At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 252

“No, Young Lu’s sister-in-law, and to steal a diamond ring?”

“It must be a misunderstanding!”

“That’s right, just because of this status of young Lu’s sister-in-law, wouldn’t she want whatever diamond ring she wants? Would she need to steal a broken diamond ring from you? It must have been Kim Daishan who lost it herself and blamed it on someone else!”

A few girls chattered again.

At this point, knowing that the so-called thief was Lu Shao’s sister-in-law, the crowd started to fall back again.

After all, for their group, it was whoever was strong, they would kneel down.

“Then Young Lu’s sister-in-law was beaten up, Young Lu will definitely not let go of Ye Wushuang and the others.” Someone said.

“Nonsense, that’s for sure, once Lu Shao saw that his sister-in-law was beaten up and treated as a thief, he was so angry that he immediately went up and just f*cked, first he beat up Ye Wushuang with a big head, then he kicked Kim Daishan into miscarriage, in the blink of an eye, he f*cked two top family’s sons in a row, he didn’t push at all, one word, just f*ck!” Li Xiao said.

“Bull shit, this young Lu is too hung.”

“It seems that this Lu family is really a top family, those who offend my family will be punished despite their strength!”

“Tsk, I just like a rich second generation like Young Lu, if only I had a brother-in-law like that, he could protect me, haha!” A girl said with a face full of longing.

“Hey hey hey, you guys seem to, all of you are missing the point.” Just at this time, someone spoke up.

The crowd took a look and it was Zheng Jie.

“What’s wrong, Jae-jae? What’s the point?”

“Haven’t you all noticed, that Young Lu’s sister-in-law was beaten up, Young Lu did show up and protected his sister-in-law, but where is that Young Lu’s brother? How come he didn’t show up?” Zheng Jie said.

When Zheng Jie also said that, the crowd all looked like they had a sudden realization.

“Holy shit, yeah, Young Lu’s brother should show up, after all, his girlfriend was beaten up.”

“Really, his girlfriend was wronged by someone else and beaten up so badly, and he didn’t even show up, sigh, this kind of boyfriend is really scummy enough.”

“Yes, it’s amazing that his own woman needs his brother to protect and rescue her, may I ask where was young Lu’s brother when that girl was beaten?”

“Since he’s young Lu’s brother, he must also be the young master of the Lu family, it’s not easy to protect a woman, but his girlfriend was almost killed and still didn’t show up, this kind of man, really, there’s nothing more to say!”

“If you ask me, that young Lu’s brother, probably doesn’t love his girlfriend at all, in his heart, that girl who was beaten up, doesn’t matter at all! Don’t look at Lu Shao calling that girl his sister-in-law, but in Lu Shao’s brother’s heart, that girl doesn’t have any status at all!”

“That’s right, it must be! Maybe, when that girl was beaten and wrongly accused, that young Lu’s brother was lingering with another woman!”

“Yes, what a scum bag, just because he’s a young master of a luxurious family, just because he doesn’t accompany his girlfriend to a party, he’s still lingering with another woman when his girlfriend is being beaten up, this kind of person, it’s really disgusting enough!”

“This kind of trash young master has no use whatsoever, I wish this kind of scum to be alone for the rest of his life!”

“Yes, God should have arranged for that girl who was beaten to leave him!”

“Yes, the only way to be happy is to leave a guy like that! So what if he’s rich again, he can’t even protect his own girlfriend!”

At once, these female high school classmates of Neo’s, chattered and discussed.

Don’t look at their usual knee-jerk attitude towards rich guys and stuff, but for the girls, scum must die!

The atmosphere was heated as the crowd sympathised with the girl who had been beaten up and unanimously condemned the boyfriend of the girl who had been beaten up.

However, just at this moment.

Lin Jie suddenly squeezed her eyes, lowered her voice, pointed her finger at the other side, and said to the crowd, “Look!”

“What are you looking at?”

The crowd was intrigued by Lin Jie’s odd behaviour and could not help but look in the direction of Lin Jie’s finger.

With this look, the crowd was first stunned.

Then one by one, they all covered their mouths and snorted with laughter.

“Wow, no, what’s this doing?”

“Oh my god, that hangman, actually ……”

“Haha, it’s not into the scene, it’s really odd!”

Only to see the person Lin Jie pointed to, is none other than Neo.

At this moment, Neo’s eyes were shining with tears and a sad face.

Yes, although Neo did not sit with Zheng Jie Lin Jie and their group of people to listen to Li Xiao’s bragging, but when Li Xiao began to talk about the Hangzhou cruise ship thing.

Neo realised that the girl Li Xiao was talking about who had been beaten and treated as a thief was, naturally, Zhou Yun.

He had already heard about this incident once from Tianzhi’s mouth, and when he heard about it for the first time, Neo’s heart was seriously shaken because he had never thought that Zhou Yun had been so aggrieved.

Seriously, ever since Tianzhi had said this.

Neo had taken this matter to heart, because it was the one thing that he felt he owed Zhou Yun the most.

And now, he heard it once again from Li Xiao’s mouth.

Although it was the same thing, the bystanders were different and the narrators were different, so once again, it brought Neo pain in a different way.

What’s more, Li Xiao had seen more than Tianzhi.

Lu Tianzhi, after all, had only come after Zhou Yun had been beaten, and he had only seen the tragic state of Zhou Yun after he had been beaten.

Li Xiao, on the other hand, had just recounted the full story of how Zhou Yun had been beaten and how he had been wrongly accused.

Therefore, Neo felt even more sad and self-condemned as he listened.

Especially after hearing what Zheng Jie Lin Jie and others said, what scum, what unworthy boyfriend, what stalking with other women, what God should let apart ……

Neo felt that they were all right!

He was a scum, he really wasn’t good enough for Zhou Yun!

Is all this really the will of God?

Even God couldn’t stand it anymore, so he let himself and Zhou Yun separate?

If everything was predestined, then no matter how hard he tried to find Zhou Yun, wouldn’t it be fruitless?

“I go, Neo, what are you crying for?” Zheng Jie and the others teasingly looked at Neo.

“It couldn’t be that you got sympathetic after hearing Li Xiao’s account just now, hahaha.” Someone said mockingly, “But you’re a big man who cries when you hear someone say one thing, it’s a bit too girly.”

“That’s right, no manliness at all, just like this, crying like Lin Daiyu, no wonder he’s in this state, he hasn’t even found a job.” Lin Jie also said.

“Right, Neo, you’re in such a bad shape yourself, what qualification do you have to pity that girl, how to say that girl is also a member of the Lu family, even if you pity her, you should also look at your own status!”

When the crowd saw Neo crying here, they naturally wouldn’t let go of this good opportunity to mock him.

So they said again with all sorts of words.

“That’s enough, you guys, stop it.” Finally, someone could not stand it anymore and said, “This time, we are classmates gathering, how good it is for us to talk about our good life in the past, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we were all classmates in the past, we had a pure campus classmate love. xiàn zài de shè huì, pure friendship is already scarce, classmates are one of the few people who still people who can have pure friendship, so I hope we cherish cherish cherish, instead of measuring and looking at a person with money.”

The person who spoke was Xue Min.

When this statement was made, the room was filled with silence.

Zheng Jie Lin Jie and the others’ faces all turned a little ugly.

“Xue Min, that’s the wrong thing for you to say.” Zheng Jie sneered and said, “In this world, it still depends on money, but you just don’t understand because you don’t have money, when you have money, you’ll understand what I mean.”

“That’s right, Xue Min, you should not get involved in this, you shouldn’t be mixing well either.” Lin Jie looked Xue Min up and down in her ordinary clothes, “So when you hear us talking about Neo, you probably think of yourself too, that’s why you’re speaking for Neo?”

“You don’t even think about the things Neo used to do to Jie Jie, it’s really too much there?”

The others naturally all spoke up for Zheng Jie once they saw that her face wasn’t looking good anymore.

“Xue Min, I think, do you like Neo? That’s why you’re helping him speak?” Zheng Jie’s gaze, insightful as it was, searched Xue Min’s face, “After all, you two used to be at the same table, so I guess there was some kind of spark? Oh, could it be that you’ve always had a crush on him? But I’ll tell you the truth for the sake of all of us being classmates, not only is this guy Neo worthless, his character is also questionable!”

“Zheng Jie, Neo is just looking for a job and hasn’t found one yet, it’s fine for you to say he’s useless, but what do you mean by saying he has a questionable character?” Xue Min frowned, “As far as I know, Neo is not a bad person, he used to be quite good in school.”

“You’re just deluded by him, this guy I met last time at the Green Snake Mountain, he asked a fortune teller to read his fortune, but he ended up running away without paying them! The fortune teller, who had been chasing after him, finally failed to catch up, huh, this kind of person is even greedy for this small bargain, so you can imagine what kind of character he has?” Zheng Jie said.

“Wow, no, this guy has actually done such a thing!”

“Really, even a Jianghu fortune teller cheats, this kind of person is too heartless!”

“It’s not easy for people who tell fortunes, they don’t earn a few dollars a day. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?” The crowd all said.

When Neo heard Zheng Jie’s words, he was stunned in his heart and said, “When did I ever do such a thing?

Could it be?

Neo suddenly remembered it too.

Yes, that time when he was descending from the Pu Xin Temple, at the foot of the mountain, he was stopped by a fortune teller who wanted to draw cards to tell his fortune, but at that time he saw that the cards were all pictures of exposed women, so he walked away.

When the fortune teller saw that he had left, he probably got anxious and said that he had run away without paying.

I’m afraid that’s what Zheng Jie was talking about!

“Zheng Jie, you’ve misunderstood.” Neo thought for a moment and said.

“Misunderstanding? Huh ……” Before Zheng Jie could finish her sentence, the door was suddenly pushed open.

A thin man in his fifties appeared in the doorway.


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