At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 249

At once, both Zheng Jie and Lin Jie froze.

No, no, this Shen Neo, a top class figure in Wujiang City, was actually here to pick up Neo?!

And calling herself a subordinate and addressing Neo as Lu Shao?!

Zheng Jie held Lin Jie’s hand, and both of them could feel the other’s hand trembling, a deep tremor that gripped their entire bodies from deep within.

Zheng Jie was scared.

Of course she was scared, scared to death.

Every single one of those things she had done to Neo before had given her a very comfortable kuài gǎn of revenge.

But now, for her, how comfortable she was then, how scared she was now!

And although Lin Jie hadn’t done anything to suppress Neo, she had after all just taunted him in front of so many classmates, and if this matter reached Neo’s ears, then ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

They did not expect that Neo would have this background?

They were frozen.

Neo was also frozen.

He didn’t know Shen Neo, but when he saw Shen Neo’s manners, and the Mai Bā hè, and even though he had never met Shen Neo, he knew that the director of the Jiangxia Institute was a woman.

After all, this was still quite special, the Lu family’s seventy-two institutes, only a handful of women as the director of the institute.

Therefore, Neo was sure that the woman in front of him was Shen Neo, the head of the Jiangxia Institute.

That was why he froze.

Because, he was no longer a member of the Lu family ah, from now on, he no longer had the identity, power, wealth, glory, and all the services of the Lu family!

Jiang Xiaoshao couldn’t have been unaware of it, either.

After all, he had offended Murong Ruo Lan and had been forced to hold a grand retreat ceremony.

All of this made it impossible to return to the Lu family ever again.

Not only would the reputation and prestige of the Lu Family be greatly damaged if one violated it, after all, if one still enjoyed the convenience of the Lu Family, then people from other clans would definitely look down on the Lu Family and think that the Lu Family had no commitment to speak of at all, which could be devastating to a super clan.

What’s more, if this matter was known by the Murong family, then the consequences would definitely be even more serious.

This was because the Murong family would feel that they had been teased.

So, after he had withdrawn from the clan, grandfather had, in the first instance, informed all the organisations in the family’s corner of the world, making sure that everyone knew about the fact that he was now not a son of the Lu family.

But, but Shen Neo still came to pick him up!

In Neo’s heart, although he was worried and did not want her to do so, he was still a little touched.

Neo steadied his mind, no, even if Shen Neo came to pick him up, he must not go with her, if someone saw him, it would be the end of the story.

It would be bad for the Lu family, and even worse for Shen Neo.

It was better to let Shen Neo go back.

Thinking, Neo said, “That, Shen ……”

However, the words had not yet finished.


A big hand from behind directly pressed on the right side of Neo’s head, and a huge force came, instantly slapping Neo to the side and almost stumbling.

“Damn, where did that brat come from, you dare to block anyone’s path, you’re really looking for death!”

Neo looked up and saw a sturdy, tough man with a palm as big as a bushel, cursing impatiently.

It was this man who had just hit himself.

When he saw this strong man, Neo was stunned, he seemed to have seen him somewhere before, right?

However, before Neo could think about it, behind the strong man, a young man came out.

This young man, with a high and proud look, had a top quality handmade suit, crocodile skin shoes on his feet and a sapphire Rolex shining on his wrist.

This young man, with his face tilted up, had an out-of-this-world look.

A look that didn’t put anyone in his sights at all.

He looked at Shen Neo, who was half-kneeling on the ground, with a disdainful yet cold gaze and said coldly, “That’s right, you’re late, I’ve been waiting for you here for a minute and a half before you came.”

Speaking here, the youth’s tone became even colder, “Is the Jiangxia Institute so inefficient! To treat the top sons of the family so negligently, may I ask, can the Jiangxia Institute still do its job!”

With these words, Shen Neo’s body also trembled, so one could imagine that she was also extremely frightened inside.

“Sorry, Lu Shao, Wujiang is recently expanding the underground, and the traffic situation in the city ……” Shen Neo hurriedly explained.

“Good, you stand up.” The youth said.

Shen Neo’s heart breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the youth should have forgiven himself, and hurriedly stood up obediently, “Lu Shao, please ……”


However, in the next second, the youth raised his hand and threw it at Shen Neo’s face.

Instantly, Shen Neo’s hair stuck to her cheek, and the corners of her mouth were all cracked from the smash, blood snaking around.

“Stinking b*tch, still explaining to me to find a reason, what the f*ck are you?”

The youth raised his hand and slammed it again.

“If you’re late, you’re late, and you’re making excuses, you know what I am and what the f*ck you are, and I have time to listen to you whine about fixing the underground here? You don’t know how to fly a helicopter to pick me up, do you? Don’t tell me that the Jiangxia Institute doesn’t even have a f*cking helicopter! Every year the family allocates billions to you pigs, what do you do with it? Did you b*tch embezzle to buy face masks and suō yīn pills from micro-businesses? Shā bǐ b*tch, if I wasn’t in a good mood today, I’d let you know what it means to be Young Master Nan’s wrath!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Young Master Lu.”

Shen Neo was severely slapped twice, but she didn’t dare to say a word more, and even more so, she didn’t dare to dodge away.

Moreover, it was only possible to meekly apologise to the youth in front of him.

“Young Lu, please, please get in.”

Shen Neo didn’t even dare to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and added.

“Fuck you, driving a shitty pussy Mai bā hè this kind of vegetable pussy car to pick me up, Laozi has never liked Mai bā hè this shǎ bī like ride system since I was a kid, a car driven by a thug shǎ bī, is it also worthy of giving Laozi a ride? This shitty car smells like rotten cabbage from the vegetable market, even the municipal sanitation truck smells better than this shitty car. I’ve got a friend picking me up in a Rolls Royce! Get lost!” The youth bellowed.

“Yes, Young Lu.”

Seeing the youth like this, Shen Neo didn’t dare to say a word, so he obediently turned around and went back to the Mai bā hè car again and left.

“Let’s go, that kid from the Xiong family will pick us up later, let’s go over there and wait.” The youth hemmed and hawed, although he had just scolded Shen Neo, his emotions were still high, “If it wasn’t for the fact that that shǎ bī Neo was killed by the Murong Zhuang master, I would have been happy, I would not have let that shǎ bī b*tch Shen Neo off lightly just now.”

With that, the youth waved a hand and walked away with two burly bodyguards.

Neo froze in place, looking at the youth’s distant figure.

This, this youth was no other than his cousin Lu Nan.

Seeing Lu Nan, Neo then understood everything.

It turned out that Shen Neo had just knelt down to greet and apologise, but in fact it was not to himself, but to Lu Nan who was behind him.

That was why Lu Nan’s bodyguard had slapped himself away.

And yes, of course Lu Nan’s bodyguard knew what kind of role the master he was protecting was, it was the young master of the world’s number one family.

And how could Lu Nan’s bodyguard have imagined that the person who stood in his way was the former third young master?

He thought he was just some guy who didn’t know what he was doing, so he just knocked him away.

As for Lu Nan, of course he didn’t expect to run into Neo here either.

After all, first of all, he was so high and mighty that his eyes simply didn’t regard the people around him; after all, who here could enter his eyes?

So he didn’t even notice Neo.

Secondly, Lu Nan really thought that Neo was dead.

After all, he was the one who revealed Neo’s helicopter’s location to Murong Ruo Lan, and he also saw Murong Ruo Lan’s men get into the Black Eagle helicopter.

Moreover, he had also seen Murong Ruo Lan’s men return happily in the Black Eagle helicopter.

Needless to say, they must have killed Neo.

So, naturally, Lu Nan did not notice Neo.

Since Lu Nan had come to Wujiang City, he would naturally inform Jiangxia Institute, so it was no wonder that Shen Neo came to greet him personally.

It was just that Lu Nan was a little too arrogant to be subordinate to the Lu family.

Although you are the master, this kind of attitude towards your subordinates will hurt people’s hearts.

Neo’s heart was pained, if given to the old days, he would definitely take care of it properly.

However, now, one was not even a member of the Lu family anymore.

He was not qualified to be in charge!

Thinking of this, a pang of pathos ran through Neo’s heart.

“Crap, hahahaha!”

Suddenly, Neo was jolted out of his thoughts by a loud laugh.

Upon looking, it turned out to be the two people Zheng Jie and Lin Jie laughing.

These two people, like crazy, were laughing and laughing back and forth.

“I was scared to death, I thought that Lu Shao was calling you a hangman.” Zheng Jie covered her chest, looking like she had survived after a big disaster.

“Yeah, I also thought that Mr. Shen was kneeling down to worship you, I’m sweating out.” Lin Jie also said, “But I really thought too much, I told you, how could a hanger-on like you fly up to be a phoenix all of a sudden?”

“That’s right, I had a heart attack just now, damn, I’m pissed off.” Zheng Jie was really upset in her heart, because she had really given a scare just now.

That feeling, when she thought back on it, she still shuddered in battle.

Moreover, it was because of this that she resented Neo even more in her heart.

That’s right!

If it wasn’t for Neo, the hanger-on, how could she have been scared like this?

If she hadn’t been scared so badly, she would have had to make up for it!

Who would she go to for compensation?

It was impossible to find Shen Neo, and it was certainly impossible to find that young Lu just now.

The only person to look for was Neo!

And Lin Jie, naturally, was of the same mind as Zheng Jie.

“Alright, hurry up and get up, being delayed by this, time has been lost, really, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be scared like this.” Lin Jie said in annoyance.

At this moment, she was even more dissatisfied with Neo.

“A hangman should have the consciousness of a hangman, to get in the way of someone else’s young Lu, you deserve to be beaten up, his surname is also Lu, your surname is also Lu, why is this gap so big?”

Zheng Jie sneered and looked at Neo.


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