At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 245

“You wanted to see me? What can I do for you?”

Murong Ruolan sat down and looked coldly and arrogantly at the round-faced youth in front of her.

This youth called himself Lu Nan, also a descendant of the Tian Zi generation of the Lu family, and Murong Ruo Lan had met him once, yesterday in the hall where the son-in-law was chosen.

At that time, Lu Nan was also standing on the stage, and at the front.

But Murong Ruo Lan filtered him out straight away, because Murong Ruo Lan couldn’t raise any interest in someone like Lu Nan.

And at this moment, looking at Lu Nan, Murong Ruolan was still quite strange in her heart, this kid, suddenly looking for up, what did he want?

“Master Murong, Neo has offended you, it is his crime that deserves it, but as his former cousin, I am also collaterally responsible for not being able to educate this cousin, so I am here today, to apologize to you as well.”

Lu Nan said this and then said, “He also took a helicopter to the southeast today, leaving Tiandao for good, leaving the Lu family. I also hope that this result of his can calm the upset in your heart, Master Murong Zhuang.”

Murong Ruo Lan was not at all interested in these chirpy words of Lu Nan.

She didn’t care what you Lu Nan said or did, after all, Murong Ruolan didn’t care about Lu Nan as a person.

Therefore, when Lu Nan said these words, Murong Ruolan didn’t even listen carefully.

However, when she heard Lu Nan say that Neo had taken a helicopter to the southeast, her heart couldn’t help but be moved, but on the surface, her expression naturally wouldn’t change in any way.

“Alright, got it, let’s go.”

Murong Ruo Lan waved her hand and gave the order of expulsion.

Lu Nan was also sensible, and once he saw Murong Ruo Lan like this, he also left.

After Lu Nan left, Murong Ruo Lan was overjoyed. This kid looked like he had come to speak for Neo, and he had inadvertently revealed a big secret to himself.

“You should be able to catch up with him in our Black Hawk helicopter. Just in time to take out that kid over the Pacific Ocean, so that they will be destroyed and their bones will not be left!”

Murong Ruolan ordered to the two subordinates from earlier.

“Yes, Master!”

The two men immediately took orders and flew off.

At that moment, a young man slowly walked out of the trees beside the gate outside.

He looked at the two subordinates who were running out, and a smug smile could not help but appear at the corner of his mouth.

Hey, it seems that I guessed right, Murong’s master has really moved to kill that kid Neo, hey, Neo, Neo, this time, your time to die has really come!

Yes, this youth, is Lu Nan.

During the morning’s clan retreat ceremony, Lu Beique had heard Murong Ruo Lan’s strings, and Lu Nan had heard them too.

So, after Elder Xiong had driven him away later, he had been staying near the airport, actually to be able to find out which helicopter Neo was actually getting into.

Of course, although Lu Nan was convinced in his heart that Murong Ruo Lan was going to make a move on Neo.

But after all, he did not dare to be 100% sure.

Therefore, he did not dare to tell Murong Ruo Lan directly and bluntly, “Neo went to the southeast in a helicopter, you should send someone to kill him! He said something like that.

After all, if Murong Ruolan didn’t think so, it would be bad.

This is why Lu Nan, under the guise of apologizing, revealed the information about Neo’s helicopter without moving a muscle.

After leaving Murong Ruo Lan’s room, Lu Nan of course didn’t leave and hid outside in the bushes to see the outcome.

Because he also knew that if Murong Ruo Lan also made a move, he would naturally send out his men to hunt down and kill Neo.

Now that he had seen the two subordinates of Murong Ruo Lan running out, he was relieved.

At this very moment!

Over the Pacific Ocean, a helicopter was flying smoothly.

“Third Young Master, there is land ahead, come on, we are almost there.” The helicopter pilot suddenly said, with a bit of heaviness in his voice.

Yes, it was getting there, which meant that Neo was getting off the plane and leaving.

“Third Young Master, actually the helicopter could have landed at the family’s Chongming base, but Third Young Master you’re not a member of the family anymore and don’t have the authority to use that base, so you can only land on land.”

The helicopter pilot continued with a heavy voice, “Third Young Master, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, Dayue, just stop at the beach by the sea, so you can go back early too.” Neo said, and was touched in his heart, after all, he had left the Lu family now, and this pilot still treated him with such respect.

The driver was called Dayue, in his forties, a very loyal man.

“Third young master, when you get off the helicopter later, you, you take care of yourself!” Danyue suddenly choked up as he spoke.

Obviously, he came up with emotions all of a sudden.

Neo was stunned, his heart was touched, but there was also a little strange, even if he was forced to leave the family because he used to be the young master, it was normal for Dayue as a servant to feel sorry for the lamentable.

But how could Danyue be crying?

After all, he didn’t know him very well himself.

“Dagaku, you too, take care of yourself too.” Of course, although he was wondering in his heart, Neo naturally wouldn’t ask.

After all, if he opened his mouth to ask, it would be too unpractical.

“Third Young Master, you must be wondering why I’m crying.” Dayue steadied his emotions and his voice composed a little, he didn’t wait for Neo to answer and continued, “Because you are too good, Third Young Master, you are the best master I have ever met, you saved my daughter’s life! I thank you for the rest of my life!”

“Huh?” To be honest, Neo was still frozen.

He didn’t even know Dayue himself, let alone having saved her daughter.

“Third young master, you are too nice to forget all the good things you have done.” Danyue said, “Three years ago, at that time, I happened to be on holiday, so I took my family on a trip to Jinling, who knew that my daughter happened to have a high fever, and went to several hospitals but could not do anything about it, the situation was very critical, so in my desperation, I suddenly remembered that the family’s Purple Light Hospital was also in Jinling, so I rushed to take my daughter to the Purple Light Hospital. ”

“I was desperate and was holding my daughter in the corridor, desperate. It so happened that you were in the hospital at that time, you heard about my case and ordered the hospital to bring out the serum and give it to my daughter. You are so nice, you don’t deserve to suffer this! God has no eyes! I, Fu Dayue, am not capable of anything, after you leave, Third Young Master, I will pray for you every day, that one day, you will be able to fly the dragon to the sky! You will not be humiliated by anyone!”

At this point, Dayue choked up again, apparently unable to hold back his tears again.

Honestly, seeing a big man in front of himself, crying because of himself, Neo’s heart was touched and warmed by an indescribable feeling for himself.

Yes, people live in the world, is to help others, ah, see others because of their help and happy, their own heart is not also very warm?

At this time, Neo also remembered.

Yes, when he was a sophomore, he once went to the Purple Hospital and did come across a man in the corridor who was holding a little girl on his knees and crying.

At that time, when he heard about this, he was really very angry.

Immediately, he brought the director to him and scolded him severely.

It probably meant that although it was just a servant who drove a helicopter, as long as they were from the Lu Family and served the Lu Family! They were worthy of the Lu family’s protection!

This incident, Neo later slowly faded into oblivion, really did not expect, that person, is Dayue.

“Dayue, I just did a small thing, don’t cry, it’s not like I’m parting from life and death.” Neo’s heart was also sour from the words, but he still forced a smile, “By the way, Dayue, how is your daughter, now?”

“Third young master, if it wasn’t for you, she would have been ……” Dayue raised her hand and wiped her tears, “Third young master, she’s fine and healthy now, she’s also in first grade, her grades are quite good and she can write. ”

The first time I saw her, she was in the first grade, and her grades were good, and she could write.” Speaking of this, Dayue seemed to have more to talk about, and her mood was much better, as if she remembered her daughter, “By the way, Third Young Master, she even wrote me a letter, and she used pinyin instead of words she didn’t know, hahaha, don’t you think she’s cute, Third Young Master …… ”


Neo was also amused, he was really laughing and happy for Dayue.

That kind of warmth of a father loving his daughter, he understood.

“She also said in her heart that when I take another holiday, she will also go to Jinling to play, by the way, Third Young Master, she also said she will go to you, she said she will thank her brother who saved her once …… but well, I told her that she can’t call him brother, she has to call him Third Young Master, haha… …” continued Dayue.

“Haha, it’s good to see your family happy.” Neo said from the bottom of his heart.

“Third Young Master, look, this is her picture, a picture of our family.” Dayue’s hand fished out a photo in his arms and handed it backwards to Neo.

In the photo, there was a family of three.

It was none other than Dae Yue and his wife, with the little girl.

The family had been photographed in the park, very warm and joyful.

Neo was moved to look at it again.

“Dayue, how long has it been since you’ve been home?” Neo asked.

“Well, I haven’t seen them for about eight months, but I’ll have a holiday next month, so I’ll be able to go home and see them ……”

“That’s nice.” Said Neo, handing the photo to Dae Yue.

“Third young master, our whole family will always remember your great kindness ……”

Just as Dayue said this, his voice suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

Before Neo could understand, a strong smell of blood was abruptly detected in his nostrils!

At the same time, the helicopter began to shake in the air!

Neo was shocked and hurriedly looked towards Danyue.

When he looked, Neo’s eyes turned red. Danyue was lying on the pilot’s chair, his body was leaning back, his eyes were dazed, and blood was gurgling out of a gun in his neck.

The blood flowed down.

Down his arm, down his wrist, down to the picture still in his fingers on his slumped hand!

It flowed on his daughter’s face ……

For a moment, Neo’s heart was filled with grief!

He looked back and a Blackhawk helicopter, at some point, followed him.

A man flew the helicopter and a man carried a sniper bù qiāng.


Another shot came!

However, this shot missed and missed Neo.

“Why, why?!”

Neo seemed to have simply forgotten about the killer on the other side as he gently closed his eyes for Dayue, tears flowing out of his reddened eyes.

Danyue was dying because of himself!

His daughter and his wife were still expecting him home!

He was a month away from being reunited with his wife and daughter!

And now he was dead!

A minute ago, he was talking to himself and asking him to take care of himself!

Now he’s dead!


Why do good people never live long? Why do good people always get bullied!

Why do people who are good to them always have painful endings!

Neo’s angered eyes, looking again at the helicopter that had reached the front, looked at the man across the street and raised his gun with a fierce smile.

Neo looked up to the sky, stood up in anger and grabbed the yaoi in his hand!

In that instant!

With a wave of his hand, the yawning light came out of its sheath!

The sky and the earth were filled with light!


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