At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 246

Sky Island, inside the cave.

This cave was the same cave that Elder Xiong had brought Lu to before.

This was actually the Lu Family’s miscellaneous goods warehouse, and all the things displayed inside were rare items.

After all, the Lu Family had been in the world for nearly a thousand years, and the family had always continued without a break, so there were naturally not a few of various treasures and wonders and whatnot.

“Old Xiong, how are things going?”

It was Lu Beike who spoke, and at this moment, he and Xiong Siguang were the only two people in the cave.

“It has been sent off for the Third Young Master exactly as you instructed, a total of five helicopters took off at the same time, I think Murong Ruo Lan should not be able to guess that the Third Young Master is on that one plane again even if she wants to lay a hand on him, so there is no way for her to do so.” Elder Xiong said.

“Ugh.” Lu Beique sighed, “I can only protect Neo’er to this extent, from now on, it’s up to him to make his own destiny.”

“Grand Master.” Elder Xiong thought for a moment and added, “I’m only worried that although this time Murong Ruo Lan is prevented from making a move, will she still make a move on the Third Young Master at a later stage?”

“This I have thought of as well.” Lu Bei Ke nodded, his deep gaze manifesting a sense of caution, “Therefore, in a few days, I plan to go to the Murong Family’s residence in the Original Continent and personally explain the whole thing to the Murong Family once.”

“The Continent of Origin?” Elder Xiong couldn’t help but be stunned, clearly not understanding for a moment.

“It’s this world of ours now.” Lu Bei Ke said, “You can’t forget that the Murong Family’s headquarters is in the Valley Continent, but they also have a station house in our continent. I have no way to go to the Murong Family’s headquarters, so I can only go to their station house and tell them exactly what happened this time, so that they can restrain Murong Ruo Lan and not make things difficult for Neo. As long as the Murong family agreed, Murong Ruolan would not dare to disobey the family’s orders. That way, Neo will also be safe.”

“I hope the Third Young Master will be safe for the rest of his life!”

When Elder Xiong heard Lu Bei Ke say this, his face, which had been preoccupied, showed a little relief, “If the Murong family can understand, and if you give the Third Young Master that yao guang protection, the Third Young Master should be fine!”

Lu Bei Ke nodded, his gaze lifted and took off the shelf, the remaining light yellow sword.

He gently stroked the scabbard, which was ancient and rustic.

“Yao Guang, Xuan Gui, these two swords, they are both spiritual objects, the purest and most spiritual, one must have the heart of a red son to gain their loyalty and blessing, and Neo’er, who I have seen since he was a child, is just such a person.”

Said, Lu Bei Ke gaze is lowered again, looking at the Xuan Gui in his hand, “Originally, I was planning to gift Neo’er and the girl he loves on his big day, one sword for each of them, after all, the girl who can make Neo’er fall in love, must also be the purest and most sincere person, unfortunately, I did not expect …… ”

Lu Beique did not continue, just, who understand what he meant.

“Alas, only hope, that yao light, can really protect him!”

“Don’t worry, only the third young master is worthy of the spirit sword!” Elder Xiong clenched his fist, “If the Third Young Master is in danger, the Spirit Sword will definitely come out of its sheath!”

“When the Spirit Sword is sheathed, it will bless the Heavenly Pride!”

Hearing Elder Xiong’s words, Lu Bei Ke’s heart also added some confidence, as he spoke, he held Xuan Gui in his left hand, and with a raise of his right hand, Xuan Gui was sheathed!

Deadly silence!

There was dead silence in the cave!

Lu Beique and Elder Xiong did not speak for a long time, both of them looking at the guilloche in astonishment.

Their eyes were astonished as never before.

Only to see that the guilloche in Lu Bei Ke’s hand only had a bare hilt and no sword body.

“How, how can this be?!”

Lu Beique looked at the guilloche in shock.

“How is it possible?” Lu Bei Ke looked at the Xuan Gui in his hand and muttered, “Although these two swords have been dusty and never opened over the past few hundred years, according to the Lu family genealogy, these two swords are, indeed, true spirit swords! How could this be ……”

Elder Xiong also looked at the guilloche incredulously and couldn’t help but draw a cold breath backwards.

A thought that made him not dare to think about it appeared in his mind.

“The guilloche doesn’t have a sword body, could it be, Yao Guang ……”

Neither of them said anything further.

This spirit sword, could it be a fake?!

If Yao Guang was a fake, then wouldn’t Neo have taken a useless and useless sword!

At this moment, the east coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Neo stared blankly at the bare hilt of the sword in his hand.

How could it be like this?

Didn’t Elder Xiong say that this was a spirit sword?

How come it didn’t even have a hilt?

Suddenly, his feet swayed and he almost fell into the cabin.

The helicopter, which had lost its manoeuvre, was like a headless fly, swaying back and forth in the air.

Neo was like standing on a canoe in the middle of a huge wave, being flung around in the cabin.


A bào pò shot rang out, and the Black Hawk helicopter on the opposite side hit the helicopter’s rotor with a shot.

Clatter! There was a bào pà sound, and we saw debris with flames as if it was a meteorite falling, trailing a long trail of fire and smoke, like fireworks, bouncing off bào pò in all directions!

The helicopter also seemed to be a wounded bird, suddenly frightened, losing its last power and plunging downwards rapidly!

Neo was like a rag, going back and forth in the helicopter, tossing it around.

He struggled to hold on to the back of the seat, looking at a ****ing ocean beneath his feet, azure and blue, getting closer and closer ……

It’s over!

Neo’s heart for a split second, countless images flashed through his mind until the figure of that noble, beautiful girl appeared in his mind, Neo’s teary eyes looked out the porthole window tumbling blue sky, looking at the sky beyond, his heart filled with despair and the hopelessness of life.

“Zhou Yun!”

Neo cried out with one last cry.

He had time to shout these two words because in the next second, a huge shockwave nearly turned his internal organs over and his ears were filled with a buzzing sound.

The sea water seemed to fall from the sky, directly splitting his head and raging, and in an instant, Neo was in darkness before his eyes.

I don’t know how long it took.

Maybe it was a day, two days.

Maybe it was a year, two years.

Neo opened his eyes leisurely and surveyed his surroundings in surprise.

It was a room.

He was sleeping on a bed.

The room was very simple, with white and grey walls, mottled, yellowed bedding on the bed and, opposite the bed, an old crt colour television.

The TV was on and the local news was playing on it.

On the bedside table sits a dirty remote control and a roll of poor quality paper towels.

Where was this?

Neo shook his head and frowned.

He remembered, hadn’t he been chased while at sea and ended up crashing into the sea along with his helicopter?

He hadn’t died?

Who had saved him?

What was this place?

How long had passed?

Neo stood up sharply and was about to go out to check.

The door opened.

A man came in.

“Hey, young man, why are you up? Hurry up and lie down, take a good rest.”

The man who came in was a middle-aged man, wearing a yellowing sweatshirt, quite greasy, and he looked like one of those old city folk.

The man said, and put a bowl of chicken soup in his hand on the table, “Drink some of this chicken soup too, young man, this is our locally raised native black chicken soup, very tonic, drink more while it’s hot, I also put wolfberry and angelica, your body is too weak, drink a little more will be good.”

Neo’s attention was focused on this strange place just now, and he didn’t feel hungry.

Now that he had said so, and then smelled the chicken soup.

Neo’s stomach was rumbling with hunger, so he didn’t have time to be polite or to think about anything else.

“Uncle, what is this place? How did I end up here?” Neo had eaten and was in better spirits.

“Oh, this is a small hotel I run, the geographical location belongs to Zhoushan, called Crab Town, I saw you unconscious on the beach, so I brought you back.” The man said.

“Oh, so it was you who saved me?”

“Sort of, you’ve been unconscious for three days and three nights and have been sleeping here, I saw you were about to wake up today so I brought you chicken soup.” The man said.

“Thank you so much, Uncle.” Neo said gratefully, it seemed that he was blessed with a good life, he did not die after falling into the sea and was washed up on the beach again by the sea.

But if he hadn’t met this kind-hearted uncle, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have survived.

As he thought about it, Neo hurriedly touched his body. The sword that Elder Xiong had given him had long since disappeared and had fallen into the sea.

But that sword should not be a real spirit sword, so if it was lost, it was lost! But even without the sword, it was still a bit sad to lose it, after all, it was given to him by his grandfather.

In his arms, there was only a photograph.

Neo cupped the photo and couldn’t help but feel sad in his heart.

It was a family photo of Danyue and his family of three.

The people in the photo were still smiling and warm, but Danyue was gone, and his wife and daughter, if they knew about Danyue’s death, would probably ……

Neo wiped the tears from his eyes and put away the photo.

“Uncle, I don’t have any money on me, otherwise ……” Yes, I live here, eat other people’s food, and also be taken care of by others, must be a good repayment, but, at this time Neo really have no money on him.

“The most important thing is to be kind!” The man waved his hand, telling Neo not to take it to heart.

Neo’s heart was touched, the world is still full of good people.

He also felt a warmth in his heart, yes, such a world is what makes people stay.

“Well, you’ve finished drinking, I’ll take the bowl away, and bring you food again tonight.” The middle-aged man said, taking the bowl and going out.

Neo was feeling quite refreshed at this point.

He wanted to take a look outside, after all, he wanted to see what kind of a place, what kind of a town this was.

So he followed the man and went out of the room as well.

This is typical of the kind of small private hotel, both sides are single rooms, and many around the University of fifty-one nights of small hotels.

I had just followed the man downstairs.

There was a woman working the front desk downstairs, and the man walked over, smiled heatedly, and grabbed the woman in the back in a rather ambiguous gesture.

“Ouch, boss, you’re bad.” The woman pouted.

The man laughed heatedly and pointed again at the two old men sitting in the living room, a man and a woman, and said, frowning, “Who are these two people?”

“Oh boss, they’re here to stay and want a room, but they only have forty-five dollars on them, they’re still five dollars short.” The woman said.

“Boss, please be kind, we really don’t have any money left, let us stay for one night, we are really tired and can’t walk anymore.” The two old men looked like an old couple, in their seventies and eighties, dressed in rags, their faces dark and wrinkled, they looked quite pitiful.

“Get lost! Think we’re a good hall here? Get enough money together and come back!” The man was impatient and rude, and drove the two old men out of the hotel.


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