At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 247

Neo frowned, just now he thought this boss was a good person, saved himself from the sea, and gave him chicken soup or something, and didn’t charge for it.

Yet now, he was doing this kind of thing.

It was a bit strange in his heart.

When he saw the old man being driven away, Neo wanted to say something, but when he thought about it, he didn’t have a penny on him, and he couldn’t care about this matter.

He sighed and was in no mood to go out, so he just went back to the room.

“Dear viewers, we are now broadcasting a news from Jinling City, today in a small area of Jinling City, a man was found dead in his home with twelve stab wounds on his body, after forensic identification, this man died six days ago, belonging to zì shā death.”

When Neo saw this, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “Crap, another zì shā death?

This society is getting more and more f*cked up.

“The man was an online platform anchor, and the content of his live broadcasts were all about bad behavior like late night hooking up with solo women. The host continued, “There are many viewers who doubt the authenticity of zì shā, in response, we interviewed Superintendent Lai to give an account.”

With that, the presenter gave the screen to a man in a police uniform.

“Hello Superintendent Lai, viewers want to know why this man has twelve stab wounds on his body and still attributed to zì shā?” The presenter asked.

“Actually, we suspected at first that it was a homicide, but first of all, we found a bǐ shǒu at the scene, and the fingerprints on it were exactly the deceased’s own, and there were no footprints or traces of anyone else at the scene, and most importantly, the doors and windows were all unlocked, and if the killer had killed the deceased, there was no way he would have left the scene and still left the doors and windows unlocked, so this, despite We also find it fishy, but think the deceased is zì shā, compared to other reasons, or zì shā is the most likely one.”

“Then Superintendent Lai, why do you think the deceased would be zì shā?” The presenter continued to ask.

“Although the deceased was engaged in anchoring, the content of anchoring is to hook up and even harass women, which is a criminal act now. According to the confessions of some of his fans we investigated, just a day before he zì shā, he also seduced a young homeless girl who was not yet involved in the world at a refuse station late at night. of repentance and guilt.”

When Neo saw this, his heart could not help but be moved.

In his mind, he suddenly recalled the day when he was in Jinling City, the day Yin Yi rented a house.

Didn’t he happen to see a live broadcast of a live broadcaster who had taken away the mysterious killer girl who had assassinated Tianzhi and himself?

That anchor, too, was none other than the lecherous man who came out in the middle of the night to harass women.

Could it be that the one who died was that guy?

If it was him, then, he certainly wasn’t zì shā!

After all, that young girl was not as soft and bullyable as she appeared to be, that was a professional level assassin that dozens of B-rank combatants could not even stop.

Since that young girl could assassinate herself and Tianzhi, it was natural that killing an anchor would be as easy as a snap.

Moreover, with her strength, I’m afraid that after killing someone, it would be even less effort to fake the zì shā scene or something.

After all, that woman was a professional killer.

Thinking of this, Neo wanted to call the police station and tell them about this.

But somehow, deep down, Neo was reluctant to reveal this, as if he didn’t want the young girl to be wanted and arrested.

The anchor was not a good person, he had screwed a lot of women and deserved to die.

After all, after falling into the sea and being unconscious for so long, his body was still a bit weak.

In this way, Neo stayed in this small hotel for seven days.

During these seven days, the owner of the inn really took care of Neo, and every day, he asked him about the warmth, and made chicken and fish soup and other things in different ways.

He never said anything about asking for money.

Seven days later, Neo felt that his body had almost recovered, so he was ready to leave.

Neo saw the boss treating him so warmly and well, and thought that if he said he would leave, he would definitely stay, and then he would have to go through some more trouble.

However, who knew that he would have to leave.

The boss immediately agreed, and happily took out a thousand yuan and gave it to Neo for his travel expenses. Then when he heard that Neo was going to Hangzhou, he immediately bought Neo a ticket to Hangzhou without stopping, as if he was afraid that Neo would suddenly regret it.

Neo was surprised, but of course there was no need for him to stay here.

At this moment, he only wanted to find Zhou Yun and get to Wujiang City sooner.

Somehow, Neo always felt that he would find Zhou Yun in Wujiang City.

Perhaps it was because Master Kulong there had told him that he would definitely find Zhou Yun, or perhaps it was because he had seen Murong Ruo Lan, who was almost identical to Zhou Yun, in Wujiang.

After a five-hour bus ride from Crab Town, Neo finally arrived in Hangzhou.

In Hangzhou, he bought a high-speed train to Wujiang.

Sitting at the window of the high speed train, looking at the scenery flying by outside the window, Neo’s heart, could not help but feel quite emotional.

He thought back to the time he went to Wujiang from Jinling.

When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of emotion in his heart.

He had gone round and round, but he had come back to the same place, and still had not found Zhou Yun.

Moreover, this time, he still went to the identity of the third young master of the Lu family. In Neo’s heart, there was really a feeling that the world was like a tidal wave.

Being at this time.

Suddenly the phone rang.


“Neo, where is it?” On the phone, a woman said.

It was Zheng Jie.

This woman, how could she still call herself?

Neo was a little surprised in his heart.

It was also true, this woman had already revealed her true face and hated herself to the bone, moreover, she had also taken revenge, after all, she had humiliated herself in the hotel and also ridiculed herself at Puxin Temple as well.

Even if she hated herself, she should have gotten her anger out.

Now that she was angry and hated herself so much, shouldn’t she have stopped seeing herself for the rest of her life?

Why would he call himself again?

“Oh, what is it?”

Neo didn’t want to communicate with her too much, nor did he want to make much contact anymore, after all, she hated herself.

“Yo, what’s the matter, are you angry? Not even happy to tell me where it is anymore?” Zheng Jie smiled, “Okay, no matter where you are, please come to Huake Hotel at eight o’clock tonight!”

Neo said in his heart, “Fuck, again?

This f*cking last time in the Guanshankou Hotel, did not have enough to fix themselves, now another play?

“Oh, no need.” Neo said.

Yes, Neo didn’t want to hang out with Zheng Jie anymore.

“Really?” Hearing Neo say that he wasn’t coming, Zheng Jie didn’t seem to be in a hurry and said lightly.

At this moment, Neo suddenly heard someone on the phone shout, “I’ll talk to him ……”

Then, there were some murmurs coming from the phone.

“Hello, are you, are you Neo?” A female voice said.

Hearing this voice, Neo couldn’t help but be startled, this voice was familiar.

But for a moment, he couldn’t remember who it was.

“Haha, can’t remember, I’m Xue Min, do you still remember?” The other side said.

“Xue Min? It’s you?!”

Neo couldn’t help but stare, and then said happily.

Xue Min, this name had not been mentioned for a long time, but Neo naturally knew that this was his tablemate in high school, although he and Xue Min were not too close in high school, but after all, they were the same table, even if they did not feel anything in school, but now that they had graduated for so long, when they looked back, they still felt quite warm.

“Neo, we are having a reunion today, many of our classmates are here, I heard from Zheng Jie that you are also in Wujiang City, you are also coming today, we haven’t seen each other for years, you come over, let’s also get together, anyway, we are all classmates ah.” Xue Min said.

“Good, good.”

Neo didn’t expect it to be a high school classmate gathering.

No wonder Zheng Jie had called him.

If Zheng Jie was the only one, of course Neo wouldn’t go.

But now there were so many high school classmates, Neo’s heart naturally welled up with a longing, yes, all the classmates who hadn’t seen each other for years, how good it was to go and get together and talk about the old stories.

“Good then, where are you now, you can come over now.”

“I’m, I’m on the high speed train, I’ll be in Wujiang in an hour, when I arrive, I’ll go over.” Neo said.

“Hey, Neo, you’re arriving in Wujiang in an hour? Okay, I’ll pick you up!” At some point, the phone returned to Zheng Jie’s hand.

It must have been on speakerphone over there, so Zheng Jie naturally heard Neo and Xue Min’s conversation.

“No need, I’ll just go there myself.” Neo really didn’t want to have more dealings with Zheng Jie.

Moreover, she had come to pick herself up, huh, I’m afraid she didn’t have good intentions either.

“Hehe!” Zheng Jie didn’t say much, and with a snap, he hung up the phone.

At this time, Wujiang, Huake Hotel, in a luxurious private room.

There were a dozen men and women sitting inside, all young people.

“By the way, Jiejie, isn’t Neo the boy you liked? How’s he doing now?” A girl asked gossipingly.

“What Jiejie ah, you have to call Zheng Chief now!” Another girl said ingratiatingly, “That Neo, he was really something back then, he embarrassed our General Manager Zheng so much, I want to see how well he’s doing today, what qualifications he had to reject General Manager Zheng back then!”


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