincidence?

Or was it something else?

Thinking of this, Neo couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Young master!”

“It’s you guys again?” Neo couldn’t help but turn around, and then was stunned.

Yes, Zhang Jiu and the three of them, at this time, also happened to be arriving.

“Young master, we would like to invite you to a place, and when we get there, we will convince you that you are our young master.” Zhang Jiu said.

“Eh, you guys are really mistaken, I am not your young master at all, how can I be your young master, I have a family, a grandfather, and parents ……”

When Neo said this, his heart suddenly sank, no, he didn’t have these relatives anymore.

Of course, there are still there, only, no longer can serve, can not get along, can not be together.

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart surged with a kind of sorrow, no longer in the mood to explain anything to Zhang Jiu and the others, turned around and was ready to walk away.

Zhang Jiu saw that Neo wanted to leave again.

In his heart, he became anxious.

“Young master, I’m sorry!”

Before Neo could react, he suddenly felt a soreness in his shoulder, his eyes went black, and then, he was unconscious.


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