At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 250

Neo could only sigh inwardly. For a moment, he wanted to stand up and tell Zheng Jie and Lin Jie that he was the first-born son of the Lu family, the one with a higher status than Lu Nan, the world’s third-ranked top rich kid!

However, was he really one now?

Neo shook his head, alas, after all, it had only been a week or so since he had left the Lu family, and he was still unable to change his identity for a while.

Yes, he was now an ordinary person!

Even worse than an ordinary person!

After all, even ordinary people have families, and it was impossible for me to return to the Lu family!

Yes, that was how cruel the big families were.

Of course, it wasn’t that grandfather was cruel, nor was it that the elders of the Lu family were cruel, but since they were a big family, there were some things that, like the wheel of history, could not be stopped nor changed by personal power.

One had to withdraw from the family in order not to promise Murong Ruo Lan.

If one did not withdraw from the family and did not promise Murong Ruo Lan, the family would be in danger of capsizing.

After thinking about it, Neo felt a little sad.

Yes, in the past, he was always ridiculed and people said he was a hanger-on, but at that time, Neo didn’t really care much in his heart and it didn’t matter, people’s words couldn’t hurt him.

However, somehow, now that he was being taunted and insulted by Zheng Jie and Lin Jie, Neo felt quite sad and unhappy in his heart.

Could it be that this was because of the change in his status?

Yes, before he was a rich second generation not a hangman, so he knew that others were short-sighted and what they said was false, so he didn’t care.

And now that he’s really a hanger-on, what people say is true! Neo unknowingly cared a little too.

It was such a sad story.

“Alright, get in, don’t dilly-dally, we can’t delay all of us just because we’re picking you up.”

Zheng Jie urged Neo, and the group got into the car and drove all the way to the Huake Hotel.

And at that moment, on the road, inside the Mai bā hès900 car.

Shen Neo sat in the back of the car, with the first aid medical kit resting on her knee, and she looked into the make-up mirror, carefully wiping the bruises at the corners of her eyes, and the cuts at the corners of her mouth with medicinal water.

“Alas, chief, I didn’t expect young master Lu Nan to have such a violent temper, he was only a minute late and he hit you hard, you’re also the head of Jiangxia Institute, so he’s gone too far.” The men in front of him said.

They had been with Shen Neo for many years, of course they were loyal to Shen Neo, at this time, seeing Shen Neo being treated like this by Lu Nan, they naturally felt unfair in their hearts too.

Moreover, this henchman’s words were already very soft, judging from his behaviour just now, Lu Nan was not cranky at all, he was simply fierce and violent.

After all, when it came to the young master of the family, these men did not dare to speak too much.

“No nonsense.” Shen Neo’s tone was cold as he said, “The family has treated me well, and I am devoted to the entire family, if I can’t even take this little grievance, then what else is there to talk about.”

“Besides, not everyone is like this.” Shen Neo thought about it and said, “Last time Elder Xiong called me and said that the third young master of the family was coming to Wujiang, then I started preparing to come and pick up the third young master, I was still very apprehensive at that time, just afraid that the lack of courtesy would upset the third young master, after all, the third young master has a very high status in the family. I was preparing with fear, but who knew that after a while, Xiong Lao would call to say that the Third Young Master had said that he did not need a reception and did not want to use such a big show, so you can imagine that the Third Young Master must be a very low-key person.”

“But then you still brought us here, it’s just a pity that we waited for a long time to not receive the Third Young Master.” The henchman said.

“Yes, that’s because I wanted to see what the family’s Third Young Master was like, after all, I always heard that the Third Young Master was different from the others, not relying on the family’s power and usually living a low-key life just like an ordinary person, it seems that the rumours were really right too, in the end, I still didn’t see the Third Young Master, he should have taken a taxi by himself.”

“Director you say so, I also want to see what the third young master looks like, people are the family top young master, are still so low-key, easy-going, just now the young master Nan, but ……” the men said here, can not help but float a few points of desire,. “I really want to see the third young master’s true face ah, appreciate a glimpse of his style.”

However Shen Neo sighed, “It’s a pity that such a down-to-earth and low-key third young master is no longer available in the family. You have all read the number one document issued by the family last time.”

“Read it, alas.” The handlers also sighed heavily, “Director, why did the third young master quit the family?”

“I don’t know either, but there must be a reason for it, it’s good that you all know this outcome, and you should also pay attention to your words and actions in the future, even if you have the chance to see the Third Young Master in the future, you should understand that he is already just an ordinary person, and is no longer the Third Young Master of the family.”

Despite Shen Neo’s categorical words, her tone was cold and icy.

But after she finished, her face also revealed an indescribable sadness.

Although she had never met or come into contact with the Third Young Master, the story and person of the Third Young Master had also been passed around in the family’s major islands and residences, which made Shen Neo’s heart also filled with a kind of admiration for this one young master.

This, coupled with the incident of Neo’s previous visit to Wujiang, has given Shen Neo an indescribable feeling of affection.

Originally, even if she did not receive Neo last time, Shen Neo’s heart was not particularly regretful, after all, one day, she would definitely have the opportunity to get in touch with the third young master.

However, how could she have ever imagined that something like this would come up that was simply impossible to happen?

It was no wonder that she had such deep sadness.

Besides, Neo and the others had by now arrived at the private room of the Huake Hotel.

The people met each other and exchanged a few pleasantries.

Neo already knew what the situation in the room was like, most of them were people like Lin Jie who were knee-jerking Zheng Jie, these people did not come to the class reunion for pure purposes, they were typically here for profit.

Of course there were a few people, like Xue Min, who treated everyone the same.

They greeted Neo warmly and reminisced about their high school days.

It made Neo feel that he hadn’t come for nothing this time, and he felt a warmth in his heart.

Although he had already quit the family, at last he still had some high school classmates in this world, there was still some solace.

“Hey, by the way, Jiejie ah, you drove a Maserati luxury car to pick up Neo from the train station, surely you will attract a lot of eyeballs?” Someone said.

Needless to say, the purpose of saying this was naturally to compliment Zheng Jie and suppress Neo again.

After all, we were all high school classmates and all knew about the incident between Neo and Zheng Jie.

It’s been three or four years since the incident, and the people who used to be there have changed, and the status of Zheng Jie and Neo has also quietly changed, and now Zheng Jie’s social status has clearly pulled Neo far away.

The people all knew that today Zheng Jie was going to take a breath of fresh air, so naturally the topic of conversation led to Neo’s body.

“That’s for sure, Neo has also made a splash, huh.” Another person followed.

There was another burst of laughter from the crowd.

Zheng Jie waited for the crowd to finish laughing, smiled slightly and said, “The Maserati is still quite eye-catching, but there is a more luxurious car than mine at the train station today, the Mai bā hès 900, awesome?”

“Mai bā hès 900, holy shit, it’s a very expensive car, over five million!” Someone who knows about cars said.

“That’s awesome, it’s just that people who can afford such cars won’t cross our paths.” Another person said.

“Hey, that’s where you’re wrong, the owner of this Mai bā hè is also a bit related to Neo.” Zheng Jie said leisurely.

When this remark was made, the crowd was stunned, and then they all felt strange.

Yes, as long as Neo was such a hanger-on, he could still have a relationship with Mai Bā hè?

Seeing the crowd’s appetite being whetted.

Zheng Jie was not in a hurry, “Lin Jie, you come and tell them about the train station.”


Lin Jie was immediately energized, that was not true, this was Zheng Jie’s initiative to ask her to do something, this meant that Zheng Jie thought highly of her, otherwise, how could she be allowed to speak.

So, Lin Jie spoke like a river and told her what had happened in front of the train station again.

The first thing she did was to tell the story of how Shen Neo knelt and worshipped Neo after she got off the train, which whetted the appetite of the crowd.

Then, he also did a perfect imitation of Lu Nan’s bodyguard slapping Neo to the side.

Only then did he tell the crowd that it was Lu Nan behind Neo who Shen Neo was actually kneeling before!

This narrative had its ups and downs, with vivid twists and turns.

Especially when the crowd heard the end, they burst into laughter.

“Holy shit, it’s true, huh? Don’t say you guys were scared to death at that moment, I just heard Lin Jie tell about Shen Neo kneeling and worshipping Neo, I was shocked ah, I just said how could this guy have such a background!”

“Yeah, yeah, I was stunned too, I thought Neo was a super rich kid who was hiding deep, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding haha.”

“That’s right, I told you, if it’s really Neo, he’s been hiding from high school for years now, how is that possible? If Neo was really a rich kid, I’m afraid his tail would have been up by now!”

The air was filled with joy as the crowd gossiped some more.

Of course, the person used to make fun of was, naturally, Neo.

“However, that Shen, who drives the Mai bā hè, I have also heard about it, I heard that it is a top class person in Wujiang City, such a person, even personally went to the station to greet that Lu Shao, and was also slapped a few times by Lu Shao stinky scold, all afraid to say a word, and still call himself a subordinate, then …… “Speaking of this, the person who spoke, drew a cold breath backwards, “That Lu Shao, in the end, what kind of person is it, such a horrible status!”


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