At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 238

When Neo knelt down, everyone froze.

No one knew what Neo was doing.

Yes, now Neo should be kneeling on one knee in front of Murong Ruo Lan to recite the marriage vows, this is not even finished, why is he kneeling in front of grandpa again?


The first time I saw you, I was so angry that I was going to bào zhà, “Come here!”

Yes, how humiliating.

The fact that he ran away after kneeling in front of himself is no different from running away halfway through a wedding ceremony?

This is clearly not taking oneself into consideration at all.

This is an insult!

What’s more, she was a woman from the Murong family and should have been held in high esteem, marrying Neo was already a dowry, Neo should have been grateful and shed tears, who knew that he would dare to stop halfway!

And that’s when he said his vows!

For Murong Ruo Lan, despite her noble position, her contempt for all life, despite her choice of Neo and her despise for him, she was, after all, in the end, a woman.

A woman, whether she marries the person she really likes or not, it is after all her wedding.

For a woman, there is a delicate and beautiful emotion that rests on the wedding.

So, even though Murong Ruolan despised Neo, she still let him kneel down and say those touching vows.

Which woman, doesn’t want to be loved?

However, this brain-damaged Neo, even gave up halfway through!

Just now, when Neo was on one knee, saying those words, honestly, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart was melting a little, a feeling of happiness to be a woman.

However, this feeling of happiness was now destroyed by Neo.

You can imagine how angry Murong Ruolan’s heart was.

However, Neo obviously, at this point, simply ignored her.

“Neo’er, you, what’s wrong?”

Lu Bei Ke was obviously shocked by Neo’s actions at this time, and for a moment, he did not understand why this was.

However, a grandfather is always a grandfather, a grandfather who has watched his grandson grow up.

When Lu Beique saw Neo kneeling in front of himself, raising his head, with a face full of tears, and the kind of pain on his face.

He couldn’t help but tremble in his heart and said heartily, “Neo’er, are you, not happy?”

Neo did not speak, but only nodded slightly.

Lu Bei Ke let out a long sigh, and his whole body was as if it had suffered a great calamity, and in an instant, it was as if he had aged several times.

At this moment, Lu Beique did not speak, and he did not persuade Neo to obey Murong Ruolan.

Lu Beique knew his grandson very well.

He knew that this grandson had been different since he was a child. He was a low-profile, gentle and humble person, who never fought with others and took the overall situation as his priority.

So now, seeing Neo kneeling in front of him with tears streaming down his face, at that moment, Lu Bei Ke knew that there must be a thousand reluctances in Neo’s heart that made him do so!

Otherwise, even if there was the slightest possibility, Neo would have preferred to suffer all his life and agreed to Murong Ruolan.

After all, who does not know, at this moment again reject Murong Ruo Lan, there is only one end ……

The most terrible kind of downfall!

Lu Beique also suddenly understood that it seems that from the beginning when he was picked, Neo’er’s heart was already reluctant.

At that time, he had already buried his grievances in his heart.

Until he was brought to the stage by Murong Ruo Lan, at that time, he was 10,000 times reluctant in his heart, but was still forced to accept the reality step by step.

You can imagine how much of a struggle he was having at that time.

Lu Bei Ke also understood that it must have been when Neo knelt down to recite those vows of love just now that completely inspired the reluctance within him, he must have reached the limit of his pain and that’s why he was like that!

When he thought of this, a tear appeared on the face of Lu Beique, who had always been resolute and calm, and whose face was full of longitudinal tears.

For many years, this old man had never shed a tear!

But today, thinking of his grandson being under such duress, thinking of his grandson’s pain inside his heart, he could not help but wet his eyes with tears!


Murong Ruo Lan’s silver teeth were about to be gritted, at this moment, on stage, her body swayed, almost instantly, she arrived behind Neo!

On the stage, when the children of the Lu family saw this, they couldn’t help but be appalled in their hearts.

This, is this still a human being!

What kind of person, to have such speed!

The fastest human in the world is Bolt, the famous sprinter, yet even two Bolts couldn’t have done it with the speed of Murong Ruo Lan!

“Neo, how dare you tease me? Even if you’re not afraid of death yourself, think about your Lu family!” Murong Ruo Lan’s tone was chilling and her face was ironic.

“Master Murong!”

A sudden stern cry came right from Lu Bei Ke.

Lu Bei Ke’s eyes were slightly moist at this moment, his expression solemn as he stared at Murong Ruolan.

“What do you want!”

From the time Murong Ruo Lan came to the Heavenly Island, Lu Bei Ke had been courteous and respectful to her, but at this moment, Lu Bei Ke seemed to have changed, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart was shocked, and she could not help but be flatly angry.

She was a member of the Murong family, how could Lu Beique speak to herself like this!

“Master Murong, just please let Neo’er go!”

I know that the Murong family is one of the five ancient clans and has a history of defending itself against foreigners, so I have always respected and admired your family. I have gathered here from all over the world within ten hours, just for you to choose, to show my respect for your family.”

“But how can a marriage be a child’s play? Master Murong, if you do not care which one is your husband, why do you have to choose Neo’er alone?” The first time I saw you, I was able to get to know you. I think it’s a good idea for you to let the men of the Tian family who want to marry you marry you, because there are plenty of men of the Lu family who want to marry you. You don’t see them anyway, and the reason you married into our Lu family is a political marriage.”

In all seriousness, Lu Bei Ke’s words were quite reasonable.

Of course, according to reason, it was not good for Lu Bei Ke to sway Murong Ruo Lan, but now he was forced to do so, and for the sake of Neo, the old man also had to be tough.


Who would have thought that Murong Ruolan’s face would sink even deeper, pointing her finger at the kneeling Neo, her voice stern, “Since I have chosen him as my husband, I will never change my mind!”

“Lu Beique, I ask you!” Murong Ruo Lan’s gaze was aggressive, a bitterly cold aura forcing people, “Is this one grandson of yours important, or is the entire family of your Lu family important!”

The moment these words were spoken.

Inside the entire hall, there was dead silence.

The feeling of tension was as if the bowstring had been stretched to the limit and the balloon had been blown up to the limit, ready to explode at any moment.

Lu Bei Ke’s pupils also shrank violently.

The threat in Murong Ruo Lan’s tone was clear as day!

It had been over twenty years, this old man, for over twenty years, had not experienced such a tense moment.

At this moment, even his hands could not help but tremble slightly.

Lu Beique laughed in his heart, a kind of self-deprecating laugh.

Oh, could it be that he had really been softened to the bone, sharpened his ambition and rounded his temper by these twenty years of smoothness?!

Is the once hot-blooded and proud Lu Beique really dead?

“Lord Murong Zhuang ……”

Lu Bei Ke spoke, his voice, at this tense moment, surprisingly smooth and calm.

“Murong family martial way way, the world’s extreme way, although unique in the world, but so aggressive, forcing my Lu family men’s heart of unwillingness, my Lu family although not martial way door, but I give a command, my Lu family thirty-six island, island will be loyal, seventy-two institute, all the dead soldiers! I don’t believe that my family’s thousand-year foundation can’t shake your Murong family!”

When Lu Bei Ke said this, his voice shook abruptly and he raised his voice and shouted, “Mo Da!”

The words had just fallen.

The doors of the hall thudded open!

A dozen grey figures, like a swift wind, instantly came from the doorway to Lu Bei Ke’s side.

The leader of the group, a man in his forties, had a long, thin figure.

Leading the crowd, he fell back and bent down to pay his respects, “Grand Master!”

“This Murong Zhuangjia is tired, help her to rest.” Lu Bei Ke looked at Murong Ruolan and said calmly.


Mo Da got up and stood up, calmly looking at Murong Ruolan, “Master Murong, please.”

“You guys, dare to disobey me? Threaten me?!”

Murong Ruo Lan said, waving one hand out and striking straight at Mo Da in front of her.


However, this time, Mo Da wasn’t blown away by her.

The two people’s arms interlocked in the air.

It was a stalemate.

This time, Murong Ruolan was truly furious.

“Lu Beique, you’re really zào fǎn in your old age! How dare you allow your lackey to fight against me!” Murong Ruolan’s face turned red with anger, and her breasts rose and fell violently as she stomped her feet, and within her gaze, it was as if a kind of flame was about to erupt, that deep indignation that burned in the depths of her gaze.

“Fine, I’ll leave now!”

Murong Ruo Lan was extremely angry, staring deadly at Lu Bei Ke, and then looking around at everyone in the hall, “But when I return, I will return with all the Martial Saint level experts of the Murong Clan! By then, I hope that there will still be someone from your Lu Clan to fight with us! Otherwise, I will make the thirty-six islands, sink, and the seventy-two houses, annihilate, making the second family of Earth, the new number one family!”

These words.

It was as if it was a great bell in the flood, striking in the ears of everyone present.

All the sons and daughters of the Lu family on the stage were dumbstruck.

Lu Bei Ke, standing fixedly, did not say a word.

But his face, too, showed a great indescribable pain and confusion.

Was what he had done right, or was it wrong?

Was the Lu family really going to be buried?

However, Lu Bei Ke did not detain Murong Ruo Lan and allowed her to walk towards the door.

At this moment, Neo was still kneeling in front of Lu Bei Ke.

With this series of events, Neo’s heart was also in turmoil and huge waves.

How could he not see that for his sake, grandfather had gone out of his way to turn against Murong Ruo Lan, to confront the Murong family, and even, to raise the strength of the Lu family!

Grandpa, thank you, thank you for loving me so much!

But how can I, Neo, honestly and peacefully trade my family for my own needs?

Grandpa, with your heart, that’s enough.

Brother, you risked your life just now to speak for me!

I am satisfied to have received such love from the Lu family.

I will always be proud to have been a member of the Lu family!

Yes, I was once a descendant of the Lu family!

It was time.

Neo finally understood the words of Master Ku Rong of the Pu Xin Temple.

No one would ever force himself to give up, it was himself, who took the initiative to give up!

“Wait a minute!”

Neo suddenly said.


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