At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 239

Hearing Neo’s words, Murong Ruo Lan even stopped in her tracks.

It seemed like she kinda wanted to hear what Neo said.

Only, a cold smile also surfaced at the corner of Murong Ruolan’s mouth, “Hehe.”

With that expression, it was clear that even if Neo did not open her mouth, she had guessed what Neo was going to say.

Thinking of this, a kind of smug smile also appeared in Murong Ruolan’s gaze.

A child of a lowly family, you have to do whatever I want you to do, what kind of ability do you have to disobey me?

I asked you to marry me, that is a bargain for you, and you are still pushing back.

When you return to the Murong family with me in the future, I will make you look good.


Lu Bei Ke saw Neo speak, and he had obviously guessed what Neo was thinking.

His gaze remained steadfast, his gaze revealed a kind of parental love for his offspring, “It’s alright, since you don’t want to, Neo’er, forget it, with grandpa around, our Lu family, we don’t fear any family!”

“Oh, I’d like to see what he wants to say.” Murong Ruolan, however, looked smug and looked at Neo.

Murong Ruo Lan didn’t even need to think about it, she knew that Neo must have given in to softness.


Neo respectfully re-kneeled to Lu Bei Ke, and then, full of reverence, respectfully, kowtowed four times to Lu Bei Ke.

“Neo’er, you ……”

Lu Bei Ke was momentarily taken aback when he saw Neo do so.

He had thought that Neo was going to promise Murong Ruolan, but he never expected that Neo would suddenly kowtow to himself.

What is this?

During these four kowtows, Neo’s heart felt as if a dull knife was cutting into his flesh, each time he kowtowed, it was as if a knife was cutting away his heart room.

When the fourth kowtow was over, Neo felt that something had completely left his body.

It was a painful break.

“Grandfather, the unworthy grandson, Neo, from now on today, voluntarily withdraws from the Lu family, from now on, Neo is no longer a member of the Lu family and no longer has any relationship with the Lu family!”

Neo said this and kowtowed a few more times.

Then he stood up.

This time, the crowd was even more all frozen.

“Neo’er, you, why are you doing this!” Lu Bei Ke grabbed Neo with one hand.

“Master …… Lu, senior Lu, please let go.”

Neo said with difficulty, first gently pushing away Lu Bei Ke.

He came in front of Murong Ruolan.

At this moment, Murong Ruolan’s face was no less surprised than the others present.

How could she have imagined that Neo was going to quit the Lu family!

Just now when I saw Neo speak, I thought that Neo was deterred by the intimidation of the Murong family and had succumbed.

Unexpectedly, it was such a shock to herself.


For a moment, Murong Ruolan did not expect Neo to be like this, and did not know what to say.

“Lord Murong Zhuang, you said before that the reason why you wanted to marry the descendants of the Lu family by marriage was because of the status of the descendants of the Lu family and for the relationship between the two families, but now you can see that I am no longer a member of the Lu family, and from now on, I am just an ordinary rootless and homeless prodigal son.”

“I think that you, Master Murong, would not want to marry such a person either, after all, for your family, such a person is of no use at all.”

Neo smiled faintly as he spoke, yet God knew how bitter behind this smile of his was.

He smiled, not really wanting to smile, he was just sneering, sneering at Murong Ruo Lan, or sneering at the heaven above his head for composing this dog’s blood like script?


Murong Ruolan was really going to be so angry that she was going to vomit blood!

She really couldn’t help it.

Yes, now that Neo had withdrawn from the Lu family, she was no longer a member of the Lu family, and marrying Neo would not play any role in the marriage!

Besides, she couldn’t blame the Lu family anymore.

There was no reason to do so!

After all, the Lu family had done nothing wrong, and it was Neo’s own will to withdraw.

But Neo was not at fault either, he only withdrew from his own family, what did the Murong family have to do with it?

Even if the Murong family is domineering, they can’t just kill people for no reason!

This is a poisonous move!

The poisonous Murong Ruo Lan’s stomach was full of anger, but she was unable to flare up.

There was a feeling of being hard and suffocated, unable to vent.

“Good, you are powerful!”

Murong Ruo Lan was so angry that she suddenly let out another cold laugh, “However, since you want to quit the clan, then make it official, tomorrow, I want you to hold a retreat ceremony in front of everyone, and from then on you quit the Lu family!”

After saying that, Murong Ruo Lan, turned around and left the hall.


Lu Bei Ke came up again, just about to speak.

“Elder Lu, I have already decided.” Neo didn’t dare to look at his grandfather’s face and said with his head lowered, “This is the only way to save your Lu family, I’m tired, after the retreat ceremony tomorrow, I’ll leave.”

Saying that, Neo didn’t dare to look at anyone, lowering his head, he also left in a hurry.

Lu Bei Ke looked at Neo’s back and could not help but cry old tears.

At this moment, his heart was also much quieter, thinking of his bold words to Murong Ruo Lan just now, he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared in his heart, yes, just now was really close ah.

If Murong Ruo Lan really left in a fit of anger and went back to the Murong family with anger.

Then the Lu family would really have been dà má annoyed.

It was also fortunate that Neo’er was going to quit the Lu family just now, which defused this crisis.

However, thinking of Neo making such a big sacrifice for the family, how much more painful was Lu Bei Ke’s heart?

It is night on the island of Heaven.

It was a full moon tonight, the moonlight was as bright as a silver plate, the moonlight was blue and sparkling, the moonlight enveloped the island, as if it was a kind of worldly and tranquil peachland.

Such a beautiful scene.

But no one on the whole island had the heart to appreciate it.

Tonight, everyone was destined to be preoccupied.

“How dare the vertical son do so!”

In the room, Murong Ruolan slapped her palm on the dressing table, and the bottles and jars of dior, ski and so on on the dressing table suddenly jumped up and down like dancing.

At this moment, a few hours had passed since the incident in the hall, but Murong Ruolan’s mood still had not calmed down.

“Zhuangzhu, why are you so angry?”

A young maiden beside her, hurriedly persuaded, “That boy you just said is the impudent fellow who molested you on the Green Snake Mountain, don’t you hate him so much, why do you have to choose him as your husband again? Why do you have to choose him as your husband? In our eyes, the Lu family is nothing but a pig and a dog anyway.

“I, I’m going to choose him!” Murong Lanruo said in an annoyed voice.

“Why?” The young girl looked at Murong Lanruo, “Master, you, you don’t like him?”

“How is that possible!”

Murong Ruo Lan instantly had an angry face, “I, I just hate that guy when I see him, he was so rude to me on the Green Snake Mountain, that’s why I want him to be my husband, come back to the Murong family with me, and then teach him a good lesson every day to relieve my hatred!”

“So that’s how it is.” The young lady smiled, “I thought you liked him, but he’s out of the clan now, so you’ll have to consider someone else, but then again, tomorrow’s retreat ceremony should be quite nice.”

“Well, you go and rest first.”

Murong Ruo Lan waved her hand and the young girl walked away.

Murong Ruolan sat at the window and looked out.

This room of hers was particularly nice, it was the guest room at the top of the Lu family, and it overlooked the whole island, as well as the sea beyond it.

After all, Murong Ruo Lan’s status was here, and she definitely had to have the best room.

At this moment, Murong Ranruo was sitting at the window, and outside the window, the bright moonlight, spilling over the entire sea island.

It was beautiful, truly beautiful.

However, Murong Lanruo’s face showed a bit of despondency.

She gently lifted her hand and gazed at her palm.

Her palms were beautiful, her fingers long and strong, with a strength and a woman’s softness.

She gently strokes the back of her hand.

A few moments of loneliness and self-pity showed on her face.

“Why, why do I, Murong Ruolan, remain single?” Murong Ruo Lan said lonelyly, “I am so beautiful looking, why did the heavens have to be so cruel and let me be single until now? Who is to blame?”

Blame who?

Murong Ruo Lan has no answer either.

Blame yourself.

Blame herself for being too discerning and never seeing another man?

But Murong Lanruo also knew that her own vision was not too high.

She just wanted to find a man she could look at, and she didn’t even require much from him in terms of his family background.

As long as he looks good to me, that’s all that matters.

But despite this, why is she still single?


Somehow, Murong Ruolan thought of Neo again.

Why should one pick him?

Murong Ruoran couldn’t help but frown, yes, she hadn’t intended to pick the right one when she came this time, she had only come with a mission.

He had only come to join with the Lu family and pick a random person to complete the task.

But why did he have to pick that guy?

Was it really for revenge?

Murong Ruolan didn’t know.

She couldn’t help but wrap her arms around and hug her waist herself.

Then, she couldn’t help but shudder and tremble all over her body.

It was as if she was being held by a man around her waist.

She suddenly remembered, yes, yes, when she was on Green Snake Mountain, that Neo, that was how he suddenly hugged her waist!

Although Murong Lanruo returned to the car later, she was still indignant.

However, she knew that at that moment, at that time, her heart, however, had a few moments of enjoyment.


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