At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 255

Besides, Neo left the park and casually boarded a less crowded bus.

Sitting in the window seat, a few people scattered in the carriage, the street scene outside the window, the bustling crowd, the strong atmosphere of urban life.

But the mind thought of what Zhang Jiu and the others said just now, this Neo for a moment a little trance.

How ridiculous.

The world was so real, and Newton remained quiet.

And Zhang Jiu and the others, they actually said something like they had lived and searched for tens of thousands of years. If what they said was true, then this world with all the traffic now, was a fake?

This is obviously impossible.

But why did Zhang Jiu and the others say that, and why did they say that to themselves?

He didn’t know them at all.

Could it be that Zhang Jiu could really tell fortunes?

Yes, he and Zhang Jiu had had one contact on the Green Snake Mountain.

If Zhang Jiu had given himself a divination at that time and calculated that he was the so-called young master, then there was still something to say.

But when he took out the divination cards, he walked away, there was no divination at all, so why did he have to be so insistent on identifying himself as the young master?

Thinking of this, Neo could not help but think of the deck of divination cards in Zhang Jiu’s hand, and the dozens of pictures of naked beauties on the back of the cards.

Those beauties, all of them with hot bodies and provocative postures.

At that time, Zhang Jiu asked himself to pick one from them, a practice that I believe almost any youth would not refuse, who would not want to pick one from these beauties.

Even if he knew it was just a pattern, it would still satisfy a man’s masturbation.

But as soon as Neo thought of those patterns, an unpleasant feeling came over him.

Because he thought of Zhou Yun.

Yes, he had lost Zhou Yun, and he had to pick a woman he liked here, it felt as if he was betraying Zhou Yun, as if he was a scum.

Neo couldn’t do it.

If he hadn’t met Zhou Yun, Neo felt he wouldn’t have minded.

Neo was thinking nonsense.

“Hey, young man, where do you want to get off? The terminal is just up ahead!” The bus driver’s words snapped Neo out of his musings.

Neo hurriedly looked around and saw that he was the only one left in the carriage.

When he arrived at the terminal, Neo got off the bus and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings with an indefinable feeling of melancholy.

Well, let’s find a place to stay first.

Ten minutes later, Neo arrived at an intersecting neighbourhood, which was one of those old-fashioned residential areas with many people coming and going, lined with old streets selling fruits and vegetables and all kinds of cheap clothes, and every now and then there were some heavily made-up women in black silk hurrying past.

Further down the street were some private hostels.

Neo touched the money he had with him, and could only stay in such cheap hotels.

“Boss, how much is the accommodation for one night?”

Neo entered a small spring hostel, the boss was a middle-aged man, wearing a yellowing sweatshirt, a fatty flesh, and a cigarette lit in his hand.

The boss’s gaze, indifferently lifted from his mobile phone, looked Neo up and down for a few moments.

“One hundred.” The boss spat out two words coldly.

“Ah? Isn’t it fifty?” Neo frowned and looked at the price list behind the boss, which read, “Accommodation is fifty for one night, and thirty for a part-time room.”

“This is Wujiang City, a first-tier metropolis in China, you think you’re at home in that poor mountain valley! If you can’t afford it, get out!” The boss yelled impatiently.

Neo was really f*cking drunk.

I could tell that this boss was clearly trying to blackmail him.

Neo really wanted to turn his face away, but he was already tired and sore from walking from the bus stop to this place, and he just wanted to find a place to stay, so he didn’t bother to go looking for it again.

Besides, if this hotel is like this, I don’t think the other ones are any better.

They would probably all look at him as a foreigner and bully him.

Touching the only 100 yuan he had, Neo handed it to the owner with a ruthless heart.

When he left Zhoushan Crab Town, the innkeeper had given him a thousand yuan, but when he came to Wujiang, he had spent eight or nine hundred yuan just for the bus ticket.

“Give me another two hundred for the deposit.” The boss said again.

“What? Two hundred deposit?” Neo was stunned, and his heart cried out, “Damn, at this time, not to mention two hundred yuan, even two yuan himself is gone!

“That, boss, I really do not have money to pay the deposit, that …… boss, see if it is okay to use this as a deposit?” Saying that, Neo took out an item and handed it over.

“Student ID?” The boss grabbed it over and frowned.

“Yes, this is my student ID card, it would be very troublesome to lose it, it’s worth much more than two hundred dollars, so I’ll put it here as a deposit, do you think it’s okay?” Neo was really desperate, luckily he had taken his student ID card with him when he left the school in search of Zhou Yun.

“How do I know if it’s fake?”

The boss took the student card and looked at it suspiciously, then suddenly shouted towards the back of the room, “Girl, come out for a second!”

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

As he spoke, a young girl came out.

This young girl was quite pretty, her hair was slightly dyed, she was wearing a white jacket, yellow skateboard trousers, her lips were painted with sweet red lipstick and light grey pupils, she looked quite a jittery girl anyway.

“This student ID card, show it to me, is it real.”

“Why do I need to see if it’s real or not?” The young girl skimmed her lips and said.

“This kid, no money to pay the deposit, to take the student card as collateral, you give me a look, is it real.” The boss pointed at Neo and said.

“Can’t even afford to pay a deposit of two hundred dollars? How poor must this be.”

As if she had heard a very funny joke, the young girl glanced at Neo disdainfully and picked up the student card in her hand.

“Tsk, it’s surprising that you’re still from Jinling University?” The young girl looked a little surprised.

“Is Jinling University very good, it can’t be as good as your school, right?” The boss said.

“Pretty much, Jinling University is sixth in the country and our school is seventh in the country, in short, both are very strong.” The young girl said, and looked over and over again at Neo’s student card, “Well, it should be real, the number and steel seal on this are fine.”

The young girl handed her father her student card and looked at Neo, “You’re from Jinling University, why are you here in Wujiang? Look at your student card, you’re already a senior, right, looking for a job?”

“Sort of.” Neo nodded his head, he didn’t want to say anything more.

“Looking at you, I’m afraid you haven’t found one either, you can’t even afford to pay the deposit of two hundred dollars for your accommodation, it’s not often that you find yourself in a situation like this at Jinling University.” The young girl’s tone was sarcastic, she looked at Neo with contempt and waved her hand, “Alright, go up.”

Neo sighed in his heart.

If it was given to him in the past, he might have ignored the mockery of this young girl.

But now, after being coldly mocked by the young girl, there was a depression in his heart.

Could it really be because his role had changed?

In the past, he was the third young master of the Lu family, rich beyond his means, so he didn’t care about the sneers of others, but now, he was a lonely, lonely ordinary man, and the mockery of others had turned into a sharp blade.

He took the key and went back to his room.

Neo lay down on the bed and thought to himself, “This is no good. By tomorrow morning, I will not have a penny left on me, not to mention looking for Zhou Yun, and I am afraid that I will not be able to feed myself, and it will be difficult for me to walk.

It would be impossible to find Xiong Lao, and the funds from Hua Rui Bank would definitely not belong to him.

However, one still has the Liang Shan flat, two villas, a shop and a sports car.

However, all of these could not be sold.

Inside the Liang Shan flat, it was Ling Lan who was managing it, and if she sold it, she would lose her job.

The six parts of the piano workshop, which was given to himself by Yang Min, honestly, Neo was too embarrassed to sell it.

The sports car, which he had already recorded Neo Ling’s voice, was half owned by Neo Ling, so naturally, Neo could not sell it.

As for the villa in Teng Wang Ge, that cheap set, once lived by Zhou Yun, Zhou Yun’s bedroom still remains the same as when she left, this set will naturally never be sold, that central villa will not be sold either, because there are still flowers that he gave to her in there.

Although they have all dried up, Neo hopes that one day he will find Zhou Yun and take her back to Teng Wang Ge and show her the room she once lived in, untouched, and the room full of dried roses in the central villa.

Although she could not sell them, she could ask Zhang Ze to transfer the rent to herself.

With that in mind, Neo was ready to call Zhang Ze to ask about the situation in Jinling.

But just as he took it out, Neo’s mobile phone rang on its own.

It was a coincidence that it was Zhang Ze who called.

“Young Lu, something big is wrong!” Zhang Ze’s tone sounded anxious over the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Neo couldn’t help but feel a twitch in his heart.

“All the real estate under your name has been frozen in the past few days, and, moreover, it has all been transferred to another person! What happened?” After Neo left Jinling, these assets, entrusted to Zhang Ze’s usual care, now transferred, Zhang Ze will naturally notice.

“Er ……” Neo’s heart was stunned, but also understood, now that he is not a member of the family anymore, these assets would also be repossessed.

“The head of the household, who is it changed to?”

“Murong Ruolan, who is she?” Zhang Ze said.

Sure enough, it was that woman.

After all, even if he had left the family, according to grandpa’s behaviour, he shouldn’t have repossessed his assets.

The only one who could do such a thing was Murong Ruo Lan.

Neo sighed in his heart, that woman really didn’t let herself go at all, based on their family’s ability, it would be an easy task to find out his assets.

“Forget it, it’s fine.”

Neo’s heart was lost at this point, but there was nothing else he could do.

It seemed that next, it was really all up to him.

Neo fell asleep and fell into a deep, muddled sleep.

The next day, Neo got up in a daze and went to the bathroom to wash up. He was brushing his teeth in a daze, but he didn’t know that he hadn’t held it steady and with a snap, the glass fell to the ground and shattered.

He hurriedly went to pick it up, but unexpectedly his hand shook and suddenly there was a sharp pain in his palm, followed by blood running down his fingers, the sharp glass shards had cut his hand.

Looking at the bright red blood, Neo suddenly felt his brain was a bit confused, somehow, he suddenly had an indefinable feeling in his mind that he would meet a girl he hadn’t seen for a long time today!

When he came downstairs, in the downstairs lobby, the boss from yesterday was gone, replaced by a middle-aged woman who was also all fat, presumably the boss’s wife.

“Using a student card as a deposit, you are really shabby too, my daughter is also a university student, or from Wujiang University, you are really inferior to my daughter.” With a sneer on her lips, the boss lady threw Neo’s student ID card to him, “By the way, nothing is damaged in the room, right?”

Neo’s heart twitched, day, when he was brushing his teeth in the morning, he dropped a glass cup.

A glass is only a few dollars.

Of course, not to mention a few dollars, even if it was something more expensive, if he broke it, Neo would definitely pay for it.

But Neo’s problem was that he didn’t have any money left!

If he admits it, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to get out of it, given the character of the hotel owner’s family.

If he admits it, I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to get away with it, but I’d rather not admit it and return it to them when I have money.

“Uh, no.” Neo said with a slight fever on his face.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” The boss lady waved her hand impatiently.

Neo exclaimed in his heart that he was lucky, if he didn’t leave now, when would he wait?

Turning around, he was about to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Unexpectedly at this time, the young girl from yesterday came out, “I’ll go upstairs to the room and check before you leave!”


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