At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 243

“How dare you zào fǎn, you have been in my house for decades, taking the Lu family’s salary, eating the Lu family’s rice and enjoying the glory of the Lu family, how dare you say that you are not a servant of the Lu family!”

“Young Lu, you are wrong, although I, Xiong Si Guang, eat the rice of the Lu family, but I do not take the salary of the Lu family, and I do not intend to enjoy any glory, although I am willing to serve the Lu family until I die, but the Grand Master has never treated me as a servant, and I am not in an employment relationship, I just, like to stay here, I can consider myself as a member of the Lu family, but if I do not want to , and no one can force me to be a member of the Lu family!”

Xiong Lao gripped Lu Nan’s wrist so hard that his joints turned white from the force, he stared at Lu Nan and said word for word, “So, I’m telling you, in my heart, Neo he will always be my third young master, as long as I’m here, anyone who wants to touch him will have to go through me!”

Lu Nan then felt a huge pain in his wrist from the grip.

He hastily drew back his hand.

Glaring fiercely at Xiong Lao, “Good, Xiong Siguang, there you go, we’ll see!”

With that, he waved his hand and walked away with the two bodyguards.

“Elder Xiong.”

Neo looked at the tall, pale man in front of him, this was the elder he was most familiar with as a child, even more so than his grandfather.

Because grandpa was very busy, and mum and dad were always in the North Pole.

The eldest person who accompanied Neo the most was Old Man Xiong.

At this moment, when he saw Elder Xiong appear, Neo couldn’t help but want to cry.

“Third young master, don’t be afraid!” Although Xiong Lao said so, his voice couldn’t help but choke up a little, “Don’t worry, as long as I, Xiong Si Guang, am still alive, I will still visit you occasionally as a member of the Xiong family, you haven’t said goodbye to all the past, I will always be your Xiong Lao, and you will always be my third young master!”

Neo’s heart was flooded with many more emotions.

But looking at Xiong Lao, who was already white in the beard and beard, even though he was tall, he was aging day by day, he couldn’t help but feel sad again, “Xiong Lao, I’m so useless, I’ve grown up and I still need you to protect me ……”

Speaking here, Neo suddenly burst into real tears, “Yes, I’m too useless, I’ve never been a loser, I can only rely on others, never been able to protect others, never given real protection to others ……”

When he said this, who came to his mind?

“Third Young Master, you should not blame yourself.” Elder Xiong said, “I believe in you, Third Young Master, one day, you will become someone the world looks up to, this time leaving the family, Third Young Master, I hope you can work hard and try to become strong.”


Neo nodded heavily.

Yes, this time, how could it not be an opportunity?

“Let’s go, Third Young Master, it’s time to set off.” Elder Xiong took a deep breath and said.

Neo nodded and followed Elder Xiong.

Lu Tianzhi was also going to follow to see him off, but was stopped by Elder Xiong, “Young Master Tianzhi, you can’t send it off, if Lord Murong Zhuang sees it, it will also cause trouble.”

Since this was the case, Lu Tianzhi had no choice but to give up.

Neo left the room and followed behind Elder Xiong as he walked towards the airport on Tiandao.

At this moment, every tree and tree on the island, Neo felt infinite longing from his heart, yet he could only leave this sad farewell in his heart.

The airport was just ahead.

Neo took a deep breath, just go!

Zhou Yun, wasn’t he still ahead?

However, at this very moment, Elder Xiong who was walking in front of him suddenly turned his figure and turned into a tree lane next to him.

“Elder Xiong ……”

Neo froze, not knowing what Elder Xiong was up to, after all, the airport was just ahead and the path was a fork in the road.

“Third young master, don’t make a sound, just follow me.” Elder Xiong lowered his voice and said.

Neo saw that there was something strange inside, so he didn’t make a sound, let alone ask any questions, and just followed Elder Xiong.

The two of them walked for several minutes, one after the other, along the winding path, and finally, they came to an iron gate.

This iron gate was the door of a cave on a small mountain.

In front of the iron door were various vine plants surrounding it, so if one did not look closely, one still could not see this door.

Xiong Lao took out his key and carefully and quickly opened the iron door.

Then a cave leading into the mountain appeared in front of him.

Neo was curious and followed Elder Xiong inside.

Don’t look at the outside of the cave.

But the inside was cleanly decorated, with solid wood floors and rows of bookshelves built out of solid wood on both sides.

The floor is also covered with woolen carpets, and the cave is lit by straight lights with soft lighting.

It could be said that it was quite comfortable to live in.

Neo was getting curious, what was Elder Xiong doing here?

In between his thoughts, Elder Xiong had already brought him to another shelf.

On this shelf, there were two swords.

Both had scabbards.

One was light blue and one appeared to be light yellow.

“Third Young Master, these two swords, you choose one.” Elder Xiong said.

Neo did not know what Elder Xiong wanted, both swords looked good, and in the end Neo chose the light blue sword.

“Good, young master, from now on, this sword will be yours.”

Elder Xiong immediately took off the blue sword and handed it to Neo with both hands.

Neo froze for a moment, so Elder Xiong had brought himself here with the purpose of giving himself a sword?

“Elder Xiong, I’m leaving this time to go back to Wujiang City and live in the metropolis from now on, it’s useless to ask for a sword, besides, I don’t know how to sword either.”

“Third Young Master, giving you this sword is the Grand Master’s wish.” Elder Xiong said heavily.

“Ah, grandfather told you to give me this sword?” Neo was even more confused, what did grandfather give himself this sword for?

“Yes, Third Young Master.” An unspeakably heavy worry flashed in Elder Xiong’s gaze, “Third Young Master, I’m going to send you to the plane later, from the moment you board the plane and leave Heaven Island, you have to be careful.”

“What’s wrong?” Neo was even more confused.

“After your retreat from the clan meeting, Grand Master found me, he thinks that Murong Ruo Lan might make a move on you.” Elder Xiong said.


Neo was stunned again, laying hands on you, what this meant, he obviously understood it well.

“Murong Ruo Lan said at the end of your retreat ceremony, that from now on, your life and death, have nothing to do with the Lu family, the Grand Dang Clan felt that this sentence represented Murong Ruo Lan’s mind, because Murong Ruo Lan is also not a person who hides her heart, she is a somewhat impatient woman who can easily reveal her thoughts, so this sentence, in fact, reveals her mind that she wants to kill you .”

Elder Xiong said, “The Grand Master is very worried about this matter, but now the Lu family people really can’t protect you anymore, the Grand Master thinks that Murong Ruo Lan might send someone close to you to make a move on you, so he asked me to make sure that I give this sword to you to hold.”

When Neo heard this, he became a little anxious in his heart.

He was also a bit scared.

He really wasn’t afraid of death.

He was just, if he died, what would Zhou Yun do?

If he died, would there still be anyone in the world who cared about her as much as he did?

“This sword ……” Neo looked dumbly at the sword in his hand with a feeling of helplessness in his heart, “But I don’t know martial arts at all, what can a sword do… …”

“Third Young Master, this sword, it’s not an ordinary sword.”

Elder Xiong also saw Neo’s thoughts and said, “This sword in your hand, is called Yao Guang, and this light yellow sword, is called Xuan Gui. These two swords, are two sister swords passed down from the ancient times …… they, are spirit swords ……”

“Spirit swords?” Neo froze again, what is this?

“They are swords with aura.” Elder Xiong took a deep breath, “If it thinks you are its master, then it will protect you!”

With that, Elder Xiong suddenly knelt down and worshipped the yao light in Neo’s hand, “Lord Spiritual Sword is above, your Excellency has been in the world since the ancient times, and the immortals are in charge, now you live in a humble place, please forgive me, but, your Excellency has lived here for hundreds of years, the Lu family has cleaned this place year after year, carefully maintained it, with great courtesy, and has not been neglected, now the Lu family’s descendants are in great trouble, I hope your Excellency can bless me! Young master, Xiong Siguang, thank you!”

Neo watched in amazement as Elder Xiong got up after paying his respects.

Spiritual sword, there really is a spiritual sword in the world?

Neo looked at the sword in his hand, and at some point, it felt as if there was light on it.

He gently gripped the hilt of the sword and wanted to bá chū lái to see it.

“Third Young Master, you can’t draw the sword!” Elder Xiong said hurriedly, “The spirit sword must be drawn only when in distress, and if she recognises her master, she will even make a dragon’s roar and come out of her sheath on her own! Time is short now, let’s hurry!”


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