At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 254


Neo stopped in his tracks.

Thirty-five thousand years, another thirty-five thousand years.

Neo remembered that he had heard of 35,000 years once before, when he was on Xuanwu Island and heard it from Wang Renhua’s mouth, that time it was about a jade pendant that Wang Lian had given to Zhou Yun before she died.

Wang Renhua said that the jade pendant was most likely a treasure left in the world during the Gods and Demons’ war 35,000 years ago.

Of course, Neo certainly did not believe this.

However, now that he had unexpectedly heard 35,000 years from this fortune teller again, Neo’s heart naturally jumped.

“Young master, I know this sounds like nonsense, but you believe me, the three of us, me, Zhang Jiu, this sour scholar Zhu Ce, and this great beauty Lan Huang, all three of us, are your loyal and devoted personal subordinates, and we are at once ……” Speaking here, Zhang Jiu paused, thought for a moment, and added, “We parted in an incident, and since then, we have been searching for you, until now, we have been searching for 35,000 years, young master, you can’t go away, we can’t afford to wait for the next 35,000 years …… ”

Neo was really crying and laughing when he heard this.

“Thirty-five thousand years? The God and Devil War?” Neo said casually.


Hearing Neo say this, Zhang Jiu’s face instantly revealed a look of surprise, “Young master, you, you recalled?!”

Not only him, at this time, Lan Huo and Zhu Ce, both of them also stared at Neo in disbelief, and for a moment, they were also full of surprise.

Neo was really going to laugh at them.

Thirty-five thousand years and the Great War of the Gods and Demons?

What was this with what?

Although Wang Renhua had also said this, and now Zhang Jiu and the others were also saying this, Neo naturally didn’t believe it or not.

Even if they had said it, so what?

It was probably a theory made up by some bored person in ancient times, written in a book, which was not widely circulated, and only people like Zhang Jiu and Wang Renhua who had walked in the jungle came into contact with it, and over time, a virtual theory was formed.

“Then let me ask you, since you have been searching for me for 35,000 years, how old are you now, also 35,000 years old?” Neo asked rhetorically.

“Yes, Young Master, you are right!”

Perhaps because he thought Neo had remembered, Zhang Jiu’s face, with a clear expression of joy, “Young master, we have been looking for you for a long time, we have seen the silkworm bush and the fish eider open up Jing Chu, we have also seen King Wu conquer the Zhou, we have seen the three families divide the Jin dynasty, we have also seen the Qin king unify, from the Chu and Han hegemony then all the way to the three divisions of the world, all the way to today, we have witnessed almost all of human history. All these years, we have been searching for you, and finally we have found you, young master!”

“Alright, alright, I’m a very rational person, Uncle, thank you for relieving me in the hotel just now, but I have things to do, I really don’t have the energy to play this with you guys.” Although Neo felt that all this was quite interesting, but this was after all a story and legend, not real, he still had to look for Zhou Yun, there was no way he could waste his time on this.

After saying that, Neo walked away without looking back.

“Young master, young master!” Zhang Jiu followed Neo and chased after him for a few steps, but after thinking about it, he stopped.

Shaking his head, he muttered to himself, “It’s also true that the young master must have lost his memory of what he once was now, so it’s naturally difficult to convince him for a while.”

Over there, Lan Huang and Zhu Ce also gathered around at this time.

The two of them looked at Neo’s distant back, with half-believing and half-doubting expressions on their faces again.

“I say blind man, do you think this young man, is he really the young master?” Lan Huo was a little dumbfounded as she looked at Neo’s back, but her gaze looked doubtful.

“That’s right, blind man, why do I feel that it doesn’t quite look like that.” Zhu Ce also frowned, “If I remember correctly, the young master’s temper isn’t like this.”

“Yes, this young man looks dull and quite gentle, not impatient and polite, but isn’t the young lord the kind of person who would exterminate people’s entire clans or even the entire continent at the drop of a hat? I don’t see any hostility in this young man’s body. I think he is the kind of person who doesn’t hit back and scold back. He’s a completely different kind of person from the young master.” Blue Phoenix also shook his head and said.

“Blind man, where did you find this young man, don’t be sure you’ve gone crazy thinking about the young master and gone crazy, grabbing a random young man here.”

“That’s right, blind man, we’ve been searching for 35,000 years and haven’t found the young master, and you’re suddenly saying you’ve found him, why do I think this is a joke?”

“Just now we were even told to kneel down, dizzy, if this is not the young master, wouldn’t we be kneeling for nothing, and in the old days the three greats of the hall even kneeled down to an ordinary youth, this is too humiliating!”

Zhu Ce and Lan Huang, the two of them, you said one thing and I said another, burying Zhang Jiu.

“I go, have you two really become chatterboxes even since you found a job?” Zhang Jiu was also anxious by the two people, “How can I pull a random person over to worship the young master ah, I’m telling you ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take out something from your pocket.

It was a deck of playing cards like something, a total of dozens of cards, and behind each card, a picture of a woman without clothes yī sī bù guà was printed.

When Zhu Ce saw this deck of playing cards, he couldn’t help but cough and cough twice.

And Lan Huang also blushed and spat.

“Back then, I was divining at a stall under the Green Snake Mountain ……”

“You kinda love divination.” Blue Phoenix interjected.

“I love the hell out of divination!” Who would have expected that Zhang Jiu would have been furious upon hearing Lan Huang’s words, “I f*cking, er, I do love divination, but that was thirty four thousand nine hundred years ago! No matter how much anyone loves something, no matter how much they love it, if they let them do it for a hundred years straight, I’m afraid they would want to vomit, and me, I’ve been doing divination for 35,000 f*cking years, and I …… the moment I f*cking hear the word divination, I …… ”

Zhang Jiu huffed, “If it wasn’t for finding the young master, I swear, I’d never divine again in my life!”

Blue Phoenix spat out her tongue and hemmed and hawed.

“Alright, blind man you hurry up and get down to business.” Zhu Ce said.

“I was divining at the bottom of the Green Snake Mountain, just when I wanted to close my stall, I saw the young master passing by, so I stopped him and asked him to divine once, at that time the young master looked preoccupied, it seemed he was also willing to divine, so he stopped, so I took out this deck of divination cards and asked the young master to choose one at random.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Jiu looked a little heartbroken, “Who knew that as soon as the young master saw me take out this deck of cards, he turned around and left!”

“Eh, it’s this routine again.” Zhu Ce sighed, “I’m just wondering, Blindie, why, as soon as someone sees you take out this deck of cards and then walk away, you think he’s the Young Master?”

“It’s simple.”

Zhang Jiu exhaled gently, his eyes slightly red, and said slowly, “Because, after that kind of accident back then, the Young Master himself whispered to me in my ear! He told me that he wouldn’t die, but he would be reincarnated and would also lose all his memories, and if I wanted to find him, I would have to go for a divination, and he said that as soon as he saw me take out this deck of cards, he would never let me divine him, but would refuse to walk away! So, whenever he sees me take out this deck of cards, the person who turns his head and walks away must be the young master!”

“No wonder, in these 35,000 years, the scholar and I, the two of us have changed countless jobs, almost every job in the world we have done, and yet you still put up with this divination and fortune telling day after day! So it’s because the young master once said this, blind man, you’re so great!”

Lan Huo’s eyes were also red at this instant, and she was moved to say so.

The scholar also lowered his eyes, looking sour in his heart as well.

“So, that young man, it must be the young master, we must go and find him!” Zhang Jiu said.

“Eh, but, blind man, I’ll be honest, even if that young man turned around and walked away at that moment, it might not necessarily be the young master, after all, don’t you forget, the last time you baba told us that there was a young man who was the young master, causing me and Lan Huo both to put our work at hand and run here, only to have that young man, surprisingly, turn out to be my student! You even made me kneel down to him! Do you think how embarrassed I was not!” Zhu Ce said.

“But that lad, too, clearly saw me take out this deck of cards and walked away. Of course I thought he was the young master.” Zhang Jiu said.

“However, when we took him to the test on the Ascension Platform, he turned out not to be the Young Master pair.” Zhu Ce said, “Now I still have to face that student every day in class, I don’t know where to put my old face when I think that I have knelt in front of him and called him young master, sigh, I reckon that student must think that his teacher is a middle-aged psychopath.”

“This ……”

Zhang Jiu scratched his head with an embarrassed look.

But then, he said with conviction, “But well, this time, I can be sure that this young man, is definitely the young master, I have a feeling!”

“Let’s go! Scholar, Blue Phoenix, let’s go find the Young Master again! We must get the Young Lord to awaken!”

As Zhang Jiu was talking here, Zhu Ce’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

He picked it up and looked at it.

“Uh, blind man, sorry, I have a class later, I have to go to class.” Saying that, Zhu Ce was about to leave.

“Ah, me too, I have to go back to school too, Shu Sheng, wait for me, you came here on an electric bike, take me back with you, the taxi fare is too expensive!” Blue Phoenix hurriedly caught up with the scholar.

The two walked and talked, “Do you think this, the blind man said, is it really the young master?” Blue Phoenix said.

“I don’t think it’s very likely.” The scholar shook his head, “The blind man has said many people were the young master before, didn’t he reveal his original form as soon as he brought it to the Ascension Platform test, I think the young master was so powerful in his previous life, he couldn’t be a skinny and weak youth, maybe the blind man just missed the young master too much, that’s why he is like this, we have to understand him too.”

“Alas, I… I miss the young master too.” Lan Huo sighed and said.

Watching Zhu Ce and Lan Huo both walk away.

Zhang Jiu stomped his feet, “Ugh, this, it’s really the young master, you guys don’t believe me, well, I’ll prove it to you!”


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