At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 240

Yes, there was a real pleasure inside Murong Ruo Lan that she was ashamed to admit to herself when she was hugged.

Why was it like that?

She could not figure it out.

After all, in Murong Ruo Lan’s own opinion, if there was any strange man who dared to embrace himself in an audacious manner, she would not even be able to vent her hatred by killing him.

However, when Murong Ruo Lan was hugged by Neo, although she was outwardly abhorred, there was a bit of panic in her heart.

That panic was not panic and fear.

Rather, it was a kind of, what one might call, fondness.

Yes, it had been more than forty years, and she had gone from being a young girl of fourteen or fifteen, to a middle-aged woman now.

In these decades, she had never tasted love.

Nor had she ever been touched so intimately by a man.

Was it that no one had ever courted?

Of course not. In the past, the Murong family’s Second Miss and Fourth Miss were the top ladies in the martial arts family, and there were countless suitors like carp in the river.

However, Murong Ruolan just couldn’t see them.

It’s not that she couldn’t see them, it’s just that she didn’t feel anything when she looked at the sons and daughters of the families who came to her door to propose marriage.

In this way, she has been lonely as snow, with a lonely shadow accompanying a long lamp.

There were even rumours that Murong Ruo Lan was born a stone girl, cold in nature and liked women.

Whenever these rumours reached Murong Ruolan’s ears, Murong Ruolan would tremble with anger.

After all, she herself knew very well that she liked men!

She even felt that she liked men more than other women!

Yet like was like, if no man who could make her heart beat faster appeared, she would rather be alone.

No one understands this truth better than Murong Ruolan.

However, on the Green Snake Mountain, she was hugged tightly from behind by Neo.

In that moment, Murong Ruo Lan really felt like she couldn’t breathe, the warmth and smell of the male body and the feeling of “I’ll never let go of you if I hold you” almost made her body go soft.

It was a kind of aggressive love that gave people a feeling that I would take care of you and protect you for the rest of your life.

It was only on that occasion that Murong Ruolan realised that being held by a man from behind was so comfortable, and that being a woman felt so happy!

That was the first time she felt that surging love of a man.

Of course, although her heart was moved, Murong Ruolan was after all a young lady from a luxurious family, so naturally she had to scold the man who was holding her, and continued to do so until she got into the car.

When they arrived at the Lu family’s Sky Island.

Murong Ruolan’s mind would still recall that incident on the Green Snake Mountain.

When she thought of that incident, a sad feeling came over Murong Ruo Lan’s heart.

Yes, she had been single for more than forty years, and she no longer had any expectations for the relationship between men and women.

After all, since Murong Ruo Lan had no more expectations for relationships between men and women, it didn’t matter anymore. Since it didn’t matter anymore, what did it matter if she married any of the sons of a low-class family like the Lu family?

It wasn’t like she was going to get emotionally involved anyway.

However, how could she have ever imagined that it would be at this time, after leaving the Murong family and coming to Wujiang, that she would meet someone who could move her heart?

Therefore, at the time of Tiandao, Murong Ruolan’s heart was sad and melancholy.

Because, she knew that she would never meet that man on Green Snake Mountain again.

She herself would also bring a child of the Lu family back to the Murong family, and would never appear outside again either.

However, Murong Ruo Lan could not have imagined that she would run into that youth from the Green Snake Mountain again in the hall of the Lu Family.

Therefore, at that moment when she saw Neo, although Murong Ruo Lan’s face did not show any difference, and although Murong Ruo Lan herself would not admit it, her heart, at that moment, was jumping.

That feeling was as if she had suddenly returned to the heart of a young girl’s boudoir at the age of fifteen or sixteen, a young girl’s heart at that time, so pure and so passionate, seeing a man whose heart throbs, and thinking of a lifetime.

In that moment, Murong Ruo Lan, only four words came to mind, “Hades”.

There was no doubt that her choice of Neo, that was already predestined.

Although she did not look happy when she pulled Neo onto the stage, her heart was joyful at that time.

She was also looking forward to it.

At that time, her mind had already thought of the outcome of the marriage.

Yes, she was in love, and he was also interested.

If he had no intention, why did he treat me so abruptly on the Green Snake Mountain?

That hug, Murong Ruolan would never forget, because in that hug, she felt that volcanic burst of emotion!

However, Murong Ruolan never imagined that Neo would say no!

And in the end, Neo would choose to withdraw from the clan!

And in the end, Neo chose to withdraw from the clan just to not be her husband!

For a woman, what could be more traumatic than this!

What could be more traumatic for a woman than this? What could be more devastating than this?

What could be more humiliating than this?

How much to look forward to, how much to lose.

How much one wants to love, how much one wants to hate!

The moment Murong Ruolan heard that Neo wanted to withdraw from the clan, she really hated it.

She couldn’t figure it out either.

Really couldn’t figure it out.

This guy, why did he embrace me so passionately on the Green Snake Mountain, as if I was what he had been waiting for all his life, and, it was that same burning feeling that instantly melted Murong Ruo Lan’s decades-old frozen heart.

Because that feeling of love was just too hot, too passionate.

Yet, why was he so cold and heartless in the hall, as if his life would be ruined if he married me, Murong Ruolan?

She really couldn’t figure out why there was such a huge gap between Neo and his wife.

If she couldn’t figure it out, she didn’t want to think about it!

Murong Ruolan withdrew her thoughts and her gaze was as cold as the cold light outside the window.

At this moment, suddenly, on the door, there was a knocking sound.

“Master Murong, Lu Beiq is here to see you.” Outside the door, came a pale old voice.

Murong Ruo Lan let out a cold laugh in her heart, at this time of the day, what Lu Bei Ke was doing here, she didn’t need to think about it to know.

“Come in.”

Murong Ruolan said.

Although she had let Lu Beique in, Murong Ruolan knew that her position would never change.

Lu Beique looked much older than before.

“Dangjia Lu.” Murong Ruolan said lightly, “I was also a little rude in the hall today, so here’s an apology for you.”

Of course, Murong Ruo Lan’s words were only polite.

“There is no need for Murong Zhuangmai to be like that.” Lu Beique’s voice with a few hoarse, “I’ll get right to the point, I’m disturbing Murong Zhuangzhuangzhu at this late hour, I just hope ……”

The first time I heard this, Murong Ruolan let out a cold laugh in his heart, thinking huh really guessed right.

It’s come to beg for mercy.

“Lu Dangjia need not say further, there is no room for negotiation in this matter!” The grandson of yours, who despised me so much, was not expelled from the Lu family, and he was given the opportunity to voluntarily give up the family, which is already giving him face.

“Master Murong, you have misunderstood.” Lu Bei Ke let out a bitter smile, “Now that things have come to this point, I can’t influence the matter of Neo’s renunciation of the clan, I’m only here to discuss with you what rank Neo’s son will renounce the clan at the renunciation ceremony tomorrow, according to my idea, let Neo’s son give up all the Lu family inheritance and wealth that originally belonged to him, do you think it’s okay?”


Hearing this, Murong Ruo Lan laughed coldly again and stared at Lu Bei Ke, “I say, Master Lu, you really are here to plead for your grandson, giving up the inheritance and wealth to withdraw from the clan is too light. Since it was Neo who chose to withdraw from the clan, let’s do it according to the highest ranking way!”

When Lu Bei Ke heard this, he could not help but feel another tremor in his body, and his eyes looked at his heart with grief again.

Yes, in the great families of the gentry, withdrawing from the clan was, in fact, not a rare phenomenon.

There are those who withdraw voluntarily, and those who are forced to do so for one reason or another.

And there are several levels of withdrawal.

The most minor withdrawal is the removal of the right of succession, and even the enjoyment of the family’s wealth and protection.

A more serious withdrawal is the renunciation of inheritance and wealth.

A more serious one is to lose even more.

In the most severe case, the withdrawal is not only the renunciation of all power and wealth, but also the prohibition of receiving any help from the family for the rest of one’s life, or even contact with anyone in the family.

In other words, it is equivalent to being completely blacked out!

Therefore, this time, Lu Bei Ke, came to find Murong Ruo Lan, actually came to discuss the level of Neo’s withdrawal from the clan.

After all, the nail was already in the coffin.

At this time, Lu Beique only wished to make Neo’s withdrawal from the clan a little slighter.

No longer enjoying the inheritance and wealth, but, at least, the family could visit him occasionally to help help him.

However, Murong Ruo Lan said the most complete renunciation of the clan.

That would mean that after tomorrow’s ceremony, Neo would no longer have a single relationship with the Lu family from then on, and could never have any dealings with them again.

“Lord Murong Zhuang, the highest ranking retreat from the clan, this, isn’t this a little too cruel.” The most important thing is that you can’t be too cruel. ……”

“That’s enough!”

Murong Ruo Lan suddenly let out a stern shout and drank Lu Bei Ke, her face, suddenly became a kind of indescribably terrible, as if she was recalling something unbearable to look back on, “Master Lu, do you know this person Murong Hong!”


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