At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 241

“Murong Hong?”

Lu Beique was stunned, “Second Miss Murong?”

“Not bad.” Murong Ruo Lan still had that indefinable expression on her face as she said, “Murong Hong is my second sister, of course, to be precise, she was once my second sister.”

“She was expelled from our Murong family, you should know this matter.” Murong Ruolan said.

Lu Beique nodded, he naturally knew about this matter as well.

After all, back then, this matter was still quite a sensation in the gentry circle.

“My second sister had fallen in love with someone outside the five gates and had an affair with that person, so the family, in a fit of rage, drove her out of the family with the highest level of withdrawal ceremony!”

Murong Ruo Lan’s voice was tinged with some indefinable sorrow, then she sneered and said, “Oh, my second sister was expelled from the clan just like that, while your grandson, after being chosen by me, openly rejected me, and even went so far as to take the initiative to expel himself from the clan in order to reject me, what he did was worse than Murong Hong ever did, if so, why should I not let him expel himself from the clan in the The most high-level way to withdraw from the clan!”

Lu Beique was rendered speechless.

At this moment, he also knew Murong Ruo Lan’s attitude, and knew that there was no point in talking further.

He left Murong Ruolan’s guest room and went out the door.

Lu Beique also let out a long sigh, and his old tears flowed.

The following day, Sky Island.

Several hundred people stood solemnly in the large square of the Lu family’s manor garden.

The sons of the Lu family, more than a hundred in number, stood to one side.

The elders, including Lu Beike, stood at the front.

Some of the other servants and guests of the Lu family, beating body guards and the like, stood wài wéi.

Murong Hong stood at the highest place, looking at the field with cold eyes, and in the end, her attention, all of it, was focused on a youth with a slim figure in the field.

It was none other than Neo.

At this moment, Neo walked in from outside with a slow gait and a calm face.

When he entered.

Everyone’s eyes, all at once, were placed on him.

In the sight of everyone, Neo took one step at a time and first came in front of Lu Bei Ke.

First, he kowtowed to Lu Beique.

Then he kowtowed to the other elders in turn.

There were many elders in the Lu family, and the kowtowing ceremony alone took more than an hour.

After all, the ritual of kowtowing was also very tedious.

This step was the farewell of the retreating clan.

No one spoke during this process.

Neo also just kowtowed and didn’t say a word.

The whole square, with several hundred people, was solemn, with only the occasional chirping of seagulls in the distance.

After kowtowing, Neo went back to Lu Bei Ke and knelt down again.

Lu Beique sank his emotions, took a deep breath and looked at Murong Ruolan.

Even at this moment, Lu Beique’s heart was hoping that Murong Ruo Lan would change her mind or back off a little.

However, Murong Ruolan only looked at him with a cold face.

Lu Beique knew that it was impossible.

He suppressed his grief and said in a loud voice, “I, Lu Bei Ke, the 33rd generation ruler of the Lu Family, hereby announce that from today onwards, Neo, the grandson of the Heavenly Character, is no longer a descendant of the Lu Family, no longer has the inheritance rights and wealth of the Lu Family, no longer has the reputation and prestige of the Lu Family, no longer has any rights of the Lu Family, and from today onwards, he is no longer allowed to set foot within the boundaries of the Lu Family. and shall not associate with the people of the Lu family ……”

Lu Beique said many, many things.

All of them were the rights that Neo was deprived of.

At the end of his words, some of the female elders present, some had their eyes moistened.

In the Tian Zi generation, there were also many people with teary eyes.

Even wài wéi those Zhuanggu servants, they all had their heads bowed and their eyes red.

Yes, after so many years, this was the first time someone had been driven out of the Lu family.

Finally, Lu Bei Ke finished.

“Very good!”

Murong Lanruo was obviously satisfied, and at this time, standing on high, looking at the crowd of people with cold eyes, he said, “Everyone and everyone has heard what Pawn Master Lu just said! From today onwards, Neo is no longer a member of the Lu family! Everyone must recognise this clearly! From now on, Neo’s life or death has nothing to do with the Lu family! Nor shall the people of the Lu Family use any motive as an excuse to protect him!”

When Lu Bei Ke heard Murong Lanruo’s words, he could not help but frown, and in his gaze, there was a glint of worry.

And Neo, at this moment, also got up and walked towards the door.

Because, from now on, he was officially not a member of the Lu family anymore.

“Ah Neo.”

At the door, a voice suddenly called out to him.

Neo froze and looked back.

There were two youths standing in front of him.

At once, Neo almost couldn’t help but shed tears, these two, were his two own brothers, his elder brother Lu Cang and his second brother Lu Ling.

Neo did not say anything, just looked at them.

Because if it was to the old days, Neo naturally long ago, big brother and second brother called hug up.

However, at this time, he was no longer a member of the Lu family, so he could not call them brothers, but only their names.

However, how could Neo call his elder brother Lu Cang and his second brother Lu Ling?

Can not call out ah!

At this point, naturally, one cannot embrace either.

The ceremony for the withdrawal of the clan had already said that Neo could not have any contact with the Lu family.

Lu Cang and Lu Ling certainly understood all this.

The two men looked at this younger brother in front of them.

How long had it been since the three of them had seen each other?

I thought there would surely be a pleasant reunion, but who knew that it would be like this.

“Don’t worry, we will take good care of mum and dad.” Lu Cang finally said.

Neo’s eyes brushed down with tears.

As the saying goes, you don’t shed tears until it hurts.

Once he mentioned his mum and dad, Neo really cried.

How many years had it been since he had seen his mum and dad?

Neo couldn’t remember, it seems that he had only seen his mum and dad once when he was very young.

Neo really missed them.

However, after so many years of not seeing them, this time, he could never see them again, never serve them again!

“Mom and dad are still in the North Pole, they have something they can’t come back, otherwise ……” Lu Ling choked out.

Neo nodded his head, he knew that mum and dad were at the North Pole.

Always at the North Pole.

The whole year, the whole year, at the North Pole.

But Neo didn’t know what his mum and dad did at the North Pole, research? Archaeology?

Neo didn’t know.

But he knew that his mother and father must be doing a very important job, otherwise they wouldn’t have come back even after his son had retired from the clan.

“Take care.”

These were Neo’s last words.

After saying that, Neo left the square without looking back.

Neo went back to his room, he was packing his things, he was leaving Heaven Island, leaving the Lu family.

Because, he was no longer a member of the Lu family!

At this moment, Neo had an indefinable confusion in his heart, yes, from now on, who was he?

Yes, he was Zhou Yun’s boyfriend!

When he thought of Zhou Yun, a light suddenly came on in Neo’s heart.

According to Master Kurenai’s prophecy, now that he had given up on his family, he should soon meet Zhou Yun!

Just then, suddenly, a man rushed into the house, in a blaze of glory.

As soon as this person entered, he threw his arms around Neo’s shoulders and burst into tears!

“Third Brother! Wooooooo!”

“Tian Chi?”

The person who entered was none other than Lu Tianzhi.

“Third brother, how could this happen?!” Lu Tianzhi hugged Neo and bawled, “I don’t want you to go, Third Brother! In this family, the person I respect the most is you, the person I admire the most is also you, the person who looks up to me the most is also you, you can’t leave, Third Brother!”

“Don’t call me third brother.” Neo was also in pain in his heart, but he was also a bit anxious, “If Murong Ruolan hears you, it will be over, he will take it out on you.”

“Fuck Murong Ruo Lan!”

Lu Tianzhi cursed, “Who is she to bully our old Lu family! Also, Third Brother, I know you rejected her because you love your sister-in-law, but why does she look so much like her, is she also a member of the Murong family? If that’s the case, then why should she steal a man from her sister-in-law! You are originally the man of the Murong family woman, she can’t steal yours! I’ll stir this up, and you won’t have to leave the family!”

“No, Tian Chi, you don’t understand, although Zhou Yun is a member of the Murong family, however, her mother, was once expelled by the Murong family as well, so Zhou Yun is not considered a member of the Murong family either, if this matter is known to Murong Ruo Lan, maybe Zhou Yun will still be in trouble from now on, so, the Murong family must not be allowed to know about Zhou Yun’s existence ah.” Neo hurriedly said.

In fact, it was because he had this concern that he did not dare to speak to Murong Ruolan about Zhou Yun.

“Damn pussy! There really isn’t a single good thing about the Murong family!”

Now, Lu Tianzhi was really cursing.

Originally, he thought that Zhou Yun was a member of the Murong family, so although he had just scolded Murong Ruolan, he did not scold the Murong family either.

But now, once he heard that Zhou Yun’s mother was also expelled by the Murong family, Lu Tianci still had no qualms at all!

He directly scolded the entire Murong family!

“Tianzhi, don’t say ……”

Neo’s heart twitched, if this reached Murong Lanruo’s ears, it would be the end.

“Oh, Tian Chi, you’re capable now, even the Murong family you don’t put in your eyes, tsk, I really can’t see it, back then you even kneeled down in front of me and begged for forgiveness.”

However, just at this time, at the door, another voice suddenly came from the doorway.

Neo hurriedly looked towards the door.

At the door, a young man came at some point, in his twenties, about the same age as himself, with a round face, wearing a custom-made Armani suit, a pair of thin-rimmed glasses and a Rolex watch on his wrist.

A posh young master’s pose.

“Lu Nan?”

Neo couldn’t help but frown.

This youth, no other than the son of the second uncle’s family, and his own cousin, Lu Nan.

Lu Nan, being the only son of the second uncle, was still quite rare.

After all, like this kind of magnate family, all will have more than one, for example, Neo is three brothers, third uncle and fourth uncle ……

There are several sons in the family.

But it is also because of this that Lu Nan was extremely spoiled by the second uncle and his wife.

For Lu Nan, Neo’s heart really doesn’t have any too good impression.

This guy, from his childhood, was selfish and loved to bully people, especially Lu Tianci.


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