At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 242

For example, when I was a child, the Lu family and other families would also hold parties.

The adults would be talking together, and the children would be playing together next to them.

When some little girls from other families were playing nicely with Lu Tianzhi, Lu Nan would always go over and interfere, either by pulling Lu Tianzhi’s trousers down or pushing him into the pool.

In short, making Lu Tianzhi lose face in front of the little girls and being laughed at by the girls.

Perhaps it was because of this that Lu Tianzhi had always had an inferiority complex since childhood, feeling that he could not hold his head up in front of the girls, so after he grew up, in order to make up for or because of this knot in his heart, so this was why he wandered dàng nǚ, surrounded by beautiful girls and indulged in beauty.

In fact, many people are like this.

The things that they couldn’t get when they were young will always be wildly pursued and collected after they grow up, even though they can never go back to their childhood, but just to seek that once mood to comfort themselves now.

At this moment, seeing Lu Nan again, Lu Tianzhi could not help but feel a tremor in his body.

The shadow he had been raised with since he was a child had always made him a little fearful of Lu Nan.

“Murong family is an ancient noble family, and deserves our respect, not to mention lowering yourself to our Lu family to pick a son-in-law, how dare you insult the Murong family, now that the Murong Zhuang master is still a guest here, if I go over and tell her now, what do you think she will do?”

Lu Nan leisurely leaned on the door frame and said unhurriedly.

With a single word, Lu Tianzhi’s face changed and his heart was terrified.

Just now he was only in a moment of anger so he scolded the Murong family, his character was like this, without much heart.

Now that he saw Lu Nan, he was much calmer, and thinking about his words just now, he was naturally scared in his heart.

After all, Murong Ruo Lan’s ability and dominance was something that Lu Tianci had seen before.

If Lu Nan really went to snitch, it would be the end.

Seeing Lu Tianzhi’s scared soul at this moment, Lu Nan was even more pleased with himself.

It seemed like he was back to the time when he bullied Lu Tianzhi as a child.

“You won’t go and tell Murong Ruolan.”

Suddenly, Neo said.

This one sentence immediately made the smugness that had surfaced in Lu Nan disappear all of a sudden.

“Hehe, tell me instead why I won’t go and tell Lord Murong.” Lu Nan stared at Neo, and his gaze was extremely unkind.

“Because you are not stupid, you can also see that Murong Ruo Lan is a very irascible woman, and she still has hatred for your Lu family now because of me, if you tell her that Tian Chi is bad mouthing her behind her back, with her character, she will not only take Tian Chi is question, but she will also take out her anger on the entire Lu family, you are also a member of the Lu family, if the Lu family is not well off, you will not be well off either, so as long as you are smart enough, you will never go and tell on Murong Ruo Lan.” Neo said.

Behind him, when Lu Tianzhi heard these words from Neo, he let out a long breath of relief, “Third brother, you are still powerful!”

At this moment, a look of indignation surfaced on Lu Nan’s face, it was obvious that what was on his mind had been said by Neo.

For a long moment, Lu Nan did not speak, his face looking cloudy and uncertain.

“Hehe, Neo, you’re not too stupid.” Lu Nan laughed heatedly and scanned Neo, “But well, if it wasn’t for you blathering on about your Lu family, I almost forgot that you are now a family outcast, no longer a member of our Lu family, you are now an ordinary civilian.”

Neo turned around and didn’t argue with Lu Nan about anything.

The first was because he really didn’t want to waste time with Lu Nan on verbal arguments, the second he also knew that the way things were going, it was best for him not to provoke Lu Nan either, and the third he knew very well in his heart that the sooner he left the better in order not to burden the family.

“Yo, how unruly.” Lu Nan however remained unforgiving, his face sank as he stopped Neo, “Don’t you understand that when the young master of the Lu family speaks to a commoner, the commoner must listen obediently as a sign of respect, where are you a savage from? So ignorant of the rules?!”

At these words, the room was instantly, filled with a kind of tension.

Neo frowned slightly, sure enough, Lu Nan had come looking for him at this time, and he was coming from a bad place.

Lu Tianzhi was even more agitated, although he still had the fear of Lu Nan in his heart from his childhood, but at this time he could obviously see that Neo was now being bullied by a dog, and Lu Nan had come here on purpose to take revenge.

At this time, the status of the third brother is gone, but he still has a status!

When I was young, it was Third Brother who protected me, now it was time for me to protect Third Brother!

“Lu Nan, what do you want! This is Third Brother’s room, get out!” Lu Tianzhi was in a hurry and immediately rushed up, glaring angrily at Lu Nan.


Lu Nan raised her hand and smashed a slap directly onto Lu Tianzhi’s face.

This slap was hard and direct enough, and Lu Tianzhi’s eyes were in tears as he was smashed, and he was also instantly dumbfounded.

“Oh, you’ve really been hanging out with this guy for too long, you’re no longer big or small either, is Lu Nan what you call it? I am your cousin, do you know the rules?”

Lu Nan pointed at Neo again and laughed heatedly, “Also, this guy has already been expelled from the family, and you’re still calling him Third Brother in one breath, calling a commoner Brother, you’re really f*cking disgraceful to our old Lu family!”

Saying that, Lu Nan kicked Lu Tianzhi in the waist again, “Look at you, no respect for your brother, kneeling to outsiders, typical of turning your elbow to the outside, as your family cousin, I think I need to teach you the rules, lest you be ridiculed in the future!”


Lu Tianzhi’s heart was furious to the extreme, but at this moment, there really wasn’t anything wrong with what Lu Nan said.

One should know that as a large family, the Lu family naturally had family rules and such.

The youngest was inferior, the eldest was superior, this was the almost default rule for every family.

Compared to status, Lu Nan was naturally quite a bit higher than Lu Tianzhi.

“I know you are coming for me, what do you want, tell me now.” Neo blocked in front of Lu Tianzhi and calmly looked at Lu Nan, “Don’t move Tianzhi.”


Lu Nan raised her hand directly and slapped Neo’s face fiercely, “How are you talking to me? I don’t like your tone of voice.”

“I’ll f*ck the house rules! Lu Nan, I’m going to fight you!” Lu Tianzhi jumped up and rushed towards Lu Nan.

Who cares about the order of elders, how could he watch when his third brother was being beaten up in front of him?


The door was suddenly slammed open again and two men in black barged in, directly holding Lu Tianzhi down with one left and one right.

“Keep this kid honest!” Lu Nan barked at the two men in black.

Neo was even more frowning in his heart, these two men in black were obviously Lu Nan’s personal bodyguards, when Lu Nan came, the bodyguards had brought them, so it was clear that they had planned long ago to find trouble.

Lu Tianzhi was also shocked in his heart, to say that he had bodyguards, he naturally also had them.

It was just that, on this Heavenly Island, which was originally the most central place of the Lu Family, and could also be said to be the safest place in the world, who would have nothing to do with bringing bodyguards around?

Therefore, Lu Tianzhi’s bodyguards were all resting in the wài wéi’s rooms in the manor.

Now, it seemed that Lu Nan had planned this a long time ago.

“What do I want?”

Watching his bodyguards zhì fú Lu Tianzhi, Lu Nan then looked at Neo, “Oh, I want you to crawl through my crotch!”

With that, Lu Nan stood up to the doorway and spread her legs apart, looking at Neo with a look of great revenge.

“Why?” Neo looked at Lu Nan.

“Why? Oh, Neo, remember when we were kids at the family party, one time when I was playing with the girls from the other families, you took out a pair of trousers that you had wet with water and insisted that I had wet the bed, and I ended up being laughed at by those girls! Oh, and another time you tricked me into crawling under a tree saying it would be good luck, only to have Lu Tianzhi standing on the tree with his legs crossed, and I was the equivalent of crawling through Lu Tianzhi’s crotch!” Lu Nan heatedly and coldly laughed as he looked at Neo, “You have been bullying me since I was a child because of your higher status than me, you are the direct young master of the family and have been suppressing me at every turn, I just never thought that you would have your day, hehehe, now, it’s your turn to crawl through my crotch!”

“You still have the f*cking face to say that!”

Although Lu Tianzhi was zhì fú by the two bodyguards, he could still speak, “Do you know why Third Brother fixed you! It’s because you bullied me! I was bullied by you when I was a kid, you pulled my trousers down in front of those girls, and even pushed me into the pond and used snakes to scare me, I had nightmares every day when I was little, I was too scared to sleep at night, and those girls also laughed at me because I was teased by you, I was scared all day long, and when I told the adults, they didn’t care because they thought it was just child’s play, at that time I even wanted to I even wanted to die! You were the devil incarnate in my heart!”

Lu Tianzhi’s eyes were red, “Luckily, Third Brother comforted me and helped me, so that I could stop being afraid of you, and that’s why he tricked you, just so that he could show me that you could also be afraid and that you could also cry!”

“If it wasn’t for Third Brother, I would never be where I am today, and I would probably be the only one of the Lu family’s children who is mentally ill!”

“Tianzhi is right, think of all the things you did to him back then.” Neo said as he looked at Lu Nan.

Lu Nan was speechless as he was spoken to, his mouth open.

This was followed by a cold laugh.

“Oh, a trash like Lu Tianzhi, so what if I bully him? This guy has been no good since he was a kid, and now that he’s grown up, he’s still no good, what else can he do but spend the family’s money on spending money and drinking outside? I also heard that this guy beat up Ye Wushuang and Jin Deshan, this waste of a man, unable to do his proper job, can only cause trouble for the family!”

Lu Nan finished and stared at Neo, “After Lu Tianzhi, there’s you, you’re also a waste, just like Lu Tianzhi, apart from your illustrious full-blood status, you don’t look like a full-blooded son at all! Look at you, you went to a rubbish Jinling University, you hang around all day, you don’t have a career of your own, the family has given you so many resources, you look just like a hangman! I’m much better than you, yet because of my status, I’ve always been under your thumb, and since I was a kid, the best teachers and the best things have always come to you first! I always had to follow behind you at family gatherings to meet the elders, so why should you stand in front of me? Now it’s a good thing that God has opened his eyes and kicked you out of the house!”

“Today, if you don’t crawl through here, you won’t be able to leave!” Lu Nan sneered and looked at Neo, “Don’t forget, you are now, no longer a member of the Lu family!”

Neo’s gaze suddenly contracted.

Yes, he was now a commoner, while Lu Nan was a son of the Lu family.

Now the status between himself and Lu Nan could be said to be a hundred thousand miles apart.

“Third brother, don’t!”

Lu Tianzhi’s neck was tense, but he could not move because he was zhì fú by two bodyguards.

“Oh, you continue to hesitate, only delaying the time, Murong Zhuangmai will also be angry, she has already said that she will only give you an hour to leave Tiandao.” Lu Nan sneered, with a few more moments of smugness.

Neo lowered his head and his gaze flickered.

For a moment, he didn’t know how to hesitate!

If you don’t crawl and delay, with Murong Ruo Lan’s character, if you don’t do as she says, that woman will definitely be furious.

Crawl ……

Crawl through Lu Nan’s crotch?


But is there any less humiliation that one has suffered?

The fact is that the woman’s crotch is not the same as her crotch.

Just at this moment, another person suddenly walked in.

“Young Master Nan, what are you doing here?”

The person who came was in his sixties, with a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist, and was no other than Elder Xiong.

Old Xiong’s gaze flickered as he looked at Lu Nan, and then at Neo and Lu Tianzhi.

Without anyone having to tell him, Elder Xiong had almost guessed what was going on.

After all, he was also someone who had watched the Lu Family’s Tian Zi generation grow up, and actually had a rough idea of how each of the Lu Family’s children were in his heart.

“What are you doing here?!” When Lu Nan saw Elder Xiong, he couldn’t help but frown.

“I’ve come to tell San …… to tell Neo to board the plane and prepare to leave.” Elder Xiong looked at Lu Nan, his voice low, and said, “Although Neo is not a son of the Lu family now, but since he is on the Sky Island, he is a guest of our Lu family, Young Master Nan, please do not make things difficult for him!”

“It’s none of your business!”

Lu Nan glared at Elder Xiong, “You can leave now!”

“Young Master Nan ……” Elder Xiong took a deep breath.

“I f*cking told you to leave, did you hear me! That’s an order!” Lu Nan’s anger swelled, “I know you’ve always been nice to this guy, but today I’m going to teach him a good lesson to quench my hatred! You get the f*ck out of my way! Even if you don’t get the f*ck out of my way, what do I have to fear! I, Lu Nan, can’t f*ck a civilian!”

With that, Lu Nan didn’t even say anything, and swung his fist directly at Neo.

However, he suddenly felt a tightening of his wrist, and was grabbed by someone!

It was Elder Xiong!

“Xiong Si Guang!” Now, Lu Nan really exploded, glaring at Xiong Lao with a vengeance, “You’re really revolting, how dare you stop me! Lord Murong has said that no one from the Lu family is allowed to help him, you, a servant of the Lu family, dare to try to defy the law with your own body, you want to f*cking die!”

“Young Lu.” Xiong Lao, at this moment, did not let go, still holding Lu Nan’s hand tightly, but his address to Lu Nan had changed, his gaze unafraid to meet Lu Nan’s gaze, “Sorry, at this moment, I am not a member of the Lu family, I am, a member of the Xiong family!”


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